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Kevin Hainline

2 years ago

Great people that really care about your friend!

Timothy H

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. They took great care of my dog. She usually does not like new people but warmed up to the staff very fast

leah allen

2 years ago

Find that the staff is very gracious they love on their pets that they take care of I placed to go

Angel D'Souza

2 years ago

Treated Marsha with so much care and we left with her new favorite toy! Appreciate y'all!!

EBird Biz

2 years ago

We recently moved to WF and are happy we stumbled across Western Hills. The staff is friendly, the facility is clean and the prices are reasonable. Our fur babies have been treated well with boarding and vetted well with treatments. We will definitely continue to take our dogs and cats here.

Barry Lyon

2 years ago

EXTORTION That's what it felt like. Almost seven hundred dollars and instructions on how to to kill our dog. And that's just getting started. Had my brother not been diabetic, our baby would be DEAD,!!!! Our dog was diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic and the doctor instructed us to feed her as much as possible and it didn't matter what the food was. A recipe for DEATH. When we called the following day to question these instructions he was told to stick to the instructions. My brother insisted that was dangerous. They then looked up her blood work and saw he was right. They said they would inform the vet and she would call us back. That NEVER happened. It took over five calls to eventually get to speak with her. And even then she wouldn't tell us what we should be feeding her. This place is ALL about the MONEY!!!!! If you LOVE your animals DONT send them here.

Mary Godino

2 years ago

Take the Love of your life here at your own RISK!!! I will NEVER BOARD HERE AGAIN!!! I boarded my baby, my best friend; I took him in he was walking. First call I get - The Dr. needs to do X-rays because the tech that took him out noticed he was limping. Dr. notifies me that all the connecting ligaments to his little knee had been blown. And given my dog's age that wasn't abnormal. The second morning I receive a call with another issue arising And the third morning before 9am yet again, this time more serious. So instead I came home. Upon arriving and seeing my baby, it was obvious he had a problem. I took him to his regular Veterinarian; and my suspicions were confirmed. His blown ligament problems came from being pulled/yanked while his leg was caught in the cage or kennel. And the limp and problem with hind area is due to a traumatic fall/being dropped. There is some neurological deficit. He has to have a steroid injection weekly. I went back to see the Dr. About this. "I" had to tell the DR. what she already knew. "SOMEONE DID THIS!! WHY JUST NOT TELL THE TRUTH FROM THE START? INVESTIGATE & HAVE THE FACTS BEFORE THE OWNER GETS THERE. MY BABY WAS ALMOST KILLED THERE." IT TOOK ME GOING BACK TELLING THEM.TO FINALLY GET A HALF ADMISSION.

Garry Lyon

2 years ago

Apparently walk-ins are not welcome I was told to come back the next day.

Janna M

2 years ago

Transferred to Wichita Falls for work. Routine vaccination visits extremely expensive. Rude office staff. Routine RX costs through the roof. Cannot sign up for patient portal to view pet’s medical records. Relocated to San Antonio, requested immunizations including rabies certificates. All we received was printout of next immunizations due and a receipt for rabies vaccinations with tags taped to receipt. Cannot take pups for grooming without rabies certificate. Office staff stated on several occasions that records would be mailed. Records have never been mailed. Office staff states they cannot email records and office doesn’t have a fax machine. No follow up, no courtesy, no professionalism. Incompetent, exorbitant, uncaring. Is there a negative star button??

Christina Henry

2 years ago

Dr. Gibson was wonderful!! She listened to us! She was loving and thorough in addressing our sweet two year old dogs needs. So thankful!!!

Sandi McDevitt

2 years ago

Ignored me and my sick pet. Waited for 2 weeks for my dog to be seen. A lady who called and was worked in was called before me. And I had already waited an hour absolutely the worst expierence I have ever had at doctors office for human or an animal

Christina Chrusniak

2 years ago

Very clean and everyone is super nice

Mark Goodwin

2 years ago

Best Vet. service in Wichita Falls.

Tera Prather

2 years ago

I'm new to the area and tried out Western Hills. I took my 2 goldendoodles there for yearly check ups and they were much more costly than my previous vet. I also had a significant amount of trouble trying to get them to provide me with a Rx for my dogs yearly flea/tick & heart worm meds. They push for you to buy through them at their pharmacy but their prices are ridiculous. They refused to give me a Rx so I could purchase from a cheaper website. The vet where we moved from had been extremely helpful in a quick response via email for the Rx but Western Hill acted hateful about the whole process. The girl at the front (Laura or Laurie) was rude to me over the phone and in person. In general, I would highly recommend you look elsewhere for a caring and loving vet team for you pets.

Frances “Franny” Pratt

3 years ago

Very responsible and respectful workers

Jerry Perryman

3 years ago

They took great care of my Blue Doberman, and every time I came to check on him I was greated with a smiling face. They even worked with me on price for services rendered. Great staff!

Nancy Dickerson

3 years ago

These vets have taken very good care of my dogs and follow up on how they are doing. I truly appreciate them.

Trish Ruiz

3 years ago

I love this place the staff is very nice, they been there for my pets when needed, I’ve had no problems and I love how they do curbside I never have to get out my car, which is good for me cuz Covid since I have a bad heart, I will continue to take my pets there always

Sabrina Pizano

3 years ago

We are so happy with the service and care we receive from Western Hills Animal Hospital. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. We definitely recommend this place.

Royce Pritchard

3 years ago

They have a kind and caring staff. All of the people we have come in contact with have been very professional.

Richard Shankle

3 years ago

This is the only Hospital we have ever used. Through several dogs, Dr. Lucy is great, the staff are very professional and friendly, they know their clients. Colton loves going to Western Hills.

Justine Stephens

3 years ago

My tigger was dropped off by my mom today . She asked for a SPECIFIC hair cut . She wanted a teddy bear bear cut, his ears wasn’t supposed to be touched or his tail . His ears is the most hideous thing i have ever SEEN!!!! I am all the way in Georgia and i am NOT PLEASED WITH HIS HAIR CUT HE LOOKS TERRIBLE. He will NOT GET GROOMED THERE EVER AGAIN ! UGH !!!!!!!!

Lydiah R.

3 years ago

My reservations about this place began when I spoke with the receptionist about the issue our dog was having and wanted to book an appointment. Both on the phone (and in person) she was very curt and unfriendly. However, I didn’t want to mis-judge this place by one phone conversation, so booked the appointment. My concern worsened when I arrived and saw a terrified dog being chased around the parking lot by an employee. (Thankfully it didn’t run out onto the road.) Once caught it had to be dragged back inside and there was no effort to make the dog feel comfortable or coax it in. Inside, I saw it tied to a table in the back, looking scared, with no one around. Never would we want our dog handled that way. After seeing all this, I was told I was not allowed to accompany our dog during the appointment, and when asked if this was current mandatory procedure for all vets in the area, was told yes (that is NOT true.) When I expressed my concern with this, knowing how much extra stress my absence would cause our anxiety prone dog, the receptionist just stared at me. Didn’t even attempt to say something like ‘I’m so sorry but we’re just trying to keep everyone safe, we’ll take good care of your pup’ or anything a kind, empathetic human would say. The entire environment was very negative. I want a veterinarian and staff with compassion, who understand how important our fur baby is - there was none of this. A little kindness would have gone a long way. I left the appointment and went elsewhere and am SO thankful I did. The staff at Colonial were truly kind, compassionate, and did a PHENOMENAL job.

Abimelec Rivera Fernandez

3 years ago

Great Service and excellent staff

Brent G. Higginbotham

3 years ago

Great home to care of your pet.

charlotte tompkins

3 years ago

Dr Lucy was caring, and actually listened to symptoms & behavior. They even called a few days later to see how my Little Man was doing.

Cheryl Shankle

3 years ago

Dr. Lucy is always very good with Colton.

Koby Sapon-Amoah

3 years ago

DONT COME HERE. They only care about the money. I took my dog in for an ear infection twice now and twice they’ve charge me over $300. They basically put me on a subscription continuously giving me the same medication that we see isn’t working. When I expressed my unhappiness and urging them to do something different or help me find a third party with cheaper medication I was promptly hung up on. They don’t care about the animals, only the money. 1 star is too much

ken ryan

3 years ago

Kinda pricey but no nonsense place. Give it to you straight

Clark Seitz

3 years ago

Brought in a stray pregnant cat that had a broken back from a bobcat attack...i am disabled and could not afford to pay to put her to sleep...they watched her struggle and pass out from the pain...they still wouldn't do it.. wanted$200 +...NO SYMPATHY for the cat!!! Took her to callfield Rd. they did it for free...shame on you Western hills ????

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