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Lynn Palmer

2 years ago

Adpoted my first bichon from SPR. They were so easy to deal with and my dog lived until 15 years old. So glad for rescue.

Armani A

2 years ago

Small Paws from top down has very professional, courteous, and volunteers that operate with the upmost urgency and care. I’d recommend anyone who can to volunteer or donate!

Clifford Wilson

2 years ago

This is not a business but a charity. We have volunteered and donated to them for many years. We fostered, rescued, or transported probably 25 Bichons with them and have adopted 6. Run by people who dearly love these little white dogs. Our lives have improved immeasuably thanks to SPR.

Dan H

2 years ago

Small Paws is a wonderful organization. There is a true calling for the Bichon rescue founder, Robin. Her heart and desire to save these precious creatures is evident in her actions as well as from the team members that serve for this purpose. Over the course of 10 years, we have adopted 3 boys from them and while not all have been in perfect health, we choose to continue to help these little ones that may have been distressed and need help.

Steven Kostelny

2 years ago

The ladies I was in communication with were friendly, courteous and very professional. The pups in their care coundn't be in better hands!

Karen Miller

2 years ago

I am a veterinarian who has worked with Small Paws for years. They have always been great clients with the health and safety of the dogs as their top priority. They are intelligent, educated people that value the education, experience, and advice of the veterinary staff that they work with. This group definitely goes the extra mile for the dogs that they rescue.

Pat Smith

2 years ago

We have adopted two Bichons from this rescue. There are no words that can express our gratitude. They go above and beyond to make sure their Bichons are placed in the right home. As a result,we received two of the greatest blessings next to our human children. They are very supportive and are there for you even after the adoption. If you fill out an adoption application and don't get the Bichon you want,please don't be upset as they are looking out for your best interest as well as the Bichon's. This is a wonderful rescue organization with loving and caring volunteers.

Paul Blaso

2 years ago

I have owned Plainfield Veterinary Clinic since 2000. As such, I have had the privilege of working with various rescues throughout the years. I can honestly say that Small Paws is one of the best to work with! They are the only rescue I know that not only provides all the basics (vaccines, fecals, heartworm test) but also does full bloodwork on every pet to get an overall health assessment regardless of age! In addition, they truly do what is best for the pet. They will not hesitate to bring a pet to a specialist for difficult or advanced surgeries if needed. If you are looking to adopt or donate to a rescue, please consider Small Paws. I honestly can not say enough for what they do!

Rush Wells

2 years ago

I have been a fan of Small Paws for well over a decade. Being a for,er Bichon owner I support the good rescue work and emergency medical attention they provide. Their fund raising auction is fun and productive. Robin runs a wonderful organization. Keep up the great work

Shelly Owens

2 years ago

My husband and I are animal lovers and particularly feel drawn to Bichons and their sweet and lovable personalities. We adopted a bonded pair from Small Paws that were 6 and 7 years old. This organization was wonderful to work with. Everyone that we talked to was such a pleasure to work with, and you can hear the love they have for the dogs when you talk to them and you can feel it through their written responses. We can't say enough about our experience of adopting our pair, and we would suggest anyone that is interested in a Bichon Frise to contact Small Paws.


2 years ago

Small Paws is an amazing Bichon rescue that is committed and hands-on in saving lives of furbabies - Be it the timely rescues,, medical attention, follow-ups, rehab and adoption - they are right on top of it always ! It's heart wrenching to realize furbabies are put through nighmares by heartless humans, But with God's grace and mercy emerge on the other side with tons of love to give & hope for a furever family to call their own. Every kid that comes in here becomes part of the Small Paw-ers family. Happy and humbled to be part of such a wonderful rescue. Thank you so much Robin + team for all that you do !!

Julie Melton

2 years ago

Small Paws does wonderful things to help bichons in need and find them loving fur-ever homes.

Jackie Kolb

2 years ago

I’ve been involved with Small Paws Rescue initially as a potential adopter without success. I went on to Get two other dogs, not from SPR, but became a volunteer for SPR, transporting dogs to other volunteers who would foster and at times, from a foster to an adoptive family. Along the way, I encountered avid animal lovers and caregivers, good communicators and a network of people there to support these pups thru the journey they were on. A journey from a shelter with no certainty thru finding their outer beauty and inner personality as they get cleaned , groomed, medically stable and ready to be in a home. Small Paws is committed to raising the funds to do the right thing by these dogs. I became a foster mom and see the process from a different angle. Each dog is different and each is lovable and a joy to connect them with the family who adopts them. SPR has great systems in place to operate this across states and do a great job of supporting the dogs, the adopters, the fosters and the transporters. It’s a well oiled machine and all the players have the greatest thing in common—they want these dogs as healthy and happy as is possible, in happy homes and living long and happy

Debra Fox

2 years ago

I am not only a volunteer for Small Paws Rescue, but my husband and I have adopted 4 Bichons through SPR. They came to us in great health and have been such joys! Two have crossed the rainbow bridge and we miss them so much! But, we are so thankful! Highly HIGHLY recommend Small Paws Rescue! You will NOT be disappointed!

jeanne rothe

2 years ago

SMALL PAWS RESCUE is the best for Bichon rescue. SPR is the most reliable organization that will bend over backwards to ensure that the adopter and adoptee fluff are a good fit. If you think you might want to foster for SPR it is a wonderful & fulfilling experience.

Vickie Inglee

2 years ago

I have adopted 3 furkids from Small Paws Rescue in the past 15 years and they are always professional and have the best interest of the furkid at the forefront of the rescue.

Vicki Furstenberg

2 years ago

I am amazed at all the hard work and dedication the volunteers put in to rescuing Bichons and Bichon mixes. I have never seen another rescue group that provides the medical attention needed for some of their rescues. They provide all …

Tracy Ricca

2 years ago

Small Paws Rescue is a devoted group of loving individuals that has saved thousand of abused, unwanted and injured dogs. My husband and I have three precious dogs we adopted from Small Paws that we absolutely adore! Since our first …

Thomas Beaver

2 years ago

Small Paws Rescue puts the dogs first every day. After all it's about the dogs being taken care of and find them a furever home isn't it?! Some people may think it's about them and get a bit upset when they don't get their way. SPR has a …

Sara Rhoades

2 years ago

I have been with Small Paws Rescue as a volunteer and adopter since 2003. This rescue is amazing and it is all about the dogs. We make sure our pups are adopted into forever homes that is a perfect fit for the pup and adopter. We are a …

S Garcia

2 years ago

Small Paws Rescue sets the platinum standard for how all rescue groups should model themselves. I have watched this organization grow from it's earliest days to now being the …

Randy Vonnetzer

2 years ago

My wife and I have adopted 4 bichons over the years and we love Small Paws. They go above and beyond w all the dogs they rescue, sometimes going to great expense to save lives of dogs that have been hit by cars or injured. They make sure each dog is fostered before they are up for adoption. An incredible organization with incredible leadership.


2 years ago

I became aware of Small Paws Rescue after a beloved pet died in 2004. SPR is the largest single-breed rescue in the world, taking in and placing Bichon Frise's of all ages and stages of health. The founder, Robin, is a joy to work with, and …

Pamela Dornbaum

2 years ago

Small Paws is one of the best rescues on the planet! Ms. Presnell cares about each adoption as if they were all babies going to their adoptive families! We have been blessed to be able to adopt our Brooks and our Giselle from her wonderful rescue! She and her amazing team are always making sure that all adopted fur babies go to their BEST forever homes! Thank you so much for everything you do to ensure that they are given their best life❤️Bless you all!

MK Loon

2 years ago

I’ve been involved with Small Paws Rescue (SPR) for more than 20 years. I found them one day while watching an Animal Planet special on rescue Bichon puppies born with heart defects who needed emergency specialized surgery to survive. I …

Minfed 13

2 years ago

There is not enough space to write all the wonderful things I can say about Small Paws Rescue... I have had the privilege of adopting 2 of their Angels in the past 6 years. The work they do is truly amazing, and how they are are able to do what they do is not possible without donations and fosters. They fully disclose all the financials and give you all vet records for your furbaby. They are always available for their extensive knowledge and advice. I have continued my relationship with my dogs foster parents and continue to share photos and special times. Robin and Bonnie are always excited to hear from me and enjoy photos I send to them. I thank God everyday for guiding me to this Rescue and the Blessings they have given me.

Lauren Throm

2 years ago

I don't even know where to start...this organization is AMAZING! They care so deeply for these helpless Bichons, and other mixes that sometimes come through =) The director, Robin, is more passionate about Bichons than I've ever seen and she cares so much, she lives for these fur babies. The rest of the board and all the volunteers are so great to work with. I received a very special Bichon from Small Paws and am forever grateful to them. Thank you for everything Small Paws!

Kaye Wyly

2 years ago

For 15 years I processed adoption applications for Small Paws Rescue. I recently retired from this volunteer position due to health issues. SPR rescue Bichon Frise and Bichon mixes. They are a non-profit (501c3) organization, nationwide in scope, and survive on donations from the pubblic. Volunteers are located in most every state. That being said, I want to clear up some misconceptions about SPR. The process used to identify potential adopters does not differ from one person to the next. Each person is asked the same questions depending on their role - the vet is asked a particuliar set of questions and each potential adopter is asked the same set of questions though pertaining to safety and dog care in their home. SPR is serious about where their dogs go as some of their dogs have been through trauma and pain. Because of the adoption processes in place, there is a .05 rate of returned dogs. If adopting a dog from SPR, rest assured that everything they know about the dog will be disclosed to you. The dog will have all his or her vaccinations, as well as a complete health exam, and any issues treatable will be fixed. The people behind SPR are devoted to these dogs and will do their absolute best to make sure that each dog has the best home in which to live his or her best life possible. The organization is fair, kind, honest, and not reckless with any personal information. I love and admire the way SPR is set up , the processes used, as well as the people I have met in person and over the phone. Twenty -three years is a long life for a rescue and Small Paws Rescue is still going strong!

Jon Borders

2 years ago

We found SPR by accident many years ago. At that time we had a special needs Bichon who was about to cross the Bridge. While standing in a check out line at a pet supply store, we met a woman. She told us about Small Paws. Soon after when …

Ellis Ortiz

2 years ago

It was a few weeks of emails back and forth, getting to know each other and what we were looking for in a fur baby.and them feeling confident that we were the right parents to trust with these precious lives. …

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