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Princess Jonah

2 years ago

This place is horrible!!!! I took my puppy here after she was spayed because her fur was matted up. I keep up with my puppy and get her groomed regularly. She was groomed right before she was fixed and was only matted from the 2 weeks of wearing a cone. When I went here they said they will save as much hair as possible, could comb out the hair around her neck and only needed to shave around hair tail which I was okay with. I called back around 4pm and was told they were still working on my dog. I came to pick up my puppy at 5pm and was told that they didn’t try to comb my dogs hair out so they shaved it off. My puppy looks completely different and I’m frustrated because they did not even take out the time to comb her out like they should have. Worst Place Ever!!! Save your time and money and go somewhere else! Absolutely horrible service and they didn’t brush her teeth like I had asked for!!! I added before and after pics so you can see for yourself

Peter Hausher

2 years ago

As a first time customer I wanted to share my experience. We took our Golden Retriever in for a bath and light trim. Drop off was between 8-9 so we showed up around 815. I was told he wouldn't be ready until after lunch which seemed fine at the time. After not hearing from anyone I decided to call around 4pm and they told me he was on the table being trimmed and would be ready in 20-30 min. My main frustration with this is that he is a high energy dog and was kept in a kennel all day when you figure a bath and trim would only take a few hours. I was reassured all dogs were taken out around lunchtime; however, once we got home our pup went #1 and #2 right away as if he held it all day. Overall we were pleased with the bath and trim but would recommend that management consider morning and noon drop-off times so pups don't have to be kenneled for a full day.

Suzy Bones

2 years ago

My dog was so clean and smelled so good. We just moved to Oklahoma. He had gone to the same groomer since he was born. I was a little worried. He did great and the groomer did great ! Everyone was super nice. Plus they were totally capable to handle my big breed dog.

Grant Jackson

2 years ago

They are always friendly. My dog has the best care. I dont worry bout him when I drop him. I know he's safe and well taking care of!!

Michael Davis

2 years ago

They did such a good job on my fur baby, and he was in such bad shape! I feel so bad. I was so late picking him up. I did not see the text they sent saying he was ready and didn't pick him up until around 730. However the lady at the counter was still very kind and patient with me, which I appreciated so very much. If they will forgive me for being so late, I will ABSOLUTELY use them again and again!

kristen dohner

2 years ago

Always treats our dog like the little prince hw thinks he is

Trish Raney

3 years ago

My puppy and I and a terrible experience at Laralea’s Dog Spa. I spoke directly to the Owner, Laralea, the entire time. None of the other staff appeared to talk at all. I dropped my Shihpoo puppy off at the requested time of 8am to 9am when everyone else drops their dog off for the day. It was a cluster with 3 dog owners in the small waiting area with their dogs at the same time. We all had to fill out and sign paperwork. No one, not even the staff, was wearing a mask besides myself, even though it is now a city mandate. Upon leaving another dog owner was entering the area. We had to side step each other to allow room for the exit/entry. The staff was hurried and appeared to be working in a chaotic situation. I was told it was going to be a longer wait time than normal before I could pick up my puppy. I was told it may be early afternoon, because there were other dogs that took priority over mine. I asked if I could drop my puppy off later because she is not use to a cage and is afraid of other dogs. I was told "No, this is the way we do it here. She will be fine. We will call you if there are any issues.” I never received a call until nearly 2pm when it was time to pick her up. I also forgot my puppy’s vaccine paperwork. I was told “Don’t worry about it. I know him.” I said “The Vet is a She”. I was then told, “I’ve worked in vet offices for years, I know them all. I know her and her husband.” Please note, my Vet was never called for the vaccine paperwork. I requested a mild 1/2 trim on my puppy's hair and a nail trim. When I picked my puppy up, the hair had been cut close to the puppy’s back. At least 4 inches had been removed. When I expressed my dislike and concern over the cut, I was told in a condescending manner "You will get used to it. It's better for the dog this way." This statement was told to me at least 5 times. When I finally became frustrated over the condescending and uncaring statements and manner of the Owner, I stated "We purchased the dog for her longer hair and the way she looked. I understand the way you cut her hair is what you think is best for you; however, it is not what I requested or what my family wanted." I was then told, "She was matted, you are lucky I am patient, most groomers would have shaved her completed." I was deeply concerned about the lack of compassion from the Owner at this time. I calmly stated "I know of one small mat that came up yesterday. Can you tell me of others." The Owner, very condescending again stated "There were other mats." The Owner then began to swing a comb/brush in the air and loudly demand I purchase one of those brushes and use it every day on my puppy. She would never state where the other mats were located. I truly don't believe there were others. I have a fluffy white Shihpoo puppy. Because of her white hair, I have to bath and groom and her at least once a week and brush and comb her several times a week. My puppy was overly joyed to see me upon arrival. She was so excited she kept jumping at the front door trying to get out of the facility. I had to sit in the area to calm her before I could pay and leave. When I stated calmly to the puppy "It's ok, I know it was traumatic. It's over now." The Owner snipped "It wasn't traumatic. She is just over reacting. She is fine." I had no response for those uncaring and caulis words that rudely interrupted my attempt to calm my puppy. Lastly, there appears to be no nail trim. Although one of her nails seems brownish as if there was blood drawn while attempting a nail trim. I have an appointment scheduled with my vet this afternoon to take a peek at the nail to ensure it is ok.

Stephanie Cobb

3 years ago

Everyone is always so nice. It's very convenient and they do a great job! The only downfall is that it's a smaller storefront shop, and I feel like they need more space. There are usually several dogs in when I bring mine in, and in feel like they're outgrowing the space, which is a good thing!!!

Karen Laughlin

3 years ago

Laralea’s Dog Spa is a very warming and loving business. My dog is elderly, 18yrs. he’s blind and deaf. The groomer is compassionate to his needs and takes the time to deal with his anxiety. I have recommend her business to several people with dogs. Great groomers.

Jason McKee

3 years ago

Ok- I love this place! The people are friendly but more importantly, I get the sense that they love dogs. I will admit, I was in a little bit of shock for a moment when I first picked him up. I have a “doodle” that was in desperate need of a cut- they did an excellent job of trimming him down while keeping his cutest attributes! It took me a couple of hours to get used to it, but I love his look. I am so thankful for whoever I spoke with when I dropped him off (and of course, whoever ultimately did the haircut) because I’m sure I sounded like a stuttering mess when I vaguely described what I had in mind- she was able to interpret my broken English and they knocked it our of the park! Now I know exactly where to go (and what to say) any time Banksy needs a trim. Thank you for keeping my cute dog cute!

Carrie Johnson

3 years ago

They do a fantastic job grooming... Bathing and nail trims. Get you in fast and are amazing with fur babies.

Brigette Caldwell

3 years ago

They do a great job!! My dog's fur has never been so soft and such a decrease in shedding.

ATL Diva

3 years ago

Both of our fur babies came back shiny and clean!!! They both smelled great!!! I definitely recommend Laralea's Dog Spa!!!

Antonia Nozicka

3 years ago

My dogs haircut was awful. They also dropped my dog which led to a trip to the vet! Never again!

Team Thompson

4 years ago

Wonderful service and super convenient. She made our pup look so good!

Tammy Person

4 years ago

Love them!! Did a great job, done on time and super clean and convenient!

Sandra Alexander

4 years ago

Laralea has been taking care of my dogs for years.

Nick Olson

4 years ago

Best cut We’ve found near the Tulsa area

M Sanders

4 years ago

Laralea does a great job, we will definitely return.


4 years ago

My girls are gorgeous now. Thank you Laralea’s Dog Spa for treating my fur babies so well . They look great. They are so soft and smell delicious. We will definitely be back.

Karen Purgason Bryan

4 years ago

Thank you so much for taking care of our pups! They look so beautiful and seem so happy. Your boutique is beautiful!

Judy Caldwell

4 years ago

Love this place. They always do a great job on my Schnauzers

Dean Tedder

4 years ago

Great place and affordable prices!

Alley Warner

4 years ago

My pup loved getting washed and pampered there. Would definitely go back!

Alejandra Pena

4 years ago

Good work and good custumer service. Love that place. ????

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