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Abigail Rose

2 years ago

I was pet sitting my parents’ dog who has been with the family for years. One morning she began vomiting and wasn’t eating, drinking, kept drooling and shaking. I was terrified she wouldn’t get better. This office got us right in and assured me as soon as they saw her levels weren’t in serious condition. I was able to take her back home the same evening with medicine and plenty of feedback on what to look out for. I’m so thankful to this facility, the vet techs, and veterinarian for their amazing quality of care and compassion during a scary moment!

Elizabeth Bradbury

2 years ago

We love this place! They got us right in, without an appointment! And the doctor, Alex, really knows what he's doing. Great place! Great vet! I highly recommend this place to anyone who hasn't gotten answers from their current vet. We are definitely becoming permanent patients at this clinic.

Kevin Mix

2 years ago

We had to bring our cat here after a fight a few years ago and they recently scanned a stray cat for a chip for us after hours as a courtesy. I'm glad to have an after hours vet fairly close by for these situations.

Scott Strano

2 years ago

Kind staff. Quick service on a minor problem that couldn’t wait the weekend

Paula Rhodes

2 years ago

My pup cut herself somehow in backyard while she was helping us. After 5:00 PM on Saturday regular vets are closed. We took her there for surgery & the we are very grateful that she was ok. About a week later she broke the stitches open & she never has her cone off. I called & they said the charges would be the same. Thank goodness our regular vet was open & we took her there. First vet fee with labs was about $912.00 & our regular vet fee was $250. & they used previous labs. Both times she had regular anesthesia because cut was about 4" long. The staff & vet in Norman were very polite & I am grateful that this facility is open evenings. I do feel sorry for people, who don't have $ upfront to pay for their pet's care.

Pamela Myer

2 years ago

Absolutely stunned that this place actually claims to be an emergency service. My parents brought in their 10 year miniature dachshund because he was bleeding quite a bit from the mouth and had been acting ill for a few days prior to the bleeding. They just wanted to figure out where all the blood came from and get him something to help him feel better. These people immediately focused not on the reason for the visit but the fact that he has a deformed chest cavity. They didn’t tell them that was what they were focusing on, they just started investigating that and said they needed x-rays and bloodwork without mentioning what they suspected or where they were looking. The whole visit took hours and other than giving him a bit of oxygen to help his O2 levels, they just said, looks like he has a deformed chest. We knew that but asked if they thought that’s why he was bleeding from his mouth and they said oh no, but it looks like he had a tooth that rotted out and the blood may have burst from that and his blood work does show signs of infection. Ok, why aren’t you sending him home with antibiotic? “Just take him to your regular vet.” What!? I read the reviews after the fact and I feel duped on behalf of my parents because they just spent their entire afternoon and $600 for this vet to not help their dog with the problem they brought him in to help with and instead just told them something they already knew that has not been that much of an issue for 10 years of his life so far because he was born that way. So $600 for nothing really. Nothing but Money-grubbing airheads it would seem. Disgrace to veterinarians.

Meredith Kott

2 years ago

The care team was very nice and understanding of my fears for my pup.

Kelley Ayers

2 years ago

Very nice to have. Got us in quickly and good prices.

Keisha Christensen

2 years ago

My 4 year old border collie was having an allergic reaction to something he was breathing and I found this place online. We arrived at 4:51 am and they check you in over the phone. They don’t actually allow you into their office as a coronavirus precaution but the vet calls you after checking your pet and discusses your best options and they are very clear on pricing. They never changed the price and repeated the price of each procedure several times to make sure I agreed. We were there 2 hours and I can’t thank Dr. Plunk enough for getting buddy better. Highly recommend this office.

Jeffery Richmond

2 years ago

We took our 10 year old miniature Dachshund to this place on Sunday because he was bleeding around his mouth and nose. We told the workers that we suspected that he had a sinus infection and possibly a bad tooth. It was like they did not listen to us at all. They focused on his breathing and they did X-rays of his chest. They did blood work and put him in a oxygen tent. They charged outrageously for this and demanded payment before they would start. In concern for him and our love for him, we paid. After several hours of waiting I outside in the car, they said he may have a sinus infection or maybe a abscessed tooth and he is breathing on his own . They did not give him any medication for anything they did. I think they owe us a refund! The next day we took him to his regular Vet, the first thing he did was checked his teeth, they are all good with nothing wrong at this time. He found him very dehydrated and put him on a IV giving him fluids and antibiotics for infection. He then explained that dehydration could cause kidney damage so he was going to run test. His kidneys are still functioning, thank goodness. He kept him on the IV over night. He said because of the sinus infection he has lost his ability to smell so we need to make sure he eats and drinks every day. We have him home and he is getting hand fed to get him better.

Colandas Drennon

2 years ago

They actually care for the animals in their care

Amy Whitburn

2 years ago

Excellent service!! I can't say enough. My vet at Banfields isn't open 24/7, so she recommend he go here for overnight care for pancreatitis. This was the first time I have had to leave my dog overnight in the hospital. The staff was very friendly, professional, and made me feel a lot better about having to leave my baby overnight. You can call at anytime and check on your animal and you actually speak to the vet tech that is taking care of them, which made me feel better. The cost was not bad at all and I also like the fact that they call you with the lowest price it could be which is what you pay at drop off, and the highest, that way you aren't wondering how much it could be. If I ever have to use the emergency vet or leave them overnight, this is the only place I will go. 100% recommend!

Glenda Harjo

2 years ago

They were calm. I was NOT. They quickly recognized the problem and explained everything. Fortunately, my pet had a great outcome. We were sent home with medicine and instructions. They were amazing.

Robin Rougier

2 years ago

They did a great job helping my German Shepherd after a Pit Bull attack. He was not terribly injured & they did not try to make it seem like he was. They loaded us up with antibiotics & anti-inflammatories and sent us on our way. The peace of mind was worth everything to me & we are so very grateful!!

Sandee Rasnic

2 years ago

I took my extremely sick Old Dachshund to EVR. Everyone was so kind and helpful. So grateful we have this wonderful facility open when our regular Veterinarians are closed.

Jayda Love

2 years ago

Service was extremely rude. I called to see if I could get my dog in because he was attacked and the lady proceeded to tell me I had to wait in my car for 3 hours before he could be seen. Literally insane would NOT suggest you to bring your fur baby here they clearly do not care about them

Susie Woodruff

2 years ago

Very nice friendly people Very knowledgeable Help me a lot with my little snowball

Nicole Buon

2 years ago

Had an emergency, this was the only place open on the weekend. Staff was amazing, super sweet, vet was extremely caring for my cat. This is a place were you know and trust your animals are in good hands.

Amanda J

2 years ago

I took my little deebo here to get some treatment for a seroma that had bursted from his infected neuter surgery. They took great care of him and were very informative and communicative the whole way. I may have come in on a less busy night as it really didn’t take long to get him in and out, and since it’s an emergency vet I was preparing for a high cost however it really wasn’t bad and I didn’t feel as though they were “in it for the money” as some are saying. It’s going to cost you to take your pet to the vet for quality care. They were all very nice and caring and it felt like they were really there for my dog and he’s already doing so much better within a day! I’ll definitely be back for my pets needs in case anything happens!

Darla Delane

2 years ago

I've read thru the reviews, and maybe I was there on a bad night? or possibly some fake reviews? I read a bad one that was similar to the experience everyone was having in the parking lot, when I was there - an evening in June. The phone would be answered, take info, told to bring my pet over ( told them I thought he was poisened!).. once I arrived, I was told to go park and wait. I sat outside for about 45 minutes, and became even more concerned for my pet. Another person in the parking lot drove up, and told me she had waited over 2 hours, and had just called -as she was concerned her pet was dying...and that the woman said no waiting rooms, and just hung up on her...she said she was leaving and driving across the city to try to save her pet. I tried calling again, and was put off... and with me coming there for an emergency, I thought this to be unbelievable! I left and went to another emergency clinic, as my pet was near death. They really didn't care, they never called my number about bringing him in... I saw another person still waiting it out... but they also had been there a long time. I'm left to guess they were understaffed for emergencies - Terrible experience!

Fox Souche

2 years ago

Are they veterinarians or businessmen ? Do not go there, they don't care about animals, they care about money first..


2 years ago

One of our dogs passed away and his brother was also sick. Took both of them in, one to be cremated and the other to be checked out. While there my car died and so they immediately brought us in to an exam room so was not out in the heat with my sick baby. Turned out they had/have parvo. Doctor recommended hospital stay which could not afford. Instead they trained me how to give him a camelback at home and sent me home with abx and iv fluids. They did not sugarcoat anything but did offer hope. This is 3rd time used their services and each time super caring and attentive to me, my human boys and our fur babies.

Jennifer Quinn

2 years ago

Had to take my baby for euthanasia because she was not getting better. They were so nice and sympathetic. I appreciate their kindness.

Corrina Dean

2 years ago

My poor dog athena hasnt been eating so i took her in there was one lady i couldnt fet her name but she was rude there was a dr emily redin she was the best she talked me through everything she was just amazing caring i couldnt have asked for anyone so nice im glad she was my dogs dr thank you emily

Cody Crowder

2 years ago

We had a major scare with our puppy. The staff was calm and collected and saved the little guy. We are very pleased.

Justin Lund

2 years ago

They don’t staff for over night emergencies and are rude about it, and ultimately it harms. I was told last night, during an emergency, that I had a four hour wait ahead of me. Fine. Whatever. Then was told I had to sit in my car with my injured dog for the entire time. In the middle of the night- no food, no water, no bathroom breaks. Just 4 hours in a parking lot. Pray you don’t have an emergency. You and your dog are only a price tag to them. My dog’s cornea was ripped open they didn’t want to hear what the issue was. The key is— don’t have an emergency because they don’t care. At the very least, emergency veterinarians shouldn’t make your emergency worse…

Elisa Kraemer

2 years ago

Not a long wait for an emergency visit and the Dr really seemed to know a lot about treating my guinea pig, which many don't. So glad they were there and got us in. Everyone was nice

Ed Jelinek

2 years ago

They were great thank you guys a lot she's doing good

gena reich

2 years ago

They saved our dog, very nice people


2 years ago

They answered our call at 1am and gave us a diagnosis and we rushed all the way from Lake Murray only to have our precious dog pass away just before arriving they were waiting for us and was very kind and explained what most likely had happened they consoled us and made things a little bit easier for us We tried calling all the Veterinarian's in the Ardmore area and no one would answer or return our call, that included emergency Vet Hospitals also

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