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Gerry Cherry

2 years ago

I will not ask for delivery again from this store. Package was left 30 feet from my door.

Heather Hicks

2 years ago

Always priced well! I love this place and love support a smaller local chain

Drew Aleto

2 years ago

Usually a good selection, decent prices, and generally helpful staff.

Stef Carel

2 years ago

Such a good selection and the staff is always so helpful. Love the curbside service.

James Moore

2 years ago

Poor service... you have to hunt someone to assist.

Grant Greenway

2 years ago

Dryers are super weak definitely wouldn’t try to bath a long haired dog their, only had two types of shampoo and 1 conditioner water pressure was also weak. Over all not worth the $10 when you can go to tractor supply to bath your dog where they have actual dryers and drying tables and multiple types of shampoo a conditioner.

Jessica Grimsley

2 years ago

Best pet supply store around. And best prices and people are awesome too.

Lorine Dionisio

2 years ago

Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and gave respectful attention to my son as he selected his new aquarium fish and supplies. Most pleasant experience at a pet store in a very, very long time!!!

Shannon Synosky

2 years ago

Amazing company!! Huge supporters of the community and rescue! Super clean and friendly staff! Amazing, buy local!

Scott Newman

2 years ago

Nice enough store but they looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if they had penicillin. When you have as mamy animals as I do, you need to be able to do some stuff yourself.

Adena Warner

2 years ago

Always helpful and knowledgeable. Great variety of pet needs. Thanks!!

Dot Norman

2 years ago

All I have to do is walk into store and a team member Is usually right there to help get my heavy bag of dog food, wait for me to pay and then out in my car. Sometimes, because of my physical disability, I call curb side and they bring my order right out to my car so I do not have to get out.

Kyle saiki

2 years ago

Not the cheapest place buy they are nice and friendly! Haven't use the dog wash yet but I like the ideal of it.

Samantha & Moose

2 years ago

Very clean and well stocked store.

Stephen Haggard

2 years ago

Fantastic we get all out pet supplies there!!!

Michael Garrett

2 years ago

Good selections, very helpful staff and good prices


2 years ago

Great selection of canned cat food, cat treats as well as dog food. This store puts Petsmart to shame. Not much of a selection regarding cat litter unfortunately but their cat food clearance table located upfront is well worth the time to look through. Plus the table is always piled high and is half off the marked price. They usually have one cat at a time available for adoption, located in the front corner of the store. Management is friendly and helpful and occasionally you can receive coupons in your email that give you a percentage off your next purchase. Their cheaper then homeland and about average with petsmart and slightly higher then Walmart in the small selection of cat foods Walmart does carry. This place is never crowded and I never have to wait in line, if I do have to wait in line its not for very long. They have a self service dog wash available. I don't own a dog but it's nice that they offer such a service.

Johnny Dub

2 years ago

Always excellent service here. The employees are always very friendly & helpful.

Sandra Merrick

2 years ago

The staff was super helpful and that is why we went, but their selection of things was not quite as robust as I hoped. There food selection was impressive though. Will definitely return in the future.

Beth Rice

2 years ago

Always treated like royalty. We LOVE this store

Kiara Quivey

2 years ago

SERVICE DOG PROBLEMS! Update: people posting reviews here one week ago and pet supplies replies when it's a good review but doesn't reply to my review because they know what they did was wrong..(I have posted some pictures of my service dog wanted to show that it is very obvious with the bright badge that even has a picture for those that don't like to read to not pet him. I have also listed pictures of the cards I carry with me for those people that give us trouble along with showing some pictures of all of his service dog patches his tall harness that makes it apparent that he is not just wearing a bunch of pretty things, and a photo of him alerting me to an anxiety attack and lying down on my lap) I brought my service dog with me for the first time to Pet Supplies Plus at around 1:00 p.m. For all of you that don't know what a service dog is it's a dog that helps someone with a physical or mental disability. Service dogs have rights and are protected under the law by the ADA (Americans with disability acts of 1990). You are not allowed to discriminate or treat anyone differently because they have a service dog. You are supposed to ignore and not talk to a service dog, pet a service dog, take pictures of a service dog and etc due to the fact it distracts the service dog from it's task. Distracting a service dog or letting your kids make noises at a service dog because they want to "pet it" is selfish. You are putting the handler at risk to a emergency medical issue for your own personal gain. My service dog is a multi tasking service dog but one thing he helps alert me to is anxiety attacks. When I had a lady today at this pet store come up to me and ask to take a picture of my service dog with her phone already out to take a picture even though my dog had all his service dog gear on I was speechless. When I saw she was wearing a uniform I figured she just wanted to take a picture to post on the website and the Google maps page. What got my blood boiling was her telling my dog what a good boy he was, making kissy noises at him and distracting him from his task. I then decided I'll talk to the manager about this issue and found out when asking an employee what her name was that the lady taking pictures and distracting my service dog WAS THE MANAGER!! This behavior was not appropriate whatsoever!! I am always prepared for people to not inform their kids about service dogs or for many adults even to distract my service dog but never did I expect it from the MANAGER. Part of what sets off my anxiety is having to deal with people messing and distracting my service dog and anything that makes someone with anxiety anxious causes there body to go into a flight of fight state. Because of this I keep cards with me to hand to people I have issues with the first card is the ADA Laws and the second is a sarcastic card for people that are persistent to 'pet' or 'distract' my working service dog. Handing people these cards helps me try and inform people about service dogs and also try to help my anxiety not get set off by having to argue with someone. Today it caused me to have psychological tremors 30 minutes after leaving and to feel my heart race in my chest for 20 min among other things. Never did I imagine when I came here with my service dog the manager would take pictures of him and talk to him and distract him from his duties that help protect me and SAVE MY LIFE. This is a personal thank you to the manager for starting my day off with a mild anxiety attack!

Janet Fredericks

2 years ago

Always helpful, friendly sales people. Very clean store.

Kevin C

2 years ago

Best pet supply shop I've been too! This is now my go to pet shop.


2 years ago

I love this place so much. The fish lady is amazing.

Julia Eimert-Brown

2 years ago

Has everything you need for your pets needs

Bean Astronaut

2 years ago

Honestly just really disappointed in what I saw. Staff were very nice and I wasn't about to yell at them for something that isn't their fault. That being said, it's terrible the way you keep fish and birds at this store. This is animal abuse. I was looking to support a smaller store than the big petshop but even PETCO has nicer habitats for their animals. Please consider making a change. I'd love to see it.

David Bagheri

2 years ago

Store is clean, bathing supplies are always stocked and my pup loves picking out her own treats. My go-to spot for all my pet's needs. Highly recommend.


2 years ago

I'm so glad I found them, they are convenient, always so nice. I like that I can order online and have it delivered if I want. Very please with the service there.

Jennifer Luttrell

2 years ago

Better than the other guys. And a lot more attentive and helpful. My new go to pet supply place !!

Tracey Glasson

2 years ago

Great Self Dog Washing Service.???? for my Dog_ RIO_ ????

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