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Robin Matney

2 years ago

The woman that runs this place has an amazing ❤. IF ANYONE IS LOOKING TO DONATE, THIS PLACE IS VERY DESERVING!!! She has helped me more times than I can count with stray cats. And prices are VERY fair for things like flea pills, dewormer, etc. She takes in and cares for cats that people have abused and/or abandoned and tries to find them homes after she gets them completely better. And I also know she thoroughly checks out anyone looking to adopt. She will not adopt to just anyone. She makes sure they go to a loving home

Michelle Chapman

2 years ago

I emailed them and they got back super fast and was very kind thank you for all you do for these babies

Candie Welch

2 years ago

Its always quick and easy with less cost. Theyre very knowledgable and friendly

Ralph Keller

2 years ago

Really good flea drops for only $15 for a 30 day supply

Shannon Tenney

2 years ago

Great place to adopt a cat to give the animals a second chance at life but just wish the prices was a little more cheaper for the senior cats.

Tamara Truswell

2 years ago

Nice people and I love ❤ how they take care of the fur babies???????????? and they have a lot of good cat ???? merchandise to buy.

Tammy R

2 years ago

The lady that owns the place is an absolute angel to those cats/kittens. She really invests everything she has into making sure they are well cared for and loved. My son found a cat that had been hit and when I called to see if she could possibly help, she said yes without hesitation. I love going in there and just spending time playing with the animals and getting great advice on how to better for my own. She has a heart of gold and always puts the needs of the animals first.

Ronald Dowell

2 years ago

The customer service is absolutely terrible. The older lady there is super disrespectful. Had 3 females spayed. The procedures were A+ and my babies are healthy. But, 2 stars on customer service and 5 stars on the actual vet for the operations!

Barbara Best

2 years ago

I adopted a 4 month old flame point siamese kitten. The place was clean and all my questions were answered. Peter is now a 4 year old rambunctious and loving companion.

Amber Meadows

2 years ago

So many beautiful furbabies! Very amazing workers and volunteers here. I adopted a very loving kitty ????

Becky Aseweje

2 years ago

Person who answered the phone was very rude. Didn't offer any information , just answered what I asked.

Ruth Schwan

2 years ago

Wonderful place to work and take cats too.

lesley Budzinski

2 years ago

Such a wonderful shelter! I'm from NY and I've driven there more than once to adopt. The director is such a knowledgeable lovely person who loves each and every cat she cares for. She takes the injured and neglected and gives them another shot at life. Clean and well run organization with all the focus on the cats well being. Can't say enough good things.

PJ Kahl

2 years ago

They did a good job on our cat but the lady that runs it needs to learn to shut her mouth. She is very rude and treated us like a child when we where picking our cat up.

For Kids and Giggles

2 years ago

Very affordable spay/neuter for cats. Low cost worming and flea meds. Responds promptly with questions or concerns. Diane goes above and beyond for cats in our area. She takes in injured cats, nurses them back to health and gets them loving homes.

Kayla Huvler

3 years ago

I take all my cats here to get fixed

Hazel Hyde

3 years ago

I've called over 10 times during your guys hours through out the day, it's either a busy tone, or it just rings through with no answer. Theres a beep at the end that sounds like an answering machine beep, but theres no message

Jaylin G

3 years ago

I took my 5 yeaar old cat here while he was dying from pneumonia and they treated him right away and saved him. cheap and effective medicine.

ck Koehler

3 years ago

They seem to do a great job on the cats spays. No issues there. I would recommend they cut down on the number of spays and nueters for that day. I understand the need, but something happened that should never have happened. All ended well and I don't have anything negative to say. This lady is amazing for all she does. Maybe she needs more volunteers. Idk but I would overall recommend her and STOP!!!

EmmaLee Canankamp

3 years ago

If I could give zero I would!! How can you hand someone their cat in a carrier and say they are doing great when they are dead!! How can you guys kill a cat and act like everything is fine!! This place needs shut down. Not acceptable

Yvonne Rust Montgomery

3 years ago

Very nice and some beautiful cats ???? I have 4 inside cats who had their surgeries done here at STOP . Highly recommend responsible pet owners to STOP. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR STAFF.

Darryl Leedy

3 years ago

Best vet in town for basic cat care! She is dedicated to her cause and it shows in all the services this establishment provides. This is a low-cost, no-nonsense clinic for basic services like spay/neuter, shots, parasites, respiratory illness, etc. A great place to adopt, also.

Crystal Wolfe

3 years ago

Great price on fixing your cats

Cora Starcher

3 years ago

Such a blessing for our community! Thank you for helping us and our precious animals!!

cindy Heltz

3 years ago

It alot cheaper there good to your babies

Catherine Skeen

3 years ago

I Love This Place! So many babies to pet/ love on! I'm having my precious 1yr 3month cat worked on. 1.) Sprayed 2.) Checked for worms 3.) Ck for fleas 4.) Nails trimmed: The Total Price is only $55 dollars! They take only hurt cat's that have been wounded or of that nature! There are a total of 100 cat's who have no real home except for this wonderful place call Stop Over Population Of Pets! They need volunteer's to help out cause it's over whelming to do it by themselves while offering their Vet skills at such a low rate to the public! I know,,,,, for sure that I will send them donation. .. Just because I see the need and I truly love all God's precious animals! I got to pet and love on a lot of needy babies! Tuesday Feb 04, 2020... Meow!

Brigitte Klotzek

3 years ago

I don't know how she does it. She takes in all cases of cats. Cases that most places would just give up on them and put them down. If you go through and meet these cats, there are soooo many loving sweet souls. They just needed a second chance. Your heart will break when you hear of their stories. We have been going here for vaccines and spay neuters for our accidental cats (cats who find us). They have always had good treatment. This last time we were there, we met the cats and fell in love with so many. We ended up adopting Foster. A grey striped cat with a healing leg from a dog bite. I am so in love. He is the sweetest thing! He hangs out with the kids for storytime and even my husband (who is way more practical about animals than the rest of us) will cuddle with him. I recommend coming here even if you are not looking for a cat. Give them some love, drop off some supplies, have your kids read to the cats. You won't regret it!

Brenda Vaughn

3 years ago

Diana and her helpful staff of vets are always great!

Alanys Hooper

3 years ago

I spoke to the woman on the phone twice and she was incredibly rude both times. Then when I went in person to speak to her, her greeting to me was “if it smells like 100 cats in here, it’s because there is 100 cats in here“. What the hell? Then she answered every question I had with a rude tone and wouldn’t even look at me while she talked. Zero customer service skills and the uncleanliness of the place just seemed like an infection ready to happen for my cats. Disgusting! I was looking to save money due to having 4 kittens to spay/neuter, but I absolutely refuse to take my babies there. You get what you pay for. Pets are family and I would like to know they are cared for with love and safe while in someone else’s care. Definitely did not feel that way here.

Amara Mosley

3 years ago

My cat was the healthiest cat before he went to stop. Now he has a 105 temperature fighting for his life because he caught something there. They had so many cats there, there is no way they took there time with each one. I should’ve done more research because my vet said she’s heard so many bad stories from this place. She just had someone come in with a sick cat then realize it wasn’t even there cat they got sent home with the wrong one. Extremely unprofessional and unsanitary. Not to mention the lady was rude. Do not take your fur babies here.

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