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Carrie Circoloff

2 years ago

Just took Miss Onyx too finally meet Our Angel,Miss Victoria! I absolutely Love This AMAZING place... Thank You for EVERYTHING

Michael Mahle

2 years ago

They give great care to my two chihuahuas and have for years. Highly recommend.

Theresa Wild

2 years ago

Great people, very friendly and professional

Theresa Marie

2 years ago

This animal clinic is great. They are very kind and professional. They are COVID concerned so when you arrive you call them and they come out to get you and your pet when they have a room available so people aren't passing their cooties to others. Very happy with their services and staff.

Kris Putman

2 years ago

Very helpful, accommodating, and professional.

Matt Sc

2 years ago

I will never give this place business again. My dog is on its last legs can’t move or walk. And hasn’t gone to the bathroom in two days. I called them today to see if they could see her as I imagine she will have to be put down. They said no even though my dog was a patient there and my late wife used to work there. This business should be ashamed of themselves. My poor dog is suffering and no other vet in town will see her either. Hell I may never even own another animal after this.

Amanda Brieger

2 years ago

Everyone was extremely kind to myself and my dog! The place is spotless! I am so ready for Covid to get better/ to some normalcy?! We are hoping two ppl can come in the rooms w/ pet!

Brian McWhirter

2 years ago

Have been going to Blackman for many years and have known Jason Galicki sense he was a young boy, went to see him for a consultation on 10/4/21 for my Boxer who has a large lump in his throat, Jason said it was due to his teeth so they scheduled him for a cleaning and extraction of one tooth, I asked Jason about how much it would cost he said for everything about 300 dollars, I agreed, I was told by Jason and his assistant to drop him off between 7:00 and 7:30 on the 18th, I found out they don't open until 7:30, when they came out they wanted me to sign an estimated bill for 420 to 575 dollars I told the lady that Jason said it would be around 300, she said something about extra charges, I refused to sign until I talked to Jason, she said he would call, so I left my dog, by the time I got home Valerie called and started to explain the additional cost, I told her That all of this should have been explained in the consultation, she agreed, she then told me that they could not do the procedure until I signed the estimate, I also told her that I was told by both Jason and his assistant to drop my dog off between 7:00 and 7:30 Valerie said she didn't believe that, I ask if she was calling me a liar she said yes I'm calling you a liar, my dog needed to have the work done so I went back to sign the paper work, when I got there they brought my dog out and told to find a different vet, I asked to talk to Jason and they said absolutely not. now I have to find a vet to help my dog, They tell you one price and it changes to a much higher price, they did the same thing to my Daughter, told her 375 to have her dog fixed, after it was done it was 575, not good business, and Valerie I'm not a liar, I told you what they told me. Brian Mcwhirter

Crystal Lyons

2 years ago

Had to get my cat fixed

john schmid

2 years ago

2 visits and 200 plus dollars later my cat is still having problems with his eye. These people only care about one thing and it's not giving your animal the treatment it needs. Dont waste your time with this clinic based on greed.

Brett Hayworth

2 years ago

Horrible time management you’ll wait 20-30 past your appointment!

Sam Standafer

2 years ago

They take such good care of your fur babies. Staff here is outstanding.

Elaine Strader

2 years ago

I've been taking my cats here for years and have always told people about how great they are. Never again. My cat has an infection and I've tried for days, but they refuse to see him. I'm fairly certain he just needs an antibiotic, but they keep telling me to go to Lansing for emergency service. Unfortunately, I'm waiting on some parts to come in to get my car fixed, and don't think it would make it to Lansing, so that is not an option for me right now. If all they are going to do is make appointments a week or 2 out, those are only good for general checkups and shots. I can go to literally any vet for that. What kind of vet refuses to see an animal when they need help? I'm going to try taking him to the travelling vet at tractor supply this afternoon, and I'm hoping I can get him some help there.

Julie Glair

2 years ago

Everyone has maintained a positive attitude through the huge changes. Pleasant faces everywhere and lots of them.

Keith Goodrich

2 years ago

We drive from Flat Rock great place and great people

MK Swanger

2 years ago

Dr Jason treats our precious cats, Audrey and Misha, with the best care. He addresses all of our concerns and listens to us. He has helped us through the difficult times with our past elderly cats and was introduced to new members of our cat family. Thank you!

Denise Jordan

2 years ago

Very friendly also personal for each fur baby.

CL Sajdak

2 years ago

WoW! My ageing dog has had to visit Blackman animal quite often through out the covid lock down and she had to go into the building by herself. As a dog mom, you always wonder if they treat them the same as when you are with them. Well, I was finally able to accompany my dog to her most recent visit. When Dr. Jason and his assistant came into the exam room, my dog was so happy to see them! This speaks volumes to the level of care and caring they offer. After a wellness exam and a chiropractic adjustment my dog was very calm and happy. Dr. Jason was very thorough and answered all my concerns. He gives great care.

Alisha Pace

2 years ago

Someone referred me to this vet clinic and was I absolutely in love. The staff was incredible!!! They made my puppy feel like the star of the show. They were so gentle and kind. They answered ALL of my questions and made me feel at ease. Can't wait to go to our next appt ????

Pamela Buckner

2 years ago

After almost 20 years of being a customer, to get hung up on in the middle of a conversation was very unprofessional.

Tami S

2 years ago

I was disheartened in hearing that my mentally disabled brother was recently informed he can no longer bring his cat to this animal clinic. Apparently the vet who used to treat his cat for some 13 years, who was great dealing with him and treating his cat, is no longer there. You need to understand that his cat is literally the only bright spot of life he has, he loves her dearly and over worries when something is wrong with her. Sometimes he may call several times with questions and concerns when she is ill. I understand my bro can take a lot of patience at times, his intentions stem from loving concern for his cat and that much is obvious. I would have hoped those who are in a business where compassion and patience is key would extend these traits toward humans as well.

Willy Spence

2 years ago

Wonderful kind and educated vets & staff. We were refered to Blackman Animal Clinic and this is were we will stay for great pup care.

Jessyca Casson

2 years ago

I think it’s very unprofessional that you cannot call this clinic and ask for a medical question without your cat or a dog being a patient of theirs. I called worried about the safety of my cat worried if he is dying or if I really need to get him somewhere and couldn’t even answer any of my questions because I am not a patient. If my pet dies I am going to hold this veterinarian clinic somewhat responsible because they were unable and in capable of answering any of my questions even if it’s at the expense of an animal. 10 out of 10 would not go here. I wonder how many pets die because places like these turn them away and offer them no solution or no help. It’s really sad to see people say that they love animals but be willing to turn them away.

Suzie Adkins

2 years ago

They gave us a good experience and some meds

Scott Rosenbrook

2 years ago

Or retail store in pretty good I always seem to find something

Jerry Turner

2 years ago

My dog Cisco's prefered wellness provider!

Raelin Kenny

2 years ago

They're so lovely here. I was worried my boxer mix would be afraid but she loves going to the vet now, I'm so glad they take such amazing care of her. They're always non judgemental and offer great advice!

Ron Mcclure

2 years ago

Not so great any more been having issues with the staff following requests of the pet owners then having issues with staff being rude then we get a letter saying because we have requested records be transfered to another vet as we had issues with the only vet on staff at the time and they would not give me alternatives. I feel I have been treated unprofessionally as have my animals. This is fine as I will take my animals elsewhere. And from some recent reviews I'm not the only one having issues with the front staff.

Laurie Welts

2 years ago

I had to bring my cat Lucy in yesterday due to illness. It was another great experience here! It was a stressful day, but she had Great, Caring Heros working on her. Thank you❤

Diane Walkowicz

2 years ago

I scheduled an appointment weeks out. We arrived about 10 minutes before our appointment time and checked in via phone. We were waiting 30 minutes past our appt time, so I called again. Other consumers were coming and going, with 5-6 different staff in and out of the building. I feel we were forgotten, although Dr. Kristi said they were short staffed. Very poor customer service. If the doctor is behind, let the client know. Give them the option to wait or reschedule, or return to first come first served, as appointment times mean nothing!

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