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Justin Kessler

2 years ago

Fantastic reactivity class. Safe space for your dog to get exposure to other dogs and people. Did wonders for our German shepherd. Did the basic reactivity classes for about 8 months and we're moving onto the advanced class in 2022. Give stars

Janis Lapsley

2 years ago

We have been bringing our reactive GSD here for almost a year now for the rowdy and reactive classes. It was very slow going with her at first but she has made huge leaps and strides in her ability to tolerate sounds, people, and other dogs over that time. The PosiDog team is fantastic. They always have great suggestions and treat every dog as an individual to get the best results. They are positive and encouraging and all about everyone being successful. Our dog is well on her way to being a "decent" citizen thanks to the strong foundation built in our sessions with PosiDogs. The price for sessions is beyond reasonable. I really cannot say enough positive things about this team!

James MARK

3 years ago

My dog and I had a great time and we both learned a ton in our first training session. We can wait until next weeks class.

K Ski

3 years ago

We have been bringing our puppy to the puppy training group classes during COVID, so this review is only specific to the training techniques during COVID. There are a couple things I’ve enjoyed during our training classes but there are a lot of cons in my mind also. I’ll break them down below: Pros: - There are new ideas and training tips I’ve learned to do at home. Examples are keeping an open hand while feeding treats, “leave it” technique, relaxed walking technique, and a few more. - Staff seems pretty friendly and are nice to your dog. - Very large facility to give your dog space. Cons: - 70% of the class is sitting and listening to the trainer. My puppy is not a fan of this and barks cause he sees the other puppies and wants to play. This can cause me to not pay attention and try to settle him. - To “settle” and quiet your puppy, they are given a Kong fully of a frozen food and you have to constantly feed them snacks/kibble when they get bored/finish the Kong. My puppy has some pretty gross poop the next day from the training, but this may not be all dogs. - The website includes that the puppy training has a socialization but the socialization period is super short. They don’t really get to play. It’s more of a sniff around and then everyone pulls their dogs back together. This process repeats about four times, and in Puppy 2 I feel there should have more socialization. - Their website is a little confusing regarding times and how to attend. I recommend emailing them. - Their website claims that staff will have more hands on/personal training during the group session because classes are small. I don’t think that is the case because there is barely enough time where we are actively training our dog. Overall, we have gotten a couple tips on training but I don’t think I will continue future classes here for my puppy specifically. Our puppy is energetic, extra friendly, and we do a lot of research on training from YouTube/ect. Our puppy also gets his socialization time better in Daycare. This training would be EXCELLENT for people who 1. Have no idea how to train a dog and 2. Have a shy puppy. Again, my review is only on the puppy group classes. I have seen a ton of reviews on other trainings that have good reviews.

Dora Sterling

3 years ago

I did not read the reviews of Posidog Canine Learning Center. That was my first mistake. When I complained about not receiving the necessary information about the dates and times for the sessions I had paid for, I was offered a refund that I did not take and. That was my second error. I assumed that with email and phone calls the suituation could be corrected. The situation never improved. It is easier to cope with a rowdy, resistive dog rather to deal with this unprofessional, incompetent company.

Langdon Sanders

3 years ago

Instructors care about the success of you and your dog. Facility is great too, a large open plan with padded floors throughout. A training program that works through positive reinforcement.

Elizabeth Landingham

3 years ago

Enjoyed our session correcting our training that we have been doing at home. Looking forward to our group classes.

Carol Souza

3 years ago

Absolutely amazing class for puppies. Content was perfect and well suited to the audience. Structure was well thought out timed. Instructor went above and beyond to help or explain. I felt very lucky to be able to attend a local class with a nationally recognized and outstanding instructor, Chad Byerly, and his awesome assistant Aiden James Nicholas! Well done and I definitely recommend! Did I mention what an impressive facility?

Trisha Lowery

4 years ago

Wonderful *people* trainers. Small enough classes for 1 on 1 interaction. They train you to train your pups, which is the only way pups will remain trained. Would definitely recommend!

Aniket Braganza

4 years ago

We took our puppy for training here. Fantastic staff and really positive goals based training program! I recommend this place to anyone looking a great dog training experience!

Bryan Smith

4 years ago

Started taking classes here with our reactive dog a few months ago with Kristen. She has been super helpful and understanding always being encouraging and keep us going. I’ve always been pleased with how they have handled our dog as well as any other dogs in classes we have taken.

Chris Adams

4 years ago

I like the training. My only concern is that the learning space is so big that some classes run simultaneously. The background noise can make it difficult for anyone to hear the instructor at times.

Justin Gottshall

4 years ago

Our puppy is learning so much

Byron Gunter

5 years ago

We take 2 pups and love it!

scott snider

5 years ago

Just the worst. All you will learn is how to give your dog treats. And be prepared to be called out and shamed by the trainers. Stay away...save your money

Renee Galvis

5 years ago

We love the trainer, her positive attitude, the family inclusiveness of the classes and her skill in helping us train our dog! Moreover, w are thrilled with the results!

Rachel Hopewell

5 years ago

Not sure where all of the positive reviews are coming from. The puppy 3 class was a waste of time and money. Dreaded going each week but went for the socialization. I didn’t even go to our last class. Just because I got my pup at 20 weeks and have to go to a class based on age doesn’t mean I don’t need help with basic obedience. I don’t need to learn “fun tips and tricks”. Instructor also blamed my dog for a little doggy play fight when he didn’t even see it all. He literally said “I assumed it was him.” Don’t bother.

Lexie Demyan

5 years ago

Emily was condescending and disrespectful in the way she spoke to me. She was rude and didn't say one nice thing to me the whole evening. I felt as though I wasn't welcome in the class and cried on the ride home. I will not EVER buy another class here.

Kathryn Nicolich

5 years ago

Posidog is the best! Our shy dog has blossomed training here. I would highly recommend to all dog owners.

Katelyn Price

5 years ago

I really enjoy PosiDog. The agility classes are fun and my dog really seems to enjoy them. The trainer is approachable and willing to help if your dog is having any trouble with anything.

Colleen Hartel

6 years ago

Although I've only been to one session, I can tell I will really enjoy the style and space here. I will echo that the space, which is a warehouse/industrial area was difficult to find so give yourself some extra time to find it. Its signage is visible from 270 but not the road the address is on. For the family dog series, you will join at the beginning of a module but everyone we were with had previously taken classes there so we did feel a little bit behind. If we had NO previous training experience with our dog I would feel a little overwhelmed. The space is nice and large. There are partitions between each "station" where dogs sit and train. For the session we went to, the trainer would demonstrate with her dog and then we would practice as the trainer made rounds between each station and gave feedback and tips. I much preferred this to classes at PetSmart where trainer may demonstrate with his dog, may have us repeat but were often left to do the bulk of the practice and learning at home (or sometimes in the store with random shoppers???? So weird) There is also a ten minute window between classes so there is dedicated time to ask the trainer any questions you may have.

Darla Munroe

6 years ago

Completely changed how I view dog training. We rescued a chihuahua mix who had a lot of behavioral problems, all manifesting in fear aggression. Vet recommended Posidogs. It's like a brain reset for a troubled dog. So grateful for these guys. Professional staff, well developed training methods, good facility.

Heather Rubi

6 years ago

My dog really enjoyed taking puppy classes here but because of my busy school schedule, we only attended 5/10 sessions that I paid for. I recently called to get a refund for the remaining sessions. I had paid 150 for 10 sessions so I expected to receive back around 75 dollars. Got the refund check in the mail today. They charged me 100 for 5 sessions (so the last 5 were only worth 50?) And also kept a 25% fee as a "cancellation fee". Instead of receiving back 75 dollars for half of the sessions we didn't attend, I received a check for 37.50. I'm really shocked and disappointed.

Kevin Kemp

6 years ago

Our puppy loves his training.

Mark Lensenmayer

6 years ago

Excellent dog training site. This location is in a large warehouse that gives the dogs plenty of room to be active. Our agility trainer is Kristen. We are very impressed with her teaching, as even in a group she works to strengthen the abilities of each dog. As the name says, training is always very positive and encouraging. They offer a wide range of courses and probably have a course for just about any dog. We are very impressed with Posidog.

Raymond DeMay

6 years ago

Positive reinforcement style training. The trainers are all very knowledgeable and professional. They work on training you as a dog owner more than the dog since it will be your job to work on the training every day. They are encouraging and explained everything to me very well. Our dog loves it because he gets plenty of treats, play time, and love from everyone. We took him there on recommendations from both friends and our veterinarian. I'm looking forward to him growing up to take some more of the classes available.

Rebecca Hickey

6 years ago

Great place for Rally competition

Rhonda VanEmon

7 years ago

Best place for puppy training!

Stacey Davidson

7 years ago

I brought my Rottweiler puppy to PosiDog for puppy school. We had a great time! He learned so much and loved playing with his puppy friends.

Ray Brooks

8 years ago

Posidog is an extremely professional facility, with a very large training area, high end equipment, and a knowledgeable training staff.

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