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Josh Lane

2 years ago

Vicki is excellent with our pets, reasonable prices for services.

Rod Bice

2 years ago

This lady is so rude that when a friends mother went to pick up her daughters adorable sweet Shih Tzu she was down right nasty to her. Her mother didn’t even recognize her daughters dog and when the lady bought him to the front her mother said she normally gets him a puppy cut. The lady had the nerve after she scalped the poor dog to go to the back and throw the dogs hair on the counter at my friends mother. Why would a human being treat a grandmother so hatefully when she simply made a comment. If her first instinct is to do this to another person image how she is treating those poor pets she is scalping. If you love your pets don’t take them to the Pooch Parlor now know as the BUTCHER PARLOR! I hope this lady knows Karma is a B__ch!

Nichol P

2 years ago

So great with my pups

Shane “Superfly” DeBolt

3 years ago

The gal that runs this place is simply amazing and her prices aren't gouging. All around perfect little pet grooming place.

Michael Morris

3 years ago

Always sweet & polite & one of the best

Katie Clay

3 years ago

She is absolutely fabulous!!! ❤

Josh C.

3 years ago

They are really good with our dog. He goes there looking wild and comes back looking quite handsome.

Jorge Torres

3 years ago

my mother who has been a long time customer went there she had tested positive for covid 3 months ago which she is negative now and has been for a long time the lady asked her if she had tested positive which my mother told her yes but was now negative the lady yeld at her humilated her and told her to get the hell out

Jane Bolden

3 years ago

Vickie always makes sure that my dogs have the best of care and they look amazing when she is done. They enjoy going there and it is always a pleasure to do business with her!

Dawn Laporte

3 years ago

We had a dog come in to our organization extremely matted. So matted he could not see or even go pee. We called for help and she stepped up. He looks amazing and more importantly feels great! Thank you so much for helping this little guy!!

Margaret Cameron

4 years ago

Vicky takes wonderful care of your Fur baby

Dan Seibold

5 years ago

Just an awesome place. I have tried several and they know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

Samantha Stone

5 years ago

Pooch parlor is the best in town. Vicki has a true passion for her job, and treats my dog like her own. My family has been bringing our dogs here for years, and we’ve never been disappointed. I took my pup to a large retailer grooming salon a few months ago when we couldn’t get into PP and will never do so again. They didn’t properly clean and pluck her ears, or express her glands. Pooch parlor does it right every time and I never have to worry. Appointments get booked quick, so make sure you prebook.

Penny Feucht

5 years ago

I have been taking my 2 small Maltese Puppies their for years and never had a issue.

Melody King

5 years ago

Best place to take my dogs too and make them look good and smell good to

Debra Hollinger

5 years ago

Only one groomer now, which is the owner. The grooming was sub par and my dog got an eye infection both times she went there. I had to spend over $100 at the vet.

Patricia Bluewolfie

6 years ago

I had a bad experience about a year ago with the way the owner rudely treated My dog one early morning in front of me, so I just requested that she not be the one who I want to groom my 5 dogs, to avoid conflict. I've not had any issues with this shop other then that experience, today I tried to set a appointment, the owner was on the phone making the appointment and she told me that I'm no longer welcome, WOW!!! I guess she can't handle it when a 5 year long customer tells her that the way she treated my dog in front of me was not appericated!!! She was unprofessional, will not talk about or even appolagize!! SHE WAS VERY RUDE WITH ME ON THE PHONE AND WILL NOT EVEN LET ME EXPLAIN THE SITUATION!!!! IF THE OWNER CAN BE SHORT TEMPERED WITH MY FURBABY RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, MAKES ME WONDER HOW SHE TREATS THEM WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING, HUMM!?!


6 years ago

This is the best place in the Fort as far as a quality service/TLC & haircut. I have been a satisfied customer for 4 years and will continue to go even though sometimes the owner is intimidating and I feel very degrated especially if I'm even 5 minutes late because my dogs maybe took too long outside in their picket fence area.By golly she will be sure to call u out for it! And don't be late even if u know they close at 4 she will remind u.I work 3rd shift so I have been requesting afternoon appts so I'm not late told another groomer not to call me when dogs are done so I could get some sleep.I would be there before 4.She still called 1.5 hours after, they are done and interrupted my sleep told her I had my alarm set for 3:40.Got another phone call at 3:30 from owner you know we close at 4:00, right? Don't be late.(Well if I wasn't woken up in the first place...it takes me 15 minutes to get there)...I made it on time.Then, I have bichons even in winter it's always, "Well they need to be shaved down all matted again." I totally get my hair maintenance isn't good enough that's why they are coming, but just the way she says it. By the time they grow out from summer takes 3 months I brush them but seems to take 2 months to get enough hair to brush, by 3 months ugh they are matted. They get booked up fast so sometimes I do have to wait 2-3 weeks for appt. I have 4 pets.Between teeth cleaning (more $ than people), food every month, flea stuff, yearly vet stuff grooming is 4 x a year. If you are looking for an exceptional place to take your pet and don't mind dealing with Vicki a few times a year (I'm sure she doesn't even realize she is coming off this way) Pooch Parlor is the way to go!

Marc McMillen

7 years ago

I will not go back to the Pooch Parlor. My wife and I have a miniature Schnauzer and we have been loyal customers for over 4 years now. My wife and I live about 20 minutes (11.4 miles) away, so it is neither the closest or the most convenient location. But we are loyal customers and up until the respective day we liked the people and the cut. I typically try not to schedule middle-of-the-day appointments as they are difficult to get to on time being that we work 20 mins from home and Pooch Parlor is another 20 mins away. But with limited scheduling choices, I made a 12:00pm grooming appointment. My wife picked up our dog and drove her to the appointment, but was unfortunately 15 minutes late. When she walked in the door the groomer rudely told her that they would not take our dog. There was no warning, no apology, no call-back, no re-schedule and no positive solution. They made no attempt to retain our business. They had no consideration of our loyalty or our unfortunate schedule delay. My wife and I both understand that we should have been to the appointment on time, but things happen, and a little consideration would have gone a long way. We will not be returning to the Pooch Parlor. They were not accommodating, understanding or respectful to us and our loyal patronage.

Goldie Runyon

7 years ago

They do a great job on my max he is a poodle I get lots of complements very nice people

Alexandria Delgadillo

8 years ago

This place drugged my dog.

Pete Kerkhoff

8 years ago

Worked to accommodate my dog quickly. They did an awesome job with my Yorkie! Thank you!

Anna K

10 years ago

Great ladies. My Samson looks fab!


11 years ago

We wrote a few reviews about this place here and on other websites just to have them removed. So how can you trust this website and others were the person or place can have anything negitive removed. NOT HAPPY. So how many other reviews were removed?? Should have went through the BBB. Happy to say there wont be a next time

Shane Tinkham

11 years ago

Reasonable priced, nice people they do a great job with my dog. Highly recommend.

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