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Angela Ticen

2 years ago

We drove 1 1/2 hours to Fort Wayne with a sick cat trying to get into the emergency hospital only to be turned away. Aboite not only took us same day but listened to our concerns and handled my cat with care and professionalism. We got tests back quickly and the doctor answered all of our questions, despite being busy. I would drive the distance again for this level of professionalism and care.

Baddr Alabbas

2 years ago

Great place, professional and kind staff

Chris Riley

2 years ago

I don't even know where to begin to praise this vet and his staff. We weren't clients. Our little dog was in need of surgery, and our "normal vet clinic" couldn't get her worked in for 4 weeks. After 3 weeks, she became more ill and miserable. Dr. Gupta got us right in and he stayed late to operate on her. The next day he carefully explained what the problem was, how to keep her from having problems in the future, and how he would like to treat her. They also made sure she was ready to come home to heal. I was impressed, relieved, and grateful. The staff was so kind and compassionate. After having been to another vet clinic for the last 17 years, I am switching to this clinic. I trust them completely to take great care of my "fur baby." Thank you so much Dr. Gupta and staff!!!

John Dube

2 years ago

I have used the excellent services of the Aboite Animal Clinic for almost 30 years. The professionalism, quick response to needs, family orientated service, and most importantly the sincere care they have for our little family members are top notch. I highly recommend taking your little loved ones to Dr. Gupta and his staff where they will receive the love and care they deserve.

Ashley Kaufman

2 years ago

Dr.Gupta and all of the staff were so sweet to my boy Bowser. He had to had two surgeries and they all took such great care of him. We were very thankful and I would recommend them to everyone.

Jean Coltrain

2 years ago

My Dog, Lucy, and I so appreciate Dr Gupta and his staff! They are always caring, and take the time to chat and answer all questions. I have been taking my dogs to Dr Gupta for 30 years! I highly recommend Dr Gupta and all of his staff!

Jill McCormick

2 years ago

We had our first visit to Aboite Animal Clinic last weekend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service. They examined my new puppy and got him up to date on vaccinations and on needed medications. They also gave me lots of great tips on crate training, potty training, and grooming. As a new pet owner, I appreciated their patience with all my questions! As a bonus they also have groomers on site so our next appointment will conveniently include both grooming and needed vaccines. The whole team was helpful, friendly, and professional which provided an excellent experience!

Kathy Tracy

2 years ago

They have always been there for our fur babies and always check in on us

Baldox Baldwin

2 years ago

One of the most sweetest & impressionable vets I have encountered in a long time!! My girl was in labor, needed an emergency surgery for her singleton puppy. I called when arrived, the staff was quick to get me in & unbelievably pleasant to talk to. When we love our animals so much having a wonderful staff means the world to us when we have emergencies. My singleton boy lived & is thriving. I can not thank the entire staff & Dr. Gupta enough for the best experience I have had in a very long time. It gives me hope for us breeders to continue on doing what we love with vets & staff like the ones at Aboite Animal Clinic!! Please keep doing what you do. We need you & more like you.

Brandon Trumbull

2 years ago

I am so grateful for aboite Animal Clinic! My husky was in labor for 5 hours and having troubles. Thanks to them they saved my dog and her puppies and even the one that was stuck! She had to have an emergency C-section and the doctor was there within minutes to help her even though it was after hours and he was so polite and helping us with anything that we needed! Best vet in town!!!

Jane Cunningham

2 years ago

My 18 yr. old cat needed to be euthanized late at night. We put it off and she became very ill and lost control of her bladder. We knew it was time and when we called Dr. Gupta's office (who was her vet for her whole life) they had us bring her right in at 9:30 pm. We didn't have the agony of waiting all night. The vet techs treated her and us with the utmost care. They sedated her before shaving and inserting the needle which was very gentle and peaceful. I will ALWAYS be indebted to Dr. Gupta and his fabulous staff for the wonderful care they gave our Josie during her 18 years of life and for the tender care at the end of her life. We also had a 20 year old cat, Mewsette and a 19 year old, Tigger, who Dr. Gupta took good care of. We love Dr. Gupta!

Seherzada Husidic

2 years ago

On 10/29/21 my dog had a hard time breathing. She could not walk nor eat or drink. My mom took her to this clinic since her regular vet was booked. And they recommended that we take her here. They saw her condition and all they did was x-rays and tell my mom they have to find a radiologist to review the images. They did not offer to keep her knowing her condition. They did not call about the results. My mom took her home. Hoping for the best that she would improve. On top of everything we paid $380 for them to do absolutely nothing. My dog passed away later that night. No call from the radiologist. Not that it mattered. I waited until they opened the next morning and called to see if they could reimburse any money since they had done nothing. The receptionist said Dr. Gupta would call. I never received a call. I had to reach out which in the end was no help at all.


2 years ago

I had an emergency situation with my 5 year old cat. Altough I had never been to this clinic, they made an opening right away, diagnosed the possible problems and preformed surgery to save my cat's life. They also worked with me on dealing with the costs, something I really appreciated as I am on a very limited budget. The care for my pet was excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for animal care.


2 years ago

Waited over an hour to get my dog to be seen the parking lot, NEVER CALLED ME BACK after I checked in. Never going back either.

Bill Mc

2 years ago

Poor office response. They failed to call with test results. They failed to respond to questions about the results. Failed to respond to message on their web site. Its been 5 days. Told twice a tech would call, never happen, had to call back. Told us they couldn't update our file without charging a fee. The file was incomplete. They authorized online sale of meds without checking file info (a recipe for trouble ??). Tech tried to authorize wrong worm/flea med without checking file (file wasnt up to date anyway) our dog has special needs due to prior health issues. They lost my appointment time, but did take my dog in quickly that day. Doc told wife all blood test results were normal, upon review at home they were not, still waiting on answers on that question.Not saying bad about doc?, but office is a joke. Tried talking to him, but he thinks I'm short?, never felt like he was really concerned about my issues with office personnel. Turned deal over to wife, she's still waiting for answers. Appointment was week ago.

Kimberly Searles

2 years ago

Dr. Gupta and his staff are the best! The only ones I trust with my 5# Chihuahua

Lisa Starr

2 years ago

We chose to bring our Yorkie here because of the great reviews. Maybe they were having an off day, but we waiting in the parking lot for an hour and another 20 minutes inside. We saw the doctor for less than 5 minutes. He administered a shot, took some blood, checked his teeth, asked if I had any questions and was out. Especially given the wait, I expected more personal attention, a more thorough physical, anything. The tech was great, and very sweet to my dog and my son who I had to drag along with me. But due to the long wait time and lack of time with the doctor, I don’t know that we’ll be back.

Teresa Campbell

2 years ago

My kitty, Lila, was very ill and Dr. Gupta got us in same day. Her white blood cell count was high and her temp was 107!!! Dr. gave her a shot and fluids intraveneously and had her temp down in a couple of hours. He kept her all night and the staff continued hydrating her. She was released the next night, doing wells. The following morning she woke up with a swollen eye, then we knew where the infection was. Dr. gave me drops, and after a week we went in for a checkup. Blood count is normal! Yay!!! Dr. Gupta also did laser removal of Lila's and her sister's front claws. Kept them overnight for two nights and kept them comfortable. Dr. Gupta and his staff are wonderful people. They are very kind and caring, very knowledgable, and very professional. They've taken very good care of my kitties, and you can trust them to take good care of your pets, too. ????

Stephen Konz

2 years ago

Our dog decided to eat half a corn cob. We called first thing in the morning and they got us in after regular hours to get him checked out. We never felt rushed and they took their time explaining his course of treatment. We were very satisfied with our experience.

Chris Leinhos

2 years ago

The Aboite Animal Clinic saved my dog's life. When he got sick I went to my vet and they turned me away while he was shaking uncontrollably in my car. I called Aboite and they had him in the clinic within 2 hours. They were open and honest with me throughout his whole treatment even if his prognosis wasn't good. The technicians and vet were very kind and I truly felt that they cared about my dog. It's because of them that my dog is sleeping soundly on my couch right now. I should add that even if the outcome was different, I still would have a high opinion of them that would not affect my review.

Ariel Runyan

2 years ago

My two dogs got a broken leg and had to have surgery. He did amazing with my dogs and was so kind and gentle. Today I had to take my puppy back to him because he was not walking right since his surgery. He took the time and redid X-rays and showed me that he was okay which was a huge sigh of relief. Then on top of that he took care of the X-ray payment for my puppy, which caught me off guard. Dr Gupta took the time to talk to me about my puppy. I will definitely be forever grateful to this Clinic. Also I live about a hour away.

Annette Colgrove

2 years ago

Dr. Gupta and staff were gentle and kind with my dog, even when she felt fearful. We were there for her annual checkup and shots. There was a sign that said we might have up to an hour's wait, but we didn't have very much wait at all, and the visit was thorough yet quick. We've been going there for about 11 years now, and have no complaints.


2 years ago

My wife Jane & I are were pleasantly surprised; we thought professional service was lost long ago. ???????????????????????????????????? The Aboite Animal Clinic Services: House Calls, Emergency Hours, Dentistry/Digital X-Ray, Boarding, & Grooming. We enjoy going to the Aboite Animal clinic because, they helped us & our Furry Family Members feel better Dr. Sunil Gupta and the staff are amazing. ???? We highly recommend Aboite Animal Clinic! Thank you Dr. Sunil Gupta and Your amazing Staff for making our Furry Loves feel better and giving us my professional service with the amazing touch of love! ???? Respectfully, Ed & Jane F.


2 years ago


Rebekkah Ferrebee

2 years ago

My fiancé and I took our dog here on 7/5/21 to be boarded for 3 days while we went on vacation. He was only in their care for about 24 hours before he was let outside without a leash, collar, harness, or anything else, and escaped through a bend in the fence in their yard. There were claims on social media from what appeared to possibly be an Aboite employee claiming the area of the fence with a bend was “blocked off”, and that it was conveniently “scheduled to be fixed” the day after my dog escaped. Two days after my dog escaped, and conveniently about an hour after I stopped at Aboite to take a photo of the still bent fence - which, by the way, was NOT blocked off whatsoever - a thin metal bar was screwed across the bent part of the fence. This “fix” could have been done by ANYone with a screw gun. And, if THAT was their idea of a “fix” to the issue, I’m not sure how it took (what I have been told by a couple of sources) TWO YEARS for this to be done. There is no way this was “fixed” by a professional company. If anything, it will now be easier for large dogs, like my own, to climb up and over the fence if they desire to escape. If you are going to FINALLY “fix” your fence, wouldn’t you think you would replace that small section completely?? It has now been 3 days and my dog is still missing. To say I am unhappy would be the understatement of the century. I leave this review in hopes that anyone considering boarding their animal here will at least think long and hard about it first, to avoid going through what my fiancé and I have been going through this week.

Sonsuray Fields

2 years ago

This place was amazing!! I got a 5 month kitten from a shelter and 2 days later he was very very sick so we brought him into aboite and they were able to find the cause very quickly, severe pneumonia. This clinic put in lots of hard work and made sure that we were up to date. They allowed me to visit our baby and after a few days of being unsure if he was gonna be able to come home at all, he came home. They saved our baby for us due to their responsive, caring, and amazing team! Thank you guys! *pictures: first picture is us waiting to take him into the clinic in December 2020 Last picture is last week, other pictures are in between:)

Sarah Leffers

2 years ago

We love this office. Everyone is always so kind and attentive.

Lisa James

2 years ago

Dr. Gupta and his staff are very caring and thorough! Our St Bernard needs TPLO Surgery, Dr Gupta took the time to explain in great detail and show us exactly what the surgery is. My dog had to have unexpected ear surgery and Dr Gupta took good care of her. He is reasonable and cares about his clients.

Tommy Northwood

2 years ago

Let my family dog get loose. All of us worried sick for him. Still on the loose. Pray he'll come home.


2 years ago

We are so grateful to Dr. Gupta and his amazing staff. They took our very ill dog in for same day major surgery, and did a wonderful job. We can heartily recommend them!

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