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Courtney Chodzin

2 years ago

I have taken my cats to Lifetime Pet Wellness for about 4.5 years, and I have always had a great experience. The doctors genuinely care about my pets and listen to my concerns, addressing each of them throughout the visit. Even when they were only doing curbside appointments, I never left with questions and knew my cats were well taken care of. On top of that, the entire staff is exceedingly kind. When I showed up completely frazzled they got both of my cats in and out efficiently without shirking on care and quality. Not to mention how patient and understanding they have always been. I always recommend this clinic when someone asks me where I take Caspian and Java, and I don’t see us ever going somewhere else!

Emma Dewitz

2 years ago

I used to work here but had to move away sadly. I 100% miss working there too they really make you feel like family there. I still do plan to bring my dog there whenever I can for his acupuncture with Dr. Laughman. All of the team there is amazing and I would recommend anyone in Columbus to go there.

Wheeler Lentz

2 years ago

We have had multiple and repeated issues with Lifetime Pet Wellness Veterinarians and staff. We unfortunately have lost trust in them as an overall health clinic .I now have had to take ALL my pets to other vets to get second opinions, get a treatment plan or even a diagnosis. There prices are extremely expensive and overpriced for the level of care and diagnostics they are able to give you. They had us get a food sensitivities test for our dog then prescribed us a bunch of expensive supplements containing foods that were known allergens to her. Luckily we checked the ingredients when they made her worse. Never offered a refund or even apology for making her worse just said it was what her body told them she needed. This dog was diagnosed with sludge in her Gallbladder by another vet (The Pet Hospital of Worthington) Tried to make an appt. for my dog, they tried to charge me $83 for an in house urinalysis (OSU ended up doing it and it was $45), They have left left me and my pet sitting in exam room for 40 minutes then called me saying I was late and they were going to charge me $30, After repeated requests to have our animals records sent to another vet they had not done it. On our last visit, the Vet basically accused me of slowly killing my 16 year old cat because I am fed her Purina Senior and couldn’t diagnose her with a full blood panel and Urinalysis, but with no evidence or explanation he suspected she had a tumor on her spleen, but she had no symptoms leaning that way, bleeding..etc, suggested we needed a $450 Ultrasound. Took her to our old vet and turns out she has bladder inflammation that can be easily treated. And their front desk staff makes a mistake every TIME we make an appointment, whether its apathy, laziness, or incompetence, they don't pass on messages, or communicate records, or even know how to fax or email records. I have been patient with them, communicated all my concerns, very calm and polite but truthful about my experiences. but not until I posted on Facebook did anyone even try to address our concerns. Manager told me maybe we should just find a different Veterinarian/clinic instead of offering to help me or my pets. Time and Time again their incompetence has been disappointing and alarming and has made me feel they are For Profit not For Pets.

Andrew McCarthy

2 years ago

I took my dogs to get groomed and they came back with fleas. It’s been a complete nightmare trying to get rid of them. The groomer left one of my dogs head long and the others shaved. For $185 for two 15lb dogs, I shouldn’t have to come home and complete the job. I’ll be finding a new vet and groomer. Remove me from your schedule.

Holly Kartscher

2 years ago

I took my Lucy and my Kody to Pet Lifetime Wellness. The truth is, it’s been a while since they have seen a vet but the doctors did not make me feel terrible about it. They treated my pups and me with care and respect. I felt like my canine kids were getting the best care possible. I love this place and would recommend it to anyone with pets. Class A.

Sanjukta Mohanty

2 years ago

My go to place is LPWC . All the staff are friendly and my dog is always excited to go to vet .. can rely on this place .

Christie Ford

2 years ago

When we first got our baby Roxxy she was really sick. Dr Laughman was very attentive and affectionate towards our baby. She is now healthy and doing great! I highly recommend Lifetime Pet Wellness and the staff. Thanks for everything! Also a big shout out to Savannah! She is wonderful and really Strives to help in any way she can! Update to my previous review-My baby was spayed a few days ago. Roxxy has been through so much since she was born. Dr Laughman spayed Roxxy a couple days ago and this overly protective mom sent an email and pictures of the incision to see if she was healing correctly. Dr Laughman took the time to take a look and let me know she is healing nicely. I have to say with all the visits we’ve had to Lifetime Pet Wellness we’ve gotten to know the staff. Everyone on staff from the front desk staff, technicians, and doctors and I am sure I am missing some positions but everyone is very attentive and eager to help. I highly recommend this place! Thanks again for all you do for me and Roxxy. Job well done!!

Heather Levens

2 years ago

Near the height of the pandemic, in June, I could take my dog into see the vet here at lifetime. Yet as cases have fallen, millions have been vaccinated and most of the world has “re-opened”, I can even eat in a restraunt now , I have to drop my dog at the curb. It’s like dropping my kid off.... sure run on in and see the doctor and let me know how it goes.except my dog can’t talk. Even hospitals to allow visitors. Have you just decided it’s easier and faster to NOT have the dogs owner come in with them ? Really insensitive and uncaring. It’s been established you can wear masks and protect yourselves that’s real science. Finding a new vet this place is crazy expensive too

Katherine Hollis

3 years ago

Lifetime Pet Wellness Center has got to be one of the best veterinarian offices I have ever been to. Although I work at another veterinary hospital, I have been taking my Bassett Hound, Daisy to Lifetime for almost 2 years now and she loves seeing the staff every time. Every one always makes us feel welcome and treats us with respect every time and we appreciate that more than you know! The prices are also amazing. Daisy has the vaccines for life and that saves me SOOOO MUCH every year! I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cost effective, positive veterinary office.

Carie Evans

3 years ago

I actually accidentally made an appointment with them thinking it was the cat doctor but went ahead and took my cats in. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism & care put into my cats care. They were very thorough. Not too pricey either. I would definitely recommend.

Excellence Peaks

3 years ago

My pitbull's first visit and I couldn't come in. I felt comfortable leaving my Tiffanie in the hands of Lifetime's team. Thank you all for your courtesy and being available during this time. Only concern was services where a little pricey... however worth it!

Teri Jaymes

3 years ago

We moved an hour away and still keep Dr Carlson as our primary vet. The level of service and care is beyond excellent. They keep our crew performing at their best.

Melissa Christian

3 years ago

Dr. Laughman is fantastic! I have a very rambunctious, yet fearful, rhodesian ridgeback puppy that can be "too much dog" for a lot of people and she handled him with ease! I had taken him to another recommended vet for his puppy vaccines and it was always a tiring experience because of his complicated behavior. However, after his exam today with Dr. Laughman, I was so proud of my boy for doing as well as he did. He just needed some patience and understanding. Dr. Laughman has performed successful surgeries on 2 of my other dogs and I have complete faith that my boy's upcoming surgery will be no different. I will follow her wherever she goes.

Martha Beatty

3 years ago

Dr Laughman is a very special vet. She has taken care of 2 of our cats in the past. They both behaved very well for her because she is so gentle and loving. Adopted "River" recently and booked an appointment with Dr Laughman so she can meet her.

Jerad Kingery

3 years ago

THIS PLACE STOLE MY DOG!!! I had been bringing my dog here for a few months when she broke her leg. I brought her here, they took a poor X-ray that they refused to show me. The hospital they referred me to expected $3k-$5k for surgery, which I don’t have lying around. They gave me very little medication for her, giving me a short time to figure things out. I contacted Lifetime for advice, and they offered amputation, or they knew a doctor that could possibly do this for cheaper. But her long term health would likely be compromised, which is what Dr. Compton told me. She offered to adopt her and take care of the surgery. Given the short time frame, and the mounting expenses, we agreed. She was scheduled for amputation 2 days after we gave her over. We called to see how things went afterward, but we were informed that they decided to get a clearer X-ray since the first was blurry (THEY WERE MAKING DECISIONS AND GIVING ME INFORMATION FROM A BLURRY X-RAY!). They told me they were then going to try and save the leg since it wasn’t as bad as they originally thought. They told me again her long term care would be arduous and costly. At this point I had a pretty sick feeling. I contacted them again after her surgery, and they said it went well, I said they rushed me into this with little information, and I want my dog back. Dr Compton said she didn’t feel comfortable giving her back to us, but she would be happy with her mom because she is a great dog and wouldn’t be giving her back. THIS DOCTOR STOLE MY DOG!!!

jennier crowley

3 years ago

Dr Carlson is very personable and really cares about the animals. His office and staff get an A+. Highly recommended !!

Abe Javadi

3 years ago

There are only a couple of certified veterinary chiropractors in the area. Dr. Carlson also being a DVM in addition to a chiropractor means I can have confidence in his opinion as a medical veterinary doctor in addition to chiropractics. Clean facility and friendly staff.

Abigail Kent

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog Chief here for years. After going to Banfield Pet Hospital for 2 years, I finally gave this place a try. My dog is now almost seven, and I will never switch veterinarians again. Lifetime Pet Wellness has been fantastic in every way possible. From the moment you walk in the door, it is a positive experience. The front desk staff are always so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The rooms are always clean. The vets themselves are always super helpful and informative. My dog loves them. I am always able to get an appointment scheduled with ease, whether it’s a phone call in or scheduling on the app. Diagnoses are always quick, adequate medicine is sent home if needed, and at a very reasonable cost. If you’re looking for a trustworthy place, I highly recommend Lifetime Pet Wellness.

Adam Spafford

3 years ago

Everyone I interacted with was very friendly and helpful. They made the visit as stress-free as possible for both my dog and myself. Dr. Laughman was very responsive in answering additional questions I had post-visit via email, which I really appreciated.

Blaine Bobby

3 years ago

Nightmare experience to say the least, Wish we could give them negative stars. One surgery pic attached: "We don't put staples in the scrotal area." We took our 19-month old English Lab to Lifetime Pet Wellness on Friday, May 15 for a routine neuter procedure. They returned him with the e-collar, a doggy diaper (bandage wrap around the scrotal area), and medications for pain, inflammation, and sedation. We kept him bed-rested/crated and took him out to potty on a leash, as directed. The bandage started to fall off on Saturday, so we called and were advised that it was ok if the bandage fell off. After the bandage fell off on Sunday, we noticed him bleeding from the site, and his scrotal area swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. We took him in on Tuesday, and this is where things started to go wrong with his care. They took him into the office, examined him, and sent him out about 5 minutes later. The doctor called and advised that he had a hematoma (which was obvious) which large-breed dogs can sometimes develop and gave us an antibiotic to “prevent infection.” Lifetime then forced us to pay an office visit fee, which we argued should be under his neuter care. We were told that we only get 1 free appointment: either pay today or when he comes back in for suture evaluation in about 10 days. We paid the fee. They never mentioned that his suture area was opening up or that he was developing an infection in that area, none of that was every communicated to us. We don't even know if they looked at his sutures because if they had they would not have missed that and we would not have had to bring him in less than 24 hrs later. The next morning, we noticed him bleeding more and brought him back in again (third visit in less than a week). He had blood on his back leg, and was dripping blood anytime he got up. I handed him off to the technician and told her to have the doctor call us before doing anything to him, since we cannot go into the office due to COVID-19 restrictions. The doctor stapled his scrotal incision and sent him back out. Then, she called us to notify us that he received 3 staples in that area and to continue bedrest and medications. The dr herself NEVER came out to talk to us in person. No one from their office ever called to see how he was going until a week later after we requested his records so we could take him somewhere else. Then they all of sudden called and wanted to know how he was. By Saturday, he looked miserable, he was still bleeding, and the site looked yellowish and infected. We took him to a different vet. He removed the staples and advised that our dog had an infection in the incision site, and the infection is not responding to the antibiotics. He gave us a different antibiotic and told us to bring him back in a couple of days, if needed. The new vet mentioned that they don't put staples in the scrotal skin because it is too thin and can make things worse (I guess Lifetime vet didn't know that). The infection appeared to be clearing, since the swelling also went down thanks to the new medication. We brought him back as the bleeding was still there. The new vet was able to see a stitch knot had lodged into the incision site and prevented it from sealing, so he removed it. Our dog is on the mend, but he had suffered more than was necessary due to his poor aftercare by Lifetime Pet: no mention of the infection, no mention of the bleeding wound, and stapling the area without permission. And to make things worse for our poor boy he has had to wear this hard plastic cone way longer than should have been necessary. Thank God we took him somewhere else. If we had kept going back to Lifetime God knows what could have ended up happening to him. After complaining of our poor experience to the office manager, she apologized and agreed to refund our office one office visit fee, which never should have been charged. Very disappointed in the care our boy received and needless to say will never go back there and will never recommend this place to anyone.

Heather Wilson

3 years ago

I drive a half hour to take my dogs to Lifetime Pet Wellness. I first visited Dr. Carlson due to my golden retriever having epilepsy. The staff is absolutely AMAZING and care so much about our needs. I have since switched all of my dogs' care to the clinic. Quality service and a friendly attitude goes a long way!

Bob Armstrong

4 years ago

Kind and competent care for our grand dog, Stella. Thanks Dr Compton & Jessica. Its great when our Stella has a good experience at the vet.

Sara Wietelmann

4 years ago

Dr. Carlson is amazing! My dog has had allergies since he was 6 months old. He has had itchy ears and constant skin rashes. The only thing that ever seemed to make it bearable for him was Apoquel. At 4 years old, it seemed like the Apoquel had stopped working. He was breaking out all over his body in red sores and constantly itching. We met with Dr. Carlson for holistic testing and evaluation. Within a week after that appointment, his skin cleared. He is no longer itching and his coat is so healthy. I honestly can't believe the difference. It has been a life changer for my dog and I. I highly recommend Dr. Carlson!

Sally Helpbringer

4 years ago

Dr Carlson and his staff are the best. Our lab Maya is getting older and requiring more care so it is comforting to know that Lifetime Pet Wellness is there to meet all of her needs! I highly recommend them.

Roshan Thomas

4 years ago

Awfully expensive and terrible pet boarding! The pet boarding experience we had from here for our 2 y/o cat was terrible. We usually leave her at Petsuites when we have to go out of town and during that weekend they didn't have any availability. Looked around and since LPWC is nearby, called them up and booked. We were not allowed to see how the cat boarding looked like. My wife was told a weird excuse that some surgery is going on in the back and no one is allowed to go there. We had no choice but to leave her there. Once we came to pick her up on our return, a different excuse (some construction going on) was given for not allowing us into where she was boarded. We were told that she didn't eat anything for two days. Took her back home only to have realized that it was indeed true. She was visibly upset and demanded food as soon as we reached home. It was either they didn't feed her properly or she couldn't eat anything due to how she was kept there. I feel terrible for putting her there and since then I have never gone back to the place and never will. PS: Acupuncture is pseudoscience. Homeopathy is stupidity. Both has no effect beyond placebo on humans, animals or aliens.

Lauren G

4 years ago

Today I took my two cats to Lifetime for the first time and I had a great experience! I have been trying to find a vet who is genuinely interested in my animals and has a good attitude and this was what I was looking for. Dr. Soposki and Maranda were very helpful and even fun to talk to. Front desk staff were friendly and helpful as well. I'll definitely be back!

Jayne Skidmore

4 years ago

I can't say enough wonderful things about LPWC. The staff is absolutely amazing! Everyone truly cares about making the experience for you and your pet the best it can be. Quality care, great facility and wonderful people!

Kristie Garner

4 years ago

You will not find a better vet then Dr Carlson . Words can not express the gratitude I have for him looking out after my 15 year old nephew Zach C. Zach came to see him last fall with a chronic illness. Zach was more or less lame and we were nervous wrecks begging for help. Dr Carlson took charge he took his time and over a matter of a couple weeks Zach was back up and walking again. Most vets would have given up on a older dog not Dr Carlson and his staff. This past Friday Zach was taken for a regular check up and was told Zach was just not his self. A check up was preform and he was sent home with some meds thinking it must be allergies (runny nose , matted eyelids). The next day my sister called the vet and said he was coughing and she was nervous going into a Holiday Weekend we may have issues immediately measures were taken for a stronger meds....Here is the best part... Dr Carlson called on a Sunday to check on him. How great is that.... Zach is doing better and his whole family and extended family are grateful for Lifetime Pet Wellness for your commitment to healing animals and your love for your clients. Thank you so much. Zach thanks you too.

Deena Mapley (Dee)

4 years ago

Love Dr Carlson. He is very gentle and thorough with my dogs. I am new to holistic medicine and am surprised at how well it is working for my "kids." lol We feed a raw diet and Dr Carlson is understanding about it. I've heard about him for years from my other raw feeding friends but didn't change because I had been with my original vet for 25 yrs. She retired and Dr Carlson was my first choice for a new vet. I made a great choice. Thanks Dr Carlson and staff!

Charis Nawrocki

5 years ago

Superior kind and professional and knowledgeable service already!

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