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Natalie Poppe

2 years ago

My husband and I found the staff at Elemental Vet Clinic to be very professional, caring, and accommodating. To say Dr. Sean Surman is an exceptional veterinarian would be an understatement. He helped us care for our aging dog who had a plethora of unique health conditions when we moved to Columbus and needed to re-establish veterinary care. Dr. Surman and the team at Elemental were so incredibly kind, accommodating, & informative when we had to put our dog down when his health took a turn for the worse. I am forever grateful for their kindness & generosity through a VERY difficult situation.

Chris McCulloh

2 years ago

As others have said, they are not helpful or reliable if your pet is actually sick. If your pet is young and healthy with minimal issues, they are low cost and helpful. The minute you need something more complicated, suddenly they can't help you for weeks to months. They don't have emergency appointments or spaces, so if something urgent happens, they'll tell you they have nothing and direct you elsewhere. I had been going there for years, and when we really needed them, the person who answered the phone said "we don't have anything for a few weeks." No apology, no attempt at helping, nothing. He didn't even attempt to ask the vet if there was a way they could work anything out. Then he said "maybe something will open up" but he didn't take my number down or even pretend like he was going to call me if something opened up. I wish I could give this place a better review. I had good interactions with two of the vets there, however some of the front desk and scheduling people can be very rude and dismissive to people who've been going there for years.


2 years ago

They never answer the phone and can only book out every 2 months. My pet needs groomed once a month but In June they were booked out till August and now they’re booked out till October? Even with a confirmed appointment in August the next available time is in October. They also left my cat in a cage from 9am-4 when she was supposed to be done at 1. I didn’t get a call saying she’s ready but I had work at 2, and no one ever answers the phone so I had to drive there to see what was going on. Turns out they never got to my cat and she had been in a cage all day. At that point why drop my cat off at 9am? My cat was not happy and neither was I. Will be finding a better managed groomers.

Jason Drost

2 years ago

Consistently run into frustrating and difficult conversations with Jen at the front desk. I’m traveling out of state and had to have another veterinarian remove the 19 stitches that my dog had due to surgery this week. I called elemental and ask them to transfer the records and they never did. I’m also noticing on these reviews that it’s extremely difficult to get them to return phone calls or get a hold of them and that seems to be the same case on my end. The people at the front desk are very unprofessional and extremely rude. I think it’s time to find a new veterinarian and I do not recommend this place any longer.

Kymberlee McIntyre

2 years ago

Office staff is the best. Disappointed in the vet staff to be honest. Will be looking for other.

Sarah Hayslip

2 years ago

Valerie grooms my Golden, Charlie. She does an amazing job! I could not be happier.

bevelina dominguez

2 years ago

Elemental, you guys are the best. We love the service and Sturgill comes home happy and always with the fresh cut! ???? Your vet services are exceptional as well and we will never take him anywhere! If you’re considering a vet and/or grooming , Elemental is your spot!

Debbie Stroth

2 years ago

Every one there was very nice and the doctor was very good with my little babies.

Ryan “Ryan Miller” Miller

2 years ago

The best to ever do it.

Ellie Mruzek

2 years ago

We had a decent experience up until this week. Our dog was scheduled for routine vaccines and instead of disclosing all of the information/potential side effects with us, they just administered the shots. Unfortunately, our dog had a bad reaction to one of the shots and when I called they did not seem to care much. The shot he got was completely optional and they failed to tell us that. I do not trust Elemental any more. Would not recommend going to them if you want a thorough vet who provides all of the needed information. Definitely need to do your own research if you go there.

Kate Valerio

2 years ago

I wish I could give them zero stars. I've had my dog for 4 months and 3 times they have failed to document if they gave my dog a vaccine. They refuse to do the titer to confirm if she has antibodies. The receptionist was so rude and unprofessional. I am so upset. Go to fifth and Kenny. They are so much better.

Amy Honsberger, LISW-S

3 years ago

OMG I cannot say enough about this place. Excellent care by caring professionals!!❤️. The most reasonable fees I have seen in Columbus. ????

Mia Perdue

3 years ago

There is always friendly staff available to answer my questions/concerns. The facility is exceptionally clean every time I visit. They also follow training instructions i have for my dogs when I go! Excellent service. Definitely recommend

Jack Seymour

3 years ago

One of the best vets that I work we with.Can call her one of my friends

Ask Jake

3 years ago

I'm moving home an hour away soon and this will be one of the things I miss most about columbus, they're very friendly, have amazing service, usually pretty quick and they're lovable, even my cat that doesn't like strangers gets comfortable there very quickly, they know what they're doing and how to handle animals.

Tiffany Miller-Sieving

3 years ago

The staff was WONDERFUL, I had a rabbit that was matted and needed some serious work and they did a FABULOUS job and the price was so reasonable.

Zach Rose

3 years ago

Paid for a groom for my cat, the cat came back with his whiskers massively trimmed which for those who don’t know, can cause severe psychological distress for cats because they use their whiskers for their sensing their surroundings. Do NOT use their groomer. I don’t know if I’d trust ANYTHING these guys do.

Christopher Orr

3 years ago

We've been dealing with these folks with our new puppy. We just had her spayed last week and have been incredibly satisfied with elemental. Would recommend

Zach Reau

3 years ago

Love this place. The Vet is so friendly and warm and they are super sweet to my cat!

Velvet Dixon (Sussudio)

3 years ago

Brought my female cat here for the first time today for a hygeine shave and grooming. No inspection of the grooming job was offered by the staff, nor a review on how she did during the session, which I thought was a little odd considering she had been shaved. I paid and assumed everything was fine until I got her into my vehicle, and noticed the smell of feces. Upon further inspection, it appeared she had gone in her carrier and had been sitting in it for some time (it wasn't new and had been quite spread around on her blanket). I had to re-wash her myself the second we got home. I would think it would be a standard practice to make sure groomed animals in carriers were checked on periodically for waste; it defeats the purpose of grooming to let them roll around in it after they're bathed. She was only there a few hours. I tried calling the office to speak about it to a staff member and get some clarity on office policies, but after three calls and nobody answering the phone, I gave up. We will not be coming back.

Stephen Rose

3 years ago

Great experience with Elemental. We have been taking our dog here since we moved to Columbus, and have only had good experiences with them. Professional and compassionate care for a little dog who really doesn't like to visit the Vet.

Patrick Mccormack

3 years ago

If you live in the Short North, I suggest going to another vet. Elemental Vet clinic is really only for young and healthy dogs. If your pet requires anything beyond routine check-ups, go somewhere else. The staff there is unprofessional at best and is routinely unable to perform basic tasks. We had a 13 year old golden retriever and the Elemental team would never return our phone calls and messages when something was wrong with her. When we do get a hold of Elemental, the doctors are never in, causing us to go to vets who do not have experience with our golden. We also have an Australian Shepherd that takes a medication for his seizures. We gave Elemental over 48hrs to renew the Rx after it had expired and they failed to renew it. This caused our Aussie to miss a dose of his medication and put him at risk of having a seizure. When we were able to push the Rx through, the Elemental staff lectured us about needing to give them 24hrs to renew a Rx. We gave them over 48hrs which tells us that Elemental either lost the request or chose not to respond to it. Both are pretty damning.

Meghann DeWees

3 years ago

Best. Vet. Ever. I have 3 dogs and I trust Dr Flores wholeheartedly. We recently had to put down our 14 yo German Shepherd and the staff couldn’t have been more caring. Valerie is an amazing groomer!

Alberta Parker

3 years ago

Great people and very good with all fur babies.

ashley spahr

3 years ago

1st time here with my rabbit yesterday and it went very well. They were very gentle an patient with her.


3 years ago

Love this place. Very friendly staff and prices are good!

Chazzy Piggott

3 years ago

Can't admit their wrong doing when trimming a cats whiskers and tried to lie about it.

Lauren Mansperger

3 years ago

I had been taking my two cats here for two years. Originally I very much enjoyed the place. It was a nice environment, well managed, and not too expensive. In the past year and a half service has gone downhill. On several occasions I have taken my pets in and not felt that they were properly diagnosed. Contacting them is IMPOSSIBLE. I have made several attempts at calling them during work hours and during off hours. I have left messages and received no call back or no answer. Now I have moved my cats to a different vet and both I and the new vet have attempted to contact them regarding the transfer of my cats records and cannot get ahold of them. I have called several times and someone answered the phone and promptly hung up. My poor cats are stuck sitting in an exam room because the new vet is unable to give them their updated vaccinations because Elemental is completely unresponsive and will not fax over the medical records. I moved my cats to a different vet due to the poor service and communication here and they are still affecting my ability to get my cats properly treated.

mandy mallott

3 years ago

They have been my vet since they opened and are wonderful to work with and easy to schedule. Best of all, I can drop my cats off in the morning and pick them up after work! My cats are not always the easiest to handle, but they are always chill after visits to Elemental! I highly recommend them!

Mary Norton

3 years ago

The groomer here is amazing! My girl has never been groomed becomes this and is very nervous around new people. Groomer said she did great, which was a huge shock to me! She seems to be very relaxed after what I thought would be traumatic for her. Great job!

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