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2 years ago

We can always count on on compassionate, trained people for our pets here. We have 2 dogs and a cat and have seen Dr. Nicol for over 15 years. We wouldn't go anywhere else. 5 stars!

Erica Rodriguez

2 years ago

For anyone considering Beechwold Veterinary Hospital, and specifically Dr. Erik Weisgerber, they should read this review and consider carefully whether to move forward. In December of 2021, Dr. Erik saw my cat twice due to having stopped eating, throwing up and being lethargic, during which time he gave her minimal care including only one exam and fluids, and sent her home without any explanation of what could have occurred. On the second day, he failed to return my call until close of business when he said no one could help my cat overnight and I would just have to wait until the next day. On the third day he gave her fluids and then he sent her home because he saw her walk towards the water bowl one-time. The moment she returned home from Dr. Erik’s care, my previously health 2-year old cat could barely move. She was rushed to MedVet where they found her in critical condition and struggled to stabilize her despite me telling them at that moment money was no question and they could do whatever it would take. Ultimately, they determined the fluids caused her to go into heart failure. Additionally, both her kidneys and liver appeared to be failing and thus medicine for her heart failure could not be used. Ultimately, she had to be put to sleep just a few hours after leaving Dr. Erik's care. Although her records were immediately sent to Beechwold, Dr. Erik did not contact me to offer condolances. Instead, four days later and after I had to call him twice, he finally returned my call. As if this horrible tragedy was not enough, Dr. Erik was defensive, unprofessional, rude, and frankly aggressive on the phone with me when I simply asked what he believed had occurred. When I asked about the $900 bill and whether any of this money could be refunded due to the tragedy. He told me I could sue him. I told him I apologized if my question implied that I was considering legal action and again just calmly asked whether there was any financial assistance when the fluids given y Dr. Erik lead to my 2-year-old cats death. Again, he told me to sue him or file a complaint with the medical board. This highly defensive answer is telling. I would highly suggest no one take their animals to Dr. Erik.

Andrew Morrow

2 years ago

I wore a mask inside as they had posted on their door. When I was sitting in an area alone by myself they told me I needed to pull my mask on my face from under my chin. I was in an area well over 6ft away from anyone and had my ask on my face under my chin. I followed their rule and for them to over step their bounds was completely unprofessional especially when I filled their rule and guidelines. Highly recommend seeking a different vet.

Ashley Kane

2 years ago

The doctors and staff are very friendly and caring to not only my cat but also myself! I can not recommend them enough.

Debbie Selvaggio

2 years ago

Dr Curtis is awesome! He was kind enough to see my Perkins as an emergency workin. He addressed my concerns & was so patient in answering all my questions. I can’t thank Dr Curtis & all his support staff for their kindness, care & professionalism.

Mandy Monaco

2 years ago

I experienced Retaliatory behavior from business owner. After I left a Yelp review stating I would not go there again, they mail a letter acting like it’s their choice to deny me service. They also left a reply on Yelp as if they were there to discuss the issue for others to think they are professional. They are the most unprofessional vet clinic I’ve ever been to. After, I had already stated I would no longer go there-not just because of rude staff but mostly because they don’t take my concern seriously, they don’t allow me to be near my dog or see anything going on in the office. They don’t allow owners into the office. That is their choice, but it doesn’t make me feel comfortable. Also, they always choose profit as a motivating factor over quality of care for your pet.

melissa hopper

2 years ago

I've been taking my English bulldogs to Beechwold for over 20 years. We've always received the absolute best quality care from all the staff. The doctors are always willing to research new treatments, provide options, and discuss solutions. My English bulldog Arthur is almost 14, he doesn't hear or see well now, the staff is patient and caring with his needs.


2 years ago

I have been bringing my cat and dog companions to Beechwold Veterinary Hospital for over 10 years now. They have helped the ones they could and assisted the ones they couldn't to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I'm so glad for their caring service.

renate fackler

2 years ago

The staff and doctors at Beechwold are very capable and caring. The take a special interest in helping me with my new puppy in every way!

Marion Ross

2 years ago

Beechwold is the best. We have been coming here for years with several of our pets. The doctors, techs, & office support are the greatest. The are really nice & take the time to talk with you about your pet.

Aaron Winkel

2 years ago

We love Dr. Curtis. He’s been extremely friendly, personable, and open to helping us understand our pet’s treatment plan. He has made every effort to keep us informed on what’s going on with our pet. We wish every doctor was like Dr. Curtis.

Maciek Janik

2 years ago

Love brining our dog to Beechwold. Dr.Thomas and Ania are the best!!!

Wayne Remy

3 years ago

Great first experience with my cat.

Charlene Dubin

3 years ago

I have been taking my cats to Beechwold Veterinary Hospital for the last 12 years. Dr. Curtis has always been kind and gentle with my fur babies, and very honest about what they do and don't need to lead healthy lives. The techs and the desk staff are courteous and professional every time. I appreciate how everyone has pivoted to keep us all as safe as possible during the pandemic. Thank you!

charles haines

3 years ago

Dr Curtis is the only person i trust with our special needs cat. Can not recommend enough

Corinne B

3 years ago

I honestly can’t recommend beechwold highly enough. I have a beloved 3 year old cat with recurrent abdominal issues and they have always been so gentle and sweet with him. They’re also very upfront about the cost of his treatment and they always respond to calls and appointment requests in a timely manner. Dr. Curtis especially has been amazing with my cat and with me and I truly appreciate his expertise and kind disposition.

David Hoag

3 years ago

Love Dr. Stewart. Feels like part of the family how he speaks of all our pets. Front desk greets us with smiles. Technicians are just the salt of the earth. Great place all around.

Doris Lechler

3 years ago

Winston has had a rough life lately: mauled by a coyote and got all better from that trauma. Now, a year later, he has something that may cause his demise. He spent 3 days at OSU emergency vet hospital and spends his days, now, with the wonderful Doctor Nicole at Beechwold vet hospital. He comes home at night. We cannot find the cause of his ailment but it not for lack of trying. These vet doctors and the staff from both OSU and Beechwold are heroes to those who love their animals. Thank you no matter what the result may be in Winston's case. (Thanks, too, to Dr. Stewart at Beechwold who saw Winston first and directed us to OSU Emergency Hospital.) Now it is the last day of July 2020 and Bella, our Yorkie, has just had 17 teeth pulled in an operation by Dr. Nicole. This doctor is the most dedicated person I have ever met in any medical field. Bella has pulled through this latest assault on her mouth, but it was dangerous. Thanks to Dr. Nicole and the entire staff of caring people at the great Beechwold Veterinary Hospital. Another five stars to you all.

Holly Butcher

3 years ago

I have been taking all of my pets to Beechwold Vet for years and I am always more than satisfied. All of their doctors are professional and caring, but Dr. Curtis is exceptional. He has always been patient, kind, and you can tell he truly has the best interest of my pets in mind. I also appreciate their willingness to keep both me and my pets safe during a pandemic. The front desk staff also deserves a kudos for offering fantastic customer service. I would recommend Beechwold Vet to all of my friends and family. I truly appreciate everything they have done for us over the years! Thank you!

Jan Frisch (PhillyGurl)

3 years ago

Definitely top-notch care from any doctor. And that's why we have been bringing are dogs here since 1974. Truly the best.

Jeffrey Breitigam

3 years ago

The cdc's guidelines for all this curbside pickup made sense 6 months ago but now it's ridiculous no one that works in the facility and no one dropping off their patients are any more at risk than going to Kroger Walmart I can go to my doctor and I not ask to sit out in the parking lot if there's a way this can be overrode I would do it and if there isn't as soon as the guidelines change I would change with it because quite honestly it seems that puts the needs of the facilities entirely ahead the needs of the customers if I take my kid to the pediatrician I'm not meant to sit in the parking lot while some stranger comes and gets my child and takes him into a building well most people don't like their dog being taken from them and taking into a building and not being there with them it's treating animals like they're less than seems ironic coming from veterinary facilities

McKenzie T

3 years ago

I recently started bringing my dog here and my experience was amazing. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I was so nervous with not being able to be in the room with my dog due to COVID but the friendliness of the staff left me with no doubt that she was in great hands. The doctor checked my dog out and spoke with me on the phone for 10 minutes providing me with great information. My previous experiences with other vets have not been so great and this was a completely different experience. Very happy I decided to change vets.

Sarah Rosenblum

3 years ago

Dr. Elena Swayze and Bri (vet tech) are the best with my cats! They are both kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and patient with my cats and I. Dr. Swayze calls very quickly with blood test results and goes over them in depth with you. Dr. Swayze and Bri are a wonderful team! The administrative staff is also wonderful! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best care for their furry companions.

April Z

4 years ago

If you want a caring and calm vet for your cat, ask for Dr. Stewart. He was extremely comforting and sincere when we had to put our 17 year old girl to sleep, and is wonderful with our other guy as well. He is honest, and does not push for extra, unnecessary things. He will be our go to for as long as he is practicing.

Brian Kulina

4 years ago

Love this place!! Wonderful staff and even better care for the animals. Found our vet for life. Shout out to Dr. wisegerber for being patient and knowledgeable!!

Mary Irvine

4 years ago

I have an English Bulldog and French Bulldog best vets and Techs ever wouldn’t go anywhere else

Mark Ezzell

4 years ago

Made an appointment for my sick dog, got the time confused and showed up 15 minutes late. They wouldn't see me and only could reschedule for another day. Policies are a little too rigid for my taste.

Jeff D

4 years ago

I had to have my cat (18 years old, loved people, lived a pretty good house cat life) euthanized a few weeks ago. I really appreciate the compassionate way they handled this, including immediately taking us back to the room, affirming my decision, presenting options for disposal including the most frugal one, and getting it all over with quickly. The vet personally wrote me a condolence card which I really appreciate. I don't know if or when I'll have another pet, but I would surely take it to Beechwold Vet.

Bryanna Knight

4 years ago

Everyone here has always been great to deal with! Easy to get an appointment and we never feel like they are "upselling." Our dog actually likes to go!

Catherine Werley

4 years ago

I have been bringing my dog there since I adopted her 3 years ago. Overall I like this clinic. My most recent experience taught me to request the Veterinarian that I prefer. I arrived early for our appointment, waited 40 minutes after the scheduled time and overheard the Veterinarian speaking about me in a derogatory manner. I wasnt able to bring my dog in for her monthly shot as I routinely do and she developed an ear infection, I assume from allergies. " They did it to themselves, it has been 2 months since they were here" is the comment I overheard. I felt judged and convicted of neglect. The shot my dog receives is approximately $90/shot. I gladly pay this for my dog. I will return to Beechwold however I will be selective about Veterinarians that see her. I work in the medical field and take pride in honoring the worth and dignity of each person. Sometimes that means keeping my opinions to myself and venting any feelings I may have at a time and place where I am not likely to be overheard. April 22,2019 I want to thank the Administration of Beechwold Veterinary for the response to my previous review. I agree that there may have been a miscommunication. I have been very pleased with the service that I receive and the kindness shown to me and my dog. I also want to commend the front office staff for their continued professionalism and caring not only to myself but to others as well. I truly like this Vet.

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