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Brian Lantzer

2 years ago

I would recommend her to everyone. My dog Buddy was so traumatized by the last vet., he didn't come near me for a couple days. He had a great experience this time.

Jane Soderquist

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly is a very caring and extremely smart Vet which shows in how she diagnoses and treats her animals. She is also an excellent surgeon and her work is amazing. Chloe, Nikki and I appreciate you so much!!!

Elizabeth Harris

3 years ago

Thoughtful, caring personnel with empathetic suggestions to pet's needs. Dr. Kelly Rehmer cares for her animal clients & listens & addresses the concerns of the owners. Clearly a pet owner herself, she empathizes with pets & owners. She studies the pet's needs thoroughly suggesting appropriate remedies & care alternatives. Great health & safety during Covid pandemic.

Chris Ceska

3 years ago

Way better options in the area.

Trisha Shick

3 years ago

I heard such high praise for this hospital and that specifically doctor Kelly was why. That was not the doctor that I saw unfortunately. The vet who examined my dog did not believe me that my dog's leg was a candidate for a knee surgery as i asked to him be gentle (which was not the reason why I brought him in) and the exam proceeded to hurt my dog to the point where he could not walk for 3 days. I was lectured about how grain free was killing my dog, never said he was grain free. Was not informed that they cut his wick when trimming his nails. And then was given a bill for $460 with no warning of how expensive the blood work (before teeth cleaning), nail trimming and vaccines would be. I'm giving it 2 stars because less than a couple hours after my appointment when I needed to return when my dog was screaming in pain and could not walk I then got to meet doctor Kelly who was amazing. But the fact that my dog could not walk for no <3 days after the exam really needs to be a shared. I'm sure this was a learning experience for G.R.A.H. it certainly was for us.

Robert Dunnick

3 years ago

I brought my 10 year old Samoyed in for a checkup after we took him to an emergency vet clinic. He had developed a UTI and we wanted to have the urinalysis and bloodwork done again. The vet ran everything and informed us they’d like to do an X-ray. Upon getting the X-ray information back it was decided he had bladder stones and an enlarged prostate. Surgery was recommended, we called in the next day to get copies of his X-ray and lab work so we could send it to our vet back home (recently moved to Cleveland) and they refused to release any records with out the Vets approval. We tried to explain it’s clearly time sensitive we need a second opinion and want to have the surgery done ASAP in order to lessen his pain. They still refused to provide us with the records. We paid $500 to have everything done and they flat out refused to give us our records without vet approval. It’s a work day which means I’m about to head into meetings and my girlfriend works in an OR and won’t be available later in the day. I can’t believe their lack of compassion for the animals they treat.

Pam S

3 years ago

Horrible receptionist ( Terry) very rude and not helpful. Every time I call it's the same. And by the way it's against the law to withhold Medical records when a client requests them to be sent

Nikki Clark

3 years ago

We love Dr. Kelley I’ve known her for a long time their staff is amazing and they are committed to taking care of our pets in our family

Marvin Hunt

3 years ago

I never been the Green Road Animal Shelter I was hoping somebody get directions to it have a good day God bless

Joseph Delgado

3 years ago

I was quite disappointed in the service to say the least. The office required a $50+ "wellness exam" for all 3 trips my puppy had to make in a 1 month period just to get his vaccinations, on top of the vaccine cost themselves. I was told these checks were to "make sure he is healthy enough for the shots" but they performed the service is less than 3 minutes and COMPLETELY missed the painful lump he had on his upper jaw. I asked the doctor specifically what they were looking during these oddly fast "wellness checks" and I was told one of the things is an abscessed tooth. Had they actually tried to palpate around the mouth of my dog they would have discovered his injury. The unnecessary fee structure is one thing, but the lack of quality is appalling. I have no more trust in their qualifications I will certainly be taking my dogs elsewhere in the future.

celeste martin

4 years ago

Love dr kelly...she is everything you want for your pet. Kind, smart, caring and she treats you like family.

Janisse Nagel

4 years ago

9 years+ client; excellent practice; kind, compassionate, devoted; treatment is reflective of client’s preference - Dr. Kelly listens well.

Kate Walker

4 years ago

I have never experienced such unprofessionalism and frankly malicious behavior in my life. Both times I brought my 19 year old dying cat into the office, I was greeted by an empty front desk where I could see and hear the receptionist talking to other techs complaining about patients. The communication between different staff members was basically non existent, and when I expressed my concerns about the lack of communication and professionalism to the "Owner" she told me she was immediately taking my cat off fluids and word for word told me "If I am so unprofessional you can pick up your cat in an hour, good luck finding end of life care quickly enough to help him." If you are considering this place bc there are any positive reviews DONT. Any vet that in any situation is willing to put their ego and frustration ahead of the life of an animal is not a caring or trustworthy professional. Absolutely disgusting.

Lois Selker

4 years ago

Kind staff. Gentle, patient veterinarian. Clean, pleasant surroundings. Importantly--no funky odors in building. Both the staff and the vet took their time to connect with our dog and with us. This veterinarian and her veterinary practice is welcoming, thorough, and seems to be a very good fit for us.

Lydia P.

4 years ago

They have been caring for my pets for years. The staff is great and the vet is wonderful.

Marilyn Herschman

4 years ago

My dog is dog aggressive. They're understanding about this issue and treat her very well despite this issue. My dog gets "VIP backdoor" treatment

Matthew Lachman

4 years ago

Thought we were in good hands with this hospital, but we were mistaken. Completely awful communication by staff to the doctor who was helping our dog. We were hung up on by a staff member named Terry when trying to gather more information. You would think when the lives of animals are in the hands of professionals and major decisions are being made, they would be a level of tact that is used. Highly would not recommend.

Paul Grae

4 years ago

They saved my older cat. No fuss no muss great experience. Good prices.. Thanx Dr. And staff.

Brandi Miller

5 years ago

Dr. Kelly and her entire staff are fantastic. The prices may be a little higher than some vets in the area, but I have never thought for a moment about taking my two dogs anywhere else. I have been taking my girls to Dr. Kelly for almost three years, and the level of care they receive is worth any extra money. I’ve been to vet clinics that were dirty or the vet almost never was the one to see my dogs or where no one on the staff seemed to show any real “love” to my dogs. That has never been the case at Green Road Animal Hospital. Dr. Kelly has also made time for same-day emergency visits for both of my dogs on at least three separate occasions and her treatment has always been spot on. I would recommend Dr. Kelly and the Green Road Animal Hospital to anyone without hesitation.

Albert Thomas

5 years ago

Nice people clean facilities.

Mark Lucherini

5 years ago

This vet is amazing. Absolutely everyone, from the reception desk to the nurses to the doctors are friendly and love the animals.

Nicholas Orlando

5 years ago

Our pups love all the staff here!

Pamela N.

5 years ago

We're always confident in bringing a member of our family here for treatment. Everyone is professional, compassionate, and supportive. We always learn a lot, and feel like a valued member of a team. All of the vets are tops here, but special note to Dr. Kelly, who is the "leader of the pack." Watching her treat our girl was so tender I got a warm feeling and moist eyes. We hope they'll all be here for years to come.

Rachel Parks

5 years ago

Amazing vet and staff!! They go beyond the call of duty with our senior pup and her extra special personality.

Sean Prude

5 years ago

They always give my dog love and attention!

Kathryn Siegel

6 years ago

Just a great place to take your pet. Dr Kelly loves what she does and it shows by how she lovingly treats my cat. She couldn't wait to go back.

Allison Plante

6 years ago

Very sweet professional staff. Even when I moved to the West side of Cleveland, I still go out of my way to make trips here because I know my cats will be well taken care of.

David Reich

6 years ago

They know what they're doing, they're very nice, and they're very reasonably priced.

Josh Loomis

6 years ago

Very overpriced. Two times the cost of comparable vets in the area just for shots and a quick exam.


7 years ago

Dr. Kelly is genuinely the BEST vet I have ever taken my dog to. I would highly recommend Green Road Animal Hospital to all friend/family!

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