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Matt Victor

2 years ago

Good ppl. There to help. Know ther stuff.

Laura Volk

2 years ago

Amy and her staff are very friendly and work well with our pets. They genuinely have the best interests of your pet in mind when grooming them.

George Fastdog

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable about my kittens. Great choice to keep me company.

Lauren Sommer

2 years ago

Do not support a business like this! Animals are not treated properly!

Lidia Romero

2 years ago

Rude customer service. Every time I take my pet to get groomed they are rude and not welcoming. Will not be taking my pets back.

Liv Strand

2 years ago

They are amazing!!! I get my fresh bugs from them to feed my Leopard gecko every month. They also have awesome tank decorations!! And I got my healthy beta fish there too! A plus to this store is they have Mr. Happy, a friendly store cat who is a big ball of sassy and fluffiness and Professor Digits, a orange store cat who is adorable!!! One more thing they have little plants at the front counters that are tiny and perfect for your window cells!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Nick Miller

2 years ago

I bought my purebred husky here back in 2016. Recently, my dog has been having a lot of unusual health problems and come to find out the vet says it's because he's inbred. Don't trust any of the dogs that come out of this place because apparently this seems to be a huge issue with this place and if you don't believe you are more than welcome to ask any veterinarian in town or anyone that has bought a dog here

Tenelle Vetter

2 years ago

I have bought two dogs from them. They were well tempered and not puppy mill dogs which is important. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to help. The groomer does a good job for a very reasonable price. It's about $50. I would recommend the Pet Parade to anyone. I've never had a bad experience in over 12 years.

Robert Melendez

2 years ago

First the negative. There is an older lady, Idk her name, I think she's a groomer. She was rude as all heck, and actually caused us to leave that day without buying even what we came in for. Now, the rest of the staff have been absolutely amazing! We've purchased 2 ferrets that are growing up to be healthy little brats, we buy feeder rats weekly from them and our snake is thriving! They are really clean with the animals; and I have no complaints. Give them a visit, you shouldn't be disappointed.

robert brukardt

2 years ago

They were extremely helpful and caring. Unfortunately Canada would not allow us to take my daughter's snake with us to Alaska. They took our ????and tree ????s in to find them new homes.. thanks for being so kind.

Alanna Nelson

3 years ago

Only ever bought rats there...NEVER believe them on the gender! They have literally been wrong every time except once out of the 5 rats we've gotten there over the past 4-5 years.

Austin Burkhart

3 years ago

Just bought a kitten here for $100. They clipped her nails before we left. They didn't have ANY dogs at the time and a worker recommended that if you want a dog from them to keep an eye on the Facebook page. The had birds and rabbits as well. Also, there is a tortoise roaming about. Pretty cool.

Jeff Richards

3 years ago

Grooming me and mini me...

Allen Hall

3 years ago

Best pet store in Minot!!!

Chris Gib

3 years ago

Helped me find exactly what I needed

Tammy Bohm

3 years ago

Awesome place to take your animals

Alexandria N

3 years ago

Nice staff. They didn't have too many puppies and the ones they had were all the same breed.

Darcy Rehak

3 years ago

super. very friendly and nice

John Cornett

3 years ago

Got my demon dogs nails clipped quick.

Marie Eckerman

3 years ago

They have a great selection and are very helpful! Not to mention the bird is the best part, aside from finding out fur babies must haves here (after 2 other stores) and being given a 50% discount on the apparel she needed!


3 years ago

Good customer service very helpful

William Mayo

3 years ago

Awesome great customer service there

Kayla Vovilla

3 years ago

It was a great pet store, but prices were a little high.

Veronica Farley

3 years ago

I went to look at the bettas. They're kept in smaller cups than petco. On top of that they are all absolutely disgusting. Almost every betta is sick with swim bladder or fin rot. Most have cloudy eyes. All preventable with water changes. Would take what.....30 mins a day? Come ON. Disgusting. Can't believe they treat live animals like this. There was so so so much poop in every cup it was surprisingly worse than petco. Im in absolute shock. And heartbroken ????????

Sarah Reichard

3 years ago

I got the cutest dog here a few years ago, Jackson :) Highly recommend this place when buying a pup

Mary Kircher

3 years ago

First visit for me getting my dog groomed,I was very nervous cause he hadn’t been groomed professionally in a long time, just by me and that’s not saying much !! They made me feel very comfortable even tho they said he would have to be cut quite short! They did a great job and he actually looked cute with his shorter hc. I will be back

Anne Lemar

3 years ago

Dont get your dog groomed here. The groomer gave my dog a mustache and i didnt even ask for it. Then left before i could even ask her to fix it. I had to go to petco so they could fix it. She has been incredibily rude to other people i have talked to reguarding scheduling and the price for the grooming was wayyyyy overpriced for a 14lb dog AND cutting my dog's hair however she wanted and not what i asked for.

Alex B.

3 years ago

**Wanted to add after reading the reviews that every single negative review I read today I could easily say the opposite. I was more than instantly greeted, my family was helped and interacted with the entire time and some of the puppies were out and being loved on for the night. None of their dogs looked sick and all of them were very playful/energetic. We went in last night very last minute to pick up a tank and I immediately decided this was the pet store I wanted to keep coming back to. All of their animals were happy and clearly cared for. This was a big one for me but their leopard geckos actually looked HEALTHY. It was so great to see animals that big name pet stores treat like trash in cages with upwards of five animals in one closure SEPARATE here with good sized tails, rather than those thin and starving ones you see at Petco. To top it off my son was very curious and excited about their tortoise and the owner (unsure if he was the owner but he was great) was so patient with him and taught him how to best pet the animal. This isn't just the best pet shop in Minot, it's the friendliest one I've ever been to anywhere.

Dan Smith

3 years ago

Friendly, in and out quick and they carry taste of the wild!

Carrie Fisher

3 years ago

I really enjoy coming here. Service is rear good here. I even bought a bird here! Keeps me coming back.

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