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Katrina Nordine

2 years ago

The staff was amazing and even though they don't usually do exotic pets, I was extremely thankful they took a look at my hamster! Very friendly and very welcoming.

Paul Wasik

2 years ago

We brought our dog in for an overdose of chololate on a Sunday afternoon. The staff was very professional and accomodating. The treating vet was extremely helpful and communicated well. Our dog recovered and is doing nicely. I would highly recommend this animal hospital.

Sharon Spittler

2 years ago

Excellent medical care! Dr. Stegman is absolutely the best. So compassionate and gave us time I know he didn't have with all the patients he was caring for! Thank you to All the staff who texted us photos and took our many phone calls with such compassion and care.

Allen Willprecht

2 years ago

Good service Helped my dog feel better in ergant time of need when no one else could

Jennifer Kovatch

2 years ago

The awesome team at Red River Emergency recently cared for my sick kitten. They have a stream-lined set up, and my kitten was assessed quickly. The veterinarians offered me treatment options and alternatives, and a reasonable estimate for services. I received at least 4 updates in the 24 hours my kitten was hospitalized, and the staff gave my little one plenty of attention. I am grateful that they were available and able to help my kitten get through his serious illness when his care surpassed what my regular veterinarian was comfortable providing. I have seen reviews complaining about "cost of care." This is an emergency walk-in veterinary clinic that provides critical care for very sick/injured animals, and their services are billed accordingly. I am again grateful they are in the Fargo area and were willing/able to take care of my sick kitten. I would not hesitate to use their services again, and recommend them very highly.

Bonnie C

2 years ago

Mac is the best employee ive ever come across hands down! Due to covid i couldnt be in the building and was terrified for my furbaby so Mac called me multiple times about everything to keep me sane.He was so understanding , compassionate and personable! He was an amazing problem solver aswell, after calling multiple emergency vets to get help with a bad tooth i ended up doing the 4 hr drive to come here because he was the only one with a plan to help instead of just giving him pain meds! Awesome guy!

Gale Graphenteen

2 years ago

Show they cared as much about me as they did about my dog

Joyce Offutt

2 years ago

Staff was friendly and service was pretty quick. I trusted the staff to keep my dog safe and calm while she was with them.

Lynn Monson

2 years ago

I highly recommend Red River Animal Emergency. They are very caring and explain everything in detail. Always kept me posted as to what was going on! Very professional!!

Megan Degenstein

2 years ago

I was so appreciative of the clinic's staff, and for the wonderful help I received there. They seem to have a good streamlined process with texting updates. and the doctor I talked to was extremely helpful and explained things clearly. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, despite how stressed I was. I felt confident they cared and would take good care of my pet.

Tanya Ferber

2 years ago

I appreciate the professional, compassionate, timely care, and thorough feedback provided about my pet's condition allowing me to make informed decisions regarding his treatment plan.

Ashley Stone

2 years ago

Wonderful friendly, caring staff. Fast help with my pets in an emergency. I feel relief and trust them with the care provided. I wish the fees were less. Very expensive.

Dawn Ding

2 years ago

The staff is very helpful, very friendly, and very knowledgeable. The building is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Max was comfortable and happy during his visit and he doesn't like going to the vet.

Michelle Ihry

2 years ago

It was a great experience. We got Beau, our cat, in quickly and the communication was top notch. Dr Kuklok was very empathetic .

Sara Berger

2 years ago

Wonderful staff for pets and pet parents. Updates often on what is going on with our pet.

Rachel Sanden

2 years ago

Staff is always friendly, helpful and clear on what is happening. Communication while the fur babies are inside makes it a little easier, a little less scary, knowing they're being loved and taken care of.

Kailey Potratz

2 years ago

I brought my 7 month old pup in to RRAEH due to decreased appetite and vomiting since my regular vet’s urgent care was full. We had a wonderful experience. They informed us ahead of time that it may be a several hour wait depending on triage and other cases coming in but that I would be able to leave my pup there for monitoring and once their doc was able to examine him they would give me a call. That’s exactly what happened and Dr. Kramer explained everything thoroughly and clearly, offered me various options, and provided his recommendations. They weren’t trying to make a buck off me at all, in fact he told me they would likely just do stool sample tests and supportive care but after the stool sample came back negative I told them that I’d like to have more tests done if they feel it would be appropriate and they agreed to do more for me including blood work and X-rays. They also told me the cost for everything ahead of time and made sure I authorized it first. Thankfully all of it was essentially normal and it ended up just being gastroenteritis and they gave him some sub-q fluids, anti-nausea meds, metronidazole (antibiotic), and some prescription canned food for a few days. The front desk staff and vet tech were also very professional and comforting. I am thankful and reassured to know that I have them available to me just 12 minutes from my house, 24/7. Thank you Dr Kramer and staff at RRAEH. I’m very appreciative of your help with getting Jackson back to his normal self.

Janet Schmanet

2 years ago

They need to reconsider the absurd policy of not allowing owners to wait with their pets. We were allowed to do this prior to COVID and if an owner is fully vaccinated and can provide proof, there’s absolutely no reason to force a an already scared/possibly sick feeling dog to wait alone around other dogs that may not be vaccinated for kennel cough for an undetermined number of hours. I understand not wanting to have the wait room open although it seems silly at this point considering all other businesses are back to normal but at least let the owners wait in their vehicles with their dogs, but there’s no good reason that this policy still needs to be in place.

Alyssa Ingle

2 years ago

I am a brand-new cat owner, and I had to take my kitty in for a sore she wouldn’t stop scratching. I was worried & frazzled, and my kitty hated the car ride there! Luckily, the staff were so kind and took great care of her. They put my nerves to rest explained the all the take-home instructions. The services were a good price as well. Thank you to all the staff who helped take such good care of my kitty! We are happy and healing now.

Debbie Kossow

2 years ago

Our dog had wound with a bone sticking out. No one in my town could fit her in to be seen. Red River Animal Emergency clinic immediately told us to come in. Called when we got there, they met us with a cart and took her in for the assessment. Gave us our options. Did what they had to with compassion! Strongly recommend them!

Jaeden Pohl

2 years ago

Story time as to why this place deserves a one star. My dog managed to cut her hind leg on a cattle panel through the hide and had a flap hanging, at the time she did this both our primary vets were closed for the day and I wanted to get it sewed up while its still fresh leaving this place the only option. I live an hour away from Fargo so I called ahead to make sure she could get in. After being placed on hold for 7.5 min I was finally talked to. They said she would be seen and asked for her name and an estimated time. I get there and they verbally say a contract in a way to make you think you will be paying $155 for the procedure and anything extra they would let you know ahead of time. 20 min goes by after dropping her off because heaven forbid you can stay and see how they care for your animal, and someone calls asking me WHERE THE CUT IS so clearly at this point they haven't even glanced at her. Another hour goes by and another phone call with an estimate. These people had the audacity to give a $700 ESTIMATE ON TOP OF THE MANDATORY $155.Clearly they don't care about your pet since even after taking your money they can't even so much as wrap it up to protect it until I got her care from an actual veterinarian office, another thing I had to do myself. Obviously being it's not life or death I pulled her out of that place and went to one of my normal vets. 2 hours and $97 later she is recovering. Not only did I get scammed out of $155, makes you wonder how many other people they are suckering into paying absurd amounts for simple care. 10/10 would not recommend, if your pet gets severely injured I'd head to the cities before this scam shop.

Katy Vesel

2 years ago

I brought my dog in for a knee injury, and they were very straightforward and honest about it. They didn't try and run unnecessary tests, were knowledge, and only prescribed pain meds for a sprain. When your pet is injured you're willing to pay whatever it takes, but they didn't try and take advantage of that which I very much appreciate.


2 years ago

Unfortunately I personally know two people who had their cats sedated (when they didn’t need to be) and it killed the cats. This place still tried to charge the people for the sedative...that killed their pets. Absolutely ridiculous, I would never bring my animals here.

April McCann

2 years ago

I would give them 2.5 if I could. I am not going to write a novel on my whole experience just key points. 1. Communication… not very good. You are told you will receive a call around a specific time or within a couple hours and you won’t. You will have to call into the office to receive your updates. I understand with covid and considering this is an emergency facility you can’t always be perfect with timing but you need to at least try and communicate. 2. Dr.Underwood only seems to care about $$$. Out of the 16 calls (6 incoming and 10 outgoing) to RREAH (within a 24 hour period) 2 dealt with his initial check in, 2 dealt with his check out and the only call I received about his “well-being” was to tell me they will callback to collect a $1600 payment. My animals are my life and she treated him like an income source!! This is the second time I have dealt with Dr.Underwood. Once in October of 2020 and this time. She treated me the same both times. 3. Dr. Carver and Zac both deserve 5 stars!!! They both seemed to truly care about my fur baby. If your animal is truly in an emergency situation I would still bring them in IF you have no other options.


2 years ago

They don’t perform surgery here . Cat has broken leg and they told us they can’t help it. What kind of place calls it an emergency hospital and can’t even help when we have an emergency.

Lori Scott

2 years ago

The quality of work that was done to my animal was very poor and because of the poor quality my animal suffered due to their Poor quality of work

Muriel R

2 years ago

I have had to take my rabbit Oswald here 2 times recently. Everyone was so kind from the reception, to the techs, and the very kind Dr. Donoghue (I believe she treated Oswald both times). Over a year ago, I had to euthanize a different rabbit and they were very kind and compassionate— even during covid, they were there for me and my rabbit. I was concerned about bringing Oswald here, with the bad memory, but the caring environment and not mentioning the history when looking at my file was appreciated more than they knew. Oswald has made a full recovery each time, and the honesty about pricing was very good. If they took appointments at a smaller fee, I would absolutely bring both my bunnies here as their primary care— and I live in Grand Forks. Thank you for all you do!

Tyra Witt

2 years ago

They lied to me maybe they thought they were helping but it doesn’t help to have your hopes brought back up they said with my dog on anti seizure meds it would buy her at least a year it on buys her two months tops according to the second opinion I got and I believe the second opinion more as they didn’t try to bring up extremely expensive solutions and try to conveniently not tell you how much it is unless you ask this second opinion told me cost of everything right when it was mentioned.Do people a favor and don’t try to spare there feelings by burning a giant hole in there pocket.

Samantha Jeanotte

2 years ago

I can’t to begin to express how thankful we are for this amazing place. We were treated with such kindness, honesty regarding pricing and they were extremely personable with us and our decisions. We were very worried when Stanley had to be seen for his vomiting. They took him in right away, were upfront with the wait time, which doesn’t even matter to us. We just want him to get helped. Once again.... I will always take my pets here from now on. HOPEFULLY I DONT HAVE TO ???? Thanks again to each and every one of you who work here. We are beyond impressed and thankful. Stanley says “Thanks for spoiling me ????”

Sarah Nelson

2 years ago

My partner and I brought our adult cat and kitten in a few weeks ago, worried out of our minds. During the 48 hours they had to stay and be monitored, we were BLOWN AWAY by the personability, compassion and communication their staff had. They sent updates with photos every few hours, which helped put ours/my worries at ease, knowing they were being taken care of.

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