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2 years ago

What did they do to our baby? She wasn't happy at all (the she usually is) when my husband picked her up, just wanted to get out of there. When she got home, behaved wholly unlike herself or how she has behaved post-kennel previously - didn't want to play at all, not even with her best bud doggy sister - never before have we seen her refuse an opportunity to go outside. She was bleeding from 2 nails clipped beyond their quicks (blood on our couch) and just lay there sad. But her behavior was not 'just' from these injuries. She also just drank and drank water, which was disconcerting. Then the fun began. I am on sleepless night number two. She kept whining at the door last night (she never whines), turns out because she has diarrhea - 5 mounds plus drops and skid marks last night on our carpeting - an entire day of trouble out in the yard, another mishap tonight, so crated her, and have been up twice already to her whining to let her outside (I have to be up in less than 4 hours). We provided our own food, she had zero issues beforehand, and has never had any such issues before. I don't know what happened to cause this, but we will never be back - keep your babies away.

Chelsie Williams

2 years ago

Amazing doggie daycare and dog boarding. Great staff and facility!

Isante Henderson

2 years ago

The love my boys get when I bring them here is so awesome. I hate to leave them but I would not want to leave them anywhere else

wesley reeners

2 years ago

Great people to board with. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff.

Justine Robinson

2 years ago

We've been taking our dog here for daycare and boarding since summer 2021. They are always friendly, respond quickly to inquiries, and take really good care of our girl. Whenever they've bathed her, she comes home so soft and smelling like a fresh dog- nothing too perfume-y, which has been an issue with other groomers. They also have cute events for the dogs and take plenty of pictures each stay. We highly recommend!

Michelle Grubb

2 years ago

1st time boarding my dogs, they did well and will be returning during our Christmas visit with family.

Brittany Halsey

2 years ago

I have been using Bayside for a couple of years for daycare and grooming. The daycare staff there are very kind, but we had the worst experience with grooming today. My dog is a goldendoodle and we like to keep her hair as long as possible, especially going into the winter. We dropped her off at 7am this morning for a grooming appointment. We got a call at 1pm saying she was ready for pickup. We went to pick her up only to get a second call that they got the wrong dog and our dog was not ready yet. While this was frustrating, we understand mistakes happen. When we got the call to come pick her up, we quickly realized that she had been shaven down to the skin. When we dropped her off, we asked to keep her as long as possible. Groomers usually only shave a dog if there is severe matting, which we did not think was the case for Gracie. Even if the groomer at Bayside thought there was, we thought we would at least receive a phone call before making that type of decision for a dog with long hair. We did not receive a phone call or any communication asking if it was okay to shave her down to the skin. When I asked what happened, no one could tell me other than they were sorry for not giving us a call. A bad haircut is one thing, hair will grow back, but I became extremely upset when we found blood on her leg and face from where they shaved her so closely and cut her. This was never communicated to us either. Her ears were inflamed and bleeding where it looked like the groomer pulled off dry skin and hair. This was her entire ear which I am sure became apparent when she was doing it. However, she continued to do the entire ear. We are sad to pull her from Bayside Kennels, but we no longer feel that we can trust them given the mistreatment of our dog, lack of communication and lack of explanation as to what happened when we called. I understand mistakes happen, but they need to be communicated and addressed appropriately.

Tiffany Pip

2 years ago

This place is fantastic. They take great care of the fur babies and my dog absolutely loves coming here

Deidra Grimm

2 years ago

I LOVE bayside kennels. I bring my dog here who has pretty bad separation anxiety and he does amazing during boarding. The girls express how much they love my dog and always remember him and I get fantastic photos during his play times. The team is all very sweet and professional and you can tell they love what they do and they are passionate about it. I've also gotten my dog groomed here and it was the best job that's been done, and even though my dog didn't work out temperament wise for day care I trusted the staff that no matter what he and the other dogs would be safe. I highly highly recommend this place for grooming, boarding, or day care!

Kara Earle

2 years ago

I take my cats here to get groomed. always helpful.

Anthony Davis

2 years ago

I had my dog there for over a month while I was away, every time I called to check on him everyone was very courteous, and they sent pics. I appreciate you Bayside kennels, thx very much for taking care of my dog. Anthony/Ghost.

Catherine Miller

2 years ago

I had a great first experience here. The staff was very nice and professional, much more personable than other places I have boarded my pets at. And my pets seemed less stressed after staying here than other places. I can tell the staff really cares about the animals!

Luciano Ortona

2 years ago

Always good to our dog. She is disable..deaf and blind. She is always healthy and happy wjen we pick her up

Matthew Murdock

2 years ago

Our dog loves this place, comes back smiling and tired! They know him by name now and he enjoys going in. They send daily report cards and if you bring him around a holiday they even give little gifts. We have a heart shaped nose finger painting and a couple other small things. Pricing is reasonable, 5 stars would be if the boarding was more inclusive as it is more crating than anything else and our spoiled little pooch couldn't handle that.

Sara Falco

2 years ago

I am not someone who typically writes reviews however I felt this to be very necessary for the well-being of other dogs. Horrible experience. The dogs are kept in very small indoor/outdoor cages pretty much left to fend for themselves. I boarded my senior dog here for just 2 nights during a quick trip to Virginia beach and never have I ever received by pup back in such a poor state. My girl is 10 years old and completely blind, which I had informed them of upon booking. She is sweet as can be and very adaptable, but obviously with being blind she does require a little extra guidance before she is familiar with a setting. When I picked her up, her backside was covered in urine, she was shaking uncontrollably and as soon as we got out of there, she urinated a TON outside and drank a TON of water, as if she had clearly not received proper care over the prior couple of days. On top of all of that, her doggy bed was SOAKED in what they had informed me was "just water." I took their word for it initially, until I got home and realized it was NOT water but was in fact filled with URINE. Which has now also resulted in the interior of my car needing to be thoroughly detailed in order to rid of the stench. It is very clear to me that they do NOT give much love or attention to the dogs who are boarded here. They do not go on actual walks either, so be clear about that before choosing to board here. They are essentially expected to just fend for themselves in small indoor/outdoor prisons. How do you not notice that my senior dog is filled with urine, shaking and bed is destroyed? I mean really. I have never experienced ANYTHING like this during other boarding stays in other areas. Please, look elsewhere if you really want your precious pup to be loved and cared for.

Shima Whitehead

2 years ago

I dropped off my happy and healthy rabbit on Wed afternoon. He had his own food and they were given his feeding schedule. On Sat I received a text message asking me to sign some agreements, basically saying they were not responsible if anything happened. On Sun evening we picked him up and was told he had been given some leaf lettuce and had diarrhea. We went home and a short time later he died!! He should not have been given the lettuce which they admit was an error on their part! We are devastated! This was our first time leaving our pet and we chose this place thinking we made a good decision! We were wrong! DO NOT TRUST BAYSIDE KENNELS!

Kristin Reeves-Hall

2 years ago

Experienced helpful staff. Great place

erron latimore

2 years ago

Provided Excellent care and service for my dog. Process was seamless and groomer did a great job as well. Highly recommended

Tyler N (Snieke)

2 years ago

Durning my wife's pregnancy our friends cancelled on watching our dog and we were forced to go here. We were very greatful for their last minute help but this will quickly change. After my child was born I had enough time to go home and let him out and take care of him so I got him from the kennel to bring him home. As I got to the kennels he was presented to me without his toy, his dated food was given to him out of date, and our insulated bag we gave to the people with his food in it was no longer with his food. At the time I was running on no sleep and didn't think much of it nor did I have the energy to care. After I got home my dog has diarrhea, this is obviously normal to have happen to most dog put under stress so again I just felt bad for him. Little did I know this will continue on for days now and my dog is now going to the ER to get tested and there is a possibility of him dying from this. I'm not writing this for the company to get better I'm writing this as a warning to those who might trust this place for anything. Never again will I trust a place that charges to give your dog for a measly 15 min of play time. This place needs to be shut down and I will be contacting a lawyer

Osiris Cooper

2 years ago

I took my families 2 Guinea Pigs here and from beginning to end the service was absolutely wonderful! This was the first time ever using a kennel to provide care for my pets and I was without worry because of the attention I was given when setting the reservation and then dropping them off. The process was super easy. Both of my Guineas seemed unbothered by the change. Will definately use again!

SD Holmes

2 years ago

This Kennel is used by my brother and he loves their services. I found them to be kind and helpful during my brief, long distance, interaction with them, to make payment and pickup arrangements for my brother when he hospitalized. The worker I spoke to showed her caring nature for the animals they board, by referring to my brothers 3 dogs as, "the babies", which is exactly what they are to him.

Heather Eans Gayeski

2 years ago

We drop Lani off there for boarding and they are amazing. Worth every dime. They are very professional and great service. Lani enjoys staying with them.

danila bratlien

2 years ago

We've been taking our dog, there for 7years, and our pup loves it there always comes home happy and shiny ????

Anthony Ficca

2 years ago

Always comfortable leaving our baby there when he cat travel with us. Nice people take good care of our Gunner mutt.

Dominique Shephard

2 years ago

Amazing staff amazing price and true care for your pet! Jordan loves you guys!


2 years ago

Love this vet. They've taken care of my dogs since leaving banfield and they work so well with my smaller dog who was traumatized as a puppy. They are really great people and doctors

Allie Habib

2 years ago

We were expecting our first baby and was stick with a little dilemma. We didn’t have family here to watch our 2 dogs when we went into labor. I called and talked with Donna. She was so willing to accommodate our family in having a spot for our dogs to be boarded while we where at the hospital, even knowing that we wouldn’t know an exact date. She assured us that they would have a spot for our pups. She was right! We were able to drop them off without a fuss. The staff was kind, professional, and kept us updated on our dogs while they were away from home. Donna thank you for your kindness and willing to go above and beyond. 5 star customers service and care!

Mary Shaffer

3 years ago

Bradley and Abigail have been going here for over 10 years. They're treated so good they can't wait to go visit. I can travel with no worries.

Michele Parker

3 years ago

I was very happy with dreyfuss stay. The staff was very nice.

Lisa Clark

3 years ago

Great staff, great prices!! I know my pet is in good hands when I need to travel.

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