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Madison Miller

2 years ago

The vet techs / front desk staff at this clinic are the place's one saving grace - as they are the only warm, friendly presences you will find in the place! While Dr. Duffy did give me eye drops and an antibiotic that successfully cleared up an eye and upper respiratory infection that was afflicting my cat and while she did administer vaccinations and provide spaying services at a reasonable cost, I later realized that there were some irregularities in the care she advised while my cat was recuperating from being spayed. Dr. Duffy said that I would not need any pain medication as she went in with, and I quote, "a gentle touch" when making surgical incisions, and that she could provide me with some to take home if I wanted, but cautioned that it would be a waste of money. She told me that I could always come back in for some should my cat seem to need it, despite the fact that cats are notorious for hiding signs of illness and pain, something she should, hopefully, know as a vet. Humans would almost certainly want pain medication following a hysterectomy, so I fail to see why cats should be any different. That said, due to the aforementioned advice, I instead got over the counter pet pain medication to treat my cat with in the days following her surgery. Dr. Duffy also told me that I could safely be hands-off while letting her recover, because she would take care of the stitches / wound care on her own, just like she would take care of grooming herself. I was later informed elsewhere, however, that one is not supposed to let a cat tend to their stitches, as the risk of infection and/or stitches getting ripped out is high. Apparently, it is standard practice at other veterinary clinics to send female cats home with a cone and/or a wrap/shirt thing that protects their stitches, as their organs can apparently fall out should their stitches somehow come open. Luckily, this did not happen with my cat but it would have been my expectation to have been offered such devices by my vet and to have been told that, in the absence of such measures, I was risking my cat's life. Further still, I have found Dr. Duffy to be short and dry, and critical. When she sold me a flea collar for my cat and mentioned that it would have to be "tight enough" in order to be effective, I requested that she put it on her for me, to which she replied "I guess I have time." I also gave my cat a flea bath to rid her of fleas, which I followed up the next day with a topical flea treatment, which did not seem to work. When I mentioned that to the vet, she told me that topical treatments rely on the oils in the cat's skin to function and asked me - very condescendingly! - if I had read the instructions on the topical treatment (I, in fact, had and said instructions did not mention going x amount of days or hours without bathing one's cat beforehand. Indeed, if I recall correctly, they even mentioned that it would be okay if a cat was bathed or otherwise got wet in the monthly period in between applications). When I brought in my cat with nail caps, she questioned why I would even put them on her. She also doesn't offer microchipping and when I inquired into it, she told me that I would have to set up a visit somewhere else that did perform that particular service. I went on to do just that, as well as to have my cat's flea problem to be assessed by another practice as the solutions Dr. Duffy presented were not effective, at which point I was returned that said clinic would need her records from her "primary" vet. Apparently, Dr. Duffy's practice does not have the ability to scan and email copies of records to their clients, but when I requested that they fax them over to the vat at which I had an appointment, they did not do so in a timely manner, which meant that I had to reschedule. When I returned for my rescheduled appointment a week later, they still hadn't faxed over the records, and vet staff at the other practice had to follow up on my behalf.

Laura Nelson

2 years ago

I’m sure they’re great but they’re currently “not accepting new clients”. Is it so hard to put that on your website so I don’t spend 20 minutes looking for reviews, filling out your contact form, etc? Geez

Michael Alexieff

2 years ago

If you are looking for a vet that only deals with cats this is it. Never had any issues with them and have been going for years

Taylor Cuthrell

3 years ago

Wonderful establishment. Growing up in Raleigh in the 90s we always took our cats here. Now that I have a kitten it's great to see this vet is still around. Very good rates for spaying and neutering too!

Tatyana Foreman

3 years ago

So thankful I found Raleigh Cat Clinic when I moved to Raleigh. Dr Duffy is so good with my kitties. With Covid now it’s really tough dropping your kitties off and not being able to be with them. Dr Duffy personally called to update me on the status of the appointment. Such great service and Dr Duffy definitely loves cats and is so good with them

Mary Schneider

3 years ago

Love Dr. Duffy and Carrie and Sean. Professional and helpful. Kind to my Miss Madalyn !

lisa kowite

3 years ago

On my first appointment for what I thought was a routine checkup on a new rescue kitten, Dr. Duffy was quick to diagnose a rare viral infection that has a high mortality rate. I can't say this for sure, but looking back on previous local vet experiences, I believe many would have missed this diagnosis, and I could easily have lost my little guy in a matter of weeks if it weren't for Dr. Duffy's knowledge and experience. She was empathetic in delivering the diagnosis, and she made sure I had all the information I needed to make some tough decisions regarding his care. Dr. Duffy and her staff, Carrie and Sean, remained supportive throughout the treatment period and Dr. Duffy even gave me options that would help me manage the financial burden. Everyone in this practice is knowledgeable, highly skilled and clearly loves cats. Providing excellent care is their top priority. Since successfully completing the kitten's treatment, I continue to bring both of my cats to Dr. Duffy because I know that they will receive the absolute best care there.

Jonathan Gay

3 years ago

The vet Dr. Duffy knows her stuff when it comes to cats

Gregory Bruce

3 years ago

I've known many veterinarians, good and bad (my father was a veterinarian) and Dr. Duffy is one of the best! She is all about caring for the cat and helping you be a great cat owner/parent. She will be our vet as long as we are close enough to come to the Raleigh Cat Clinic.

David Kerr

3 years ago

The staff was super helpful and I was particularly pleased that the Dr took my cat's temperament and age into deciding the best treatment options for a tooth issue. I very much appreciated that level of care and expertise.

Dana Parikh

3 years ago

Dr. Duffy and her staff are truly wonderful people committed to caring for your kitties. We adopted two kittens that had diarrhea for 2 months and our normal vet tried "everything they could" to help them to no avail, so we sought a second opinion. We were recommended Dr. Duffy by the adoption agency we used and have been much happier with her attempts to make our kitties better. She is very professional, friendly, and thorough (she will even try alternative treatments that most vets are afraid of if it means helping your kitty......and it works!) We will continue bringing our cats to this clinic.

Claudette Anderson

3 years ago

Love this place. So friendly, reasonable and knowledgeable! My Kitty found his wellness tribe!

charles murray

3 years ago

Only do cats which is great because we have 10. Great folks been a customer for almost 20 years

Cathy Brown

4 years ago

Nice people and treated Muffin well!

I Fratrik

4 years ago

The doctor is very knowledgeable and she and her staff are very friendly. My cat got the best care there.

J.R. Gambino

4 years ago

A neighbor recommended Dr. Duffy and we couldn't be more pleased with her office. Kerri and Shawn are also great assistants as well. Dr. Duffy is very personable and knowledgeable. They really take the time to know your cats and you as well. We have since moved to Clayton but make the trip with our cats to see her for non-emergency visits. Her prices are very affordable, and low considering the area, but the service you get is five-star quality. I have nothing to complain about.

Kyle Morgan

4 years ago

Dr. Duffy takes a practical approach to cat care. She is fantastic! No frills, just solid veterinarian medicine. My wife and I previously went to another cat specialist and find Raleigh Cat Clinic much more reasonable in their approach to the care for our 2 cats.

Robert Alonzo Lisboa

4 years ago

Took my cat here this afternoon for an infection. Came out satisfied with overall treatment, care & service. Highly recommend this for your little cat.

Stasy Smith

4 years ago

Dr. Duffy was so sweet! I'm definitely keeping her practice as our primary veterinarian moving forward.

Tzvety Petrova

4 years ago

I am so thankful for the experience I had today at this cat clinic. I came in a nervous wreck with my little old tabby cat and they treated him with the right amount of care and handling needed to get everything done in one go (checkup, nail trim, blood work). Kerri and Shawn were indeed wonderful assistants and very personable, and Dr Duffy is truly passionate about cats in a way that one only is after years and years of experience. I left the clinic feeling so much better about my boy and so much more informed on how old age effects a kitty. If anyone specifically is worried about taking their senior cat to the vet, I urge you to take them here!!

Susan Odaniel

5 years ago

Specializes in cats. Great job on surgical procedures for cats.

Sherri Durbin

5 years ago

I didn't have a good experience with this place. The vet is old , rough and uncaring. She seemed unable to figure out my cat's issue and only seemed interested in taking my money.


5 years ago

I would like to precede this review by saying I did not make an appointment nor did I speak directly with any vet so I do not know their skills. I was declined service because I feed my cats a raw diet (partially raw). I was told that feeding a raw diet is a hazard to the vets, cats, and their humans... without explanation. This is a very loaded statement to just say without explaining and I urge anyone who hears something like this to do their own research. DO RESEARCH. There are safe and unsafe practices when feeding a raw diet. YOU ARE NOT KILLING YOUR CAT... unless you are doing it wrong. So please do research into things like the benefits of frozen/freeze dried, pre-made, home-made, hunting, etc. Including brands like Primal or Vital Essentials or Ziwi or Stella and Chewy's. Do not allow this short, rehearsed, unexplained opinion sway you. Vets have very limited schooling on diet/nutrition and that's why they make commission on things like Royal Canin or Hills Science Diet. Which, I should say, these foods are not toxic but there are better options, and for much cheaper. Not to say all vets are this way, many are willing to work with you, but the ones here are clearly set in their ways. The Cozy Cat Vet Hospital will take you.

Kristen Peterson

5 years ago

Dr. Duffy, Cara and Sean are all great! We have 5 cats of our own and bring in strays to be vetted, fixed and homed fairly often. We recommend Raleigh Cat Clinic to everyone.

Randy Smith

5 years ago

Raw diet may not be best for the cat. Maybe that is why DrDuffy does not see cats that eat raw!!!

Reboot (Just_Reboot)

5 years ago

Brilliant staff that truly understands how to provide a comfortable experience for your cats. Gentle, quiet, professional, and kind... our cats don't whine or hide when we bring the carrier out to take them to the vet anymore!

Amber Nicklaus

6 years ago

I'm posting simply to inform others that this vet does not service cats who eat a raw food diet. When I made the appointment for my cat, who is sick and needed to be seen asap, I was NOT informed that this was a policy. If the doctor is so strongly opinionated about it, it should be made clear to new patients over the phone. Instead, I was rudely talked down to and informed that I was being an "unsafe" mother by allowing my child to be in the same home as an animal that eats raw food. Now I have to haul my sick cat back home and find someone else to help us. Please note, I am in no way rating her skill, but I believe the situation could have been handled better. She is entitled to her opinion on raw food, as I am mine, but I felt verbally attacked. That's never ok. Just so no one else gets their time wasted, make sure you know they do not accept patients who feed their cats the biologically appropriate diet of raw food.

Rebecca Schmorr

6 years ago

dr duffy and her staff are amazing. she brings experience and compassion to very complex situations. my older cat was hyperthyroid and neither of the generally recommended treatment options felt right to me (twice a day meds given forever, with unreliable results, or radioactive iodine therapy which was very expensive and required a long quarantine period). she has refined a surgical technique that was affordable and very successful for my cat. she went above and beyond to make the situation as easy for him and me as possible. LOVE her!!!

Linda Seay Robertson

6 years ago

Raleigh Cat Clinic and their staff were absolutely fabulous! I have been a cat owner my entire life but Dr Duffy taught me things I did not know about the biology of cats and medicines used for felines. She discussed several options for treating my two cats and was right on the money figuring out their issues. I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with Dr. Duffy and the Raleigh Cat Clinic. Thank you so much!

Kate Attard

6 years ago

Wonderful employees. Reasonable prices. Nice Dr.

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