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Bob Hall

2 years ago

They did a good job of getting us in and out after hours on a weekend. Would recommend !!!!

Dyan Arkin

2 years ago

Our cat stopped eating and started throwing up on Xmas Eve, so we took her in. The doctors and techs at AHVEC are amazing, and we are always grateful that there is somewhere to get help after hours. Services are expensive, understandably so. For us the value is obvious, but for folks with few resources, it may not be an option.

Spike Zombiie

2 years ago

They tried to hold my pet there illegally and i was NOT okay. They do NOT accept payment over the phone and honestly they did nothing besides xray my pet to say "well we wouldn't know if he ate anything anyways" misspelled his name and got my number wrong. I ONLY went because Carolina Vet Specialist was full. They are a LOT better. They also overcharged me and it went above the quoted amount. Seriously over 700 for ONE XRAY and a consultation.

Austin Swink

2 years ago

THERE WAS A PHOTO ATTACHED THAT WAS A POST THEY KEEP DELETING. MY FIANCÉ IS THE PERSON WHO WROTE IT ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC! Do not take your pet here. Their prices are ridiculous if you compare it to their work ethic. Just a bunch of heartless employees. I beg you not to take your pet here.

Brian Morgan

2 years ago

They took good care of Zoey on a Friday evening after she was attacked by a large dog. Very professional.

Christian Howard

2 years ago

Called ahead about my cat who had opened up her hysterectomy scar. They told me to come right in so I did, then I waited an hour in a nearly empty waiting room as someone had come in between when I called and when I got there. That is understandable for an emergency hospital, but if I'd had a real emergency it would have really sucked. Then the staple they put in to close the wound fell out within an hour of getting her home. I won't be going back.

Heather Mabe

2 years ago

why does this clinic keep removing our post about the experience that we had for our first visit? is it because you are in the wrong and don't want the public to no how awful this place is. this practice really needs to be shut down

Joann Ellis

2 years ago

We were visiting family when my 2 yr old 18 lb mixed breed dog became sick. We thought she may have gotten a pill that was unknowingly dropped on the floor. I never saw a Vet, only a Tech but I was ok with that along as my dog was receiving the proper care. I was given an estimated on her care and asked to pay before they would provide care which I understand since I was from out of town and her care would be expensive. My dog is fine and I am very thankful. My only concern is that the cost was very high. I knew that it would be expensive but I have concerns that most people could not afford the expense and there pups would not survive. I would gladly pay the price to save my pup but I think I was taken advantage of and I think it happens a lot in circumstances like mine.

Stephen Durland

2 years ago

They saved Miko's life! He had been misdiagnosed at a different puppy clinic.

Amanda Hess

2 years ago



2 years ago

Called to ask how my brother could help or keep his puppy stable because she was hit by a car and isn't around any vet that was open around him. He's in another state and called me asking for any kind of advise or help until the morning when one opens.. They refused to even tell me anything he could do for her to help her through the night. Which shows they are greedy and don't even care about animals unless they get paid. Horrible and very messed up because people that love animals and works with them like this shouldn't even have to hesitate on helping in some way by comfort or stabilizing the baby or any advice at all.

B Smith

2 years ago

Most of the staff not all have the personalities of wet sponges. Vet we dealt with had the bedside manner of dr. Kevorkian.

Hallee Hogan

2 years ago

I always have a good experience here


2 years ago

I had an appointment and after I spoke with the doctor on the phone because you’re still not allowed in there like other veterinary offices, I waited for them to call me back to check out. After an hour I had to go inside to see if my dogs medicine was ready so I could check out and leave. It still was not ready and I still had to wait so I was here for almost 2 hours just to have his shots updated. I don’t know how the prices are compared to other places and I may call around to find out but it just seemed awfully high for a couple of pills and shots. I was especially wary after I had to pay over $600 to put my other dog to sleep couple of weeks ago. They wanted to run tests instead of running one test and see if they could get results they ran everything wide-open. Totally disrespectful to me when I went in there knowing I was going to have to put the dog to sleep.

Sandra Kaye

2 years ago

They are tops! They are such a very loving group!

Catelyn Mcvicker

2 years ago

my pup sage had a knot on her head , i decided to get it checked out at this place. the staff here is awesome , the lady at the front desk was super sweet & welcoming .. they kept me updated on everything that was going on with sage and even answered my questions when i called to get additional updates . we did stay here for quite awhile from about 11am - 9pm BUT i did not mind at all as i watched sick and helpless animals pour in .. this will forever be the place i go if my sage girl is needing any type of after hour care :)

Layla Woods

2 years ago

I came in for an emergency with my 1 1/2 yr old cat. They were really great and took such good care of my baby. He had to stay for a week and they really spoiled and loved on him. He ended up needing surgery and the doctor was always very honest and seemed genuinely concerned about my baby. It was extremely hard for me because his illness was life threatening and if the surgery did not work I would have had to put him to sleep. They saved my baby and were very supportive to me during the process

Megan G

2 years ago

After Hours is good for emergency visits but there are definitely many improvements they could make. I brought my dog in after he got a parasite from a dog park at around 6 am in the morning. The girl at the front desk was NOT friendly at all. I was very stressed because my pup was sick and I didn’t know what was going on yet. She didn’t care and just told me to fill out paperwork. She told another lady she was tired because her dogs were barking the night before when she was trying to sleep. I get your tired but a basic friendliness is not hard. The doctor was nice and helped teddy but was rushing to get off the phone when I had questions. Also, they are VERY expensive. They did blood work, x-rays without even asking me and it was over $500. For a checkup! Also Teddy had an accident when we got there because his stomach was upset and she handed me a bag and towels and wanted me to clean it up. I thought she would at least help since my pup was stressed and panting so hard. But no I cleaned it up by myself and she went back and sat down at the desk on her phone. She didn’t even offer to help and after I was done sprayed Clorox everywhere in the air and said it smelled. Like yes, I couldn’t clean it up great because my dog was sick and stressed while I was trying to clean. I don’t write reviews often but I didn’t have a great experience. They offered for me to come back and establish teddy as a patient but it would be $160 for just a physical! I went to Lawndale Vet down the road and they were fantastic and were amazing with Teddy- highly recommend checking them out!

Melinda Fox

2 years ago

My pups are always in good hands.

Randolph Coble (Randy)

2 years ago

Brought our dauschund "Toby, 12 yrs. old" with major throwing up, pancreatitis, dehydrated and these people really knew what to do.. very friendly, professional staff and Doctors.


2 years ago

Even though I was told upfront that they were short staffed and my wait would be long; they saw my cat in record time. Friendly, easy to talk with front staff and vet. Will definitely go here again if my own vet is unable to see my cats. Recommend.

Rhonda Davis

2 years ago

best vet services around and the staff are always friendly and helpful!

Sally Rice

2 years ago

I have had the opportunity to utilize After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic on both a personal and dog rescue level. They are very friendly, have great compassion for the animals and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!

Tricia Burke

2 years ago

I was happy with how through the Vet assistant was in collecting my questions and concerns, but I was disappointed that I wasn't able to meet with the Vet (because of Covid).

Whitney Lawrence

2 years ago


Jackie Sluder

2 years ago

In the early morning of September 9th, we contacted an emergency vet in Greensboro we used once before only to be told they might not be able to help and then started going over pricing... before we even brought our dog in. How do you know if you can help without even seeing our pet? Immediately I called After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic and the lady at the front desk, not knowing a single thing about my dog, says "hurry, bring him in and we'll be waiting for you." Unfortunately, my dog passed away on the way there but they took him in just to be sure, let me stay with him in a private room, allowed time for my wife and children to arrive to say goodbye and told us to stay as long as we wanted. In one of the worst times in my family's lives, we were treated with kindness and love from complete strangers. They did not charge us for the visit, assisted us with aftercare and today, I received a signed card in mail with ink prints of our wonderful dog's nose and paw. This is by far one of the most caring facilities you can ever take your pet into in the event of an emergency. I hope no one ever has to use them, but if you do, I highly recommend these guys!

T Miche

2 years ago

The staff was very professional and took Jane back immediately. She had been bitten by a snake. The vet was very thorough with her care and explanation of treatment.

samantha benitez

2 years ago

These people have no remorse and will kill a puppy just so you pay them. My parents came here tonight and they had them sign papers without EXPLAINING anything {they aren’t the best at reading English} and they returned the puppy DEAD. Without even saying that they were going to kill him if we signed them. I’ve been here before and the staff once said to kill the puppy, but our pup ended up living. How insensitive to say that. They told my parents they will return him and he will survive, next thing you know they gave us the puppy all DEAD. These people DIDNT explain anything, I’m pretty sure those techs killed him because nobody asked for our permission to kill him. This staff is always rude, and I been here twice. My parents have been here 3x and it’s always staff. I do not appreciate these people always charging us $300-400 every time, and especially after killing our dog without any consent. Ridiculous. Save your time and head to Burlington road hospital.


2 years ago

Be prepared to pay! Staff should inform customers of what the services cost!

Lauren Pyrtle

2 years ago

Our dog, Whiskey, was boarded for 5 days a week and half ago. We gave it the past week to see if his “cough” would go away, unfortunately it didn’t and seemed to have gotten worse. I immediately thought Kennel Cough, so we brought him in. We had called a few other places, but their office fee was $350 and the other was $215!! Absolutely insane!! So we found After Hours and went to them, their office fee is $90. It was a quick visit and the doctor ruled Kennel Cough out immediately. Thank goodness! We were given cough tablets and an antibiotic to help. Our dog is a puller on the leash and we deemed it was probably from the super thin leashes they use at the boarding facilities that basically choked and hurt his throat. Great staff, super sweet and the tech who assisted us in the exam room was amazing. Our dog loved her and that made it super easy to work with him. If we’ve ever got to go to an Animal Urgent care again, it’ll be here. Thank you!

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