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ryan stewart

2 years ago

Jerks. I called them to ask if I could adopt a specific dog. They said I could take him, so I showed up 10 min after the call and they said someone was adopting him right after I called. If that’s the case why couldn’t they call me back right after and why would they tell me I could adopt him first.

Sandra Willians

2 years ago

Please clean the animal cages and give the animals some love.

Jenny Chapman

2 years ago

I came to the shelter looking for a stray cat from my job. While I was there, I met a cute little tabby. Eventually we were able to bring her home and she is so sweet. So thankful to have this sweet cat ????

Jason Wakeman

2 years ago

Very honest, loving, and caring staff! i reckon my best friend was held up here for bout 30 days, in 3 years i known him never mentioned any complaints, only gratitude.

Megan Jephcote

2 years ago

Awful. Don’t support or foster for them. They had given me a kitten with a broken hip that them and their vet have failed to notice. It was so badly broken and so long that it healed over that way. They put down that animal because of their OWN neglect and didn’t care. They are awful, and neglectful to their animals. Don’t support them.

Maria Cruz Machado

2 years ago

Me and my son went looking at 1 dog but when we went he was getting in a car with new parents. So we looked and found a shy husky/shepherd mix that they called Goa. He was well trained and is a blessing to our house we fell in love . He is now named SHYLO . We are the lucky ones.

Niccola Piscitelli

2 years ago

Great agency! Got my cat Ebony the same day. She was healthy. They gave me great tips to transition her with my cat Max. The both of them are doing well and I couldn't imagine not having her in the family.

Jasmine Moore

2 years ago

Absolute terrible treatment. I called in trying to find a safe adoption re home for my pets.I called the lady hung up on me twice. When I called a third time she stated she had no place to foster my guniea pigs. I was understanding of this but she refused to hear my statements at all. Overall this place needs to be shut down. Terrible treatment of the pet parents and terrible treatment of the pets. They don't care to look into the backgrounds of the place asking for the pets. They will allow any body from off the street to adopt the animals. Overall worst place for any animals. I need to find a re home for my two guniea pigs and they rerouted me to an unethical site that allows pets like my guniea pigs to be adopted for food. The is place is horrible.

Joy Montemayor

2 years ago

**CAUTION FOR SAFETY OF EXISTING HUMANS AND PETS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD** I recently rescued a stray dog from a highway and took him to the APS of Durham to see if his owners would claim him. After two weeks of no signs of being claimed, I decided to apply to give the dog a home. I paid the FULL adoption fee, completed a FULL adoption application, and went through the comprehensive adoption process. This facility decided to not complete a comprehensive behavioral test before deeming him "adoptable" to myself although they have spent two weeks with him and I spent all of 6 hours from when I secured him from a HIGHWAY. I question the integrity of this shelter in being able to place animals to the right homes. I am looking to now foster the dog as my household turned out to not be a right fit and collaborate with the shelter in making a listing. They are now telling me that this dog that they deemed "adoptable" to me will be placed on the list for euthanasia as he would not pass the aggression behavior test to be placed on their platform for adoption. When I officially adopted him, I was told that he is friendly with dogs and only had kennel aggression, which I knew I could train out of a stray. God forbid I had small dogs or children as I come to find out that he is reactive to both. Mind you, this is now a 90lb Rottie and I am a 90 lb woman.

Carlos Melgar

2 years ago

Muy limpio y los animalitos b k en cuidados

Letessha Bynum

2 years ago

I love my fur baby Joey.

Sammy Sheagley

2 years ago

They were awesome when we wanted to adopt a local stray who was technically owned by a neighbor. They waived the adoption fee since we had already provided vet care and had been caring for her for a bit. They made it easy to make it official and now we have our sweet girl!

Linda Sims

2 years ago

Joe was very helpful and showed me all the orange cats. Unfortunately, my Harry wasn't there. Joe told me to come back every couple days.

Tay S

2 years ago

Never get anyone on the phone. Calls are always directed when someone does answer. Left various voicemails with no return call. And even emailed with no response. Yet my neighbor suggests to keep on contacting as they really need fosters. Doesn't seem like it to me

Austin H

2 years ago

Having (just) adopted from them twice, they are great. I've never been in there and didn't wonder at how much they love animals.

Casey Collins

2 years ago

Great animal shelter—staff are friendly, caring and patient. I found my two lovely pups at Durham APS. They were already fixed, partially vaccinated, and the price was still unbelievably low for adoption (around $75 each, I believe). They even gave me a metal name tag engraved with name and phone number, a collar, leash, and, for the toy breed, a small kennel. Those Accessories alone approached or exceeded the adoption cost! I also appreciated the background check they performed before authorizing adoption. They required me to provide a landlord’s phone number, who they called to ask not just that housing a dog was permissible, but to ask about the space itself, and whether there was any indication that I had habits, work, or behavior that would interfere with proper care of a pup. Even given the mass excess of sheltered dogs, I valued APS’s thoughtful inquiry—it’s better to prevent an adoption that would be short-lived (or worse, unsuitable for the particular dog or breed). Reflecting on how many Costs the shelter covered rather than shifting to me, I felt I had severely underpaid. I took 5 minutes to organize a Facebook Fundraiser, and the $540 goal was met within a week. I respect APS’s decision to keep the price low—is great to promote adoptions (granted that the adopter is thoughtful and prepared to keep the pet). Also, volunteer labor sustains a good portion of their work. So, donations allow APS to keep housing strays, fixing those strays to control overpopulation, completing early vaccinations, flea Treatment, or other medical issues. Just by fixing the dogs that come in, APS is preventing more strays on the roads or shelters reaching capacity. Don’t think for a second that the dogs at the shelter are second-class, exclusively older dogs, or only breeds that have “aggressive” instincts—in fact, the pups I adopted happened to be breeds far different than what I had guessed, both were puppies. One is a lab Dalmatian, who grew from 5 to a present 65 pounds. The other is a pomerian/papillon mix. I had guessed their breeds as cattle dog and lab, respectively (not that I cared), and I was way off point. It was, frankly, hard to choose among all the lovely dogs there—diverse breeds, many young dogs, many sweet adult dogs :/ As in many shelters, the pitbull breeds have tended to make up a sizable Proportion of dogs there—sadly, the harsh “no pitbull/pit Bull mix” policy in many apartments likely plays a role in sustaining an unfair stereotype about certain breeds’ proclivity for aggression. So check it out for yourself! Or consider donating, volunteering, or recommending APS to your coworker, friend, or family member who is on the search for a furry friend :)

Brenda Walker

2 years ago

I adopt all my pets from the APS of Durham. Each pet(s) bought great joy into my life. Thank you to all the staff and wonderful volunteers.

Heather “Willie” West

3 years ago

Workers are friendly and I just love animals

Alexis Lane

3 years ago

They need to update their website I went for an appointment to adopt an kitten turns out there were no kittens left all the cats were 5 months and up. It was a waste of time please update the website

Tiffany Powell

3 years ago

Told us that there were kittens under 2 months old and when we arrived there were none that age. Cats posted on the website were not even available, cats that were available weren’t posted on the website. Update the website.

Bill Davidson

3 years ago

It's been 3 years with Rowan and Rory. They have brought us so much love and it all started with the wonderful people at APS...thank you and Merry Christmas.

Elaine McWilliams

3 years ago

I went thinking I could see animals but they were all in foster care. I believe the recording I listened to said I could see available pets. I have found there aren't many dogs available.

James Stackhouse

3 years ago

We got our son from there 9 years ago and we were and still in LOVE with him. Niner passed on May 5 Did NOT SUFFER One Bit. Thanks Durham SPCA. See y’all soon hopefully. Can replace my Niner but I’m still coming to see what’s there ...


3 years ago

Love and duty absolutely pour out of the Durham animal protection society! I have two rescues and they are absolutely the best dogs in the world! my third grader and I visit the animals regularly just to show them some love. the staff is very dedicated and truly adore and understand every fortunate animal that comes through their door period and yes, these pets are fortunate because they've come to a place that will get them home!

Katie Hall

3 years ago

They are very kind and patient with people who are adopting animals. It can be a little overwhelming to take on a new pet and everyone I’ve spoken with has been very very sweet and helpful. God bless them!

Michelle Gilmore

3 years ago

They were the nicest people I've ever worked with to adopt a cat. Not crazy or judgemental, and my vet speaks very highly of them. I'll definitely be back!!


3 years ago

I work in that area.

Polly Moore

3 years ago

We've adopted 4 dogs and 4 cats from APS of Durham. Staff and Volunteers are excellent, caring, compassionate and knowledgable.

Sarah Albrecht

3 years ago

I adopted my kitty during one of their adoption events at The Regulator and the staff was so kind and supportive while I was making the decision. They answered all of my many questions and provided me with useful resources to get started with my kitty. They also provided really comprehensive medical records, which impressed my vet. Really recommend adopting from here!

Justin Sellars

4 years ago

Our Asia came from Durham APS. We had her for quite a long time. She lived to 17 years and in that time she was our baby girl. She was an awesome dog with an incredible sense of humor and intelligence. I'll always thank the APS for allowing her a chance to fall into the right home and into our hearts. The Durham APS is a random visit for my wife and I, as you never know when a dog might just adopt you! When you adopt from any place, immediately take them to the vet within the next 48 hours and get a complete check up. Never expect your pet, something that depends on you to provide it care to be healthy from the start. The APS staff has always been helpful in giving us information for the current and new animals that have come in. A dog or .... cat (dog lover here so I'm biased okay!) will fill your heart with joy. When I get home from work my dogs are always happy to see me and show me as much love as they can. Give adoption a shot, but only if you're willing to give that animal a forever home. They give you all of their love without asking for much in return, you should treat them the same. Make sure they're healthy and happy. If you're lucky you may find yourself another Asia that lives for 17 years and melts your heart! Keep up the great work Durham APS, you'll always have a supporter in my wife and I.

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