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Jessica Hidalgo

2 years ago

I'm appalled at the conditions of the animals. Most of the birds you can see water bowls are soiled or have almost no water, conure in an extremely tiny cage for the size they need. Flies everywhere, just dirty and sad. I'm sorry but those animals deserve way better care and at least have things cleaned regularly. You can tell the water dishes haven't been changed or cleaned in DAYS. so surprised this place is even allowed to be open.


2 years ago

Jenns always has what I'm looking for . Jenns has healthy animals . I would recommend Jenns. I've been a customer for years .

David Scinta

2 years ago

Not sure if the place was good for the pets.

Michaela Pixley

2 years ago

These owners were very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Rad Onofrio

2 years ago

Friendly staff, limited selection. Not more expensive than big chain pet stores.

terri johnson

2 years ago

If you love birds then this is the place to go! They always have a great variety. The owners and staff are simply the best. I have purchased several birds from here and they are all beautiful and friendly

Raising Little Ones

2 years ago

I received a 10 week old what I thought was a sun conure back on March 25, 2021. I've come to realize that I was lied to about what kind of conure she was. She is a Jenday, not a Sun. I've realized this because my male sun conure looks completely different, he's the same age as her and is a lot more yellow. I've had multiple breeders confirm she's a Jenday.

Marcia Jane Scott

2 years ago

Excellent, compassionate place. My 13 year old bunny, Garthie passed away recently. We frequent this store when we are in the area (we live in Hamburg). I remember telling Jenn shortly before Garthie had passed that soon a decision would be made. I read people by eyes. She had the kindest eyes. Several days later, the decision was made. My husband took me to Jenn’s in hopes of mending my broken heart. We took Romeo home. I’ve always had older, rescue bunnies. Jenn and her staff carefully went over the needs of the young bunny. Including neutering, etc… Very compassionate, kind people. Old fashioned store in a larger setting. Thank you. Oh, although Romeo will get neutered, his name will remain.

Lynn Swanson

2 years ago

The floor is covered in feces. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Katie Leonardo

2 years ago

UPDATE- I just want to update this review since some people still can’t understand that the Macaws they have are RESCUES and still believe this is some horrible pet shop. IT IS NOT!! We just realized purchased our 2nd bird from Jenn & her family and although there was some obstacles, they were all COMPLETELY out of the stores control. They worked SO hard to find us the exact baby we were looking for. So happy & healthy and we couldn’t have wished for any other outcome!!! I found this store from browsing the internet.. From the start, they were extremely helpful. They added me to a waiting list when I was in search of a green cheek conure and actually called me when they got one in which is more than I can say from a few stores I called. From the day they called me to let me know they had one, they kept in constant contact with me giving me updates weekly, if not multiple times a week. I live over 2 hours away, and drove there to pick up Charlie this morning. Jenn and her husband are by far the nicest & most caring pet store owner’s I’ve ever met. Especially Jenn’s daughter, who was in contact with me ALL the time. I arrived in the store just a half hour after they opened, and ALL of the big birds were already out of their cages and on huge play stands full of toys. If you are ever in search of a bird, I highly highly recommend coming here. They really do care about their animals!

Jeremiah W Nolan Jr

2 years ago

Family owned. The owner and her family are extremely dedicated and passionate about animals and their business and are on premises working their shop. Their shop is stocked with beautiful animals (all types of birds, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc) as well as a wide range of supplies (including some hard to finds) at very reasonable pricing. They genuinely care about the health & well being of their animals as well as the satisfaction of their customers, even post-sale! I have known this place for a few years now and I take my quaker parrot in for his routine wing & nail clipping. I enjoy each visit to this place & I cant recommend a better place to purchase a new pet or purchase supplies. Top notch!

Alanna Mergel

2 years ago

People say Jenn and her staff are “knowledgeable” about their animals, but that is NOT the case. Anyone who understands proper animal care can see that Jenn cares more about profit than the welfare of the animals. First off, some rabbits were displayed in open exhibits where children can easily grab them. This can become extremely dangerous for the rabbits because they are very fragile animals. To make matters worse, there was no place for the rabbits to hide from the unwanted visitors. Besides improper housing, the rabbits also had minimal or no hay, which can be life threatening. Without a proper hay diet rabbits can go into GI stasis and die. Furthermore, the rabbits were given water bottles to drink out of, which is known to cause dehydration. Instead, they should be given water bowls since rabbits drink as much as a large dog. This is all common knowledge for any rabbit owner like myself. However, the most disturbing thing was the small space the rabbits had to live in. I know Jenn will say “Well they don’t live in there forever so it’s okay.” THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY. It’s the equivalent of putting a person in a closet for a couple of weeks. It is absolutely appalling. In addition, you could also tell the parrots were very stressed out because the one was balding from picking its own feathers out. Jenn and her staff are not reputable pet store owners. Please do NOT buy from them. 0/5 stars!!!!! I apologize for not reading the sign I was too busy trying not to step on all the bird and rabbit feces that covered your floor. Your hamsters were stuffed in giant plastic storage bins that are used to store ANYTHING else but animals lol. Furthermore, rabbits often move their hide houses as a form of play, and these guys obviously didn’t have much else to play with. Exposing rabbits and other animals all the time doesn’t socialize them it usually scares them. There may be some cases where they enjoy it, but they usually don’t. Again if you knew anything about proper pet care, you would know that rabbits need constant access to hay. In the pictures I took of your sad excuse of a store, I can’t see much hay. And no a couple strands isn’t sufficient.

Alexandria Bultron

2 years ago

Do you have sugar gliders for sale?

Eileen Trigoboff

2 years ago

Good quality products with considerate & helpful staff????????????

Ella Bella

2 years ago

Jens exotic pets is the best place to go to get a bunny or any animal. I am always so exited to see all the animals and buy new toys and treats for my pets.

Melissa Obrine

2 years ago

Love it !!!!alot of beautiful babies. Staff is very friendly and informative

Tony Ramirez

2 years ago

Need to fix front gate but love the place.

Kathie Santamaria

2 years ago

Knowledgeable and friendly....birds and bunnies are adorable

Jeremiah uddin

2 years ago

Because Jenne is nice helpfully and pick the right bird for me I hope the5 star help

Angela Tulumello

2 years ago

I love this Shop. Amazing pet supplies and excellent variety of parrot toys. Owners are great and very knowledgeable and passionate.

Boriponce Vazquez

2 years ago

Wide variety of pet care products Friendly service.

liz turley

2 years ago

these animals are being severely neglected. the rabbits (which are not legally allowed to be sold in the state of ny in a pet store) are covered in their own defecation, and are shaking and look ill. the birds are pulling their feathers out from stress. the animals are kept in barely big enough cages, often sharing them with another animal, giving them little room. the place looks like it’s never cleaned. someone needs to shut this place down and find proper homes for these poor animals. my friend was so disturbed by the state of the store that he had to step out, and i quickly followed. i wish i could find these animals all a home and rescue them from the conditions they’re subjected to here.

Lexi Gonyer

2 years ago

I enjoyed seeing all of the birds and unique exotic animals. I had wanted to talk to someone about the short tail possum, but unfortunately the employee was on the phone the entire 20 minutes we were at the store. Glad they are so busy! Looks like they take great care of their animals and if I didn't like 5 hours away, I would certainly go back.

Gabrielle Birmingham

2 years ago

I love this place. Jenn and her family are so sweet and kind. They care for their animals and their customers . Jenn gives you the option for doing payments on your beautiful bird and accessories , while your beautiful baby bird gets bigger . You can come to spend time with them while they grow . Jenn had a nice quite area where you can be at peace with your lil birdies while getting to know each other. She has all different types of colorful birds there it's amazing to see in person. I love this store her daughters are so sweet and so is Tony. Shout out to tony for working so hard with keeping up the maintenance of the store . This will forever be my go to spot for my beautiful exotic birds. Thank you so much Jenn and family.

Dave Miller

2 years ago

Great staff. Many nice birds They help save them. Small animals too

Christina Ciliberti

2 years ago

Always clean, fast friendly service, and reasonable prices for pet adoptions, food, and supplies.

Cheyenne Nichole

2 years ago

I would rate this store 0/5 stars if I could. I left this store nauseated. Went in with hopes that this business would be providing the utmost care for their animals, and I was sorely mistaken on that point. The rabbits were housed in inadequate enclosures, covered in matted fur with clear signs of urine scald on their rear ends. The small mammals that they house are kept too many to an enclosure. There were droppings and urine all over the floor, and none of this is even touching the birds. Even if they are rescues as the owner has claimed in other reviews, their condition is atrocious. They, much like the small mammals, are kept too many too a cage, and have over groomed to the point of baldness, likely due to stress. The owner, as has been made clear in their responses to other reviews, cannot accept reasonable criticism of these conditions for their animals without lashing out with a tone that is so wildly unprofessional it’s honestly baffling. You should be ashamed.

Erica Stoeckl

2 years ago

She's very knowledgeable about the animals, very gentle with them and always has a wonderful selection to choose from! I currently have 3 English Lop bunnies from her and they're absolutely incredible! I cannot recommend this pet store enough!!

Jason Ryals

2 years ago

Cool pet shop! If you like birds this is definitely the place for you! Also has other small pets and supplies!


2 years ago

Always very helpful. Decent prices on most products. Would rather ship with a local family and not big store names. Pretty prices are great!

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