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George Koumoulos

2 years ago

Purchased our puppy a month ago we were provided a bottle of panacur when we left when we questioned the sales help we were advised puppy was healthy this was a precaution. Two weeks later we took the puppy to our vet for a first visit check and was advised he had Giardia so we did a round of panacur and flagyl , two weeks later on retest puppy still has Giardia although it’s not as bad as first visit so back on meds . I called Wayne puppies to see if they would assist in covering some of the cost of meds and was advised that’s not their normal policy but I can go there and pick up meds from them ! I do not feel secure entrusting you with my pets health since you sent him out with an infection after assuring he was in good health ! Just a warning before you take a pet home from here get a guarantee in weighting . Giardia is difficult to cure and can be contagious to humans so be careful if you have young children! Very disappointed in your customer service

Susan Eckstein

2 years ago

AdorAble puppies. Good service. Nice and clean. Reasonable prices. Other places more expensive for the puppy That I want. Happy with my little Frenchie. So cute. Thanks to Wayne puppies.

Ashley McCrock

2 years ago

Came into the store earlier today to look for a golden doodle. There was someone in the back coughing really loud and all I saw was smoke coming from the back hope everyone’s alright. Store was pretty clean, was asked if I had questions but I didn’t see the breed I was looking for.

Eric Buchannan

2 years ago

Just came in to see the French bulldogs at around 1pm today. The store was very clean and the dogs were well taken care of although there weren’t that many. Bristen was really nice and answered all of our questions, but the prices of the French bulldogs were too steep for my husband and I.

Jarrod Delos Santos

2 years ago

Really wanted to purchase one of their pups but was not able to. Wish they could've worked with me on pricing because it was rather high for me.Asked the girls working the day I stopped in if they offer military veterans a small discount which they DO NOT. It's too bad they don't. I could've definitely used one of their pups as my therapy dog

Maryem Sencar

2 years ago

I got my girl Sim from Wayne Puppies in 2014. She was really sick with kennel cough when we first got her, and the owners were very nice about the situation. They took her under there care for a week and gave us back a healthy puppy! Only thing we were not happy about was that we were forced to go to the vet that they are collaborated with. My shiba was having some eye problems after a year and the vet did not take it seriously which led my dog to develop glycoma in one eye that could have been prevented. That was a really sad time for us, but after 6 years, we are still able to manage her blind eye with medication eye drops and keep the pressure on a healthy level. So happy I got my Shiba from wayne puppies. She is my first dog and she changed my life forever. Thank you wayne puppies

Teresa Fernicola

2 years ago

puppies are to expensive. ripping people off.

Debby Atson

2 years ago

The store was clean and the puppies seemed well taken care of. The staff was really professional. I spoke to both Bersin and Melissa and they were super knowledgeable about the different variety of dogs they had there and how to care for them as well. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family!!

Luis Juarez

2 years ago

I recently purchased a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy from this store. At first I was a little skeptical but when I went inside the 2 girls who were working were very friendly and knowledgeable of the puppies they had. I always wanted a corgi. So I purchased the corgi puppy which is now 13 weeks old. I was advised he had kennel cough but they did provide all the medication necessary to treat it. The cough resolved the following week and my puppy got vet checked 2x already and he’s healthy and growing accordingly. He gets along with my other dog just fine and he’s such a good boy. Thank you for providing me with the perfect second man’s best friend.

Nick Rizzo

2 years ago

Wayne puppies was absolutely amazing! My fiancé and I just purchased a mini golden doodle from here. We had to wait a week to pick him up but they were more than accommodating when we visited our boy every day until he could be released. Staff was amazing and took great care of us and our puppy

Valerie Giraldo

2 years ago

Great experience, very professional and caring!!

Augusta Knowles

2 years ago

Came in with my son and saw the really cute puppies. Kirstin was really nice and knew a lot about the breeds they had. Puppies were happy and playful and well taken care of. :)

Brianna Hickmann

2 years ago

Came into the store with my daughter and husband. It was very clean and the puppies looked super happy. The prices were way too expensive for us but the girls were super nice I wish I had got their names!

Clayton Mantell

2 years ago

I had previously written a lengthy review highlighting the whole horrible experience we had getting a dog here. Well they must have somehow gotten our review taken down. Who knows how many others reviews they have had scrubbed. We got a puppy here and he was on deaths door, needed to be tube fed, their vet lied to us, tried to tell us the dog was fine when he was not, confirmed by our usual vet. This place should be shut down, (which they have been in the past) they must be keeping the puppies in horrible conditions for so many of them to be sick. BUYER BEWARE, AVOID WAYNE PUPPIES LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Allison Rodriguez

2 years ago

I have been to a couple puppy stores and contacted a couple of breeders over the past month and a half. I came in yesterday to take a look at the Sheepdoodle & Goldendoodles. First off I must say the store is very clean. I was approached by a woman named Bersin and was asked if I had any questions. I told her I was looking for a dog and almost got scammed in PA from a breeder. I was interested in the goldendoodles more than I was in the sheepdoodle, although I wasn’t very familiar with the breed, but I was informed by a friend of mine that if I had allergies a golden doodle would be a better choice. Bersin knew a lot about golden doodles and was very professional and made me feel very comfortable asking her questions. I liked that she asked me questions as well to find out what dog would best suit my lifestyle. She informed me about the different kinds of goldendoodles, such as 1st and 2nd generations, and the difference in weight and height between the two and that’s when I realized I wanted a mini golden doodle versus a standard since I am looking for a small-medium non shedding dog. The prices are reasonable and I will definitely be back with my husband to make a purchase! I definitely recommend anyone to physically walk into a puppy store instead of doing it online!


2 years ago

I’m very upset I came to store in a Sunday at 2pm looking for a French bulldog puppy i was not able not even to get in to the store and see the puppies when there was not even a single customer the lady said we still needed an appointment to be there, so sad I guess they do not want to make business.

John Powaznik

2 years ago

Female with glasses was vaping don’t think that’s safe

Katie Vaughan

3 years ago

I bought my French bulldog Oliver at Wayne puppies about 15 months ago and he is happy and healthy! I purchased him at 8 weeks old and I found the condition of the store to be very clean both times I visited. The staff was very helpful and allowed us to take out a few different puppies to play with and get to know while we were making our decision. I was never asked to pay to do this as we were seriously considering purchasing, but I can understand doing that as when I was young I would have loved to play with every puppy in the store for fun! Lol!! I had my 2 children with me, my friend and her child as well. The owner appeared to really love and enjoy the puppies and was very knowledgeable about the breed. I mean really...... she made her own all natural puppy treats and it appeared to me that she was proud of the puppies, which I really loved to see!! She showed us some basic puppy care like cleaning his little bat ears and gave us the option to take him to the recommend vet or one of our choosing, but was not pushy in anyway. I stayed with the food she was feeding at the time, but wish they would have sold that brand in the store so we could have purchased a bag. It was nice that the owner filled a Large ziplock of the food to take home until we bought our own. I took Oliver to my Own vet who not only gave him a clean bill of health but found him to be adorable!! The purchase price was expensive, but my research prior to purchase showed this price was consistent with the cost of the breed. My only complaint, if you could even call it that, is that one of my Frenchies ears still does not stand up most of the time. We tried a little skin tape but Oliver hated it. My vet could find no problems with his ear in any way to cause this and it has not affected the fact he is our loved and spoiled little family boy. ❤️ I still gave 5 stars and felt it was not fair to deduct for this. We jokingly call him our little unicorn Frenchy because of his “lazy” ear!! Oliver is happy 27lb boy who enjoy being carried like a baby by my 14 year daughter daily!! Btw my friend, who is not a pet store fan, came with me and was satisfied with the cleanliness and care of the animals and even considered purchasing a pet there!! Thank you for our Oliver!!!!

Jay Afonso

3 years ago

Purchased my German Shepherd from them and everything was great.

Carlos Hernandez

3 years ago

My dog is 3 now I love this monster lol

Chris Grimm

3 years ago

Amazing staff, cute puppies and reasonable prices. I'm so happy I got my dog here

Shun Josephine

3 years ago

My aunt purchased a puppy here and her experience sas awful. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE AT ALL!!!!!!!

Lidia Castillo

3 years ago

How much are the tea cups and samoyed if u have

Martin Gaspar (nocturn)

3 years ago

so many complaints about first time pet owners having their puppies die within 2 weeks-Friend of mine shared a very similar experience here with that happening to them. And the owner? Lol look how they reply towards clients under these here comments. wild. but not surprising. ????

Samanth Popek

3 years ago

I had an awesome experience visiting Wayne puppies! Everyone was so nice and the puppies were to cute ! By any chance does anyone know if they are allowing volunteers to come in and help. I would love to volunteer over the weekend and help out!

Samantha G

3 years ago

i got my golden retriever here in early july of 2019. he is the best dog in the world, but after two weeks he had some eye problems. after maybe a month he was diagnosed partially blind. we went to best eye doctor in nj but they said he could get surgery at 1 but there is a possibility of him going fully blind. he is 2 weeks from being 1 year old but it is 7,000 dollars for cataract surgery. it is not even that much for a human! i would not recommend you getting your puppies here but we demanded our money back and got it back but they offered replacing benji. we would never replace our little guy but it was kind of sick of them to offer us a new dog. he is an amazing dog but i will not be going here ever again for dogs.

Tannia Moreira

3 years ago

Went to the store, around 30 minutes before it closes we went their and looked at pups and asked to see one they said they were closing I would understand if it was 10 minutes before but It was 30 while reading reviews we saw one of the workers playing with a puppy but we didn't get too how unfair, and just by reading the reviews I'll rather buy one from a shelter or do research ...

West Edmonds

3 years ago

Very rude over the phone and in person. I would rather take my business else where.

Kathryn Niedermaier

3 years ago

I have never been in this store, but seeing the responses from the owner on this page, I would never go in! Such rude responses from someone who expects business. Not to mention most puppy stores support puppy mills.... ????

Sophia Siliras

3 years ago

You can found what you need for your pets

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