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mat lavic

2 years ago

RDV etait a 11h, ils nous ont recu a 1h plus tard aucune excuses.aucune explications de facture. la technicienne a couper 2 griffes au sang, dont une qui saignais enormement, nous avons due payer de nos poches un produit pour arreter le saignement due a lerreur. elle a due piquer 9 fois mon chien pour trouver une veine pour prise de sang Moins cher qu'ailleur oui mais aucune experience ou professionnalisme. tout ca pour se faire repondre poliment que cest pas leur esti de probleme. cetait la derniere fois.

Lise McCaffrey

2 years ago

I would like to share my experience with the Wizoo veterenian service. They are very efficient, and organized. It looks more like a store when you walk in because the receptionist does not have a desk. However the vet Dr.Guenette is so professional and good with dogs. They take time to diagnosed your pets health problem if any and if treatments needed they make sure you understand what to do.

Jo An

2 years ago

The Wizoo team in Vaudreuil are very professional. My cat had a UTI and I was able to book an appointment on the same day! Dr Deak is very caring and answered all my questions. I was in the room with my cat (she's very scared) and the tech and the receptionist were very nice and helpful. I felt at ease. I highly recommend Wizoo and I will be going back for her vaccination.

Natalia Natalia

2 years ago

I would like to share some of my personal experience with Wizoo. They've been taking care of my animals over the past 2 years and provided an amazing service all along without a doubt. I, myself, have been working as a cat breeder for over 10 years now and therefore, have had the priviledge of seeing the worst and best in term of clinical treatment out there. Consequently, I can confidently tell you that Wizoo is a wonderful clinic that provides A+ service at all time. I had two crucial life-or-death situations this year and they were able to come through no matter the circumstances. Really an amazin clinic. All my love goes to them. I rate them 100 out of 5 stars :)

Rebecca Dyer

2 years ago

Somewhat annoying experience, waiting 2 hours, only for the vet to talk for ~3 minutes to give a small tube of cream for my hamster's eye infection, cost $135, but all things considered I'm happy the hamster is getting better, I'm very thankful for the help I received, Spot my hamster is happy too.

luda berezina

2 years ago

I love this vet clinic! Everything about it is amazing! Great vets, great staff, great space, great location. They always make sure to give their best. I finally found a vet for my fur baby.

Julia Konkova

2 years ago

Firstly, they don't respect appointment times and don't care a bout it. Secondly, their lack of staffing and professionalism is absolutely inhumane and irresponsible towards the animals. We brought our dog for an examination where the vet told us that she has an inoperable tumour and has a few weeks left and prescribed cortisone. We were told that as soon the dog stops eating, we have to call to put her to sleep. I've never had to euthanize a pet before. 3 weeks later my dog stopped eating and became lethargic, and I knew it was time to let her go. When I called the clinic they said that they don't have a vet available and will not have anybody to do the euthanasia FOR THE NEXT WEEK!!! Am I supposed to keep my dog in pain for a week and watch her die in pain? My only other option was to bring her to the emergency clinic which brought up my bill to $600+. Wizoo's failure to instruct the pet owner of the procedure on euthanasia (that is definitely seen in the near future) as well as have someone on duty to perform these kind of procedures is simply unacceptable. I think any respectable clinic should have a trained individual on call for such events. We are betrayed and heartbroken that Wizoo did not have the resources to allow our dog to pass without the added stress of having to frantically call to find a different clinic that would take her in. If you want to trust your animal to a clinic in their time of need, Wizoo is not the place.


2 years ago

Very nice place and professional

Nicolas P.

2 years ago

Really impressed by the service and qualifications

Roman Levit

2 years ago

First time visiting the clinic. I had an appointment 1PM. They took the dog and put him in a room. They told us that we cannot be in the room with the dog as per Covid protocol. I come back an hour or so later and the dog has not been seen yet. Poor fella had major separation anxiety. We waited for another 30-40 minutes before the Vet came. On my second visit which was today. We have booked an appointment at 2PM. We arrive at the clinic and they say our name is not in the system. I show them that we got a confirmation and they said that they could not help me in any way. They proposed waiting for 2-3 hours and maybe they could accommodate us. Very unprofessional. Poor service. Poor client accommodation. Highly recommend to look elsewhere.

Chandra Devenyi

2 years ago

Great place. Very clean and very welcoming. The vet Dr Istvan is amazing it shows he cares

Josy Ferraro

2 years ago

Was not Informed that we would have to leave the animals there and us leave… The Internet registration was completed at home and completed on the phone and when we arrived it was still in complete in their computer… Needed a follow up prescription when I picked up the animals , the prescription was not ready it took me 45 minutes to exit the building this is definitely not a happy customer and not a return client

Charareh AF

3 years ago

Take your little furry friends here the staff is amazing, the service eve better

Jennifer Birkens

3 years ago

My second bill for a 2 pound dog was 585. They told me to start giving my 6 month old heartworm medication without even asking for blood tests. No problems with her at all, I trusted they would give me a vaccine and only a vaccine worth 20$ . Waited two hours and when I went to pay my bill was shocked but I was already late for a dinner and tired of being there in my car for two hours. I've never been so disappointed in a faculty in my life, when I called frantic and upset about the situation and looking at the medication that was truly not "discussed" between the vet and I,I was told I wouldn't be able to get this problem resolved as I was upset and my emotions had gotten the best of me. Im at 22 year old girl with a 6 month old two pound dog and in the two times I've been to wizoo my costs have totalled to 730$. And this was just bringing her for necessary puppy shots. Not only am I disappointed,when I went back after my phone call I recorded the 20 minute discussion between the staff and I, rude floor supervisor, not understanding at all and just in all a horrible experience I can go in and on about. You know my name,message me on Facebook for further details about this establishment or the recording. I will write another review if the manager and establishment can get back to me and help me resolve this issue and get my 400$ that as a 22 living in a pandemic. I cannot afford. I hope there is a solution to this problem. As I would have thought and I was told the floor supervisor could have helped but decided not to. So thank you for that Victoria,very unhelpful and rude. I apologized for being frantic on the phone as I think im allowed to have emotions and was still looked down upon. I apologize again, but this is an issue that should be recognized and dealt with.Over charging clients for things your animal did not go there for is a major issue and needs to stop. This can result in court considering im not the only one this has happened to at this establishment.

Natasha Tarhini

3 years ago

Very lost staff! And very unprofessional. Doctor didn't ask me any questions about the food I feed my cats or give any advice on any such thing concerning the health of my cats. Some doctors show that they love the animal like their own and should make the patient feel that as well . Not going back .

Frank Daigle

3 years ago

Great service and my dog is going well after his vaccines, he wasn't traumatized there and i had previous bad experiences in another Vet. I recommand this place.

Alberto Foglietta

3 years ago

I arrived on time for my appointment, yet the vet took over an hour to come see me and then another 20 mins wait to pay a simple check-up bill. The vet was inattentive as she barely check my pet (less than 5 mins).

Christian Laroche

3 years ago

Went for an ear infection exam for my dog and the whole staff was great. Vet was really attentive and the follow up visit was just as good.

christine blackburn

3 years ago

I brought my cat for an UTI and they took good care of her . Also the price was very reasonable compared to my previous vet . Very friendly staff ;)

Danielle Yefman

3 years ago

Not impressed with the service. I had an appointment at 7 for a yearly check up, no issues to address, and we didn’t get seen until 8:15. Then, we saw the vet for 5 minutes and only managed to leave at 8:45. We recently moved from the city and our old vet was so caring and attentive. Every check up, she always made it a point to check our cat’s heartbeat, temperatures, belly, mouth, ears, etc. This vet didn’t even check everything on my cat, for her first visit. She listened to her heartbeat and pointed out that there was a murmur. My last visit with my old vet was 2 months ago and she never mentioned anything to that effect. Also, this new vet said my cat was very stressed and should take anti-anxiety pills (which is 60$ a month). I’ve had this cat for a long time and, other than moving recently, nothing has changed in her life. She still curls up on my lap, cuddles me, seeks my attention and sleeps like a normal cat. Honestly, it felt like a money-grab. Why not offer different solutions before going straight to the extreme of giving my cat anti-anxiety pills every day? The receptionist was nice, though. One star for that. I’m not even going to get into the dog that was leaving the clinic, post-surgery, with blood seeping from his wound and the owner being told it’s normal and to come back the next day to address the issue.

Ivan Rodríguez

3 years ago

After trying to get an appointment in Montreal and failing miserable I bumped into Wizoo. They take online reservations so I did one and turned out to be a great choice worth the 45 min drive. All their staff including receptionist, technicians and the vet was super friendly and caring for my pups. They also speak English for the ones not so comfortable with French like moi. I will come back and would recommend this clinic to anyone!

Juan Duque

3 years ago

Very bad experience first they could not find our appointment that was made online .the vet was nice but seemed like she was trying to sell the shots our cat may or may not have needed and didn't ask if we approved and then the tech came to do them so we asked him questions which he just was not able to awnser, idk if it was language the barrier but he just implied our cat needed them. I've never had that experience before with my dog or my other cat in the past at different places. We thought we would try this vet simply cause the one we go to there was a bigger waiting time. Not coming back here again after a nice bill of 199$ without correct explanation of what is what.

kenneth cameron

3 years ago

Great place good prices and they do exotic animals!

Mo Ahmed

3 years ago

Very kind staff, knowledgeable and they are very well priced. We have 2 cats and a dog and we always get quick appointments.

Torino Bonnier

4 years ago

We only talked over the phone but very polite and great advices. I definitively will go there for my next appointment with my dogs.

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