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Cissy Sierra

3 years ago

Nice place thanks to doctor Patric and team to take care of my dog now he is home feeling better ????????

Bruce Thomas

5 years ago

Takes great care of snoop jr.

TheTrue Pooka

5 years ago

Called for a quote on euthanasia of a dying elderly cat. Guy told me they don't provide quotes for people shopping around which is unheard of. Insisted I come in with pet, I'm guessing so they could run up 1,000s of dollars for unnecessary …

Gina Lynnik

5 years ago

Caring, knowledgeable staff. Dr. Patrick has a tender touch with the animals and always explains the treatment he recommends to treat your pet.

Bleux Rogue

5 years ago

Go to Essex Animal Hospital in Bloomfield. They’re the best.

Sharon Scott

5 years ago

Not pets on a budget anymore. Very Expensive.. Need to put elderly cat down they want to charge $400.00 CRAZY... They are all business no Compassion!!!!!!!!!!

Ely Longueira

6 years ago

It s all about the money for Dr. Patrick. DOES NOT care what so ever about the animals...A year ago we took our pug there for shots and and a check up since our dog has had seizures, he talked us into some health plan and convinces us that with blood work and shots it will be worth it. That day we walked out paying $300 along with the health plan that would eventually cost $72 a month for a year and a prescription for seizure medication. He only gave 2 shots that were included in health plan because Dr Patrick said he didn't give him all 4 because he also had blood work and given his age (9yrs old) would be to much. Like clock work they billed our credit card every month for this so called health plan, months later I return for the rest of the shots and SURPRISE health plan ended but they would only charge me for shots not the visit. OK...takes the dog in the back for his shots and returns later telling me dog has a lot of wax in his ears and they have to be cleaned and along with medication would cost $330, loving my dog dearly I gave the go ahead. APPARENTLY not enough money for this vet, and clearly seeing SUCKER written on my forehead, he later tells me my dog needs his tooth pulled and it will cost an additional $998.. I told him that the shots and cleaning were enough and that I would think about the rest. PAID the $330 and left. A week later I call the Vet to refill his seizure medication (a medication he needs everyday for life) and tells me I must bring dog in for blood work before refill. WHAT??? I was just there..he says he needs blood work every year, NEVER EVER mentioned that...I tell him he only has 2 pills left and says no blood work no pills.....Clearly it is all about how much money he can get out of people.. NEVER will I go back !! RIP OFF money hungry so called VET

Yahely Velasquez

6 years ago

If I could give this place less than a star, I would. Lorraine, at the front desk, is the most unprofessional person I have had the disgust to encounter. Not helpful, rude, and basically left me to deal with a balance I was told would be waived and sent it to collections instead. Hung up the phone when I was speaking and refused to pick up the phone when I called back multiple times. This is the type of person representing a vet hospital??? A place where I'm supposed to trust that they will do what is right for my pet?? THIS PLACE IS GARBAGE. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME

Sherif Bishara

6 years ago

Rip off - they do many things without asking if you are willing to pay for it and then hit you with a huge bill - don't go there

Michael Wilkens

6 years ago

I haven't visited this Vet yet, but I called and they were very helpful on the phone. They informed me of a walk in vaccination program they have on Tuesdays & Thursdays so we can get rabies vaccines for our two healthy cats very cheap & with no additional exam/visit fees. I will go next Thursday and update this review if there are any surprises, or if I am less than happy with the walk-in experience or with the information I received on the phone.

Luisa Oliveira

6 years ago

It’s all about making money

Isabel Garcia

6 years ago

Expensive. Over $3,000 to extract a bone from my dogs anus.

David O

6 years ago

MONEY HUNGRY!!! RIP OFF!!!! If i could rate it less then a star i would.This place is a rip off! I called for an estimate on a certain type of medication and the vet said i had to bring my dog in to run tests. I told the vet that i just wanted to know how much a specific medication was so I can gather up the money to have enough for the medication and the visit. He kept saying that I would need to bring my dog in to run tests and x rays. I said that I thought it was possibly ring worm and if he could just give me an estimate on the medication so i can plan accordingly. He just wanted me to come in to run numerous tests. I told him that will run me up an arm and a leg and if he can just give me a price on the medication (Itraconazole). He transferred me to the front desk (basically hanging up on me without telling me) and made her do his dirty work to tell me to bring my dog in for tests. What is so hard with getting an estimate for ring worm medication. This place will run unnecessary tests just to charge you. THIS PLACE IS A RIP OFF!! Luckily my girl works at a dog place and had their vet look at my dog for free. Her vet knew exactly what it was within 2 minutes. She told me it was ring worm and wrote me the prescription for (itraconzole). The medication was $300 so i was actually able to use (Clotrimazole) $5.95. Works great and what a major discount. I recommend everyone to do their own research when it comes to your loved ones. There are lots of places that will just run you up a bill because they know that their clients do not know much if anything about veterinary medicine. Sometimes you can find info on medication. (NOT ALWAYS). All in all the vet at pets on a budget is a rip off and stay far away from this place. Also i was reading through the comments here and someone said something about them pulling there dogs teeth. My mother who is an elderly woman was told her dog needed some teeth pulled. 4-5 teeth pulled and a vet bill of more then $1,000. They took advantage of my her. SMH. This place is con artists ... STAY AWAY

Daisy Mingatos

7 years ago

I took my dog there and the vet sold me and my family lost hope. We wanted to put our dog to sleep because he was in bad shape but the doctor couldn't stop selling us the fact that the dog could survive. He hustled us into X-rays blood work …

Joan Dance

7 years ago

This Dr and his assistant were to of the most kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. If you want to go to a vet that is very much into what he does for the animals this is the hospital to go to without doubt. Would highly recommend and already have. You will not be disappointed......

jul sh

7 years ago

Terrible. If you are trying to call and get estimate of what service charges would be before you decide to actually use their services then prepare to get nothing answered. They want you to come in so they can charge you for a visit, even though all you want is just to find out how much would specific service cost. If I need to put a cat or dog to sleep, I got other clinics able to tell me the range of what charges would be for cats its $ and for dogs $ ... then you know how much to expect to spend. But this place can tell you to come in so they can charge you an office visit just to tell you how much it will cost. This place is a rip off... not budget clinic. They are not here to help with your budget but to charge you for unnecessary things that could have been told over the phone.

Monique Smith

7 years ago

Second time here so far I have no complaints and neither does my doggy son.


7 years ago

Had a 5pm appointment. Left work early, did not work overtime. It was 6pm and was still not taken care of. We walked out. Came home to read these past reviews which I should of read before going.

Robbin Cross

7 years ago

Worse vet ever. Just needed antibodies for my dogs ear infection and wanted me to spend 600 on blood test a other shots. Just give me the anti and I will take care of the rest. The vet would not and I walked out of ther with a sick dog and $50 poorer. Worse place ever. Now I know why the 2 times I have been there no one else is there. Doctor does not listem!!!!!!!

Ximena F.

7 years ago

Took my dog there a year ago. On the first visit I payed over $1,500 for a year of vet visits and the necessary vaccinations plus some blood work for allergies since she had extremely dry skin to the point of making herself bleed. Long story short, the skin condition was not resolved until I took her to another excellent vet who said the allergy test was never need because it was not allergies plus the cream they had recommended was making the issue worst. I could go on but to keep it short I'll end with I definitely absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND this vet clinic.

devi L.

8 years ago

The first time I went there it was a good experience. I was new to having a pet and the doctor I saw was very professional, he explained everything and answered all my questions etc. the bill was really high but he knocked the price down for us. Experience was great. This year when I went back my dog saw a different doctor and he doesn't seem to know what he was talking about. I also felt like he over charged me as well. I went in for the same visit as the previous year with the same prescribed meds and had to pay way more than before. But other than the iffy prices I wasn't satisfied with the overall experience this doctor gave. He just didn't know what he was talking about. After that visit I've been asking questions and getting advices of what the vet had told me and everyone told me don't take my dog back there to see that vet. I'm so happy I listened. My dog is doing much better now with the other advices from other experienced doctors. If I do return to this place again I'll make sure I don't get a visit with that specific doctor. Everyone else there are very nice, patient and willing to help. The staffs there are very helpful when the doctors aren't in.

Nicole Garrett

8 years ago

Not very happy with the service

tom gialanella

8 years ago

Ok not the absolute cheapest place but they are well in line with what other Vets charge and like all other Vets buying the meds there are not at all the most economical way to go. As for the Dr and the services Dr Patrick was kind, compassionate, and most importantly thorough with his exam and treatment. The service was unrushed, competent, and complete. The Dr. also had not problem with me getting the scripts filled at my local pharmacy or online to save some $$$$ which from my experience as a pet owner of 30+ years. I will go back to them again as with my experience a good vet is hard to find

Frank Velaz

9 years ago

The first visit was free but it still cost us $200 for Meds and the diagnostics of a cold. Anything but a budget although the place is proper and the Vet was kind . New to the Pet world so not use to paying more for a Docs visit than I pay to see my own. Beware the cost of the visit is not the only thing you will have to pay. Will not return.

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