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Ludmila Rocha

2 years ago

They always take good care of my dog.

jamie grundy

2 years ago

Took care of my baby. Very helpful.

Scott Gladstein

2 years ago

Amazing staff, great with pets

Omesh Sehgal

2 years ago

The best hospital for pets. Staff is excellent

Carey Yee Business Consultant

2 years ago

Stand clear of this facility and Dr Gaswami Dr Gaswami is to be removed from this facility along with her team who attended to me 02/10/2021. I have been a loyal customer since I got my Shih Tzu in 2017. Dr Taylor was an angel, she was very professional and very attentive to the needs of her patients including me. Unfortunately i was turned over to Dr Gaswami in 2019 when my mom had an open heart surgery and i had to halt my life to travel overseas to tend to her. Dr Taylor was clear to her as it related to my needs concerning completing the required paperwork for me to be able to take him with me on my trip to take care of it my sick mom. Dr Gaswami gave me the run around 3 separate times, charged me each time for the service and then didn’t come through with the required paperwork meeting the deadline set forth my the schedule of tests my pet needed. Her excuse was that the form is difficult to complete and she hasn’t done it before being the director of the pet hospital. Ground breaking! It took me a whole year for me to be able to finally take him but before that was completed and i have emails receipts to prove the communication between myself And Dr Gaswami. I was treated in the most degrading and embarrassing way in order to utilize the service that i paid in full for by her staff and then herself. There was this thick built African American lady who was very condescending and rude and even the other guest behind me took to my defense against her based on her unprofessional behavior. Can you imagine dealing with this while dealing with a mom fresh from the operating table from an open heart surgery? You would imagine that a Dr herself would be human enough to empathize but she persisted to be hard to deal with. After sending me an email confirmation, apologizing for her lack of edition on completing the required paperwork and wishing me well on my trip. She proceeded to putting a note on my account that blocked my access to utilize the facility. I returned in august and tried to set up an appointment and was told that i have been blocked from that facility after 4 years of having a squeaky clean record of taking my pet for his visits. They should be able to provide record of my visits and deportment from 2017 to 2019 when i was turned over to Gaswami. She is a liability to the facility and needs to be removed!!!!! The emotional distress, finds lost and blatant discrimination is evident and they will be hearing from my attorney should this not be resolved.

sabrina talamantes

2 years ago

Coco is treated with so much care. I love the excitement and positive attitude the staff have to make our visit smooth and easy to leave our fur babies

Geralyn Poshka

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and took my pet last minute


2 years ago

Horrible horrible UNION location. This goes to the STAFF AND THE VET Dr Goswami. These people made an apt for my dog, called me THREE different times to change his apt date (which he needed badly). I finally take him to the apt and they have me waiting for 2 hours. My dog isn’t used to being in cages and they left him in that cage for two hours before working on him. Stop overbooking and seeing more dogs then you can handle. I pay for monthly insurance for check ups and a good visit, I picked my dog up and he was STRESSED OUT and breathing ridiculous bro. Don’t have me wait 2 hours for a visit when we had apts booked for a while!!!! And this isn’t the first time, they’re constantly over booked and always saying they had emergency patients. If you have a dog that barely need anything, this is place for you. But if you have a dog that has conditions, regularly gets checked up DONT COME HERE. Go somewhere that cares more about your pet and puts time into them. A lot of these places are just money hungry. Your pets are like your children and you wouldn’t want anyone to mistreat and mishandle your children right?? They can count me out from this place. Vet sees my dog in distress and gives him back to me that way. Unbelievable.

Jeanette Batts-Davis

2 years ago

I'm very satisfied with Banfield. They're very informative, always looking out for my dogs best interests. The vet is so sweet she treats my dog as if he's her dog.

Ines Caetano

2 years ago

I love this location! All the vets and staff are so nice and truly care for the animals. I have taken my dog here ever since he was a puppy and I never had a problem. I had to drop off my dog for vaccinations and other tests and the vet always calls me more than once to inform me of how milo is doing and to ask for permission to do any extra tests and always informs me of pricing as well. I love Banfield!

Terry Sant

2 years ago

Walk-ins take a while but they took care of my baby great!!

Stephani O.

2 years ago

I've been taking my pet here for a year (due to COVID-19) and this is most unorganized Banfield I've ever experienced. They do not communicate effectively, do not effectively keep up with appointments, and after obtaining information from a previous Vet six months ago (this location), I learned TODAY (this location) that I had been over medicating him while I had been operating under the advisement of another Vet. I will report this as this is unacceptable.

Dr yishrayl Utah

3 years ago

I don't know why I had to wait in my car before they call you in for an appointment

Lashondra Mikel

3 years ago

They were so sweet and gentle with my dog Snow in her final hour????

Val N.

3 years ago

If I can give this place 0 stars I would,,, I never had a problem at ANY banfield however the union location has always given me a hard time FOR NO REASON. Don’t go to them.... take the extra 20 mins drive to Woodbridge because trust me they’ll let your pet die.

Marcelle Ceide

3 years ago

Very attentive, and very helpful, and answers the phone

Juan Pernia

3 years ago

They take care of my doggy.

Thomas Hackett

3 years ago

I called to set up an appointment and was told we don’t have any vets in today?? Would definitely recommend looking into other kind of pet insurances. No sense of urgency and don’t totally trust what they say but that’s just me

Rebecca Popik

3 years ago

My cat is a patient at banfield in Union. Please tell me how it’s okay for their phone lines to be down for two weeks. This is a pet hospital! My baby just got spayed a month ago and of course I can’t get in touch with the place ! UNREAL

Sunshine Patsoph

3 years ago

You will Love this place

Tai Singleton

3 years ago

Customer Service in Watchung is horrible!!! I have been given conflicting information EVERY TIME I have had to call for my pet. No where near accommodating and doesn't help resolve any issues AT ALL. Paying for a service my pet cannot benefit from and being spoken down to is not what I signed up for.

Tammie Bly

3 years ago

The staff and doctors are great and Max loves them too.

Pablo Echegorri

3 years ago

They make every attempt to rip you off.

Elena Garcia

3 years ago

I've been bringing my dogs to banfield for many years. Good doctors and very convenient wellness plans that, among other things, provide unlimited free vet visits.

Daniela Coral

3 years ago

Wow This place tortured a dog who went in for a clinical grooming service!! If he was put to sleep to get his hair cut there is no reason why he should return home with cuts and scrapes! Don't bring your dog to this place!

Daniel Davis

3 years ago

Banfill hospital in Union is the best

Crystal Preziosi

3 years ago

5/14/2020 I dropped off my dog approximately 9:30a.m for a routine Wellness visit. My fiancé arrived at Banfield to pick up our pet approx. 5:00p.m. Upon leaving the facility, He noticed Jax was distressed and whimpering. As he was putting Jax in his vehicle, he noticed that his mouth was full of blood. Immediately brought Jax back inside Banfield Union and informed the staff of the situation. He asked why the dogs mouth was bleeding and was told he may have evening biting the cage waiting for us. They took Jax back into the exam room to assess the situation. Approximately 15 minutes later, a vet came back to informed him that Jaxs tooth was fractured & the nerve was exposed. She gave him a # to a veterinarian dental specialist & told him he was required to either get the tooth pulled or crowned due to the severity of the tooth. She prescribed him Rimadyl tablets for 3 days for the pain. She told him there was nothing they can do for him and to call the specialist even though Jax’s tooth was completely healthy before his routine exam. He then left and contacted me to explained the situation. I immediately called Banfield & spoke with the physician, Dr. Youssef, who cared for Jax during the visit. Dr. Youssef explained that, in her opinion, this incident could not of happened by chewing on the cage and that it is a long term issue. I explained that his tooth was healthy before we dropped him off for his visit and they can refer back to his dental records from November 2019. My dog he is a hyper, hand on dog, he is alway in my face & on top of me. I know he came in with 2 front canine and came out with one fractured. I requested to looked at any video camera footage from when he arrived. They said that’s not possible! I asked why wasn’t I informed upon leaving his heath status? They are supposed to tell u about there findings upon leaving. The Dr. then informed me that Jax resisted when she tried to do an oral exam on him that afternoon, so she was unable to check his teeth during his stay at Banfield. I thought that was odd because he always lets them check his mouth. I was also told that Jax needed to be muzzled while he had his vaccines. I have never had this problem with any other locations. I asked for a supervisor. Explaining the situation again to Dr. Goswami, she reiterated that this incident could not have happen in their office, and that there’s no way that Jax could’ve broken his tooth by chewing on the cage or muzzle. Dr. Goswami didn’t get to do a physical check on Jax & could not explain why his gums and tip of tooth were bleeding? No one could explain! If you look at Jax’s gums now that they are not bleeding you can tell that he has perfect gums. The only thing that is wrong with him now is that he has half of a left front canine tooth coming out of the Union Location. We always take pride in taking care of Jax as he is a huge part of our family. We are very active in the care for him & without a doubt would have noticed a deteriorating problem with his front tooth. His mouth has never been full of blood. No one could explain why it start there? We have been members of banfield since Jax was a puppy, to treat us the way we have been treated is extremely careless and unfair from this location. We are beyond distressed with what happened to Jax! We immediately took him to another Vet the next morning to get a second opinion if the wound was new or old. They said it was New because the tooth did not discolored and still had blood flow. The pulp was exposed, the tooth was viable and there was no bleeding or tarter at that time. Banfield, Union will not even consider the possibility of this happened in there location. I have been working around the clock to try to come to a resolution. It is Sunday night and my dog is definitely starting to show signs of pain since we left Thurs. He even throw up Thurs. leaving Banfield which was odd. We are beyond distressed with what happened to Jax at this location I will never bring him here, I may be force to get a lawyer.

Crimson Cuppernell

3 years ago

We had a good experience for my dogs vaccines

Angela Urquizo

3 years ago

Although we are experiencing the global pandemic; COVID-19, my experience with Lily's visit was beyond excellent and so warm considering the circumstances we are all experiencing at this time. The nurse who met with me to take Lily, in was super nice and excellent at explaining everything the Vet had spoken to me over the phone in regards to Lily's health. I apologize for not being able to remember this particular nurses' name who assisted me in the process, however, because of you and the doctor, I will definitely be returning to this same location for Lily's future treatments and check-ups. Thank you to the staff at Banfield in Union, thank you for helping us pet parents even during these uncertain times and more importantly for maintaining such a wonderful and positive composure.

deborah Capaldo

3 years ago

I only go here for my cats food and treats, petsmart supply's. I will never use banfield Drs for my pet, there prices are way to high,and had a bad experience with them.

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