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Robert L Walsh

2 years ago

Very nice place, clean and neat, the front staff are really nice as well as the doctors.

Carebear_Jaybear Love

2 years ago

They are very nice and fast pace place

Faye Greene

2 years ago

Great customer service and pet care

Michael Clubine

2 years ago

They were great with my pups ....

Robert Saeva

2 years ago

Let me start by saying that I was reluctant to post this... I'm not one to leave poor reviews... I would rather discuss these things directly, but the fact that this review supports a lot of the rumors and opinions I have been given since bringing my dog here I feel for the sake of improving services at this facility its necessary. I genuinely don't feel my opinion would go much further than the water cooler if I were to reach out directly any ways since I've shared it before in person... After my recent experience and since I have seen responses to the poor reviews encouraging reaching out and/or apologizing, I would think the handful would be enough to encourage improvement but hey... what do I know? Its not like my job is managing customer service and project teams (sarcasm if you didn't catch it)... First I would like to start by saying our first visit 2ish-3 years ago was great... We adopted our youngest from Helping Hounds who has/had a program prepared through SCAH... The techs and vet were very engaged, supportive, informative and the whole deal. Part of the reason I didn't press to take him to our other two boy's vet (nothing wrong with them, just figured he started here and it would be easier to keep up with him here) and since HH recommended them, I figured "Hey, they were incredible so they must be good!". That's where the positivity stopped though... Our next visits were lack luster at best, so much so I have been reluctant to continue but have had little luck getting him into our other vet's office since they were not taking new patients. To save on the essay, we have had scheduling issues, double bookings, billing issues, been forgotten about in exam rooms for upwards of 45 minutes to an hour, and that's not even getting into the engagement of the vets and techs. I have yet to see the same vet or technician here... The only person that I have seen that's the same is the women working behind the front desk, aside from that they have all been different. The girl who took him most recently had to of been brand new as she could hardly carry a conversation with me and clearly looked very uncomfortable handling our dog... so much so they felt it necessary to muzzle him despite not seeing any aggressive behavior or body language (he's the dog every one of our family and friends want to steal and keep for their own if you'd like a character reference... I'm not against muzzles at all... we also own a stubborn a-hole of a husky so I get it... I'm against inexperienced people handling my dogs).. Even worse so is how poorly engaged they have been... "Turn and Burn" comes to mind here. We have either been hustled through our appointments or as I mentioned before, felt very much like an after thought. I have never experienced this at another vet practice and I have been a pet owner my entire life. We have yet to have any issue at our other vet's office nor have our family members had problems elsewhere. Those who have gone here, however, have all had somewhat the same experiences whether it be recent or in the past. I get our current standards of practice are strung thin due to the pandemic... I empathize... I'm dealing with fall out from it through my career... but reputations don't come out of thin air and now that things are settling back to "normal" that's genuinely not an excuse to provide poor quality of care. That's directly reflective of management culture and focus... These are our loved ones... practically our children and in mine and my wife's case they ARE our kids. If I experienced this same thing from a human physician, I would be finding a new doctor... Why would I not do the same here? Great, you got paid... but at what cost? Luckily after describing our most recent experience, our other two boy's vet was willing to take him on and we will be continuing his care there.

Anne Doss

2 years ago

We had our first visit to the Shop City Animal Hospital in April of this year after coming home with our new baby from the Humane Society (we were just going "to look"!!!) From the first time we came in, the staff has been so friendly and knowledgeable...and most important, everyone is SOOO good with our kitty! They examine, poke, prod, give shots.....all while ensuring that she is safe, comfortable and as at ease as possible!! I have had to reschedule appointments - no problem, as the staff is always accommodating. We are very glad our new addition is getting such good health care! THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!

Ashley Palin

2 years ago

The staff here are always caring and go out of their way to fit you in if there's an unexpected illness.

Samz Sanz

2 years ago

So caring and all amazing people ❤️????????‍⬛ Mr.Kitty and I thank you all !

Wendy Bouchard

2 years ago

Thank you for referring still waters,

Bob Spanfelner

2 years ago

At our time of sorrow, they were very understanding and really showed that they cared.

Jennifer Noble

2 years ago

I took my cat, Cleo,to Shop City her whole life (12 years). Today I had to say goodbye. The staff was kind, caring, and compassionate throughout the whole process. Dr. Danboise is one of the best. She always treated my cat like she was one of her own. Thank you for all you did for my Cleo over the years.

Kimberly Mcdaniel

2 years ago

The most excellent pet store in town! This location has everything you could want or need for your furry family. They also have a wide variety of treats and food options.  It will be a regular stop for my shopping from now on, and I will recommend the store to my family and friends!

Sheryn Mceniry

2 years ago

Did a beautiful job cleaning my dogs teeth.

Sunya Wood

2 years ago

They take great care of our dog! We love them greatly.

Molly C

2 years ago

Wonderful!! Staff were friendly and courteous, and Dr. Heather Danboise is a Godsend!! I went in with a list of questions and she and the tech took their time addressing all my concerns. Very happy with my experience!!

Monika Grochowski

2 years ago

I love this place! Dr. Danvois(spelling?) Is the absolute BEST! Dr. Danvois and her staff treats your pet like they are her own. ALL are very kind and super friendly. Seems like they love what they do. She listens to your concerns and helps you plan the best treatment option according to what you can afford at the time and if anything is too expensive she will talk to you about how long is recommended to wait, for example testing or surgery. If your pet does have surgery she will you text you within a few days to check in on them and if anything is amiss she will give you suggestions or make an appointment to have them checked over. My Zoey(130 pound mastiff mix) has never been treated better by any vet! As long as I live in Syracuse Dr. Danvois will be my baby girls(8 years old) Vet!

Toni B

3 years ago

I had to take my pooch there because he's adopted, haven't turned back since. I will take the time to drive there for my pooch!

Jaclyn Behling

3 years ago

Friendly, organized and efficient staff. Have been going for last 9 years with my Colby boy ????????

Shawn Jimmerson

3 years ago

Ive been with vca care club at shop city animal hospital sense june paying $84 bucks a month wich is more than sum human insurance.But hey im a furr mom and i love my baby.In the beginning they where great but come to find out months down the line they are not a reliable pet care facility.i Barely take her to the vet unless its for her shots a check up or something wrong she is limping very bad and i called while they where open i got a call two hrs after they they tell me to bring her in on the 9th the 9th after me telling them shes limping badly.then the woman proceeds to tell me if i feel its that bad take her to a 24 hr vet.well guess what i dont have the money because it went to them.And do to the pandemic im out of i dont have funds on hand to go just anywhere had i have saved the money i give them every month id have money to do now that my dog is in need i cant turn to them .what is the purpose of me paying this $84bucks a month? Its bull i wouldn't recommend vca careclub to anyone its trash

Missy Fletcher

3 years ago

I don't but I tried to make a appointment & she didn't make it

Jackie Jenner

3 years ago

They got my fur baby in right away! Even though they were beyond booked up . Thank you so much!

Jade Gibson

3 years ago

I love shop city animal hospital they always manage to squeeze you in ive had a couple urgent appointments and they got my dog right in they really care a special thank you to Dr. Danboise she’s an amazing Doctor!! Always happy to see my dog

joe leombrone

3 years ago

Great staff ! Great doctors ! Very comfortable

Kristin Pieters

3 years ago

Dr. Danboise along with the techs (esp. Jenna!) are amazing to work with!! They saved my pups life and made me feel as comfortable and optimistic as possible throughout the entire process. I won't go anywhere else!

Mark Evans

3 years ago

A good place to go to find a new and to get in find a new family member to home. ????????????????

paige braxton

3 years ago

I went Camilus and they turn my dog away even with a muzzle. When I call Shop city, they told me the are train to deal with dogs with any kind of attitude. They too really good care of my dog and that is where my dog will go as long as I live in NY. They are simply the best.

Tiaj's Avon Corner

3 years ago

They was very professional, sweet & helpful

S Maverick

3 years ago

When I first started coming here, it was great, so I opened up a care club account with them (basically pet insurance for this specific location). Unfortunately, for the last few months, the wait time for appointments are usually at least two weeks out. My cat is immunocompromised, so she has to see a vet quite frequently, that's why I opted into the care plan. I've had to start bringing her to another vet because she usually can't wait until they have an opening at this location. Now I'm still paying for their care club, which you can't easily cancel, and I'm unable to even utilize it. I want to make sure I mention that the staff here is really friendly, and almost certainly none of this is their fault! They seem to be doing the best they can with what they have. If the scheduling issues improve, I'll gladly update this review!

Hassan Muse

3 years ago

don't have any pets i can't anything about it

Nicole Standish

3 years ago

My dog was recently diagnosed by their team with diabetes. The doctor gave me the news and told me to call back with next steps. A few hours later I called to find out what to do next and no response that day. The next morning I called again. “She’s busy all day, I will leave an urgent message for her” Then my dog started acting funny so I got worried. I called again and she was still too busy. When she finally did call back she told me to bring him in within half an hour or go to the ER. I couldn’t make it that fast so I tried asking her what to look for and all she would say is go to the ER. Then her assistant called me later that night to “urge” me to go to the ER without evening listening to what I was saying about my dogs symptoms. So, I called the ER and they told me not to bring him in and gave me a list of things to pay attention to. This was 5 days ago. Not once has the doctor followed up to see how my dog was. To set up an appointment to get insulin. To see if he made it to the ER. Nothing. We are 7 days since testing and he still is not on meds. Thankfully, I have an appointment with a new practice tomorrow. Don’t bring your dog here.

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