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2 years ago

“I literally spent almost 8 hours there for them to tell me nothing was wrong with my puppy. They wouldn’t give him food or water while we had waited. Fast forward 2/3 weeks I take him to another vet and they said his leg is broken and i don’t even know if he’ll survive. They have the worst service and have no business running a clinic. I might lose my puppy because of how poorly they run their clinic. There vet failed at their job by telling me that my dog was fine when he’s barely been interactive for the last two weeks. And too top it all off they stuck me with a 500$ bill. Don’t bring your pets here, these people can not be trusted.” They are freaking terrible !!!!!! My dog just only turn 1 years old.

Jeanette Duffy

2 years ago

Dr. Goldenberg and his team are all fantastic. Dr. Goldenberg is the best at clearly explaining everything. I appreciate him and his team's commitment to the animals by not having curbside service during the pandemic.

L Ramirez

3 years ago

Took my 10 week yorkie puppy for 1st check up on 12/18/20 and she was given 2 vaccines. Bordetella and Distemper. Dr. gave me his personal cell phone to call in case of emergency said he picks up right away. Appt. was at 4:15 pm. Got home and at around 6:25 pm noticed my puppy's eyes were swollen. Called DR. Goldenberg at 6:28 pm he did not pick up. Left message with the reaction my puppy was having. At 6:57pm I called again because he wasn't returning my call. Finally at 7:32 pm he called me back. I asked if it's ok to give her kids Benadryl (spoke to a breeder and another vet and said to do that) and he said absolutely not to take her to emergency right away. By this time I had already given her Benadryl (1mg) and her swelling started going down. Thankfully by 8:00 pm she was back to her normal self...eating, drinking, playing, etc. I feel like this Dr. just sends people to the emergency vet hospital just to spend your money. I would've spent well over $600.00 for the emergency vet to administer the same Benadryl to my puppy. Even the guy that answered the phone at the emergency vet hospital told me, on the low, that I should just give Benadryl because they'll most likely do the same and it'll save me a lot of money. Also, I've never been charged a $20 copay at a vet. Normally you pay a visit and for the vaccines, but this vet charges a $20 copay which makes no sense. Definitely not ever going back to them!

Joey Perez

3 years ago

Iam in total shock with this place they are rude and over charge they take advantage of the older people keep a close eye on this place they lost me as a customer iam adding something in I wore wrong there staff some of the were very rude …

freddy pavon

3 years ago

Online it says they close at 7:00. I get here at 5:56. There are still people inside. I asked for my dog's medicine and they said they were closed. I thought pet health Care center is about providing care for your pet , to deny his medicine is not cool at all. Other than the wait sometimes,Dr.G is very loving and genuinely caring everytime he sees my dog. Please revise hours online as they seem to be in accurate,and can cause headaches.

Daniel Roman

3 years ago

DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU VALUE YOUR ANIMALS LIFE . !!!! I brought my puppy here two days after I bought her at Shake a paw for her first initial examination. I noticed that my puppy was acting strange , throwing up , coughing , not eating well and very lethargic. The Veterinarian Said that she had worms and just a slight kennel cough they gave her medication and said to come back a week later. I didn’t like the doctors diagnosis and the staff were very rude so I decided to take her to the west hills animal hospital. That same night they diagnosed her with severe pneumonia and said she needed to be hospitalized for at least a 5 to 10 days . Do not waste your money or your time here . I have paperwork to prove both veterinarians diagnosis.

Cathryn Lynne

3 years ago

We’ve had great experiences here. Appreciate the staff’s kindness and generosity. Dr. Goldenberg has done a wonderful job treating our dog.

Carolyn Coris

3 years ago

I been bringing my pets here for the las 9 years for my dog, and 2 years my cat. So fair so good.

Brent Harlow

3 years ago

Dr Stu and his staff have been great with our puppy! She needed a surgery for cherry eye. They did this the same time as her spay and both surgeries went wonderfully! Thank you so much for taking care of our puppy during these difficult times!!

Ashley L. Greene

3 years ago

I took my three year old cat for his vaccines, a nail clipping, and a wellness check. The staff were all wonderful! Dr. Goldenberg is EXCELLENT and very likable. The wait time is always minimal and the environment is nice and clean. I’m happy we have such a great vet clinic in the neighborhood.


3 years ago

Took my cat here about 3 times now and they were so pleasant every time. They spoke to my cat, calmed him, and took very good care of him. He was neutered almost a week ago, and he's doing great. I was so nervous beforehand, but now he's jumping, scratching and eating like nothing even happened ???? thank you so much for taking such good care of Wolfgang. We will definitely bring him back for checkups and everything soon.

Ann Cas

4 years ago

The most unprofessional Vet. He has no integrity...Definitely a liar. No respect for people’s feelings. Only cares about money and self image. Do not recommend this place at all.

Marissa Marlborough

4 years ago

I truly don’t understand the low ratings here. I’ve never waited for more than 5 minutes after my appointment time, the front desk staff is great with emails and printing paperwork for you to take and the Vet is super friendly, knowledgeable and great with dogs

Michael Evans

4 years ago

TL;DR: Don't go - even if you live close (like me), you'll save time, money and stress going to literally anywhere else. Your pet's health is worth it. Main vet and some staff are nice, but reliability, proper management, and customer care are nowhere in sight. Unless you like waiting an hour past your appointment while watching multiple staff members sit on their phones and being called back after your appointment because they forgot to send you home with the right medicine (again). The number of one star reviews, most of wish "wishing for 0 star option", speaks for itself, but I'll explain my experience since the staff, Presley, dared me to.... I live within a few blocks, and have two dogs, so I thought a neighborhood vet was going to be great. While initial visits, when the business was new, went well, it wasn't log before I started going back to Astoria as my primary vet after I waited an hour past my scheduled appointment, watching a family cry over their sick pet the entire time. A literal hour. The staff did not ONCE ask if they could do anything, nor offer the family privacy by taking them to one of the back rooms to wait. It was not busy, as usual, so I'd find it hard to believe that all the rooms were occupied (again, it was a full hour of waiting and witnessing this). That was about a year ago. Presently, one of my dogs needed a vaccine booster, and since this is an extremely simple procedure, I decided to give them another try. I called, was told "if you can get here before 12:30, we can see you" - great, I get a confirmation for a 12:15 appointment, and get there at 12:10, two other families in the waiting room. At 12:30, one of the other families gets up and says this is ridiculous, tell me what I need to tell another vet so I can go take care of my pet. They leave, and the front desk staff mocks them, in front of other customers. Cute. Around 12:45, the other family in the waiting room is called back while one comes out, pays and leaves. 12:55, front desk calls the gentleman who left saying they forgot to send something home with him. I also get up to ask "When can I expect to see someone for my 12:15 appointment for a shot?" Guy at the front desk goes into the back, where 4 staff members have been visibly sitting on their phones the entire time, and comes back with Presley, the other staff member working the front desk. She continues to explain that they are extremely busy - "Oh, I've been here for an hour and I have seen one customer, and I can see you guys in the back being not busy so I guess I'm confused." She explains they have seen 9 customers this morning, but agrees that those customers are not here so I'm a little confused about the attempted boasting. I then say that "I'm sorry but if you can't see me 45 minutes after my appointment, after asking me to get here early, I will have to leave and give you guys a poor review" and Presley literally looks me in the eyes and says "Would you like me to inactivate your account?" Gagged! She flexes on me for saying that it seems silly to make me wait 45 minutes past my VACCINE SHOT appointment when the clinic has been next to dead empty the whole time. I smile, say take care, and leave. Customer service at its finest :)

Nahomi Safra

4 years ago

Great Vet, great nurses. Their service its just excellent

paolo grassi

4 years ago

Great clinic, took care of my cats for the last 25 years! Dr. Goldenberg is a true professional, highly committed and fully dedicated to his patients.

Rosario Santana

4 years ago

DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE !!!!they are affiliated with puppy boutique they profit of each other! Puppy boutique sales sick dogs and ofc the sunnyside clinic loves that because the more sick dogs the more money it brings ! Both puppy boutique and the clinic cover for each other I was just there yesterday!!!!! Horrible experience don’t come here even if it’s free!! Don’t do it to yourself

sabrina vega

4 years ago

WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!! I went to another vet to be told that the vet tec from sunnyside was doubling up the medication for a 1 pound puppy !!!! I hope you guys and puppy boutique pay for my medical expenses!!! Dr goldenburg was was you thinking ?!?!

Yan Fayman

4 years ago

I took my cat here for about 2 years. Dr. Goldenberg was always great to my cat. He always explained what he was going to do and the cost/benefit every procedure. Most importantly, the staff and doctor cared deeply for the animals under their care.

Judith Rivera

4 years ago

The pet shop l purchase my puppy send me to this clinic with a suppose free visit, l don't think lm going back, l found my last visit for her last set of shots very odd, first set of shots, okay, l felt it was reasonable, what l paid, second set, bill was increased by $100, 3rd set of shots, l saw the vet examine her ears, never did on the 2 first visit, and came back with a suppose diagnosis of ear infection and my bill rocketed, 3 times, and l was like pet is a service dog, l live on a budget, and l'm 65 yrs old, l don't think there was no infection on my dog, and nevertheless l paid the unexpected bill...l'm planning a trip next year, and l wondering if l go for a cert of health, so l could travel with my baby, l will end up cancelling the trip, because of some unexpected bill...l'm traumatized...

Jason Lampert

4 years ago

Dr. Goldenberg is a fantastic vet, having taken care of our cats for 12 years. He is caring, skillful, gentle, and willing to talk turkey about serious stuff. When it was time to say goodbye to our Scout(who was a great cat) in 2017, the process was handled with great consideration and empathy, they even sent a lovely card with Scout's picture. Although we no longer live in Sunnyside, we make the trek back to bring in the kitties, because Dr. Goldenberg and Staff are the people we trust our family to.

Abigail Rivera (ajgonzalez555)

5 years ago

This place deserves ZERO stars. This is NOT a veterinary clinic everyone who works here seems to be in the prelim stages of their career. An hour wait, did not allow me to go back with my dog, demanded to muzzle him (he has NEVER BEEN muzzled) and refused to draw his blood without a muzzle. WE NEVER GOT TO DO THE TEST IT WAS A WASTE OF TWO HOURS. IF YOU EVER TAKE YOUR PET HERE KNOW 3 THINGS. 1. LONG WAIT 2. TAKE YOUR PET WITHOUT YOU IN THE ROOM 3. ALWAYS MUZZLE BEFORE DETERMINING TEMPERAMENT.

Alezandra Davila

5 years ago

My puppy Zander was sick and this vet was awesome ❤️ Thanks so much they always answer the calls and would fit me in same day

lukas Martinez

5 years ago

I have bring my dog to this place for the last six years. today I called them to schedule an appointment, the lady told me I can bring my dog in the next 2 hours and told me the vet consultation price then she asked me what’s going on with my dog I explain to her then she told me it seen that is an emergency, and because of that, the price she told me before doesn’t apply anymore , but instead she Gave me a new price which is Double just “because is an Emergency” I told her that is ridiculous and she said there’s nothing she can do because is the clinic policy. I’m so disappointed, after these 6 years and, all they care about is the money and not the wellness of the animals that come to them.

Giovanni Scrima

5 years ago

Brought my dog Milo in for a check up. Sunnyside Vet has a professional and helpful staff. They offered the most helpful and healthy advice for my dog.

Christian Cantor

5 years ago

After a urgent check up they return my dog with a injured leg, no explanation from the staff.


5 years ago

My dog got sick after visiting here kennel cough be aware

Brian Quiban

5 years ago

Super friendly staff & Vet. And they don't try to sell you things you don't need. Highly recommend.

Astrid Moncayo

5 years ago

If I could I would give this place 0 stars! How absolutely negligent. We took our aging dog to them first time for vomiting and diarrhea, that bill was almost $450 but we were ok with it seeing that he was better within a day. Took back yesterday because we noticed a growth on his foot and a day before it seemed to be hurting. $50 layers all we were told was that he was just old and not much to do other than to surgically remove it if it got bigger, the vet didn’t address any of the symptoms at all! Today we took him to another vet because it was clear to us that something wasn’t right! Our poor dog has an infection on his foot, he was given meds, a foot soak, and an e-collar so he wouldn’t lick or gnaw at it! PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS VET!!! THEY WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF YOUR PET! THERE ARE MANY OTHER VETS MUCH BETTER AND WONT RIP YOU OFF! I don’t mind paying bearing in mind at least some good service! If Sunnyside Vet Clinic reads this SHAME ON YOU for not taking better care of your patients! And try training your staff in better customer service!!

Michelle Parson

6 years ago

Very consistently good service. Also, when the Vet is on vacation, he always has a substitute. Christian at the front desk and Michelle the tech in the back are FANTASTIC. We have a healthy, happy dog thanks to the doctor at Sunnyside!

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