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Leslie Miller

2 years ago

We've been clients of South Salem Animal Hospital for decades, with our various cats and one dog back to the days of first Dr. Hubsher and Dr.Leitner, and now Dr. Pia. We've been very pleased with the outstanding care our pets have received over the entire time - the docs and staff always genuinely concerned about our pets, always enthusiastically helping them, very up-to-date on their needs, very often outside-the-box in finding effective treatments for each one. We can't thank these vets enough for the excellent care our animals have always had


2 years ago

Do not go here! Still not allowing clients in with their pets, called around and have seen on Nextdoor most vets let clients back in months and months ago. The response that they're taking extra precautions is ridiculous. They just want to be able to charge you for services without having to explain to you in person why. Keeping clients out is not only cruel to the animals but their motivations for doing so are greedy. Once upon a time this was a great veterinary hospital, but not so anymore. My elderly mother brought her beloved dog who's sore in and she left with nothing more than a $1000 bill. She's on a fixed income and they literally took her to the cleaners for nothing. They want her to come back next week for another appointment but I'm canceling it for her and I've made her an appointment with another veterinarian who would never pull the stunts SSAH is pulling. Beware

Patrick Shyrer

2 years ago

I have been using South Salem Animal hospital for many years, Dr Hupshire has always been wonderful, in the past two years the service has slowly gotten worse, to the point that I am writing this review from the parking lot after waiting for almost a half an hour for someone to come out to get our dog (they're still not letting anyone in even though the rest of the world is). The only thing I will be coming here for is to pick up the medical records for my three dog's. You would think after bringing our three dogs, 12 puppies and two bunnies here the service would be better. I would avoid them at all costs. Patrick Regan

Allie Christie

2 years ago

This has been the most above and beyond experience I have ever experienced at a vet. Dr. P and her nurses are all very knowledgeable and genuinely care about the animals they care for. I recently found them after searching all over the tri-state area for someone to help my sick bunny. Everyone was booked out for weeks and she was not in any shape to wait even a day. I called their sister hospital in Danbury, and they referred me to here. If it wasn’t for this animal hospital, my rabbit would’ve passed away by now. They patiently showed me and my partner how to treat our rabbit and explained thoroughly everything that was going on with her. Although she is getting old and it may be her time soon, I’m glad Dr. P and the rest of the staff here are making it as comfortable and peaceful as possible for my bun. I am so lucky to have found them for my bun and myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better vet.

rita falk

2 years ago

They have been my vet for over 30 years. Jeff Hubsher is the best, always going that extra 50 miles to treat my dogs. He is compassionate as is his excellent staff,. He and they have always been there for me when I have had to say goodbye to a beloved pet with compassion and love.

Cheri Fein

2 years ago

This was our first visit to SSAH, and it couldn't have gone better. Due to Covid, we waited outside while our dog was examined. Dr. Pia called us to review the exam and answer our questions, mainly about the best options for repelling ticks and fleas. She said she'd come out to meet us in person, which she did, along with members of the staff. She didn't rush back inside, and she explained each item on our bill without us asking. Everyone was incredibly nice and professional. Pet owners had recommended SSAH, and we're glad they did.

Leslie Carone

3 years ago

The staff is always friendly and courteous, and service is very prompt. My cat is always anxious and agitated when she arrives (she does not like riding in the car), and the staff always manages her beautifully, so she is calm and happy when they return her to me. Love this place!

Jo-Ann Moriarty

3 years ago

I rescued two bunnies back in December. I initially took them both to Dr Pia at South Salem Animal Hospital for an exam. Dr Pia is wonderful with small “exotic” animals!! She neutered Juno who healed perfectly and was “back to normal” in no time! Then a few weeks later I brought the female bunny Jepper in to be spayed. (Jepper came from a bunny farm & was 10 mos. old when I got her).......was not expecting a call so quickly that day of the surgery. Dr Pia told me that she was already spayed and I felt awful that I put the poor thing through a surgery but Dr Pia let me know that as soon as she began to cut her tummy she could tell that she had been spayed! Thank God she knows what she is doing!!! She stitched Jepper’s tummy back up and only charged me a very minimal fee for the anesthesia & some fluids!! My girl is doing fabulous only days later!! Thank you so very much Dr Pia and staff for taking such excellent care of my babies!!! You all are wonderful and it shows how much you care for animals!!

Connie Mandeville

3 years ago

I am someone who never writes reviews but with this I feel I have to. Yesterday I took my two cats to Dr. Hiekkaranta. We chose this place because it said that they specialize in pets comfort. That did not happen yesterday. When I dropped my cats off the two ladies that came out did not make eye contact with me and did not make me feel comfortable. About 10 to 15 minutes later the doctor called me. Started with telling one of my cats would not stay on the table. That was odd considering what it said on their website. She asked me if I was planning on neutering the one that needed it I said yes. She said can you come back tomorrow. I said no we work. We could come Monday. She said they other doctor is here Monday and began insisting on getting me to come they next day. Saying things like you can’t take time off of work? Repeatedly saying this. Then she started to tell me about the cost of the visit. Telling me about this huge list of things they needed. I thought ok. I’m sure she’s right. Three times she said well they are outdoor cats and three times I said they are not. She then told me for the exam and the vaccines they need it would be over 500.00. I said I am so sorry but I do not want to pay that amount. She continued with telling that there were things like if they didn’t get a rabies shot and they bit someone I could get in trouble. She was very pushy even though I said many times I will pay you for your time please give me my cats. I said they need their nails done can you do that and then give them back. She said there were things she needed to do or she would be in trouble. I said fine how much. She said 240.00. I said ok could I have the printout of what was done. She said yes and you can go wherever and she didn’t say it nicely. She said I don’t know how much I could do with one of them because he wouldn’t stay on the table? When I got home I saw the paperwork. She clipped the nails of only one paw on one of my cats. The experience was traumatizing and the website is false advertising since it says they make pets comfortable. Not even close for me and my pets!

Laura Krupp

3 years ago

This is the one Doctor’s office our dog has actually been happy to go to. They have a big comfortable cushion for him to lay on, toys and always a full jar of treats that he loves! They have given him excellent care and attention. Thank you!

Howard Hill

3 years ago

great care for DADO, our sons adopted cat, very professional and great monthly cat hotel for us to visit son in Boston monthly.

Carol Carol

3 years ago

Dr. Pia is very thorough and cares for your pet as her own.

Alice Fasano

3 years ago

My cat loved Dr. Maria Lagana and that is a first! Excellent care at reasonable price.


3 years ago

i brought my goat in for a check up and he was a little scarrd at first, but when he got in to see the doctor he was alot more calm.

Peruvian Sc

3 years ago

I took my puppy there in 2017 I know it has been a few years ago I don’t think this place deserves the rating they have very unprofessional the doctor ask me a question I will never forget how much are you willing to pay for your dog what kind of question is that I paid for my dogs cremation never got his Ashes, i just lost another dog after 10 year of having her the vet was so professional and I got my dogs ashes I will never recommend this place!!!

Peter Cybula

3 years ago

What happened to this place? I was asking myself after today’s visit. I’ve been going there for years and until my most recent visit the service and staff were decent. They sold the place, that's what happened ! Dr. Hiekkaranta, who made our experience very unpleasant; her behavior was unprofessional and manipulative. Playing a moral card: shaming us , evoking emotions of my ( grown ) child to extract money by suggesting unnecessary and costly procedures, especially during the national emergency, is at the very least unethical. My 13 year old dog came home untreated and so stressed out that started peeing on the carpet- he never does that.I'm filing a complaint with the NYS. Do yourself a favor, wait for Dr. Hubsher or go to Cross River and see Dr.Mayland. I did the latter and guess what - my dog is fine! Two stars are only for the old time sake.

brooke roese

4 years ago

They really care about your baby! I have a Newfie and she is still a rambunctious puppy....they are patient and try their best to help her. AND thank goodness for doggie daycare! When I have to be away from the house for an extended period of time, it is reassuring to know she is happy and not eating my couch! Ha!

Carmen Ciccone

4 years ago

Tremendous experience, called this morning and they got me in within a few hours and were super helpful with a job well done!!

Cary Simond

4 years ago

Very professional and friendly place. Easy access and plenty of parking. Great staffs.

Celeste Russell

4 years ago

Dr. Hubsher and his staff were delightful. Plan to continue using them for the care of my Black Lab, Mojo.

Dianne Press

4 years ago

I was dealing with a very sick cat and had to make some hard decisions; a friend suggested Dr Haubscher. Dr H. repeatedly spent time on the phone w/ me advising, explaining and offering assistance.. A knowledgable vet but also one who is concerned for both pet and their owner. Many thanks, I am very grateful.

Edgar Müller

4 years ago

Used to be a great veterinarian clinic. I used to take my eleven Siberian huskies. No more once they sold the business and the good doctors left. Now South Salem Animal Hospital seem don’t care about the pets like before. I am taking my eleven dogs somewhere else.


4 years ago

I love Dr. Jeff and the staff here. They are just the best recommended this office to everyone who has animals.

JoAnne Campo

4 years ago

My dig loves the folks at South Salem and she is well cared for.

Marissa Harrell

4 years ago

Just had my first visit at the South Salem Animal Hospital for my two cats. Everyone was very nice and made me and my cats very comfortable. They were very thorough with explanations and generous with their time. Overall, very happy with the experience and am happy to have such a caring team tending to my cats' health.

Nancy McDowell

4 years ago

I have to agree with Snow Dogs - this place used to be good but now they’re awful. As confirmed by Dr. Peta - they sold out to some corporate company which means they’ve cut costs, they’re understaffed & they don’t provide the services you pay for. Dr. Hubsher’s never there when you need him. Dr. Peta has also consistently stated in her own words that “she doesn’t care what happens here because she doesn’t get along with Dr. Hubsher”. I’ll be taking my Pekinese elsewhere.

Nick Bradbury

4 years ago

They take the best care of our crew... Great staff and Dr. Peta is the best!! ????

Stephen Massa

4 years ago

The best and most caring veterinarians and staff around. They take of my two dogs as if they are their own. Highly recommended!

Katie Rossi Murphy

5 years ago

Brought my lab Jack in because of a few symptoms we were concerned about. Staff was extremely friendly. They took blood and less than 24 hours later we found out he was diabetic. The Dr spoke with me over the phone about what the plan was for him and went over everything in clear detail. The dr showed us in person how to administer insulin shots. I even called a few times over the past week to make sure everything we were doing was correct and both staff and Dr (who was easy to get a hold of ) answered all my questions. I never felt rushed off the phone or like I was annoying them. Would highly recommend them !!! Thanks South Salem Animal Hospital !!

Ronald Giustino

5 years ago

The best care your pet deserves

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