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Sharon Hurkens

2 years ago

Always a positive experience. Staff friendly and knowledgeable

Alexa Schwartz

2 years ago

Dr. Perrier is the best!

Derek Matthews (tlsirion)

2 years ago

Gone there for years. Great vets great service

Rachel Merker

2 years ago

Terry animal hospital touts itself as the best vet on LI but really it should just say overpriced, useless and rude. First off, they charge $90 for any office visit and triple what clinics share you for vaccinations. Second, If your pet need a procedure, Dr. perrier tricks you into coming back for multiple appts for useless procedures (like constantly draining abscesses instead of just fixing it). Third, apparently he is extremely rude. For example, my basset hound had an infected skin tag that he wanted to remove for one thousand dollars. Luckily I was able to have it done by my cousin upstate but Unfortunately the stitches ripped. I called dr. Perrier, stupidly assuming that it would cost less than 1k since all he needed to do was stitch it back together. He told me to go back upstate. I did not expect that response and will never go back.

Daniel Epstein

2 years ago

I have taken pets here for almost 20 years. Something has changed. Dr Perrier said my cat had a rare skin disease that required surgery. She got an antibiotic shot and lo and behold, it was better in days. Never reoccurred. They used to be excellent, but something changed there. No longer recommend.

Your Wellness With Wendy

2 years ago

I do not recommend Terry Animal Hospital because after going 2x In the last few months and paying almost $700 I got a letter signed by Dr. Perrier saying they will no longer be able to care for my 6 year old healthy dog for some Covid staffing reason which is pure bull! I didn’t even see Dr. Perrier and stopped seeing him after he suggested I gave my dog an excessive amount of Benadryl for his allergies. Terry AH has been my vet for my dogs entire existence and then they drop us a week after my dog should have received a follow up with a letter and all my dogs records without a legitimate reason why. I love Dr. Foy snd so does my dog and now we have to start over with virtually no reason. I’ve heard a lot of people saying Dr. Perrier has lost it and now I really think he has. Also. the front desk girl could have not been more rude to me after I mentioned receiving the letter and I asked to speak to my doctor and I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I’ve always had a good relationship with Dr. Foy so this is perplexing. I can only say it’s highly unprofessional and my dog is super well behaved so it definitely feels personal and for having only positive interactions with Dr. Foy and never being late on a payment I just don’t understand and that is why I will never recommend Terry AH to anyone.

Herb Pitkowsky

2 years ago

Great vets, carrying for my animals fir decades

Lisa Romano

3 years ago

Dr. FOY..great doctor. Takes his time to explain.

Luis Barreto

3 years ago

They did a great job with my dogs dental cleaning. Staff was awesome and extremely caring with my Yorkie.

A Co.

3 years ago

I've been taking my dogs to Terry for 17 years. Some of the best vets, vet techs, and employees on the island! Their bedside manners are impeccable, the way they care for every animal that walks through their door as if it were their own, truly makes the entire experience of going to the vet joyful and pleasant. I once found a dead tick on my dog, called Terry; the receptionist gave me a number to text a picture to them of the tick and told me Dr. Perry would call asap. Less than 30 minutes later, I received a call from Dr. Perry who took the time to explain why he thought my dog is safe and was in no danger, and went into further detail regarding the type of tick, tips on how to keep my dogs safe during tick season, etc. This was all at no cost to me. This interaction is not just Dr. Perry, but every single employee that works at Terry Animal Hospital. Also, the building is beautiful and during spring and summer, the front yard is filled with beautiful lush grass and flowers! You won't be disappointed bringing your pet(s) here! They are in great hands!!

Tara Altman

3 years ago

We normally see Dr Foy but he wasn't in so we saw Dr Perry and had the same great experience we always have. Highly recommended!!

Ronald Wasserman

3 years ago

Drs. Perrier and Foy are the best

Ken Fitzer

3 years ago

I'd give zero stars if I could. Brought my dog here to see Dr. Perrier due to the dog straining to go to the bathroom and a change in stool size. We were told after an extremely quick examination that he's a mystery dog and that he felt him all over and said there was nothing wrong and that dogs are good poopers. 2 weeks later as my dog again began having trouble going to the bathroom, we went to an emergency vet. They ended up doing a sonogram and discovered a large mass. They advised us to go back to Terry animal hospital in the morning to see our vet. They sent the report and radiographs over for further review and gave us urine samples to be given to our vet as it was 4am and they're lab wasn't picking up samples till later. We made an appointment in the morning. As we waited in the car scared of what could be happening to our dog, Dr Perrier came out to our car and literally said " What?". We were shocked as if he was asking us what we were doing there again. I told him that we were told last night that our dog had a mass. He advised us that the emergency vet put the cart before the horse. He wouldn't even take the samples. He told us we should have the dogs prostate removed and have him neutered at the same time. We had to tell Dr Perrier that HE neutered the dog 6 years earlier and that wasnt the issue. How could he not know this? Did he even read the report or sonogram from the night before. At this point, he advised us to get a more detailed sonogram done and complained to us that he was losing thousands of dollars by not being allowed to do in house sonograms. My dog is sick and completely misdiagnosed by you. Do you really think I care about your lost money? My dog ended up having terminal cancer and had to be euthanized. Terry did NOT do the euthanasia. We wouldn't be able to live with ourselves thinking that our dog would spend the last moments of his life under there care and with Dr Perrier. The lack of compassion and the cold feeling we got from Dr Perrier was shocking. He didn't care. Period. Avoid!

Donna G

3 years ago

Edited on 2/11/21: After three of my cats were seriously misdiagnosed here, I no longer stand by my original review. Being nice is not enough if the vet sends a cat home with a shot of antibiotic but fails to find the cancer that is ravishing her little body, or tells you that a cat is just prone to dirty ears while failing to see the mass that was growing inside the ear). Original Review: I just recently (within the past 3 months or so) transferred to Terry Animal Hospital from Hilton on the recommendation of members of various animal groups on Facebook. I care for over 20 cats, many of them feral, and it takes a special kind of vet to handle them. Dr. Foy is that kind of vet. There's a reason they call him "the Cat Whisperer". I have seen him handle even the wildest cats so gently and kindly that they didn't even require sedation to be examined. Unreal! And because of this, he has prevented these cats from being unnecessarily sedated and me from paying the additional associated costs. More importantly, he calms these poor frightened animals so that the experience is not so traumatic for them (and me!). Working with animals is clearly not just a job for Dr. Foy, but a calling. He truly is amazing. I've also seen Dr. Raimondi a couple of times. She too is very gentle and caring and soft-spoken. And the staff and vet techs are absolutely wonderful!! My only issues with Terry Animal Hospital are that they are no longer open on Sundays, and that they don't give a multi-pet discount. With 20+ cats, I could use any help I can get, but considering the quality of care they provide and the fact that they are one of the few remaining privately owned veterinary hospitals around (most are now owned by investment companies that are ONLY interested in maximizing profits for their investors rather than the health of animals), I understand, and it's worth it.

Maureen Reininger

3 years ago

I've been taking my pets to Terry Animal Hospital since 1985. Dr. Paul Perrier took over after Dr. Terry retired way back then. He is excellent as are the other vets and vet techs. Front desk staff are friendly and very good at what they do. My most recent visit was for an emergency with my dog. They saw her immediately, took an x ray and found a blockage in her stomach from her chewing and swallowing bamboo leaves from the bamboo in my yard. It was a true emergency and they said she needs surgery that they don't do and to remove the blockage. In short, they recommended that I take her as an emergency to VMCLI Animal hospital in Islip, NY that would be the best bet. Terry vet called VMCLI to advise I was on my way. My doggy was admitted and had surgery the next day. She's home and recuperating now. Terry Animal Hospital is practicing Covid-19 CDC guidelines. You call the office set up an appt. and meet the Dr. curbside. They then take your pet inside while you wait in the car. Wear a mask!

Mark S

3 years ago

Good service and care for my dog BUT high prices and lousy customer service. I was satisfied with the level of care but when I got my bill...WOW! I had a small mixed breed dog who suddenly, one Sunday morning, out of nowhere, became extremely lethargic, and so I took him in to Terry Animal Hospital. 2 chest x-rays of the chest were done and a cursory exam. The dog was 18 pounds and couldn’t move. The easiest x-rays you could ever do. Following a short exam I was told they couldn’t do anything and they told me to go to the urgent care pet hospital off LIE on the North Shore. Before I left I was handed a bill of $450! I was dumbfounded. The bill included a charge of $350 for 2 simple x-rays Being in the medical field I know that x-rays generally are charged for humans at maybe $50-$75 each. For a small dog on death’s door, unable to move, I was shocked at the $350 charge I refused to pay and asked to speak to the doctor but was told that he (Dr Perrier) was not available as he was with patients. I was told to call back the next day (Monday) which I did, at which time I explained the above, only to be told again that the doctor was not available but would call me back. The doctor did NOT call me back. On Tuesday I called again and went through the same runaround with no call back. On Wednesday I called back and same thing. I, at the very least, expected the courtesy of a return call but no such courtesy. Meanwhile I had “googled” the cost of dog x-rays and found that the price could vary between $50-$150 depending on the size of the dog and the activity level of the dog. - if a small dog (mine) the x-Ray price is less. - if an inactive dog (mine) the x-ray price is less. So now I couldn’t speak to the doctor because he refused to get on the phone and didn’t call me back. I was willing to pay a REASONABLE price which I thought would be no more than $200 vs the $350 charge. Continuing my story we did go to the urgent care pet hospital and more tests later I was told he had “hemangiosarcoma”, a deadly cancer. Our dog was going to die soon but although he was mostly immobile, because he didn’t appear in distress, we took him home. We knew he didn’t have much time and that soon we would need to return to Terry or someplace else unfamiliar with him to have him euthanized. Meanwhile our bill was outstanding with Terry, and since we knew we needed to return soon, my wife urged me to “just pay the bill” , which I did to appease her. Bottom line, ask for prices or you may be very unpleasantly surprised. Also I deserved the courtesy of a return call. I feel the doctor is overpriced and completely took advantage of me.

Kathya Mancusi

3 years ago

Everything was so easy, smooth and quick. Thank you for your great service! And also, this little guy was so cute walking around


3 years ago

Very good vet; wouldn't go anywhere else

Jennifer Marlborough

3 years ago

Terry Animal Hospital is the best. They are very caring. I've been bringing my cats there for well over 10 years. Dr. Foy is very attentive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

charles mclaughlin

3 years ago

I have been going to Terry Animal Hospital for 30 years with all my pets. Best vets in SW Nassau.

A Luk

3 years ago

Best vet hospital on long island. Prices are really good compared to others. No crazy upselling or unexpected fees. And most of the vets are really nice and knowledgeable.

Norma Cirino

3 years ago

The entire facility is AMAZING! Love Dr. Foy...he is the Best!! Took amazin care of my Bella.

Stacy Albin Leone

3 years ago

Wonderful doctors and staff. They are incredibly caring. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else.

Cynthia Sollin

4 years ago

Dr. Perrier was wonderful with my dog Winnie! Winnie woke up with an awful respiratory infection (even with all vaccinations) they took her right away outside so none of the other dogs get sick! He saw I was in tears and reassured me! So compassionate! I’ve been going here since the day Winnie was born and I would recommended them to anyone with a fur baby

Erika Enlund

4 years ago

Terry Animal Hospital is the best. Extremely kind and knowledgeable vets/vet techs that are clearly passionate about animals and their well-being. The front desk staff is kind, friendly, and efficient --keeping this a well oiled machine.

Frank Velarde

4 years ago

Always a pleasant experience with the friendly helpful staff here. Doctors are very patient caring and skilled.

Hatriett Turner

4 years ago

They treat my dog really good

Howard Colton

4 years ago

I can't say enough how wonderful this practice is. My family has been using Terry Animal Hosptial since the 1980's, and the staff and doctors are just amazing. The care and compassion is second to none.

Lisa Harrington

4 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Terry's for many years but after my last experience and treatment from Dr. Perrier, I have left permanently and will NEVER return again! I intend to spread the word to everyone I know that has an animal! I had brought my pet in for an exam and knew my beloved was old and losing weight but seemed to have a healthy appetite regardless. Dr. Perrier just blurted out in an angry annoyed tone " He's dying!" He had no tact at all. He displayed no regard to the feelings of an owner who loves their animal more than life. He was insensitive, heartless and unsympathetic. He showed no compassion whatsoever. I was spoken to in such a respectful manner by Dr. Perrier and was told to go find another vet when I questioned about my pets healthy eating. Usually animals stop eating and hide when they are dying which mine was not doing. Of course, I was hoping that my pet was not dying. Dr. Perrier didn't seem to appreciate anyone questioning his authority. He was just plain rude! I do like Dr. Foy very much but can NOT bring my business to this veterinary hospital any longer. I now go to another vet and love the bedside manner I receive at this wonderful new vet. Plus it's less expensive!!! A nice plus! Not only do I find Dr. Perrier unpleasant but his staff are also unfriendly, curt and downright unpleasant as well. So happy I left this place.

Matymus The Awesomous (silvernirvash)

4 years ago

Always nice people working the desk, very fast service when I need my cats claws trimmed. Great service overall would definitely suggest this get for any pet owner.

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