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Davier Simmons

2 years ago

They always take good care of my Harley. More U.S locations please!

Lyd Hunt

2 years ago

Attentive, affectionate and accommodating staff! The staff immediately noticed dog my dog’s anxiety at a new location, attempted a slow introduction and when it didn’t worked called and discussed accommodations for the rest of the day. Thank you!!!!!!

Lakshmi P

2 years ago

One of the best places to leave your dog for daycare. They have separate areas for small dogs and big dogs. Each of them have an indoor and outdoor area. The staff is well trained and are always ready to help. My puppy loves going there. The area is clean and they provide water regularly.

Leo Ricardo M.S

2 years ago

The best tamarind has ever had. Great staff keep you informed on your pups behavior and camp bow wow offer other services as well. The staff loves him. I am very pleased with the professionalism ???????? they hold to their standards. They even took pics of my pup getting to know his new friends.

Karen Beiter

2 years ago

Always very willing to communicate and help out.

Kristin Galvin

2 years ago

I especially like being able to see my dogs during the day, and I also really appreciate the occasional emails from camp, letting me know how they are doing. It's reassuring to know that the counselors are getting to know my pups.


2 years ago

Camp Bow Wow takes good care of the dogs, and is a nice environment for them. It is comforting to be able to see them on the camera and know they are having a good time.

Shawn Weaver

2 years ago

Stay away from this place. My dog was supposed to be there for a 4 night stay with "all day play" however every time we checked the live cameras he was in his cage. When we called to ask about this they lied and said he was out playing with other dogs when we could clearly see him in his cage. They said he was a great dog good with the other dogs so we were confused as to why he was spending so much time in his cage and only 1-2 hours all day out playing. We specifically portioned out his food daily for them and gave extra cans just incase he ate all of it. He still ran out of food because the staff didnt feed him correctly and ended up throwing out most of the food. We decided to pick him up a day early because of all this and they ended up charging me for 4 full nights of boarding, a day of daycare, a bath and a nail trim which they never did. We paid a night in advance so we should have only been charged 2 nights and a day of daycare since we picked him up a full day early. Overall the staff was incompetent and lied to us over the phone several times when we asked about our dog. When we picked up my dog he seemed terrified and in pain. We will be bringing him to his vet to see if everything is ok with him. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this place.

Steven Rousos

2 years ago

Flexible, affordable, and my dog has a riot every time he goes as revealed in report card and videos.

Jacob Reid

2 years ago

This place has gone downhill recently with staff turnover and price hikes. I recently boarded my dog with them which we used to do very frequently with no issues, but during this stay they lost his harness and leash all whilst charging additional fees for day camp after a night of boarding. No remediation was offered by staff and I was told they’d call as soon as it was found. No call and I’m not expecting one based on how they handled the situation. In addition they normally will send pictures, a text, and an update on your pup which we did not receive during this stay. I don’t think we’ll be returning for the price they charge.


2 years ago

I took my dog here for her first appointment and the staff was very friendly. Ill be going on a couple trips later this year and its nice to know my pup will be in good hands while I am gone. The live cameras are also a plus so you're able to check in on your dog whenever you want from a phone or computer.

Peter Cornwell

2 years ago

My dog got kennel cough here.

Peter Pagan

2 years ago

Will not accept dogs if they are older then four months and are not spayed or neutered. For large breed dogs my vet recommends not fixing my pup until 2.5 yrs old. I personally feel 4 months is extremely pre mature to fix any breed of dog especially large breeds. It would be unhealthy for my dog to meet these requirements. But I am not eligible for their services because I am putting my dogs best interest over their facility rules.

Phil D'Eramo

2 years ago

Awesome and caring employees , my dog Bentley loves going here !

Di Zhu

2 years ago

Rochester folks (and dog owners in general), if you’re thinking of putting your dog in daycare, please DO NOT go to Camp Bow Wow in Rochester. My dog is currently waiting to see the vet. He was bitten by another dog yesterday right after we dropped him off. I noticed there was a faint blood stain on his leg when I picked him up. They didn’t even bother to put antibiotic cream on the bite site. Apparently the dog who bit him has “nipped” at other pups too. I’ve asked the staff to see this dog’s vaccination records and was told it’s confidential. I then asked if this dog will be allowed to return to their facilities and again was told that EVEN THIS information cannot be released. I pressed for the dog to staff ratio and it’s 25 dogs to one counselor. Plenty of “polite” passive emails with a lot of “thank you for your questions” but a TOTAL lack of transparency or sincerity. Apparently just because you signed an initial waiver it means they can care less about the accident. My pup has been limping since last night and is now very timid. He’s hiding in his crate, licking at his wound. Accidents happen, but if a dog bites, this dog should NOT be allowed to socialize with other dogs at daycare. If so (God forbid), the other owners have a RIGHT to know an aggressive dog is not turned away for the sake of profit and will be exposed to their pup. I’m not one to go on Yelp and write a scathing review, but it’s important dog owners in the area know about Camp Bow Wow’s negligence and total lack of transparency.

Kayla Green

2 years ago

Camp Bowow always treat our dogs well, and our dogs LOVE going here. There's always something to do for them. The counselors take a lot of care in making sure that all the dogs play well together and are friendly with other dogs. They also do a great job with baths and overnight stays, including offering extra attention, bedtime stories, and extra snuggles when our puppy was the only one there in the small dog area. The reduction of the star is for a case of kennel cough our puppy started showing 5 days after a weekend boarding. They require all dogs to have a bordatella vaccine, so it was likely a viral infection picked up from another camper who may have been asymptomatic or only showed after getting dropped off (kennel cough is kind of like the common cold, in that there's a multitude of different types of infection under one umbrella. Bordatella bacteria is just the most common). I don't think there's much Camp Bowow could have done differently, but we did find out from the emergency vet that this was not the first case they had seen recently from a dog from Camp Bowow. If they knew and chose to not let other owners know about possible exposure, that's my only concern. If they didn't know because they were never informed, that's obviously a different story and I wouldn't hold them at fault for that. Kennel cough is a risk with any boarding facility, so don't consider this to be a specific issue with Camp Bowow. Keep it in mind with any facility that boards lots of dogs. But encourage whoever you keep your dog with to let you know about possible exposure, and ask them to hold their other campers responsible for notifying them.

Michelle Gallagher

2 years ago

Our large nervous pup loves it here. The staff help him slowly get comfortable and by the time we pick him up he doesn't want to leave!

Samantha Sforza

2 years ago

My nephew goes here and when I picked up/dropped off from daycare everyone was wonderful ☺️ And he gets great care!

Amber Day

2 years ago

My sweet dog got bit on his 4th day there for day camp. The staff didn't notice it and when I picked him up he was bleeding. The manager looked on the tape to try to see when it happened but they couldn't find anything. That means the dog that bit him is still attending doggy day care.

Michelle Dowling

2 years ago

Camp Bow Wow is the best!

Rich Glickman

3 years ago

My dog enjoys it at Camp Bow Wow.

Thu Bui

3 years ago

My pup loves it here. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable with my canine's needs. Highly recommend!!!

Kristin Vulaj

3 years ago

Staff at Camp Bow Wow are friendly and responsive! I am notified if any issues arise with my 2 English Bulldog pups. The site’s webcams are such a great idea and you can watch your pups play from any computer or smartphone. Watching them play is great therapy when I’m having a stressful day! My girls love Camp Bow Wow❤️


3 years ago

My puppy loves going here , they are super nice and very helpful with any questions or concerns you have :)

Kylene Hall

3 years ago

I bring my dog here once a month to keep him socialized. Staff is always very nice and even remembers him and his eating preferences, despite his infrequent visits. I love that they send picture updates and that I can watch my pup on the cameras. I have no complaints.

Elga Ramos

3 years ago

Omg so excited whe go whith my Principe Bruce.

Paloma Prothero

3 years ago

Camp Bow Wow might work really well for people who live in the area however, when you come from another state it's a nightmare. Shortly after we got our dog, we came to a graduation party and to visit our family and friends in Rochester. So we figured that they required an appointment to get to know our dog and be able to leave him there while we were busy with our event. We made the appointment 3 days in advance and when we got there, they didn't know anything. We waited patiently while the guy in the front desk gave service to everyone but us. At the end he said that the employee we had talked to had given us a different appointment on a date that we hadn't agreed on. Then he argued that they were short in staff that he could not do anything about it . We asked for the manager but apparently he/she wasn't there. We left this place being very disappointed and late for the graduation ceremony. We ended up leaving our dog on Petsmart, where they were quic, very helpful and understanding. Camp Bow Wow Pros: If you live in Rochester, it might work for you. It seems clean and has lots of space for dogs to run and play. Cons: They seemed to us like a poorly managed Kennel. Seems that employers can mess up your appointment and they won't care to send you out the door, without working anything out. I Wouldn't recommend it to anyone who comes for vacations and has limited time visiting.

Travis Schutz

3 years ago

Great staff, lots of play time for the dogs

Philip DiPiazza

3 years ago

Great place to bring your dog friendly peiple

Rico Vitale

3 years ago

What love Love LOVE ???? Camp Bow Wow. They take care of our puppy so well. She loves it when she arrives Ave loves it when she comes home.

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