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Maggie Corbett

2 years ago

They have the best puppies, I bought 2 from here they are the sweetest. Great service, their employees are very knowledgeable and professional. My pups came with all their info and medical sheet along with pedigree and microchip information.

Alannah G

2 years ago

Recently purchased my puppy from Pet Zone. Megan and her staff were incredible and went out of their way to make it an extremely special experience for me. The facility is extremely clean and the pups are regularly checked by a local vet. My pup is happy and healthy. Five stars for sure.

Anson Burch

2 years ago

Great selection, great prices, awesome employees


2 years ago

Horrible Experience!!!! My family and I fell in love with a puppy. We were allowed to play with him in a room. We were later told someone else was interested in the expensive $4500 dog and left a phone #. Puppy wasn’t ready to go be sold until Vet visit. I was told that they could NOT hold puppies and that it was first come first serve so if I come back after vet visit days later, I can purchase him. Well I came back to buy him no one else was is in the store to purchase him. For some reason they are stalling, have me waiting there but they are telling me all is fine and that they are getting the paper work ready. They were NOT!! They were actually trying to call a manager b/c they didn’t know what to do. Turns out another staff member called the other interested person and was holding the puppy for that person. Apparently, it was his customer so perhaps he/she gets the commission. Beyond Unprofessionally run. We were told different versions, managers were being called by different staff members. My daughter and I are crying at this point because we then found out that the dog we thought we were taking home was being held by another staff member for another customer. Staff were nice but simply had no clue how to or what to do. STAY AWAY from this disaster zone. We went to a breeder.afterwards and paid half the price for the same breed. It Isn’t even about the money, its about the absolutely awful experience. Never again!!

Ashley Sosa

2 years ago

Horrible Service. The energy of the staffs was not right. They made me feel very uncomfortable & not welcomed.

Dolores Rodrigues

2 years ago

WORST PLACE EVER!!!!! I spent over $4000 on a puppy…it brought home parasites (multiple), ear mites and kennel cough. All of my dogs became ill. I spent nearly $1000 in 2 weeks on vet bills…this place is horrendous. The workers argue with their customers and lie. The puppies are from puppy mills I found out…it is just horrible. I am still nursing all of my dogs back to health including the puppy that was purchased. STAY AWAY, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS AWFUL PLACE!!!!!

Kim Carnero

2 years ago

I’ve bought 2 out of my 5 dogs from Pet Zone within the last 8 years and have had the best experience both times. I absolutely fell inlove with my mini labradoodle the moment I saw him. He unfortunately was not ready to be taken home when I first met him but the team called me right away once he was cleared by the vet. Maddie explained all the paper work throughly and clear and answered all my questions and concerns. Pet Zone has a great team who truly cares about all the pups they have.

Hannah Marie

2 years ago

They are upgrading the look of the store and I am all for it! They are doing amazing with keeping the place up to date definitely a 5 star worthy shopping experience


2 years ago

They lied about the breed of the dog and then said it’s on the breeders if anything is incorrect. The dog we purchased was supposed to be a beagle and is not. He weighs 30 lbs more than the biggest beagle in the Guiness world record book. Is he the biggest beagle? Absolutely not he’s just not the dog they sold us. He is a hound mix and definitely not a beagle. They gave paperwork stating his bloodline which is obviously fake. Go to a shelter. if my son wasn’t so adamant about the dog we wouldn’t have felt bad and purchased it.

Joe D

2 years ago

Great place to see dogs. The workers are so nice. I was playing with a cavalier king charles that was so happy. I will definitely come here for my next puppy. Now I'm thinking I may add a second.

Chris LaBarge

2 years ago

Absolutely phenomenal help and always a pleasure I never leave without any new information always satisfied and happy leaving with every experience Nikki and Maddie are extremely helpful highly recommended asking them about the cute cuddly pups

Madison Garan

2 years ago

I bought two of my puppies from the Pet zone and they are fantastic. They came fully vaccinated and already chipped. I was provided with all breeder information as well! The staff was extremely helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend if you are looking to find your newest furry friend!

Rena Rumbold

2 years ago

I bought my golden retriever here today and had an amazing experience! Nikki helped us and was very informative and resourceful. We bought our dog with the intentions of training for a certfied therapy dog for my special needs son. The price was very reasonable and we already love our Bailey so much.

Robert Reynolds

2 years ago

Just got a puppy there and the staff were very friendly and helpful. This is the second dog we got here and the staff are always very attentive and knowledgeable

Samantha Castellano

2 years ago

Obtained a shiba inu there about a year ago and he is absolutely amazing. The people there were so helpful and friendly. They were very knowledgeable

Tim Kowalzyk

2 years ago

We visited the petzone and it was nice to see many different breeds in one place. It was clean and the associate I spoke with was very knowledgeable. They were very busy.

trent Kramer

2 years ago

I went in about a year ago and looked around I fell in love with this one pomchi named Toast I met and played with the dog and decided to get her her name is now Tinkerbelle during the process bieng it's my first dog I was happy to have met the most caring person there maddie she literally cried happy tears when I was about to leave with the dog bc she cares so much for the animals there she was nothing but helpful and kind and really helped me get all the info I needed to raise Tink properly. I often times will just call and update maddie on the well bieng of the dog and it just makes me happy that someone else could love my dog as much as I love. Her

Victoria Farrell

2 years ago

My dad and I have been looking for the perfect pup for the last month and yesterday we finally found him. He is a fluff ball of an Australian Shepard and we couldn’t have been more happy with him! Yes, the prices maybe a little on the higher side but it is SO worth it!!

Orlando Guale

2 years ago

Great customer service, dogs here are typically super adorable! Store is clean, staff is friendly, and actually had a great time hanging with puppies!

saidapet sridhar

2 years ago

The worst service ever, very inconsiderate and no compassion. Feel very bad for the lovable pets they have.

Lyla Reidy

2 years ago

I went to the "The Pet Zone" last week with my family, we were hoping to see happy and healthy dogs but that is not at all what we saw. My family and I saw poor helpless dogs who barely had the motivation to move.The dogs had no toys there was waste in one of the dogs cages and the employees seemed completely oblivious of these conditions. Places like these need to close, they don't care about the well being of the animals they are keeping and that these animals have feelings and lives too.


2 years ago

Seeing this place when I visit the galleria disgusts me. The puppies are in tiny cages and never even get to go to the bathroom outside. When they are let out it is in a tiny pen and only to be shown off to passing by customers or at the customer's request. Clearly convenience and company expense is prioritized over the well-being of the animals. Not to mention the promotion of buying dogs. Unless you are in need of a service animal or have severe allergies, there is no need to buy a dog for thousands of dollars when thousands of animals die every day waiting for homes. Tons of puppies as well. There are countless shelters in our area that only charge $200-$300 as an adoption fee for puppies and will work with your family to find a dog that is compatible with your lifestyle. It makes me incredibly sad when I see this place. To see companies profiting off of breeding and selling dogs and completely neglecting the needs of so many in shelters is frankly disgusting.

Ben Dover

2 years ago

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Because it was. The weather was absolutely perfect and I decided to have a jog approximately 3 miles to the Galleria Mall to look at some lil pups. I entered and was greeted by two females the asked how my day was. I responded “It’s been pretty good and now it’s going to be better because I love small animals”. She laughed and I made a sharp right to see all the dogs gaze upon me as I gazed upon them. I locked eyes with a Australian shepherd and almost cried. It was so cute i couldn’t control myself and immediately bolted to the front desk to ask about playing with her. The girl was so very kind and asked for my ID and i quickly commenced her request and handed her my ID. She swiftly entered the dog room and retrieved the puppy. Then she asked me to go to the “green room” and i entered and she handed me the dog. A few tears shedded from my eyes and i started to play with the dog. Approximately 15 minutes later my time was up. I brought her the dog back and she asked how my experience was. I responded with “Absolutely amazing” ( At the time i was holding back tears with all the power) I then left the store. I then proceeded to go to the food court to grab some grub before my 3 mile jog back. Thank you for reading about the best day of my life. :)

Nicole S

2 years ago

The purchasing of animals from a store like this promotes the use of puppy mills and forced breeding. Although they are puppies, their kennels are too small and they have to sit and stand on grated flooring which can very much damage their paws. Places like this need to be shut down.

Mike Cahill

2 years ago

5000 for a puppy. Go to a breeder. We got the same dog for for 1500. This place is a joke

Harley Rose & Rowdy

3 years ago

My boyfriend and i stopped by The Pet Zone to see what they had because we are in the market for a puppy, while looking at the puppies we fell for 2 puppies. A yorkie puppy and a puppy labeled “beagle mix” we originally weren’t interested in the mixed puppy but he looked so genuinely sad it broke my heart. (this was a few months back i’ll add) we asked to see both puppies but him first, the girls working took my boyfriends drivers license and told us to wait in one of the rooms. we sat there for 20 minutes before one of them came over handed him his license back and said we couldn’t see either right now because they were “tired” and to go through their website and inquire about the one we want for pricing information. my heart still set on this little mixed puppy we did exactly that. i contacted them about the puppy and they told me almost $4,500. when i asked why so much i was told “this breed of puppy was in high demand”, so you’re telling me a “beagle mix” no specifications on what this beagle was mixed with. so how is it in “high demand” if you can’t tell me what it’s mixed with? when we returned a second time to see him anyway even with the absolutely outrageous price the workers were very rude and were sitting on the floor behind the register with no masks just glaring at us when we went to go ask to see him (they stayed sitting on the floor no masks on) the one girl just straight faced said no and continued to talk with the other girl, i didn’t say which puppy all i said was “hi i’d like to see one of your puppies and was wondering if someone could help us” we just got a “no” frustrated we walked out and will not be back.


3 years ago

I have been waiting for 1 hour to play with a dog and they said to wait a few minutes

hannah luck

3 years ago

rude staff, had a juul in front of them, No mask, wouldn’t let me play with an animal even though i was interested in purchasing it, judged my money and said I couldn’t pay for the dog, used chaps stick while speaking to me. overall very bad staff!!!

XNoAimzx Gaming

3 years ago

I was happy the customer service was good. We love our puppy he is such a great little guy. If I could say one negative it is that the dog cages are a bit to small for the puppies. Our dog didn’t come from a puppy mill most dogs there aren’t from puppy mills.

Grace Smith

3 years ago

OVER PRICED, so rude, dont help very judgy

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