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2 years ago

This review has taken me QUITE SOME TIME to write. After reading the review from "JUNE BUG" I realized the time has come for me to do same. I too had the same experience with my purchase, through their "Breeder Website" My experience is/was the same in every way...except one...MY PUPPY DIED, my little girl was born March 2020. She was 8 weeks old when I got her, May 15, 2020. January 2021 she had what "APPEARED" me to be an Epileptic/Grand Mal Seizure, a GENETIC Condition. I contacted Diego, he did not before, at that time or ever disclose this to me...Did not even offer/request/insist that I take her to "HIS VET" come July 2021, 14 months of age /2months after the "health guarentee" she went into continual siezures and I took her to emergancy animal hospital where she died...less than 5 minutes after her arrival...as I sat in the Parking Lot due to Covid Restrictions....I wasnt even offered so much as another puppy, not even at half price, no offer to pay any part of the vet bill, NOTHING AT ALL....Aside from how much I loved and still love her....I was appaulled, which is when I went thru and researched the papers etc and found out the whole thing was, is and Continues to be LIES LIES....Everything JUNE BUG Says is CORRECT AND TRUE....I was told the same pack of lies as well when I confronted Diego..."Shes my Sister" I WAS HORRIFIED....I WILL ALSO TELL YOU...they are NOT THE LEGAL OWNERS OR BREEDERS OF ANY DOGS....PERIOD....THEY ARE NO MORE THAN RESELLERS AND CARE NOTHING 4 THE PUPPIES OR PEOPLE THEY HURT...AT $3,500.00 a person....had I been told in the beginning....She could have been put on medication and LIVED....had I even been offered a puppy, or ANY type compensation, perhaps I might have looked upon this experience differently......but I didnt and dont....STAY AWAY FROM THIS SELLER IF YOU DONT WANT TO END UP CRYING YOUR EYES OUT FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME

Phil Dillon

2 years ago

I was hoping to start communications with them, but I received no response after sending several messages.

Gabrielle Ward

3 years ago

I have had Bucky (formerly Zach) since June of 2018. He is now 2 years old and an absolute peach! He has had minimal health issues and has looks and a temperament to die for. I would absolutely get from them again.

Ken Tatta

3 years ago

We bought 2 Frenchies here, they are great dogs and Diego truly cares for his pups.


3 years ago

Great Breeder, they treat their puppies very well

The Yeoh Family

3 years ago

Excellent breeder. Very nice people. Wonderful family. Accessible. Fast communication. They care very much about the puppies they sell. We love our French Bulldog puppy and we are glad she can from this breeder.

Tom C

3 years ago

Love our English Bulldog ! Best personality absolutely adorable and healthy as can be. Diego is nice and I brought my whole family with me to look at the dog we adopted from him. Diego had no problem with all my kids looking and play with the puppy first. Didn’t feel rushed or pressured. Thank you Diego!!! “ Bucks’ ” mommy.

June Bug

4 years ago

i first want to say, I love my dog, She is really the perfect angel I've wished for all my life. She has gotten many compliments for her calm demeanor, comicality, and beauty. The reason I am writing this review is to publicly connect Diego Diaz and Gloria Leon of Beverly Hills Puppies. They are one in the same. Gloria Leon/ Martin Leon and Beverly Hill Puppies is on the top 100 of puppy mills in the US. Diego Diaz resells their puppy mill puppies. Gloria Leon was the breeder name on the papers that Diego Diaz gave to me when I purchased my puppy. I did not google her until months later when I was in love with my puppy and not willing to take action to give her back, but others should know. Gloria Leon and Martin Leon breed in unsafe conditions. Don't take my word for it, Google her and Martin Leon of Hileah FL. This is the first time anyone has connected them publicly. An excerpt from a recent article- "During visits to Beverly Hills Puppies in February, March, May and June of 2017, USDA inspectors found a number of serious violations, including dogs who were panting in buildings that were almost 100 degrees with high humidity, dogs with their ribs showing and dogs with visible injuries. Inspectors also found a female bull terrier who was spinning frantically in her enclosure in an abnormal manner, and who wasn't treated for her distressing condition even after the business was warned about the problem, according to the Humane Society. During a June 2017 inspection, the operation had 55 dogs at the facility, and was cited for having no veterinarian visit to the facility since March 2016." Compare Diego Diaz's French Bulldog puppy pictures to Gloria Leon's- they are the same. Compare their instagrams. Diego claims to have a "sister" in Florida. It is a front and a lie. It is Gloria Leon. He will show you a pretty Long Island home but this is not where the puppies come from. They're first attempted to be sold in Florida and then shipped to Long Island. Again, clear from instagram. Unless you want a dog from a top 100 puppy mill, do not buy from him. Again, I love my dog. She is the love of my life and I am committed to her. All I can hope after finding out this information is 1- that my dog lives a long happy life but also 2- to let others know not to fall for this scam of happy puppies from a happy place!! He is someone who should not profit from this trade. He resells puppy mill puppies. Please do not buy a puppy from him. Find a breeder where you meet the parents of the puppy, where the breeder doesn't consistently have puppies for sale and where you can't Paypal him a deposit. Be diligent and put Diego Diaz and Gloria Leon and Martin Leon out of business.

Martin Leon

4 years ago

This is in response to the allegation of June Bug. My Name is Martin Leon. The allegations are just allegations; the Humane Society has never inspected or seen our facility. We are not selling sick puppies and we are not a puppy mill. We are not sell sick puppies. All of our puppies are sold with a health certificate signed from a licensed veterinarian. All of our puppies are vaccinated and dewormed. All our dogs and puppies are treated with loving care and given everthing they need. All of the puppies we sell come with a health guarantee. We are inspected and licensed by USDA and Miami Dade Animal Control. We have never been fined or issued a penalty by USDA or Miami Dade Animal Control. All of the USDA inspection reports for the last year are 100% clean, with no non-compliance items. We are also inspected by AKC. All of our puppies are AKC. Since are puppies are AKC, AKC give 30 days’ free of health insurance of $1500.00 of medical bills in the first month to all buyers. Our facility and our animals are inspected on a regular basis by licensed veterinarians. In addition, with the Better Business Bureau we have their best rating an A+. A+ is the very best rating that the Better Business Bureau gives. See our excellent reviews in Google from past buyers. See our great reviews from past buyers in PuppyFind.

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Bulldogs of Long Island, New York, Port Jefferson Station

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