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Mrs R

2 years ago

Love it there and so does max! People are great

Victoria Miller

2 years ago

AMAZING!!!!! Service. Everyone in there are so friendly and welcoming, they explain everything in detail where you actually understand what there talking about. First time I had to personally bring my cat in for a medical issue and the reassurance is what helped me feel so settled and comfortable bringing my cat. They even checked up on my cat the following day. The excitement in there voices and personality you can tell they love what they do and they have the best interest in your animal. I would definitely recommend going here.

Boshra Mollaei

2 years ago

Loving staff and wonderful environment. 10/10 recommend to other pet owners.

Chelsea Jack

2 years ago

Always a great experience. Very compassionate and understanding.

Michele Gordon

2 years ago

Friendly courteous staff..nice grooming facility

steve mcgowan

2 years ago

Always excellent service from John, Paul and Staff. 4 Paws Service.

leeanne hounsell

2 years ago

Thank you so much for making end of life for our family pet Rockey an awesome ending.He gave us 18 years of love . We have no children and he was our boy. Sorry I was such a basket case, but saying goodbye was very difficult and you made the experience so respectful.. Many thanks to Jason Ellis and the girls .❤️????

Sara Hanuse

3 years ago

Trust worthy, perfect communication and easy to deal with when concerns arise in my pets. Would recommend ????????

pamela khan

3 years ago

Staff very positive and friendly They answer the phone which for me is huge! Very caring with the animals.. our cat is a fighter but they manage him kindly and effectively. Speak positively gently and respectfully to animals and owners/"parents". Very good with explanations and offering choice.

Kimberley Karrys

3 years ago

Dr Donovan and staff are amazing, so caring and compassionate .They put you at ease and are always available to answer any question I had. They have been our veterinarian for over 20 years. Thank you for all you do. You and your staff at Whites and Highway 2 are truly amazing ????????

K. Boots (PiStacheYo)

3 years ago

Amazing staff here. Have been bringing a very nervous large dog here for the past 4 years. Not one complaint about the staff, treatment, or professionalism.

Bernice k

3 years ago

This place saved my dog....was able to provide me with a diagnosis quickly and provided treatment right away. Always friendly and very efficient. Does not waste your time and treats you like a human rather then another money pit. Thank you so much!

Anita Farrell

3 years ago

Amazing doctors, professional staff. Very caring. Have recommended to all our friends.

Andre Martin

3 years ago

Excellent service. Really caring staff. Made my dog feel really comfortable. Prices are reasonable and they support a dog rescue effort out of Antigua.

Stefan Agnew

3 years ago

Quick safe and professional. Very nice as well

Teresa Perri

3 years ago

I have been going here for my dog for 4 years now ever since he was 2 months old. I have been here for his vet checkups and grooming and they are truly the best people I have ever met. So professional yet fun for my dog. They know how to treat my dog with so much love and care due to his anxiety and I’m always happy leaving that place because they tell me so much information on medicine, cost and any problems my dog may have during the season and always reminding me of the next check up appointment. As for grooming, best ever! I’m in North York and traveling to pickering for them is so worth it!

Ali Asadullah

4 years ago

Extremely helpful and professional staff, and a great environment. They were able to slot my cat in right away when she was experiencing pain. I am very comfortable bringing my pet here.

cindy carinci

4 years ago

Been going to this location for many years. The staff is great esp when we had to say goodbye to our Sasha ❤ They are gentle and caring. Also explain all costs before hand so you can make your own decisions, with different options.

Dan Hutt

4 years ago

Sad day but handled well.

Joanne Cummings Lipsius

4 years ago

Let me tell you a sad story of having to put down my beloved Marcellus 8 years ago. We found out that he was very ill and was advised have he was suffering. The care that Whites Road Animal hospital gave to my dog and to my family, is the reason we decided to remain with the, when we decided to get another dog.

Marsha Green

4 years ago

My daughter took her cat (baby)here because he was hit and we wanted to do an xray. I took him the Durham clinic and was told for xray injection and antibiotics plus assessment fee it would be $756. My daughter instead took him to whites road. On February 13th 2019 for a 6pm appointment. My daughter was called by the vet to increase the bill $200 twice after the vet told me the tests she did wasn't promising. I asked if I could pick him up, i was told yes on February 15th 2019at 3.30pm but only until the next day February 16th 2019 for 8am because he wasn't peeing. As per lady vet they ONLY empty his bladder TWICE, the day he was taken in Wednesday and once on Thursday. Which is unacceptable since this cause more complications with other organs. This WAS HOW POORLY OUR CAT WAS CARED FOR. When I got there they I was told they only had pills pain killers for me to take him home. I explained to the vet that he didnt like pills. Even though she knew our cat wouldn't survive they gave me 8 days medication, (another way to add more to the bill) which we had to put him down the next day Saturday February 16th so he didnt take any of the 8days medication gaven and billed for. When I Advise vet he didnt like pills if she could call the clinic or another vet to see if they have liquid and I would pick up she refused. This cat has brought so much joy to our family in the last 2 years and a half and I feel nothing was done to him here. Looking at the bill all the test nothing make sense(2 pages). Two pages of test totaling $2000 (no surgery nothing) they claim they gave him test $350 hospital assessmentwhen they charge $88 for assessment. When he came home he was so hungry and weak (BLOOD SHED EYES) like they didn't feed him for the two days, he eat a full tin of feed and drunk almost half his bowl of water in less than an hour. Also I noticed he knows he wanted to pee but couldn't he went several times to his litter box. Why didnt they give him something to help pees or offer something to help.I don't believe our cat got the service we paid for and if he did he would have survived. How can the people we,are looking to help our animals be this heartless only concern is how much money they can make? Our cat wasn't given any antibiotics as recommended by the vet at Durham clinic but was only given test on more tests. For a 2 year old cat tests were excessive some apparently was given several times. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT THESE MEDICATIONS WERE NOT ADMINISTERED.He couldn't pee and they were supposed to take care of him and didn't. My daughter was taken advantage of at a cost of us losing a part of our family. Rest well snow baby. This is unfair and I hope some animal agency or someone look into the service provided by this hospital. I wish I remember the names of those vets to add but God knows who you are. UPDATE MY DAUGHTER WERE CALLED AT SCHOOL TO COMPLAIN ABOUT MY REVIEW. BY THE GENERAL MANAGER MS MOOC WHO WAS INCONSIDERATE ABOUT THE FACT WE JUST LOST OUR CAT. GIVING MY DAUGHTER A PICNIC ATTACK. MS MOOC YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY REVIEW CALL ME DIRECTLY. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL... CHANCES ARE YOUR ANIMAL WILL NOT MAKE IT BACK HOME ALIVE POOR SERVICE AND RUDE STAFF


4 years ago

Been coming here for 30 years, I can always trust them with my furkids.

Tracey Rodriguez

4 years ago

Well we brought our dog to the whites rd hospital for the after care from the Whitby animal Hospital who discovered our dog was a diabetic with pancreatic infection who was quite ill. when we learned the dog was a diabetic, the whitby did an amazing job, they put him on meds for the infection, and got his blood form a 35 down to a 20, they told us he has to go to the whites road animal hospital to continue with his care and so on, well they did not continue with his care, they did nothing, they released him with no medication for his infection, and his blood was now up at 30.1, there only concern was we be there to pick him up before they close. We had Dr Ellis and Dr Peru (name might be spelt wrong sorry) Now the next day my dog is dying and wont eat so we can not give him his insulin and the reason he cant eat is because of the infection that whites road did absolutely nothing about. Please do not bring your animal there unless you wish for him to slowly die, because they do no care. There concern is telling you up front the cost making sure they can suck you dry and leaving the poor animal to suffer. I'm lodging a complaint against the hospital and the 2 doctors with the Verterarians Collage Association in the hopes that this will be looked into and some action should be taken against the 2 Vets that did nothing but charge me 800 dollars to watch my dog die. I will never ever take my dog back to that horrid hospital. Now I must look for a new vet because Dr. Ellis is a partner with Hwy 2 and so now I must leave good people because of him and his poor practice. Let this be a lesson to those that love there pets. Never ever under any circumstances take your dog to the whites road animal hospital, I'm not an angry person or someone just mad and decides to post against these people for the sake of posting, in fact I never post, but what they have done is beyond bad and I need people to see this before they decide to take there animal there. Sincerely Tracey Rodriguez

Kimberley Taylor

5 years ago

We've gone to this vet for over twenty years - three different cats and two dogs. 95% of the time we don't have an issue. The vet and technicians are nice and we never have a problem contacting them or making an appointment. We also give them credit because they admitted to a mistake and shouldered the responsibility instead of letting us take home a cat who could've ended up with complications; however there were two situations (many years apart) that potentially dire mistakes were made which is why I can only rank three stars. However, I do appreciate that it's within walking distance and easy to get to and like the care they show our pets.

Bev Foo

5 years ago

Dr. Donovan excellent and extremely caring.


5 years ago

Before choosing Whites Road Animal Hospital, I called about 5-7 different places to research the best choice for my new puppy. I ended up choosing this vet because of their close location as well as their knowledgeable and incredibly friendly receptionists. The first impression over the phone can really make a difference! They encouraged me to “shop around” and easily answered any of my questions or concerns. I’ve now brought my pup in a few times and have never had any issues. They have very friendly staff and after our first visit, they sent my pup home with a customized goodie bag - so sweet! Today I brought my pup in for his first groom and Penny did a fantastic job. I heard nothing but good reviews about her and I was very pleased with the work she did! Thanking all the staff for being so great to my little guy.

Dee Davidson

5 years ago

We've had to surrender our furbaby whom we've had since he was 6 weeks old bcuz could not afford the EXPENSIVE Vet bill, Whites Road Animal Hospital in Amberlea Plaza was asking up to $5,000, a ridiculous amount! While I know it is expensive to have furbabies but I feel we've been done a disservice at this location. To surrender a cat should not cost more than $75 but this Vet clinic asked for $300 for euthanization in case his surgery is not successful or he doesn't get adopted plus the visit to diagnose him which was $120. We've inquired at other clinics since then and they all said that we would just have needed to surrender the cat not more than $75, we shouldn't have had to pay for euthanization. But that's not all, our furbaby has been in a cage for more than 2 months whereas he was free to roam our house since 6 weeks old. Now I think this is cruel to both us which we are still grieving for this furbaby and grieving for him that is now stuck in a cage where there is over 1 million furbabies to be adopted. To be given this option was not fair to my daughter who loved her cat so so much and thought to keep him alive giving him another chance but not knowing that he will probably be stuck in a cage for a very long time, this in itself is very cruel. He will think we've abandon him, but its the Vet's fault for making their prices so ridiculously high, could have given an affordable price, we are still grieving for this beautiful cat. I do not recommend this Vet clinic.

Eseroghene Omene

5 years ago

Very helpful and supportive staff. My dog passed away and they were so kind and caring through my loss

Ion Berger

5 years ago

A bit expensive but they really care about your animals

Marsha J D

5 years ago

Hwy 2 Vet / Whites Road have been my vet for 35 years now. Very caring with great instincts knowing what is wrong which has kept costs to a minimum.

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