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Eszter Kovács

2 years ago

It is a nice place. My dog always happy here. The staff is nice. I recommend.

Joann Cammorato

2 years ago

Everything and everyone was great.

gary jones

2 years ago

Second time we have used them and couldn't be happier. Decent rates and great employees. I know my baby tahlullah was cared for. Play areas for all types and ages of pets, and individual sleeping areas. Highly recomended.

Nina Alexandra Zelenak

2 years ago

My beloved canine brother Isaac frequented Pet N Play whenever my family and I were traveling. Every time he went, he was taken in with care and by friendly staff who obviously love dogs. He loved playtime and spending time in the outdoor dog playground with the other dogs, and I know that the dogs who stay here are well taken care of, as many of the times we went to pick him up, he was playing with the other dogs. Although Isaac is sadly no longer with us, I will certainly bring my dogs to Pet N Play when I am older and have my own.

Antoine Caldwell

2 years ago

Good place to leave your pets. On site Vetinarian and the staff are extremely friendly in both locations.

Katelyn De Winter

3 years ago

My dog loves coming here to get to play with all the other doggies. It is on the expensive side. I would bring him here more often if it was financially feasible for me to do so.

Debbie McDermott

3 years ago

I had to go into the hospital suddenly and needed a place for my baby to go.. Middlehope Veterinary is my vet and I've always seen the Pet n Pllay So I decided to have my friends bring Zephyr to them. He was with them for 3 weeks and the care he got was excellent! They sent me pictures and kept me informed about how he was doing! He had a great time and everyone loved him and he loved everyone there! I was actually worried that when I went to pick him up he be like "mom thanks for stopping by come back and see me again tomorrow" lol! Would highly recommend!


3 years ago

The resort and the training classes would be a five star review but the grooming Is a one star. My animal was groomed here and they ripped out her fur giving her a bald spot. Not only did they give me a girl who didn’t have much training but she didn’t even inform me. I found out when I returned home. They paid for my vet expense to get her checked out which they gave steroid cream as if that did anything. A year later and she still has no fur and it bothers her to this day! I find it mind boggling that nobody told me. The girl didn’t even call to apologize. I never took her back ever again. People need honesty here. Don’t hide it cause someone will look at their animal especially paying those prices for grooming.

Rosalie DeAngelo

3 years ago

I would agree with Felicia S who stated her disappointment when touring facility. I too was appalled when I saw the stacked crates and heard the barks and cry’s from pups in crates. I was dropping off my dog prior to vacation and was in tears as I was not comfortable with accommodations. I fortunately was able to get my dog a large crate on first level away from some of the chaos upstairs. There was a nice girl working who was empathic to my distress. I felt that the website was deceiving as it showed this roomy large suite with a vet tech sitting in it with a dog. I didn’t see any of that. I assumed my dog would have a similar accommodation. In the end I found a great dog walker who has accommodations for my dog when a vacation arises.

Cristina Ramos

3 years ago

My dog Cooper has serious separation anxiety issues after being brought back to the shelter 2x. This place came highly recommended by several friends and coworkers. We picked him up yesterday after a 6 day stay for him and he is freakishly well behaved now lol not that he wasn’t a good boy before but he had a tendency to pull on his leash and freak out whenever he saw other dogs in our neighborhood. This morning we went on a long walk and passed about 6 dogs. Normally he would be so dramatic and excited yelping like he’s in pain. I would end our walk early from exhaustion and embarrassment but today he just looked at the dogs and kept walking. He also doesn’t feel the need to be glued to us anymore. We can all hangout on the couch without him forcing himself in between us. I think it made him realize we always come back! The girls kept me updated on how he was doing which i appreciates as it was our first time leaving him anywhere besides a family members home. Will definitely be bringing him back!

Edward Sickenberger

3 years ago

My dog won't want to come home best care a dog can get

Emily Quinn

3 years ago

Horrible Experience. Would give zero stars, if possible. They do not check your dog's vaccination records at all and do not care about the health of your dog. They will lie day and night to cover themselves, will not own up to any mistakes, ignore your phone calls because they know they are in the wrong, and take zero accountability for their actions, even when it comes to the health of an animal. I brought my dog there, had sent over his vaccination records prior to him attending, and the staff told me he was able to come. I came to find out that he did not have the bordetella vaccine which was mandatory to attend. My dog attended with his cousin who did have the bordetella vaccine and DID NOT get sick. The staff was negligent and did not inform me that he needed this vaccine. My dog ended up contracting bordetella that turned into bronchitis, spreading it to my other 3 dogs. All 4 of my dogs were sick for weeks due to the fault of this staff. My mother and I made numerous trips to the animal hospital accruing bills in the amount of over $1,500. Even until now, the staff has refused to take any accountability and will not reimburse, not even a penny to us. We have spoken to many different staff members from both the Pet-N-Play and the attached veterinary hospital. We explained what occured to the Middlehope Vet and he is the only one who has acknowledged any fault, stating “we are sorry, please give us another chance”, while the staff at the pet-n-play does not care one bit, and is blatantly ignoring our phone calls. Will never attend this place again, nor will my cousin.

John Gregory

3 years ago

Pet n Play staff are great. They took care of Addie Mae during her two day visit and even called us to let us know how she was doing. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Pet n Play

Lisa Kyles

3 years ago

My dogs stayed here for almost 3 months I could not have been happier. The staff treated me with the utmost respect, and my animals were treated better than I could have thought possible. I would definitely recommend them here as I will be bringing them back again soon. They were so clean happy and very well taken care of. I highly recommend Pet And Play Resort for my next pet stay. Thank you to all the staff that helped keep my animals happy.

Naomi Daven

3 years ago

Our dos play here twice a week (spoiled rotten). They love it and always have a great day. We have not seen much staff turn over and everyone seems to be enjoying there job.

Patti Mulcahy

3 years ago

Excellent as always! Friendly staff! Prompt and caring ❤

Richard Heilweil

3 years ago

My buddy Max loves it here. He loves going to play with all the other kids (pups). He also loves the girls that work there!

Riss Looram

3 years ago

Im sorry I didn't post this sooner, but my family requested i do it ASAP. About a year ago my dog, Brownie, was diagnosed with cancer in her spine. the doctors there bent over backwards and sideways on trying to find ways to make her comfortable in the last months of her life. Medications after medications, they gave us another precious month with her. Their dedication to make sure their furry clients are comfortable is so touching to see. Come the unfortunate time of Brownie’s euthanization, the staff of both the Vet side and Pet N’ Play resort came to say their goodbyes, as if Brownie was their own. They made saying Goodbye so much easier. Their ability to accommodate for our emergency was simply amazing. Thank you guys!

Robert LaBue

3 years ago

I always get my dog groomed here and Bronx always has an excellent experience. Highly Recommend!

Jessica Carter

3 years ago

Love this place! I take my pup, Tiger, here all the time and she always leaves happy and exhausted. She loves it here! The staff is very nice and helpful and it’s very convenient to have the vet across the way and to be able to drop Tiger off for the day for play, grooming and vet visits when needed. It’s also really cute when the staff texts us photos of her.

Andrew Gulak

4 years ago

I leave my dog here for weekend getaways my girlfriend and I go on and this place is downright amazing!

Kyle Wonderly

4 years ago

Best place for our pit bull mix!! We've been taking our dog here for 8 years now and we would never take him anywhere else. When I pull out how red Pet n Play bag, my dog goes nuts and can't contain himself. He is always excited when he goes there and the staff loves playing with him. I couldn't ask for anything better! Highly recommended.

Linda Terry

4 years ago

My pup loves this place for the fun! I love it knowing he's safe and having fun!

May Knagg

4 years ago

WOW WOW WOW. My Max is so excited to come and play with his friends! This place is AMAZING!!! STAFF is EXCEPTIONAL!!

nina gemma

4 years ago

They are very helpful and friendly. They really seem to care about dogs.

Teresa Chirichella

4 years ago

I have lost confidence in this establishment. 8 months of patronage resulted in a dog who once jumped with excitement into the car to a dog who refused to get into the car and came home and hid in the bathtub. He was referred to as the gentle giant. What happened I dont know. But I must consider poor staff training and lack of knowledge. My dog required sedatives to go to a place that once made him happy. Thank God we ended our ties. "They just weren't the right fit" for our gentle loving best friend and family pup.

Otter Dance

4 years ago

Our pup loves it here! She cannot wait to get in the door for supervised play, play with training, grooming, or overnights. Employees love their furry clients, and take great care to love on them and keep them happy and safe. She always comes home happy, floofy, and better behaved each time! The groomers do a great job of listening and doing just what you ask. Having such aa great facility attached to an equally excellent vet clinic gives amazing peace of mind, too!

Pierre Van Bockstaele

4 years ago

We needed a place to board our dogs for the day. Great service with responsible and qualified staff.

Sandra Jervey

4 years ago

Took such good care of our girls, they would jump out of the car to get in

Jamie Davidson

4 years ago

Caring, responsible and friendly. Bella loves going to Pet N Play and I know she is always in good hands. Worth every penny.

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