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Charlie Pinsky

2 years ago

After 4 years of purchasing bones for my dog every week, we received Teo batches of bones where the marrow was soft and squishy. When I mentioned this to the owners, they pointed the finger back at me as the only one who experienced this problem. After spending close to $1000 a year on bones for several years, they lost a customer. And now I’m wondering last time the health department visited that store. After being a local customer who believes in supporting local businesses, I now would tell people to avoid Petqua!

Emily S

2 years ago

Great treats for my dogs. Great service!!!!!!

Angela S

2 years ago

The fish section is kept in horrible condition. The tanks are full of algae and a lot of dead fish. I understand that they are a small business but doesn’t mean that they can neglect the fish tanks in basement. The staff are friendly but never wear masks which makes me feel uneasy to go inside the store or even ask them questions. Probably for dog and cat sections, they are doing better because I see they have well stocked shelves, that’s why I give them 2 stars.

Tanya May

2 years ago

Petqua is a great store! They always have what I need and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They have nice store pets as well ☺????????. Always a good trip.

Carmen Dones

2 years ago

I had a nice experience, very good attention I bought some nice things,

Raymond Johnson

2 years ago

Sold an iPhone 8 for 25 bucks

Rena Elizabeth

2 years ago

Love this pet store .. i have been coming here for years and same great experience every time .. love the parrot that talks .. Awesome staff

Lincoln Cole

2 years ago

Great pet store with friendly staff. ????????????????????

Ivory Wang

2 years ago

Super friendly gentleman and very knowledgeable. George, the turtle is super nice.

Ivan Garofalo

2 years ago

nice store, friendly staff :)

Peter Falco

2 years ago

My go-to local pet supply store. The staff are friendly and quick to try and help. Decent array of products but while they may carry a specific item their selection within that item may be limited (i.e. one tick remover, or one kind of nail clippers). Store was clean and tidy (though it may not look it since pretty products all over the walls is hard to make look tidy).

Lashawn Moore

2 years ago

Had an allergic reaction to the shrimp fried rice

Kay McFadden

2 years ago

Local pet food store run by two sweet guys who strive to please fussy, over-informed UWSiders. Packed shelves top to bottom in a typical narrow storefront space catering to a wide range of fauna; if you don't see it, ask. They happily fulfill special requests. Prices are a bit higher than big online suppliers. The tradeoff is friendly, patient service and guidance. P.S. Say hi to the parrot in back.

Ismael Valenzuela

2 years ago

I actually feel bad writing this because the people who work there are super nice and exceptional. But the fish in the basement look horrible and in pain. There was one fishtank that had two bonded fish and you could just tell one was in horrible pain and it's bonded fish would swim to me watching the aquarium then swim back to the dying fish and touch the fish and stare at me, I am not a fish whisperer but one could tell he was super sad that the other dish was dying, all the otheraother fish just looked weary depressed I guess it's from being in such a dark and depressive basement and having dead fish floating and or on the base of each aquariums. I left that place wanting to call animal control. Super knowledgeable personel and friendly but those fish just brakes your heart. And also a bit too expensive. I hope review helps more as a critique for the place to have more attention to those fish rather than taken it the wrong way. That fish swimming back and forth and around it's partner left such an impression.

Tommy Curry

2 years ago

Mostly everything you need for your pet is here.

Rogerio Bindi

2 years ago

Very nice and we'll maintained place. Very well stand and by staff.


2 years ago

i LOVE this pet shop a lot, especially for feeders for my chameleon. The owners are super nice and helpful and aren’t pushy when it comes to taking your time and shopping. I was also greeted by a talking parakeet that kept saying “hello”. The also have a downstairs section with fish, reptiles, HUGE dubia roaches, hamsters, guinea bigs, doves, turtles and you’ll be greeted by a ginormous 20 year old tortoise. The only reason i’m giving it 4 stars is because in one of the hamster tanks, there was no water in the water container and there were small roaches all over it. it made me feel bad for the hamster and also stressed me out quite a bit. nonetheless, this is a great store with great prices. oh! and they also offer onboarding for reptiles (everything included for $10 a day). Things purchased: 10 dubia roaches (66¢ each) Reptile calcium with and without vitamin D3 Reptile multivitamin Small hornworms

Eve Laurent

2 years ago

Always a pleasure coming here. I want everyone to know that if you have a lizard/gecko reptile that is not eating BUY YOUR BUGS HERE. My girls will not eat Dubia from any other store. My girls refuse dubia from every other store ive been to. I have to travel all the way here to keep my girls happy and fed. After reading the reviews Im a little jealous I didnt get a hello from Mr.Parakeet, today he was tired, so I didnt want to bother him, hes adorable btw!!! This store also sells the most beautiful black betta ive ever seen. To find a pure black betta is not easy but this store has them.

Kevin Galbraith

2 years ago

I love this store! The stock is excellent, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and their delivery service is reliable.

Latrina King

2 years ago

They were knowledgeable, kind, patient and shared information on how to use the equipment that I bought. They had what Petco didn't have in stock. I will go back. Small little family pet store.

Kenny Morales

2 years ago

Always a pleasure to go shop and talk to the super friendly people that attend you!! Highly recommended!!

Zachary Totaro

3 years ago

A very nice store with helpful employees, but there was a poor little parakeet all alone that was so stressed/scared it was plucking all its feathers out. :(

Emmanuel Garcia

3 years ago

Amazimg place to buy bettas fish ????????

Mary Reano

3 years ago

i went back in december a little before closing time for the first time & i was really happy with the experience. i had a nice women help me test the water for free, i was buying fish for my 29 gal that i had just finished cycling ☺️ she escorted me downstairs with the tanks are. Even tho i supposedly went the day before they were going to add more stock they had a really nice selection compared to petco. all of the fish looked healthy, there wasn't any duckweed i saw some reviews mention that but i only say it in 2 or 3 tanks top, free of ick, not to mentioned they had a really nice selection of angelfish & guppies, had this nice little pea puffer too. i bought a chinese algae eater & a shoal of zebras danios for a good price & im soo happy bc they get along with my rosey barbs & tetras just fine the danios grew nicely. Im definitely going back to get a centrepiece for my tank. ????

William Kessler

3 years ago

This is a wonderful pet store that is well-stocked. I discovered this place recently and will be going to them for all my freshwater fish needs. They also sell seed by the pound for very reasonable prices, which is something you would be hard pressed to find in the area. I bought some guppies and they were leagues ahead in terms of health and energy than any of the fish I've purchased at the chains in the area.


3 years ago

They are considered essential and still open during PAUSE! Support local businesses if you can.

Christopher Bello

3 years ago

Great private owned Pet store. I buy everything from here.


3 years ago

Nice little pet shop, good value ????????


3 years ago

Best pet store ever. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Their tortoise is very nice too., and so is Panama. They even let you touch a few of the animals occasionally. Highly recommended!

Yasmine Johnson

3 years ago

I love this place the owners are so friendly and questions you may have they will answer as best they can. Also the parrot talks

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