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Shane Phillips

2 years ago

Great service and very friendly employees.

Duncan Cameron

2 years ago

Dr. Julie Bereza is an angel, and the rest of her staff are great, too. She handled the end of life care for my 20 year old stray cat, Borat, just wonderfully. I feel like we did all we could for him, and made balanced judgements about the appropriate treatments. He ended up having a gentle, satisfying and comfortable end to his long life, and I will always feel grateful to Dr. Bereza for this.

Olaya Sibello

2 years ago

These guys are fully booked for good reason. Walked in and immediately the staff was so friendly, definitely would want to take my dog here in the future if he needed it. It's so close to where I live.

yuval harari

2 years ago

Each time , must pay for the consultation fees, $75, even though there wasn't consultation.

Alex Bourgeois

2 years ago

Great staff and nice entrance. Now to get Thor comfortable with it.

Pablo Rueda

2 years ago

Didn’t call back or answer email. No idea how to contact them.

Irene Commeford

2 years ago

Very efficient. Qualified staff loved Dr. Barissa. Will definitely go back with my dog.

Michael Braucht

2 years ago

Staff are friendly, but disappointed with bad communication and bills for simple check ups and vaccines being hundreds of dollars more than originally presented. And no, you still can't come in. This establishment is more suited for well to do urbanites who don't know better.

Kim Than

2 years ago

Baker Animal Hospital helped care for my cat who was chronically and terminally ill for over 20 months. Between her multiple hospitalizations, Baker was there for follow-ups, medications and long-term care. Ever knowledeable, professional and reliable, the entire staff, from veterinarians, techs and receptionists were part of my cat's support system. Dr. Bertrand and Dr. Hines educated me, broke some difficult news including the need to euthanize. This is a no-nonsense, straight-talking yet humane hospital with their focus on patient-care.

Jeannie Lukluk

3 years ago

They were very helpful while my dear cat was not well and had to go to heaven. Thank you

Andrea Ellis

3 years ago

I am posting this review to specifically warn people against Dr. Meloche. I brought my 16 year old dog to get a renewal on 3 drops that were previously prescribed by a veterinarian ophthalmologist because his eye seemed to be bothering him. As soon as I saw it I put my dog back on his old regimen of drops and it visually made him better. I explained to Dr. Meloche that Wisky was seen by a specialist and that all I really wanted was a renewal of the same prescription that already visibly had made him improve over a very short period of time. Dr. Meloche instead acted as if she knew more than the specialist and changed his regimen without even reading the full file. Her actions resulted in the intraocular pressure almost doubling within 2 days. Her reasoning was that even though she wasn’t an eye specialist or had read all of my dog’s file, she was taught at school that usually, the eye drop, latanoprost is not prescribed in a glaucoma treatment so she decided to go against the ophthalmologist. When I confronted her about it on the phone she kept justifying herself even though 2 days later her colleague reversed the prescription she had made back to the old one. She never apologized once or even seemed to have any remorse about causing pain to my dog. I’m all for self confidence in a professional but as long as that self confidence is paired with incredible skills and intellect. After this experience I can confidently say that she lacks both and just regurgitates whatever she was taught in school with zero discernment for particular patients. This whole ordeal has made me waste money on a prescription drop that I had to throw in the garbage because my dog didn’t require it and was harmed by her incompetence. I since saw an ophthalmologist again who did confirm that the regimen of drops that my dog was on initially was the proper one. If your pet has any serious issues I really hope they don’t get treated by Dr. Meloche as she is most likely to aggravate the issue and treat it herself instead of referring you to the specialist you need. Or even worse, not take the time to read a medical history that you went out of your way to send her as you love your pet and want to make sure they have the best treatment possible. Dr. Chihad was the only reason I hesitated in posting a negative a review as he reversed the prescription done by his incompetent coworker. But I feel like I still need to bring attention on this disgusting mistake that caused my dog days of pain. I will also try to file something with the veterinarian board if there is such a thing to hopefully make sure that this level of incompetence never happens again.

Tony Macklovitch

3 years ago

The best animal hospital in Montreal

Mike Deseve

3 years ago

Incredible vet! Been going there for years. They truly care about the animals they care for. Would recommend to anyone!

Irene Marina

3 years ago

We went to Baker Animal Hospital and we had an AMAZING experience. The receptionist was welcoming and easy to talk to. Dr Julie Bereza is amazing and extremely compassionate, genuine and knowledgeable. Overall, the atmosphere is very pleasent and would definitely recommend this vet 100%.


3 years ago

Took a rescue kitten there for his first vaccines. I was there on time for the appointment. Due to the pandemic, the receptionist takes the pet inside and you wait outside the building. The vet talked to me and said my kitten was still too small for vaccines, and the vaccination can wait until he gains more weight. Giving me this honest opinion was the positive part of the experience, even though I wish the receptionist had asked me the weight of the kitten before making the appointment. The negative part is that for no treatment done, I don’t know why they kept the kitten inside for 45 min, he having separation anxiety. They charged me a 70$ consultation fee and I received a “prescription”, which was basically Royal Canin kitten food and Purina probiotics that I already had at home and was giving to him. So basically I was charged 70$ to buy a 40$ worth of cat food, and spent two hours for this purchase. Edit: I changed the rating as my second experience with this place was very positive. Kitten was seen right on time, in and out about 20 min with check up and his vaccines done, charges were explained beforehand, and the vet again very caring. The manager, who had read my review, explained that they don’t pressure clients to buy products from them.

Alex Caron

3 years ago

Good COVID-19 protocol in place. Only thing to fix is that the outside sitting arrangements are too close to one another and counter to COVID-19 2m rule.

Anais Kassardjian

3 years ago

We brought our little dog to Baker hospital because he had been particularly sleepy and lethargic for a few days. Dr Meloche saw him and diagnosed a cancerous mass. She offered the single option to put him down. She did not disclose alternatives (like surgery) until we asked, but even then was dismissive, provided little to no information about the surgery and insisted that putting him down was the only viable option. We consulted 3 other veterinarians who took the time to discuss options, provided statistics and numbers, and answered all of our questions. Turns out, the surgery is a real option. We were so disappointed by the lack of expertise, empathy and dismissive attitude displayed by Dr Meloche.

Anne B

3 years ago

Staff and Dr. Are very caring and offer wonderful service. Thank you !

Ash Neal

3 years ago

very nice staff and helpful

Vivian AG

3 years ago

Very good attention. My kitten received her vaccination and deworming and got her claws clipped. The vet was really nice and explained everything. Good prices too. And we got a free toy after the visit!

Jocelyne Andrews

3 years ago

This is our main vet where we've been going for close to 40 years on and off, even though it's further from us than others. They've been excellent with our now 19-year-old difficult cat and she's had a much better quality of life in her very old age thanks to them. Both vets and other staff always take extra trouble to help out.

Jonathan Venditti

3 years ago

Staff is super friendly and the doctors really know their stuff


3 years ago

I brought my little girl for a check up because she was a little sick, and they did an amazing job! The best place to bring your furbabies!! :)

Lisa Roy Beauparlant

3 years ago

Very bad today waited more than 2hrs/ don't like their setups ????

Marwan Nasr

3 years ago

Amazing and caring team. They really take the time and give plenty of explanations and different types of solutions. Easy easy easy recommendation! Thanks for everything :)

Richard Wakeling

3 years ago

They know what to do.

Sara Morganti

3 years ago

The best service. Been going there for10 years and could not be happier

Tracy Hinds

3 years ago

The individual that I spoke with was very curteous, knowledgeable and professional. I was very impressed with them.

Valérie Bellemare

3 years ago

Welcoming staff, professional and can handle my cats really well. One of them is difficult and it's the first time someone can check him without having the hands turned into a sieve.

Nicholas McmorrisDaye

4 years ago

very nice welcoming place they treat your pet the you treat them like they're a family member

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