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Nader Kfouri

2 years ago

Good service. Nice staff. Always helpful.

Max Adja

2 years ago

WOW. I work with you, but by far, the Best cats' practician in Québec. Thank you for Caring about Animals

Miffy Rose (빨간 장미)

2 years ago

Very kind, patient and friendly staff to work with. They treated my pet well and gave me good information for future care of my pet. Since there is Covid measures in place, I handed them my pet at the door and waited outside for them, the staff would frequently come out to update and inform me while doing the checkup.

Mimi Gibbons

2 years ago

I moved away from downtown but stubbornly continue to use this clinic. Everyone there is so kind to you and your kitty ❤️ prices are decent considering it's in the heart of downtown. When my cat got sick they were willing to take him while booked solid and check on him in between appointments. Their emergency fee was worth it and a fraction of the price that DMV would have charged. Ty guys x

Nick T

2 years ago

I rescued a stray cat and they were extremely helpful they checked for a chip but unfortunately there wasn't one... They didn't make me wait or make an appointment very nice and helpful staff.

Jessy Rizk

2 years ago

One of the best veterinarian clinic in montreal. The vet takes the time to explain everything you need to know about your cat and follow up with you. The staff is very friendly and professional. My cat loves this place and is never afraid to go there. Highly recommend.

dani dickie

2 years ago

Don’t let the vet scare you into 1000 dollar dental services.

Shaylah Mahoney

3 years ago

So impressed by their service, care, and kindness! They show so much care for both you and your cat, while respecting COVID restrictions and regulations. I am glad I have this clinic to to care for my first cat!

Hussein Damlaj

3 years ago

These guys are super attentive and have been working non stop during the pandemic to serve the Montreal cat community!

S Tahboub

3 years ago

Lovely clinic, great doctor and staff, but whatever is going on with the virus now has made scheduling and appointments a nightmare, it's an irredeamable mess - I wanted to bring my cats and nothing came out of it.

Renaud Lévesque

3 years ago

Takes the client for a cash cow

Marilou Berlow

3 years ago

Because of Covid-19, they allow you to order ahead, call them when you're ready to pick up and while you wait outside they bring it to you.

Kitana B.

3 years ago

Super friendly staff, they focus on cats specifically so their knowledge on the medicine is exceptional

Claude H.

3 years ago

Get your pre paid purchases at the door. Charlotte took my phone order and delivered it in the pick up box by the street door. All done in distancing.

caroline dauby

3 years ago

don't order food with them if your cat is not followed by their vet, you get second rate service...below par for sure.

Mike Campbell

4 years ago

Best vet for felines hands down. Dr. Beaudin explains everything so clearly and concise and her staff are true professionals. She presents all the options, shows you facts, explains test results, and is genuinely compassionate. Couldn't have a better vet for cats.

Breanna Morrison

4 years ago

Very caring and attentive with our cat. She gave us detailed instructions for how to care for her at home to help her get better & is quick to check up on her progress

Callie Jones

4 years ago

Amazing best vet in Montreal helped both my cats same day and when my second one got sick they made her a priority i cant believe how sweet caring and kind they are. pricey but worth it their clean sanitary caring and more than amazing only look out for the best in animals. i have so many thanks for them.

John R Kennedy

4 years ago

This clinic is understaffed and does not communicate well with clients. When our cat became unable to use her hind legs, we were charged approx. $800 and told it's because she's overweight. They sent us home with five doses of an anti-inflammatory, a bag of metabolic foods and an assurance that she will get better. When we took her to another clinic we discovered that the X-rays done by Chats Montreal (for which they charged us $400+) did not capture views of the hind legs!! We brought our cat in about a problem with her hind legs and they didn't even X-ray her hind legs!! When we had them redone properly, the vet found that our cat has a herniated disc that requires immediate medical attention. If you care about your cat, do not take him/her to Chats Montreal.

Marie-Eve Provencher

4 years ago

They took good care of my cat Mia. Thanks doctor!

Mathieu Savoie

4 years ago

I am a first time pet owner, but I am sure that It does not get much worst than that. I brought my Persian cat for the first time because I thought she had something wrong with her ears. The vet kept us there for over an hour so that she could groom her basically. She then told us that the cat had no issues with her ears, and that the cat was just too lazy to clean herself. She then spent about 30 min. Trying To scare us about her teeth, and quoted us at around 2K (optimistic scenario)for a teeth cleaning... which is absolutely over the top. This visit cost us $165 and she basically did nothing. The ear infection symptoms never stopped... 2 weeks later, we had to take her to the vet because she still had wax around her ears, and she was drooling... we asked the other vet clinic to check her ears and they discovered that she did have an infection that needed to be treated. They prescribed the right antibiotics to cure the infection, and they quoted us at a maximum of $1k for teeth cleaning (likely the price would be lower). That visit cost us 200$ with antibiotics and ear mites treatment. To anyone looking for a vet, Please know that chat Montréal is not worth what your money!

patrick robert

4 years ago

They don't care about your pet, all they want is your cash. They are much better veterinarians around.

Ross Hodess

4 years ago

Friendly and kind, definitely recommend for your feline.

yutong liu

4 years ago

The receptionists were actually really nice and professional (hence they still get one star from us), but the same CANNOT be said for the vets. They (at least the ones we have encountered) were horrible, inpatient, pretentious, and worst of all, had no respect for our cats whatsoever. I would avoid going there at all costs.


4 years ago

Very nice Clinique and very professional vets! I have been to other vets also, but personally prefer this one. The doctors here are so friendly and caring. One of my cat was limping and I thought a x-Ray may be needed, but the vet here explained to me that it’s not nessasery for my cat, which saved me a lot of money! Calling back to check for my cat’s condition even after a month of the treatment. Definitely recommend this place! Don’t know why are there so many people complain....

Mateo Phillips

4 years ago

Mediocre at best, sorry to say.

Navjot Sahota

5 years ago

My first experience in this clinic was awesome but in my second visit I went there for my cat’s second booster dose, was terrible and pathetic. Firstly, I went to clinic with an appointment but they took a long time to vaccine my cat in the meantime the doctor, uffff! She was so terrible. Initially, she argues me that thats not a right date for your cats vaccine and I was keep telling her that please check the file again but instead of checking the file she preferred arguments after that when she re-checked and realized I am right. And then she said you cat is dehydrated and not may not drinking water enough. I explained her the approximate quantity my cat drinks in a day. And she replied she is still dehydrated that meanz your car having *kidney failure*. At that time I was like shocked cause there was nothing like that my cat is healthy and I went over there just for vaccine. So for me they were pathetic that time. I would not prefer them again.

Alfred Kihoon Lee

5 years ago

It was amazing service!! Very supportive information!

Andy Ding

5 years ago

It was a bit pricey for me because I did not have an appointment. (Emergency) but they took good care of my kitty :) They also have a very large and diverse supply of high quality cat foods in case you need to replenish on them!

Caroline Bourgeois

5 years ago

This review is from a while back. They might have new vets and fired the one I had. I still think people should be aware of the service I got there. I now have more cats and took them elsewhere for ALL their veterinary appointments.... They ruined my cat’s paws. I was not aware that declawing a cat was bad for my cat (I am now) My family and friends suggested I get my cat declawed. I did. I wish they would have told me at the clinic. Not only did they declawed my cat...they did a botch job (as per another vet) they ruined the digital paws on all his paws. The digital paws should not be affected by this surgery at all! This is not a vet clinic it’s a butchershop. I can see the scars and he won't let anyone but me touch his paws. I will forever feel guilty. Because of me my cat will and has feel pain everyday of his life. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Im so sorry Logan. ????????????

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