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Diego Villacreses

2 years ago

Even tho Mike turned into effing Mike to me. Lol I must say he is the man! A true man of his words.

Alejandra Fumero

2 years ago

Ask for Mike... 20+ years in our neighborhood. My friends and family have purchased pets here. Now, I have added myself to the happy customer list.. I couldn't be happier

Leila’s Mommy

2 years ago

I called over the phone to ask how much do the puppies range for to see if it was it my budget & was told they do not discuss prices over the phone if I want to know anything I would have to come in . That’s unfair because what if I lived very far.

Lill Chief

2 years ago

Purchased my Maltese from here and had a great experience. Mike assisted with all of my puppy needs. BEST DECISION EVER!????????

K Dante

2 years ago

Walked in today, place smelt terrible. Cute dogs though, wasn’t aloud to stay long enough to really get a good look because I was directed by a guy without a mask that I need a mask. I ask if they had a mask but they didn’t. Aren’t you trying to sell dogs? Get masks. I was going to leave a 3 star rating but the rest of the other 1 stars justify my 2 star.

Julian Brezon

2 years ago

Horrible awful terrible puppy mill! Google "puppy Mills" to learn why you shouldn't shop here.

Jillian “Jilly280” Vella

2 years ago

I got my Coton de Tulear a little over a year ago and love her and they where very nice to me and helped me out a lot. went back a month ago and got my Cockapoo from them and they where very nice as well and a big help. I would say it is a good place to get a dog. I would get a 3rd dog from them.

Jessica Day

2 years ago

Went in today for the first time just to say hi to the puppies, and I was disgusted by the conditions the poor babies are kept in. Most of the dogs are forced to stay in a small enclosure with a metal grate as the flooring. This sort of flooring, without any padding other than some wood shavings, can carve up an animal's paws. Like many of the reviews stated, it also smelled horrible. The majority of the setups also had only a water bottle, not a water bowl. Water bottles should *not* be used for most animal's, much less a puppy. Moreover, the puppies had no chew toys or bedding. Almost all were also separated from each other, meaning little to no contact or socialization. To make matters worse, the store had a huge sign encouraging customers to buy these dogs as Christmas gifts. That's disgusting and is how you end up with a lot of dogs in animal shelters once they've outgrown their cuteness; I know this because I work with a rescue that literally has to deal with this every single year because of unethical businesses like this. Bit the store won't close because it's owned by the same family that owns Comfortland. Do not shop here for any reason.


2 years ago

Even with a mask the smell of this place is unbearable. Believe the other reviews. I saw a beautiful golden retriever in the front window, and asked the man behind the counter for his price. As if pulling a number out of thin air he paused, and then told me $3300. The puppies looked anxious, many were eating paper plates and others were lethargic with dirt and gunk in their eyes. The floor of the shop was also covered in paper. The place looked and smelled like a health hazard, so sad to see the animals there looking so depressed.

Jay Smiles

2 years ago

I’m so happy right now. I have been looking everywhere for a Husky, I was able to find this beautiful Siberian Husky Here. The staff members were great to me and my family from the time we walked in, they greeted us and proceeded to explain all the things that the dog comes with. I was amazed by the 5 years of free health insurance, it means alot to me because I paid over 5k in medical bills for my Frenchie. We walked in the store when my daughter fell in love with this beautiful cream colored Golden retriever that was by the window. I inquired about all the big dogs, they seemed to know everything about dogs which made me more Comftable. I have been avoiding this place for so long because I have read the bad reviews now I realize that all the bad and one star reviews were coming from people that never purchased a puppy in the first place. It’s wrong to mislead people with your reviews based on your personal feelings. I feel like I have done myself a injustice by not coming here sooner. I advice anyone that love dog and would like a puppy that is 2 to 4 months to stop by Astoria pets all the dogs were calm except for the few dogs that wanted to play with me And the kids. I posted a picture meet the new member of my Family!


2 years ago

My wife and I purchased a morkie from here 7 months ago and we waited on purpose to write a review. So far our Nelly has been the best thing to happen to us. She's not only healthy but she's smarter than most our friends lol. I see a lot of negative reviews here but mostly from people that never even purchased a puppy,they're all just complaining about animals being kept in cages. Well if you have a problem with that, then go buy one!!!

Lauren Maggiore

2 years ago

I got my wonderful dog there a couple months ago and he has been thriving. Customer service is wonderful. Love the people there !!

sheli Symonè

2 years ago

The place smells and it’s dirty , the puppies look sad and tired plus they had other puppies hiding in the back which seemed odd , if you want to buy a dog go elsewhere

William Arias

2 years ago

I had situation a long time ago. I looked at my son's watery eyes as he asked me for a sibling at the young age of seven. People, I didn't know what to do with that super sincere request. It kinda broke my heart and I had to do something. I decided to purchase a puppy. I purchased a Havanese with the sweetest eyes I had ever seen. She changed my life and saved both my son and I when we have needed it the most. My dog/four-legged daughter is now going on 13 and my wonderful son is now 20. I would have to go against the nay sayer and haters of Astoria Pets because this store will always have a special place in my family's life. Thanks Astoria Pets.....Truly.


2 years ago

Terrible place. The employees do not care about the animals or the place and it's apparent. I was in the store for about 40mins. Customer employee interaction only occurred because I called an employee out on the way they run things at this store. He tried to fight me IN the store to which I said if that's really how you feel we can go outside. He continued to shout obscenities at me from the door of the pet store as I walked to my car. This place is awful. 0 stars outta 5 (0 outta 10 if I could).

Briana Gutierrez

2 years ago

I walked in and was asking about what are the steps to finance a dog and the men were very rude. We’re judging me and my gf I guess bc we looked young. We’re 20 years old and just wanted to purchase a dog. Someone else was playing with a dog and when I asked to also view a dog he said you aren’t allowed to play with dogs ! Don’t go here they will judge you and be very rude


2 years ago

Passed by and decided to stop in because interested in getting a dog. The place does not look well taken care of, looks a bit run down. Dog enclosure is not labeled or anything with dog info. Saw a small roach near the ceiling and inside where one of the cutest like puppies lay sleeping saw what looked like bugs crawling in the enclosure. The establishment needs to take better care of the animals. Did not purchase or inquire because if they aren't taking care of the pets properly that only means heartache and empty wallets for you later.

Em & Mel

2 years ago

If I could give this pet shop half of a star I would. They have the rudest owner I’ve ever come across. I was interested in a puppy and financing but they were extremely rude about it so I had to leave.

Alexis Aviles

2 years ago

Went inside to look at the puppies and the horrible smell smacks you in the face when you walk in (no wonder why a mask is required), the puppies look neglected and sad these puppies are enduring abuse this business needs to be shut down as soon as possible this business needs to be reported!

Gabi Bustos

2 years ago

today i was walking by steinway street and saw this pet shop… i saw a cute puppy that i fell in love and i went inside and it started to smell pretty bad, it was stinky and the poor puppies were whining when they saw me like they wanted me to help them.. don’t go there please! this store should be shut down

Ivelisse Alvarado

2 years ago

Don’t go there. When you ask about the down payment , he will be extremely rude and he will say everyone sees it. I felt like I was just asking a question. I am 22 and he was judging me making it seem like I was too young to get a dog. Then he rushed me out of the place and said I have to pick a dog right now when all I was in there for less than 2 minutes and I was just looking to see what dog I will pick. The dogs look extremely sad and it looks like he doesn’t even clean the place right. He is putting the dogs at a extremely high price which I don’t understand because his business is horrible.

Sanella Orahovac

2 years ago

I don’t understand how they haven’t been shut down yet. The men that work there are incredibly rude. I bought some pet supplies when I was much younger, maybe 10 or 11, and the chunky one with the ponytail slammed his hands on the counter and yelled “don’t you have anything smaller?!” when I handed him a $100 bill for something that costed maybe $20. I never went back there again after that. Fast forward ten years, and my sister bought her 2 month old puppy from there for over $1k. After a few weeks, the pup died at the emergency vet hospital of pneumonia. The pets here are clearly not taken care of and come from puppy mills. They gave her a document with the “breeder” info, which after looking into, didn’t exist. Please adopt instead of coming here. They need to not be in business anymore.

Yoselin Garcia

2 years ago

Went into the store once and left in tears. This stores needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY, all the puppies look depressed and I saw one of them eating the paper that they are surrounded in. The employees didn’t seem to care one bit. Don’t buy your puppies here, if anything report them.

Jafrin Arshad

2 years ago

Went to this place just to see the puppies & what I saw was messed up! The puppies looked sick and miserable. The whole place looked like a mess, did not see water or any toys near any of them as well. They looked like they were depressed. This place needs to be shut down. The management is horrible. This is abuse! If I can give it less than one star I would.

jorge Siguencia

2 years ago

Me and my family had bought a dog there for Christmas and it was the best decision of my life unfortunately she passed away but the for the owner I would like to say thank you.

Natika Wilson

2 years ago

The man was very nasty and has poor costumer service I wanted to lease a dog he asking me do I have credit cards not your business but luckily my credit file was locked thank god wasn’t meant to be hope they shut down soon

obama chan

2 years ago

mocked the way i like to dress ????

Khevin Guillen

2 years ago

i walked in with my wife to buy a dog. we were kick out of the store for not having a mask. when this is not required by law. but I'm pretty sure they wanted us to wear a mask to cover up of how bad this place smells. this place stinks a lot not even a chicken farm smells this bad.

Aaliyah Alvarado

2 years ago

If I could give negative 100 stars, I would. Stay away from this shop. I got my puppy Feb 30 2021. He was in a glass box, lying on soiled newspaper. During his first vet visit, we were told he consumed his own feces, and had stomach parasites. After that, the problems just kept piling on. I want people to read this and take into consideration their safety. These sellers will lie to you just to make a sale. They won’t disclose any mistreatment these dogs endure. For the safety of these dogs and potential owners, I hope this place gets shut down.

Yarlin Peralta Ventura

2 years ago

I came into this pet shop to see the puppies they had available and I was so angry and disgusted by the way this puppies were mistreated and abused. They all looked so depressed and miserable. They were in horrible conditions. They all looked as if they were giving them some type of sleeping drugs, I can’t believe how some people allow this to happen around their own neighborhood. Don’t ever support this business. If I could give a zero star , I would. This places does not even deserve a 1 star. I hope they shut this place down.

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