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Helen Shaw

2 years ago

I adopted a dog paid a lot of money, only to have the dog kill my other dog. The adopted dog mostly was not properly, tested on his temperament. I called bought him back no refund of my money. And we lost our beloved other dog. I argued and told them you are stealing from me as well as lied aabout the temperament of this dog.No refund they oh well

Benjamin Cave

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful, must see to apreciate. Worth the trip

Dan Mccluskey Sr

2 years ago

Everyone involved with our adoption were caring professionals very helpful

Katherine Fiore

2 years ago

Fantastic people and facility. We adopted a hurricane Ida rescue. It was a painless process. I would recommend everyone check them out.

G shannon Ferris

2 years ago

Very helpful and informed individuals. Not always easy to reach by phone, but they are always busy with the animals! Please donate items they could use. Blankets, cleaning supplies, food. Winters coming! ???? Love from The Fowler Advocacy. We have made large truck load donations here in the past, thanks to the Golub Corp. A.k.a. Price Chopper. Love this shelter. Thank you.

Harriet Wagner

2 years ago

I went there to have my kitten spayed. They were very professional. They have full details on what would be done. How the process would go and the healing processed. A wonderful price that included spraying, rabies, distemper, nail clipping, flea treatment and tapeworm check. Anything that would possibly cost extra they let you know beforehand with an estimate of price. I would highly recommend going here. They do wonderful thing for not only for our community but for our animal community as well!!

Anna M

2 years ago

fantastic organization, this pooch is probably the best thing that ever happened to me, lost my job at the start of the pandemic, lost my husband on new years, this baby has breathed new life into someone who thought she was totally dead inside. please consider donating all your money to them

AJM Padilla

2 years ago

They take your money but won't give nothing in return and they get you all round up about your new adoption only to stab you in the back by giving your adoption to someone else Ulster County should get rid of the SPCA

David G Saxman

2 years ago

This place has reached capacity and they are now building a new pound nearby

Louise Lussoro

2 years ago

Great place &website to find a pet!

Abby Marie

2 years ago

I will say that the animals are treated exceptionally well considering the shelter setting. The staff, however, is treated very unfairly by higher management. Many people have left, and continue to leave, because the back-and-forth decisions and micromanagement. This makes it very difficult to stay, as management also doesn’t acknowledge the large workload that is put onto us. We are asked to come forward whenever we need help, whenever we are feeling overwhelmed, and whenever we can’t finish every task we are asked to complete..... And when we do, we are we ones who should’ve planned our time better. There should be no reason as to why we can’t finish everything by an exact time, even though the list of things to finish is as long as a CVS receipt. Cleaning shouldn’t take as long as it does.. but we have had to cut corners to meet the time requirements to simply finish anything else. The lack of support and understanding by management is disappointing. Again, the animals are always put first, which is the most important part of it all. However the incredibly overbearing management, mostly the Animal Care Supervisor, makes it impossible to stay. I hope things change, as the volunteer community is so amazing.

Ella Morse

3 years ago

I’ve been trying to find a kitten on their website I can never find any. Tell me if there is any available kittens or other places that always have kittens.

Jenny Britt

3 years ago

I love the animals and love volunteering with them

Joan Coleman

3 years ago

Just dropped off some dog food and linens . These people really appreciate anything you are able to give.

melissa Martino

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. The staff truly cares for these animals. When we adopted our beautiful boy ringo. The staff were happy but sad because they would miss him.

Mikey Has

3 years ago

Very kind good people doing a hard job

Sara Gazel

3 years ago

Got free rabies vac today!????????????

simon every

3 years ago

I have been going here for over 30 years What is there to say best ever keep up the good work

Yareli Rodriguez

3 years ago

I very rarely post reviews, but I had to come on here and put into writing the amount of appreciation I have for the work being done by the staff and volunteers at the SPCA. Antonia was so helpful and knowledgeable throughout our adoption meeting. It was obvious to me and my parents that she truly takes pride in the work she does and contributes invaluable expertise to guide adoptees and making sure you find a good fit. No pup wants to end up abandoned by their owners at a shelter, but the staff at the Ulster SPCA goes above and beyond to ensure they are properly cared for and matched well with adoptees. Apollo is on cloud 9 in his new home and we are all so in love with him, and bringing him home would not have been possible if not for this amazing organization. Thank you all so much!

Carol Waxman

3 years ago

They take good care of the animals. They offer spay neuter clinic and discounted rabies clinics. They accept donations of money and other items for spca use. They have a wishlist.

Jasmin Scully

3 years ago

They are friendly and ready to help

Kathleen Murphy

3 years ago

I unfortunately had experiences with this place several years ago. The only thing they actually excelled at was lying & colluding with so-called local ‘sanctuaries’. What a freekin’ joke. Another very recent example of their lies & total incompetence is when a dear friend of mine applied to adopt a wonderful dog who is probably still in the shelter. She filled out all the appropriate paperwork & was told she was ‘“next in line” to hopefully adopt this dog. Well, she waited for their call, which never came. She had to call them several times to even get a response. Another thing: there were so many varying stories about this dog. One person said she lived with a family for 3 years. The next person said she was a stray. Totally unacceptable & unprofessional...

rick johnson

3 years ago

staff was cool but info was very mixed-up. we were told one thing than told another but april was very nice when we were there.

Brandon K

3 years ago

My experience with the shelter was limited but positive. Unfortunately we adopted a dog that wasn’t a good fit a few months back. It was very saddening and took a toll on us emotionally. Karina was very sweet when answering our questions. Nicole was also a big help and was very compassionate about our situation. The staff is a good team. The facility is very clean and we hope to come back one day.

Brian D

3 years ago

We had adopted our dog , now Lucy , a few months ago and is doing very wonderfully !! Mrs. Brookes was great to communicate with, and the process was very easy . Highly recommend !

Michael Markle

3 years ago

I went there to adopt a cat. There staff were accommodating and very pleasant. It was a very satisfying experience.

Raisa Andujar

3 years ago

We had our dog spayed. She's doing well. They were kind, thoughtful, considerate and informative. We are so glad we decided to used them. They were recommended and it was a great recommendation. We definitely refer their services. By the way, thank you SPCA, we are very pleased....

Must Like Ent.

3 years ago

I must be a glutton for disappointment. I've been to this SPCA many times each time being turned away and disappointed whether it's for companionship for my family and myself or volunteer opportunity or employment opportunities all have been turned away for no good reason. I really really hate having to write this bad review especially because there are local and I and passionate about animal rescue and conservation even though I may look like a thug I am a die-hard humanitarian. I literally have rescued hundreds of reptiles and amphibians and birds including a spotted owl I rescued from being ran over just this week, but any hoo. Lol. The the volunteers there and dog Porter's are really great people Unfortunately they have the displeasure of working for the higher management there that is just downright bitter and mean. This last time was the last straw for me and my family we had visited a beautiful puppy many times to make sure she was the right fit and we weren't going to be impulsive keyword being impulsive on bringing home a new family member. My family and I were there just last night and waited patiently to see a dog that the office knew we were in line for but for some reason I I had a feeling that something fishy was going on before the end of the night it was confirmed they Bamboozled and gave the dog to a family who just walked in while we were waiting patiently. I was literally there an hour before I came home to make sure the dog was still available and that they knew that I was coming right back with my family. I've seen and felt a discriminative practices firsthand and I just have to write this review it probably won't do anything in the long run but at least I will feel better knowing that somebody May read this and go somewhere else or to another shelter to find a new family member. It was under my assumption that there was some Vail discriminative actions taken place so I decided to look on their Facebook page to see how many brown families and African American families were able to take a happy adoption photo with the family and their new pet and out of 21000 images I found 1 happy African American in over 20,000 images. I'll put it plainly it's pretty obvious unless you are some type of white veteran male with a family you will probably waste your time here on top of not being welcomed. Probably seems like I'm rambling on at this point but I have to emphasize the fact that the upper management which are the deciding factors whether or not you leave with a dog or cat are extremely racist I would stay far far away if you like myself a Latin American or African-American it is not a good place for us. There is no ethnicity or minority working or volunteering there. If you don't believe me and this may change now that I have posted this but feel free to visit their Facebook page at SPCA Animal Shelter and scroll through their images you see how many little brown boys and girls you see happy and with a smile on you won't see any and that's a shame. I do believe that they take pretty good care of their animals and I had that mentioned before the volunteers and the dog Porter's and reception a really great people it is strictly upper management and the application interviewer that are extremely bitter miserable and unfriendly even to my nine-year-old daughter who instead of saying hello and excusing and walking around her pushed through. This is not a one-time thing I have been trying to make some sort of relationship with this organization for over a year but to no avail. I've tried so very hard I will continue to support the shelter in Hyde Park as well as continuing my efforts for animal and Environmental Conservation.

Marryanne Tucker

3 years ago

So kind and helpful my dog went for shots and they were great and adorable

Scott Farrier

3 years ago

I'm glad there's a place like the spca to take stray animals. I want to say thank you to the people who give there time to the spca.

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