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Ethan Green

2 years ago

Very lovely staff and the visit was very quick. They gave me clear explanations and treated my kitties with care ????

Allison Harrod

2 years ago

My sweet Elsie and I were both treated with patience and kindness. Vet assistants and vet were both really receptive to my requests and concerns and provided valuable suggestions. I was particularly worried about seeing a new vet for the paperwork needed to travel with a pet, but they did an excellent job. They even spoke with the CFIA agent directly and promptly to ensure everything was perfect.

Mike Earle

2 years ago

We have been taking our pets here for years and could not happier with the Kingston Veterinary Clinic. The staff and quality of care are both exceptional. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of a veterinary care for their pets

Mann nijjar

2 years ago

I love there service,,, they Are so friendly and helpful.

Derya Gungor

2 years ago

Have had the best experience with them. Recommend everyone to take their pets here. Your pets will be in great hands!

Brandon Swain

2 years ago

This vet clinic, is AMAZING. They take the time to get to know your furbaby. They double check everything. They listen to you. And best part is they are not very expensive.

Helena Greenley

2 years ago

Super happy with my fur baby Lilo’s first experience there. All the staff are amazing, welcoming and super friendly. They took lots of time for a thorough health check and my Lilo absolutely adored them ❤️.

Joshua Cooper

2 years ago

We have a very difficult cat. Especially when he's at the vet. These folks were professional, caring and attentive. Been using them for years and will continue to do so.

Stephanie Walker

2 years ago

All of our pets (2 cats and 1 dog) have been going to this clinic since 2014 and we couldn't be happier. The staff is always friendly and patient with our fur babies even when they're really nervous. Dr. Lera is the best vet we have ever dealt with, he is honest and gentle. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who cares about their fur babies.


2 years ago

My cat accidentally pinched his tail in the door & the tip of it was degloved. When I called to have someone look at him I was told they could not accommodate me so I would need to wait 3hrs & then take him to the emergency vet; even though they were open another 5hrs that day... I waited & took him to the emergency vet as instructed & was quoted $3,000 for the procedure! They said I should see if my regular vet could do the surgery as it would be less expensive & could wait just under a week to take place. I was also told to have my regular vet change his bandage sometime in the next two days. When I called the following day to try & get an appointment to have his bandage changed & see if I could schedule a surgery I was VERY disappointed in their response. I was told there was no way they could change his bandage in the next two days & that there was no time to get him in for surgery. Luckily I was able to take him to another vet clinic who accommodated us & did the surgery with less than 24hrs notice. I get you're busy, but if everytime something unexpected comes up I have to go to the emergency clinic during regular hours what is the point of having a regular vet? The last 3 days have been incredibly stressful for my cat & myself when if I had just been at a different vet clinic it would have been looked at & dealt with the same day.

Naomi Curro

2 years ago

I have called on 3 seperate occasions to get one of my dogs in and I am always only offered to go to emergency. Really disappointed in the lack of access to help in Kingston.

Rachel Brice

2 years ago

Edited for context: I attended this clinic only twice with my cat and my partner's cat. My partner brought his cat in first and they told him everything was great with her and that he was doing a great job. Then brought in my (much more nervous) kitty and while I was attempting to focus on her the vet informed me of the issues with my other cat that he had failed to inform my (male) partner. Saying I overfeed her (I don't, and she gets lots of exercise) and didn't believe me when I said she's on a diet. For clarification she is his cat, not mine, and when I told him he was disappointed as he would have liked to discuss her health with the vet directly. Secondly my cat is a very nervous cat, so I warned them they would need gloves. I had to repeat this a few times and the vet tried to handle her with bare hands only to get a scratch as I said would happen. He then criticized me continually for not drugging her up for the appointment when it was my first appointment with them and she has reacted better at other vets before so I a) wasn't sure what to expect and b) did not have access to a prescription. I chose this vet because they specifically said they are experienced with anxious cats but I could tell that was not really the case. He then proceeded to accuse me of overfeeding this cat as well (I do not, my cats are 12 and 11 lbs respectively). Lastly, I received a prescription for gabapentin for travel as I just did a cross country move (or was about to at the time of the visit). They prescribed my 11 lb cat 150 mg every 8 hours. The standard is 50-75 mg and 100 for large cats. 150 is extremely excessive for her little body and I could not find any resources that show vets commonly prescribe this dose or perscribe it at all. When I came to pick it up there was another lady in the waiting room who told me her dog is on more drugs than a human for his appointment and they still wouldn't touch him because he barked at them. Food for thought. Additionally their desk is consistently understaffed and they don't answer phones. Overall I would never reccommend this clinic. (No issues with the vet techs, per usual they were the stars of the show).

Rolling Along

2 years ago

My dog had not been off my farm in 7 and 1/2 years so when I took him to Kingston Veterinary Clinic I was a little worried but the staff was very gentle and my dog was treated with love and respect... infection identified and treated immediately and dog is as good as new

Rob Ewart

2 years ago

I had been going to the vet for some 13 years over a pair of pets. The turnover of vets seemed pretty high—I seldom interacted with the same veterinarian more than a couple times. Most seemed very good, others a little less so. But last year I had a very uninspiring interaction with the clinic: my cat had an urgent concern, and the soonest they could slot me in was 9 days later. (My cat had stopped eating, and was starting to hide in unusual places around my home). The receptionist could only offer that I could call back in the morning to try my luck at booking an "emergency slot", adding that I "should call early because they fill up fast." In stark contrast, I called up another nearby vet who, despite never having dealt with me before, immediately shared my concern, and offered that they would find a way to fit me in between visits that very afternoon (I might have to wait, but they would find a way). Veterinary medicine is an expensive service; I guess I expect a bit more service for the expense. I'm disappointed that my vet of 13 years seems more concerned about keeping a full schedule than accommodating an urgent situation. I did reach out to the Kingston Veterinary Clinic with these concerns shortly after the situation had resolved, and nobody ever bothered responding to me—also very uninspiring. *** Answering the response from the owner: please feel free to respond to my original email from June 2020; I sent it to that very email address, and never heard anything back.

Tina and Jason Monument

2 years ago

I have to say for a 14.5 year old dog.. Molly is a trooper and doing better than before dental surgery. In a bit of pain but doing well. After losing 11 teeth during dental surgery, we know she is feeling better when she barks to play ball with us and barks to go for a walk . Wish we did this a few years ago. Dr. Llera is amazing and so is the rest of the team. We are so happy we did this and wish we did it sooner. If anyone ever questions if they should go ahead with dental surgery on their elderly it! Do it when they have the first sign of dental disease .

Kai Grant

2 years ago

*Edit* We were in touch with the practice manager Shannon Knox about this issue. She handled it with kindness, care, and sincerity. She went above and beyond to make sure that we felt heard in what we had experienced and found a way to resolve what had happened. Her commitment to repair felt extremely genuine and it was incredibly refreshing how she responded. I'm not sure if there was a process with the vet we dealt with but it's reassuring to know that this clinic has many people who care and prioritize the needs of their clients. Original Review Very disappointed with the service here. Our dog suddenly was in extreme pain in her hips. We brought her here thinking it might be Lyme and the vet said there was no possible way and refused to test her. Instead we spent $700 on X-rays and he sent us home with pain meds for the rest of her life because it was “arthritis”. This didn’t sit well with us so we went elsewhere for a second opinion. Sure enough she had Lyme and after a round of antibiotics was back to normal. If you choose to go here, listen to your gut and don’t back down if you think they are making a bad call.

Sue Imeson

2 years ago

Always provide an excellent service, both the vets and nurses. I recommend this clinic to all pet owners.

Christine Smith

2 years ago

Sharing from my Facebook post to help others know how great KVC is! My cat collapsed at 2am early April 27th, requiring us to rush him to the emergency vet in extremely critical condition. Based on their assessment, prognosis seemed very poor as he was in respiratory distress with initially very little improvement. I brought Samwise to KVC literally right at open, so staff had no context at that time but were quick to bring him in so he could go back on oxygen. With the hard work of the team he started feeling better and was actually diagnosed with pneumonia, put on antibiotics and came back home with me that night. I can't thank everyone enough for the lifesaving care they gave to my little guy. Having lost a grandmother and dog last year as well as my dad unexpectedly earlier this year, I was incredibly emotional. I believe it was Dr. Chute looking after him and she was so empathetic and returned my call quickly. KVC also took him in the next day so I wouldn't have to worry about him while I worked. Considering his medical emergency began with a very real potential of Sam passing, I'm so grateful. He received a clean bill of health at a visit a month later and hopes not to cause so much drama again!

W B Scott

2 years ago

Our dog wouldnt be alive without them.

Colin Buchanan

2 years ago

Great service and friendly staff.


2 years ago

Our animals have always received great care here. As customers, we have also always been treated very well. I've always felt their advice to be reasonable, and they provide a space for an open, nonjudgmental dialogue between professionals and pet owners. I would 100% recommend this clinic.

Lori-Ann Clarke

2 years ago

This clinic is based in town at a location that was easily found and accessible for teddy bear and myself. The environment is friendly, clean and pet friendly. The staff took the time to smile and reassure me and Teddy that he was in good hands.Thank you to the caring staff at Veterinary Clinic our love goes out to you.

Anthony Turcotte

2 years ago

When I first had my dog as a pup, I was about a week or two late getting a booster shot. This vet clinic told me I had to get the 1st shot done again before getting the booster. If you ask any professional vet, a week or two late on getting a booster DOES NOT require you to start the process again. Never went back. It was all about the money, and I'm not cheap, but I'm not stupid either.

Terri Lapointe

2 years ago

Fantastic staff from receptionist to vet's. Friendly, efficient service.


2 years ago

Dr. Lier and his staff are knowledgeable and always supportive. One of the best vets I have had since having pets. They are very reasonable in their prices.

Doug Mattis

2 years ago

Great vet clinic - nice staff - didn't price gouge .. reasonable prices.

Lyle Mailloux

2 years ago

Amazing veterinarians who are kind caring and take the time to listen

Kelly Conner

3 years ago

Love this place! They are always so friendly and professional!

Tim Hawkins

3 years ago

I felt very safe. I took my dog there for his annual physical. Humans do not enter the clinic. A vet assistant came out to my vehicle in the parking lot. My dog was taken into the clinic. Ten minutes later the vet called me with a report, and shortly after that the vet technician came back out, safely returned my dog back in the vehicle, performed the billing routine, and I was on my way. Efficient, safe, and professional.

Nicole Allen

3 years ago

Once again the staff including front desk, vet techs, assistants and of course the veterinarian docs themselves at Kingston veterinary clinic ( on division st ) have proven that they are still the best choice for me to bring my beloved pet. They are courteous, Informative and thorough. Not to mention obvious lovers of animals and not just academic professionals. I've been a client there as have 2 of my dogs. My late beautiful tanner ( shitz/pomeranian ) who was cared for there for the entire 16 yrs he lived. When he did pass 3 yrs ago ( mar 21 ) the entire clinic went above and beyond to accommodate me and make things as comfortable for tanner as they possibly could In his final hrs. For that I can never say thanks enough. Now I'm proud to say I've become the new mom ( once again ) to an 11 wk old puppy ( bull mastiff,. Pitbull terrier, boxer & husky ) named Dozer. Dozer and I made his first visit this morning for his first round of vaccinations and a trimming of nails. The experience was even more comfortable then I remember particularly due to the stressful changes due to the covid 19 pandemic. Thanks Kingston vet from the bottom of my heart. Woof!

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