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Sabrina Rodriguez

2 years ago

I brought my dog here once and there were so many red flags. 1) The place smells unclean; granted there’s dogs of all kind running around all day but there are cleaning products you can use that will remove the stench yet not be harmful to the dogs. For a place, that dubs as a grooming facility, it was alarming to have the smell hit you even with a k95 on your face. 2) this is the first place Ive heard where there are no access to Nanny cams. It’s 2022 where we have even scaled the cams to our own homes to monitor our pups. When asked if there were cameras, the answer was given was that there’s enough of us here to monitor the place— yeah, no.

Frank YI

2 years ago

Very dirty place and over priced for this kind environment. Good staffs. Hope they clean and organize this place.

Martin Schmid

2 years ago

K9dergarten was disappointing all around. The facilities reeked of urine and were stuffy/hot when I walked in. The receptionists were rather rude and disinterested, providing curt answers to my questions about how my dog behaved throughout the day. They also forgot to put my dog’s collar on when we picked him up (has a separate harness) so we had to turn around and come back to pick it up, with no apology. I was looking into boarding my dog for a few days and asked for a tour of the facilities- the playpen areas were drab and underwhelming and again smelly and stuffy/hot. Also the ratio of dogs to handlers seemed way off, as in there seemed to be many more dogs than what the one handler in the playpen could handle if something serious happened. Too many dogs for such a small space as well. I asked to see where my dog would be sleeping overnight, and they informed me that the overnight dogs sleep in the basement but we could not look at this space. I also asked if they have 24 hour staff coverage for dogs who are boarding, and received a circuitous “it depends, sometimes” answer. That was a major red flag for me. There’s another review on here that is critical of the basement boarding space when they did apparently show it in the past, so perhaps they simply stopped showing this space because the conditions are that bad? I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t see for myself. I ultimately wound up not boarding with them. The other Google reviews and Yelp reviews are worth reading through before considering this place. The only pro about this place is its physical convenience to the downtown area, but there are definitely better options in the surrounding areas- ones that are cleaner and have staff that engage with you and take an interest in your dog. Providing a critical and honest review in hopes it will guide people looking around for a good/safe experience for themselves and most importantly their pet.

Lindsay Asha

2 years ago

We came to K9degarten for grooming. We waited for 3 hours before picking up our dog. We were told the grooming only need 1 hour. He was sick of diarrhea the next morning, because he caught a cold while grooming. Our guess is that the staff there left him there all wet for a while before blow drying him. P.S. I’m not commenting using my real name.

Tanya Cohn

2 years ago

My puppy loves his days here. We have a daycare package and use pick up / drop off service. Staff is always nice and accommodating.

Caleb Stevens

2 years ago

A dog care center that does a little bit of everything. We mainly focused on the grooming aspect with our dogs, and after trying multiple groomers, this is the best one in the city with a reasonable price.

Andy Wang

2 years ago

very good grooming service. attached pics of before grooming vs after grooming

Jeremy Janas

2 years ago

My pup had a great time here, and even when we’re walking by on our walks she wants to go in. Love the fact that they do pick ups and drop offs with advance notice. All in all had a great experience with their staff and services.

Sara Mal

3 years ago

Love this place! Yet hate having to leave my rambunctious Beloved Buddy ???? anywhere ever! Nonetheless, this is the place to go if u have away plans that requires boarding. These people are angels ???? and Kendall is amazing! She really cares!

rodriguez marvin

3 years ago

My dogs have been going there since they first opened for daycare and grooming, even after we moved out of J.C. No one gives a better bath we now travel across state lines to get one. The staff is great and the owner even gave us a recommendation letter for our dog when when bought our apt. That's top service!

Eric Hyman

4 years ago

Oliver and Cooper love K9

Erik F

4 years ago

Would not recommend. Dropped our two dogs off for a few days while in town. The whole place smelled like urine really bad and both dogs got sick, came back with runny noses and sneezing constantly. The staff wasn't the friendliest, not rude but just gave us one word answers when we picked up our dogs, didn't elaborate or seem liked they wanted to talk at all. I can't recommend this place, I used to work at a Vet clinic so I understand the levels of cleanliness and animal care. This place just didn't seem to be run well, our dogs coming back sick was really frustrating.

Henna K.

4 years ago

Have loved both my pup’s cuts from here ! Affordable and take their time! Not a rushed job just to get more clients through their day

Ilya Shuster

4 years ago

prompt return and acceptance of animals

jennifer freeman

4 years ago

I was visiting from out of town and needed to board my dogs for a few days and where I was staying recommended k9dergarten. I expected so much more! I walked in to a hot smelly place with not greetings from two employees. After doing the necessary paperwork they took my dogs. I got to go in back and it was just two penned up areas with tons of dogs! They barely had any space and it was soooo hot in there!!! I read online that they had nanny cams we could use but they told me nothing about it. Then when I picked my dogs up I noticed they wrote on my food bin with permanent marker!!! They wrote the names of my dogs and one was spelt wrong! Who does that? Ever heard of a post it note or paper and tape??? I would never bring my dog back here. I’m sure they are only in business still because other places are more money or full. It’s disheartening how many dogs they had! *update and dropped it to one star!! Both my dogs are sneezing constantly!! They also have runny Norse’s and eye discharge. What is the point of asking for our records when obviously some people are not supplying the right ones. There are way to manny dogs at this location!!!

Oneida Estremera

4 years ago


Donna Hartley

5 years ago

BEWARE! Before leaving your dog there, ask to take a tour, to include the basement. You will be horrified. Thank goodness we took the tour before leaving our precious dog in that filthy, horrifying "daycare".

David Phillips

5 years ago

Our 8yo coonhound loves this place, and so do we. Genuinely caring staff who treat dogs and their people with respect and caring. Pleased to know K9 helps to socialize rescues among dogs in daycare and boarding. Our dog knows three blocks away that we’re headed here and drags us the rest of the way!

Vaughn Lindquist

5 years ago

Our puppies love coming to play. We travel all the way out from Manhattan to get them bathed and cut.

L.B. DuBois

5 years ago

Such a cool spot! Lovely staff and great customer service. We found just what we needed for our doggy.

Do Lee

5 years ago

Kendall and the staff are awesome. They work with you and your pup to offer the best doggy daycare experience.

Tim Bradshaw

6 years ago

Great place. They take time to know your dog and care for her well.

Sylwia Odrzywolska

6 years ago

Very friendly staff. Whenever we walk by with our puppy he tries to pull us in, he loves the place so much

R Gande

6 years ago

thank you for loving my pup as much as i do. the attention and care is evident in everything you do! furbaby loves it.

Moshe Goldberg

6 years ago

Overpriced and our dog always came home stinking like pee pee and poop. I shouldn't have to give my dog a bath everytime I use their doggy daycare....Especially at that price point. Anyway we're all set with K9!

Daniel L

7 years ago

Amazing people work here. If you bring your dog for daycare they'll post a million photos on their Facebook page.

Justin Jonker

7 years ago

This was a no-hassle experience, the staff were very friendly and took great care of our pups. The price is a little high for what we are used to, but well worth it.

TW Miner

7 years ago

This place had a great selection of dog toys and does great work. This place also works with See Shot Rescued, which is one of the best dog rescues out there.

Eric Shaw

8 years ago

The staff here is always very friendly and accommodating. The storefront is very clean with a nice selection of toys, treats and clothes for your pup.

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