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Daniel Reda

2 years ago

I wouldn’t even trust them with a stuffed animal. After paying several hundreds of dollars, they weren’t able to help my cat, provided me with little to no answers, and to top it off when I brought my cat to a qualified vet (per their suggestion, as they were “not equipped” to find the cause of her symptoms) they requested her medical records from Fort Hill (all of 3 pages), which in order to get I had to go pick them up myself and was charged an additional $10. After getting the medical records to the qualified vet we find out that there were some very concerning numbers in her lab results that Fort Hill neglected to mention when they first ran her blood. In my opinion, the use of the words “animal hospital” is wildly inappropriate. They are greedy and it would be incredibly generous to call them a veterinarian, let alone an animal hospital.

Linda Roth

2 years ago

Love the doctors here - have had nothing but great experiences!


2 years ago

I love this place. They knew my dog like it was theirs. The Dr could remember every detail from our last visit. My Boss had surgery to removed some skin tumors and he came out brand new! No complications and quick follow up. Very compassionate when we had to put him to sleep. They have experience and very knowledgeable. Rates are just, and no BS.

Michael Litchmore

2 years ago

An excellent kind and caring staff that tunes up your doggie.


2 years ago

Been going here for nearly six years with our girl, a lab mix. Thankfully, most of the time it's just a check up with some bloodwork and shots. However, a few months back we had plans for the weekend but the morning we were leaving the dog had something dried and crusty on her cheek, her black fur obscured what was dried blood. Cleaned her up and she had a small puncture in her cheek! Out came the flash light and her mouth looked fine inside, we couldn't figure out what the wound was from. I called and explained the situation and they told us to come to the office and they'd squeeze us in. It was early in the morning and we were relieved to have her looked at and not to have our plans delayed too much! Turns out she's a clumsy girl and the vet figured it was a sharp stick or thorn, from our partially wooded backyard, that stuck her in the face. Wound was cleaned, a shot given and we were out the door less than a hour later. Her face healed beautifully within a few days, just like they said. Very kind of them to take her on such short notice. Any questions you have are answered without feeling rushed, most the staff is friendly and their rates are very reasonable!

Rebecca Heiberg

3 years ago

I have to give a shout out to this place. My poor kitty was having seizures out of no where. The vet saw him right away and got blood work drawn that she thought might help us find what was wrong. She found a parasite that was causing the seizures and was able to get him on the proper meds right away. He's been so happy and healthy ever since!

Marisa Searing

3 years ago

Caring staff that won't overcharge.

Steven Hachikian

3 years ago

Outstanding Staff, it is a family run business Father and Daughter are both very competent and caring vets. They take their time to explain everything to you. In one our early interactions with Fort Hill, they saved the life of our dog Gingerbread that we rescued.

Natalya Staritskaya

3 years ago

Dr. T brushed off repeatedly abnormal urine tests that could had lead to a diagnosis in time to save our dog. Instead, she had to be put down due to significant kidney failure. Dr.Alana helped diagnose the issue in the end, but it was too late for our pup

Hillary Hess

3 years ago

My family has been using Fort Hill Animal Hospital for over 50 years. They are excellent doctors and care about animals and their humans. Their prices are fair and they don't pad your bill with unnecessary specialty items and foods that others do. They are great with both dogs and cats.

Gamal Aly

3 years ago

Great place, the owner of the hospital has been a dear friend of my wife's family for decades. Great prices, very reasonable operations, and very very pleasant staff.

Gail Redler

3 years ago

Amazing, kind, and gentle care for our pets. The team at Fort Hill is amazing.

Elisabeth Aly

3 years ago

My family has been using Fort Hill for easily 40 years! In my lifetime, we have shared the lives of our pets with Henry Travis and his team. Compassionate, smart care!

Elilzabeth Anderson

3 years ago

Recently had a routine canine dental cleaning and extractions done on our dog. A life-threatening injury resulted, which was not diagnosed by Dr. L. Travis. A proper course of treatment was not offered, which resulted in our dog suffering for three days and then dying. No anesthesia record nor any dental records were maintained. We are sharing this because we do not want this negligent care to happen to someone else.

Elena Frassanito

3 years ago

Recommended by our breeder over 14 years ago. Very good with Dachshunds

Arthur Tucker

3 years ago

Absolutely will go back.. only vet to figure out what was wrong with my dog..

Bill Stewart

4 years ago

This is a fantastic veterinarian I highly recommend it.

Michael Repice

4 years ago

Very nice vets. Reasonable prices. Kind to the animals

Helen Aponte (stringsnharmony)

4 years ago

The best... Forth Hill always have given the best care to my cats! I started to take my cats there on 2009. My cats were under Dr. Reese's care before she moved to Georgia then I continued with Dr. Travis (daughter). I visited several vet clinics when I moved out of Huntington. But First Hill, although is a small place, they are big in caring for pets. I do not mind to drive 25+ mnts to take my cats to Fort Hill. Besides their heart, they are also compassionate and affordable. I highly recommend it!????

Luminita Berechet Hazelton

4 years ago

This place NEVER disappoints. Always caring, always accomodating to emergency pet patients. The kindest, nicest employees and vets.

Pamela Prisco

4 years ago

Doctors and staff extremely knowledgeable...prices are the best in town

sarah sarahstarr2

4 years ago

Amazing loving caring staff and Dr Travis is just great.

Merri Ferrell

5 years ago

I used to take my pets there for veterinary care and for grooming. One of my dogs was allergic to flea bites and their treatment was shots of cortisone with a needle so big, blood came out of the injection site. I had a JRT from a rescue and in spite of routine appointments, they missed the fact that she had congestive heart failure and an enlarged liver. When I brought my cat in for a face abscess, it was already drained but they took in in the back and I could hear him screaming (he was a very mellow cat). I finally gave up and went to another veterinarian. Their groomer had been good, but they required a veterinary exam before grooming, even if you had up to date information on the pet from another vet. So I gave up on that service as well. Recently, my long haired cat had gotten very matted (she does not like to be brushed except on her back, so is challenging) and I called explaining that she was matted. I was told--as per usual--she needed a veterinary exam before grooming. I assumed they wanted to make sure the animal was healthy in case they had to sedate them before grooming. I came in with the cat and the "exam" was absolutely NOTHING. No temp taking, no listening to lungs or heart--just looked at the cat for one minute. I handed her over to be groomed. When I came back they put her in my carrier and gave me antibiotics explaining they shaved her and she'd been nicked. OK--figured shaving may be necessary, and a "nick" was not an issue (I had her groomed elsewhere and she was shaved and not one nick). When I got home, not only was she nicked she had cuts and abrasions all over her AND THEY CUT OFF HER WHISKERS ON ONE SIDE OF HER FACE. She has been traumatized since coming home. I have her in a sweater and she's curled up in a ball, when she's awake she's crying. She has urinated in her bed. It looks as if she was clipped with a dull blade (in previous times, groomers at other establishments changed blades) but why would they cut off her whiskers? She's so bad off I don't know if she's going to return to normal. Also, I had faxed over her bloodwork (figuring if the "veterinary exam" was required they would need it--they hadn't even pulled it off the fax machine even though I said I was sending it. No one called to tell me the cat was ready to go home (I eventually called them). I spent money and tortured my cat in the process. Never again. Post Script. My cat went downhill after the experience, would not eat, incontinent, barely moved. I took her to my veterinarian and she had a detached retina on one eye and was hemorrhaging behind another eye-- both signs of intense stress. She was completely blind. When I took her to be groomed, she had no problems with her sight. She had become incontinent and stopped eating. Fort Hill killed my cat. I would never take an animal there under any circumstances.

Dahlstedt Holding

5 years ago

I've been taking my pets here for many years and the veterinarians and staff always exceed my expectations. This is a top notch practice and I trust them with my pets 100%.

Gabriela Lemnaru

5 years ago

Nice staff affordable and unmatched in accommodation.... 365 days... doesnt get any better for hard working people..Thank you

Glen H

5 years ago

Dr. Lyndsey: personification of humanity!!!

Jackies Phone

5 years ago

I do not recommend this practice. Positives: They were open on a weekend and were able to take me on short notice, and the Dr (Hank) offered follow up, which is all the positive I can say. Minor negatives: CASH ONLY (!?) Absolutely bizarre for this industry. The receptionist was not friendly and barely made eye contact. First significant negative is re: bedside manner and professionalism. I mentioned that I was having a difficult time processing information because my dog's emergency was coinciding with the death of my stepfather, to which the Dr. replied, "Bummer." Second negative is re: bedside manner and competency. After a cursory glance over my dog, the vet declared "This is not a sick dog." (He hadn't eaten for nearly 2 weeks). Regardless if the Dr felt this was true, there are far more appropriate ways to explain it. Third negative is re: competency. My concerns were not heard, my dog was misdiagnosed, and prior medical recommendations were ignored. Full story: I came with full medical history since we're not local and were in town for a family emergency. My usual vet had recommended an abdominal ultrasound after extensive prior testing (all documented), but we had to cancel at the last minute to attend to the family emergency. Truthfully I was seeking referral for a local ultrasound, all by the recommendation of our usual doctor. This wasn't even considered at Fort Hill. My dog was diagnosed with "textbook colitis" and given two medications promising "miraculous improvement in two days, tops." It seemed unlikely (and arrogant) to me that "textbook" colitis would have been missed at our usual clinic, but with limited options I took the advice and medication. After no improvement in 2.5 days, I saw a different local veterinarian who did her own full work up but also reviewed prior records and finally administered the ultrasound. The first thing she immediately noticed and treated in my "not sick dog" was his dehydration. She was confused by the outdated medications that had been prescribed, (they're not recommended as best practice anymore), and recommended we stop using them. We're continuing to search for the root cause of my dog's anorexia, and I believe it was irresponsible of Fort Hill to wave a hand and promise miracles with barely any examination.

Janet Pickering

5 years ago

Best Vets ever! No credit cards though so bring your checkbook.

Jenny Friedman

5 years ago

Love the place and staff. Been bringing my 4 legged family members there since i was a little girl livimg with my parents

Keep It Modest

5 years ago

I've been taking my many dogs and cats to Dr Travis for over 20 years. He is a brilliant man and the best veterinarian out there. I should know since living in multiple places I have been to more than a few. On top of all that his prices are very reasonable too.

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