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Joseph Walsh

2 years ago

I LOVE Island Veterinary care i switched there a few years ago. I love the Doctors and staff they are very caring and friendly. We Especially Love Dr. Wiener and Dr. Martin

Jason Gieser

2 years ago

Excellent Vet who really cares about your pets and is reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone who loves their pets.

Gail Sloan

2 years ago

Very caring at a very difficult time. Highly recommend.

shirley king

2 years ago

I rated them 2 stars because overall I had good experience with the doctors whenever I brought my boy Lucas in. My Lucas was diagnosed with end-stage cancer, he was put on pain medications to relieve his pain. Dr. Kaplan was patient and compassionate to me and Lucas. She took her time to explain the prognosis with me. However, their front receptionist wasn’t pleasant or patient at all. I called in for a refill on the pain medication for Lucas and asked her to put a note to the doctor to rush the prescription because Lucas only has 1 pill left. She not only cut me off, but also told me that they are extremely busy and she couldn’t interrupt the doctor during the day. She didn’t ever bother to listen to what I wanted to say. It’s a shame that she is working in the healthcare for pets without any compassion. As a healthcare professional myself, I understand what my patients going through and always tried my best to provide the best care to them. This young lady’s response was not professional nor compassionate at all. Despite of the care Dr. Kaplan provided, I am disappointed at the overall care Island Veterinary group gave since they are a team. I truly hope they will address this issue as every person works in health care should genuinely carry a compassionate heart to help others with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent pain. Without this core value, why are even in health care?

Joel Friedlander

2 years ago

Earlier this year Molly and I went to Island Veterinary Group for her exam and shots. It was discovered that she had infected ovaries and needed a surgical procedure, or procedures to have it done. Now I couldn't afford the price of this so the Doctors at Island Vet Group recommended a place further East in Suffolk County were the tests and operations could be done at a reduced price. It turned out that it couldn't be done there but that secondary facility, knowing who had recommended me, suggested that I go to see the ASPCA in Flushing, New York. When I got there Molly was infected and they couldn't do anything. They suggested taking Molly to the Humane Society just over the Queens borough bridge in Manhattan. When I got there I told them the whole story and they said that Island Vet Group had been right and later that morning did a full workup on Molly with MRI, Scans, and X-rays. The doctor explained everything to me and said that he would like to operate right then and there but couldn't get the right surgeon until the next morning. Molly was operated on the next day and is now mostly fine, except that she chases after birds, squirrels, and tennis balls. Lucky for the animals that I keep her on a lease. But my main point is that Island Veterinary kept in touch all through the process and keeps its concern for Molly, and my lamentable finances. It is a terrific place to go to to care for your dog or cat. Joel Friedlander

Linda Montes

2 years ago

Veterinarians & staff very professional... Very caring they all are.

Lori L

2 years ago

It was my first time bringing my dog to Island Veterinary. I felt that Dr. Martin was practical and good sense judgement for the tests we did. I will definitely return.

Randal Wolfer

2 years ago

Island Vet is wonderful. I left my previous vet group when the vets I relied on retired and moved away. When I found Island Veterinary Group I was happy to once again be helped by truly caring, lovely people who are not only wonderful vets but have a devoted staff who feel the same. My only quibble is wait time but I know they are busy helping their extended family of pets.


2 years ago

WOW just called to ask about home euthanasia and all services are suspended. Every one is functioning and most businesses whether heating, electrical etc.. are coming to the home. But when needed the most to be there for others they continue to suspend their services and have no recommendations , just to call around. Very disappointing!!

Hannah Kim

2 years ago

Yup, I agree with all of the previous reviews! Take your pet here, they really do care!

john Walczuk

2 years ago

Very caring and compassionate. Have used their services for many years..Even as they have grown the quality and care has not declined. They are a lessen in good pet care.

adam coopersmith

2 years ago

This place WAS the best. We used it for many years going back to the mobile vet days...over the last few months they have become extremely unorganized, terrible record keeping and impossible to deal with. Unprofessional at best!!!

eden bennett

2 years ago

My pup was sick and my regular vet was booked for a week. I called, based on recommendations and Google reviews. Island was fully booked but they squeezed me in that day because he was sick. Everyone from our interview in the car to the waves from the front desk set the tone for a positive experience. My dog was treated respectfully and gently (Mom too!). After treatment we got home and honestly he felt better almost immediately. I appreciated the follow up call the next day. Island Veterinary has earned a new customer!

Irene Coopersmith

2 years ago

BEWARE! Have been a client seeing Dr. Martin and Dr. Weiner for almost a decade. Never had an issue. They were lovely. The place took a terrible turn under Dr. Kaplan who 1. accused me of lying about where I get my dogs medication, I went home and had to confirm doctor Kaplan's name is literally on the medication bottle. 2. As soon as you confront them re: unprofessional behavior, they use words to describe you such as "abusive to staff". This is completely false. 3. My husband hung up on the office manager who was completely unapologetic and now he is called "abusive", what a joke. 4. Avoid the terribly long wait times sitting in the parking lot over an hour where the excuse has been "we are delayed for an emergency" the last 3 consecutive visits. 5. Last time I was there they charged me extra for bloodwork that was not discussed during the visit. Only when I asked about the high charge, was I given a refund. After I switched vets, and requested my dogs history to be sent to new vet, they send me a letter that they are letting us go as a client to cover themselves with a paper trail. Can't wait to see what they write as a response to this! LOL

Julie Annese

2 years ago

I had an appointment as a new patient for an urgent heath concern for my cat Teddy on a Saturday morning. Dr. Wiener was very thorough and reassuring and recommended medications to manage my cat's condition. The outcome was successful, he is doing very well. All the staff that I met that day were very helpful.

Jocelyn Prestia

2 years ago

Wonderfully caring veterinarians who are willing to take the time to explain things to pet owners. As first time pet owners, Dr. Weiner and the staff have helped us navigate this new world. They are always available to answer any questions and have dealt with any emergencies which have come up in a timely and calming manner.

little wing

2 years ago

Love the staff and love the doctors...they deal with my temperamental Chihuahua so well and we are lucky to find them. The mobile hospital is a real plus as well! We get the time and attention necessary and the care has been wonderful!-a special shout out to Joanne who cleans tiko up since he is so difficult! -:) Tiko

Michael-james Russo

2 years ago

Compassionate Staff and Doctors are amazing. Brooklynn loves coming here!

N. Lewis

2 years ago

One of the best decisions that I made was switching my baby boy Diesel from a previous veterinarian to Island Veterinarian Group. The entire staff was nothing but extremely kind, loving, gentle and professional. Diesel is an American bully who was EXTREMELY nervous when he went in (because of the uncomfortable experiences he had before) I was really shocked to see them give him so much love meeting him for the first time. The staff knew that he was nervous and they knew exactly what to do to show him it was OK, that no one would hurt him and that he was in loving care. Dr Martin and Latynese gave me such a peace of mind as I watched Dr Martin examine and diagnose him. Diesel used to run out of the previous veterinarian’s office as if he was running for his life. At Island Veterinary Group he acted as if he wanted to stay and hang out a little while after his visit. From the first (easy and pleasant) phone call making the appointment, doggie treats in almost every room, the comfortable parent and dog room, the clean immaculate facility and each and every wonderful staff member who greeted or said hello to my boy at some point…..I’m so grateful that God led us here. Diesel was nervous going in for the first time and so happy when he came out.

Daniel Rubinstein

2 years ago

I have been using Dr. Wiener and Dr. Martin for several years now, and I have always been extremely happy with their services. They have always been thorough, honest, and extremely loving when it came to taking care of my 4-legged friends. As my two boys continue to age, they have needed more support than when they were younger, and Dr. Wiener has been there every step along the way, from my cat’s heart issues to my dog’s atypical Cushing’s Disease diagnosis. The level of care they have received at Island Veterinary Group is second to none, and I only wish I could receive such a high level of care, medicine, and customer service as my boys are able to experience! We are getting a puppy in coming weeks, and there is no doubt that Dr. Wiener, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Kaplan will be taking care of the new baby as well. They, along with Joanna, Meg, and the rest of their staff, are simply the best!

Johanna Festinger

2 years ago

I switched to island vet after not being happy with my old vet and they have been so great! The staff are all so friendly and helpful. They diagnosed and got rid of my dogs ear problem quickly which my old vet had not done.

Carl Brain

2 years ago

This is the only place I would ever take my cat. The staff and doctors are very professional and extremely friendly. They explain every step of the way the procedures and help calm any of your worries you may have. From our cats spay, to conjunctivitis, to just general checkups we fully trust Island Vet Group to make the best most caring choice for our precious loved one

Joe Sassone

2 years ago

We are very happy with the level of care & service at Island Veterinary. We called to schedule our puppy's initial vet visit before we even got him, the staff were super friendly, extremely accommodating and made it very easy. Because of COVID protocols, we are not able to go inside or meet Dr. Wiener in person. However, the "concierge" service is easy and the communication with the doctor and staff is awesome! Dr. Wiener will take as much time as you need to review the visit and answer all your questions (via phone). We have had only puppy visits to date and pray we will need nothing more than routine visits, however, this group came highly recommended and wouldn't hesitate a second to bring our little boy for care. Love this group!

Abigail Keena

3 years ago

Absolutely horrible most unprofessional vet I have ever been to! DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE. Dr. Wiener is an absolutely terrible vet and her staff is extremely unprofessional. I am surprised they are still licensed. I have never once written a review but our experience with this office warrants a review. We moved from Manhattan with my 7 year old Yorkshire terrier and have never had any issues with a vet before. We took him to see Dr. Wiener and I had asked for a full blood panel to be done. Dr. Wiener insisted he go on lifetime medication and come back every two weeks for bloodwork, urinalysis, and blood pressure. Needless to say I have friends in the field who deemed this excessive, however we trusted her opinion and brought our dog back. We had missed one day of his medication and her staff told me not to come to an appointment and to schedule it when he had been on the medication for a full two weeks without missing a day, so we proceeded with rescheduling the appointment. Dr. Wiener then called me very aggressively telling me we missed an appointment and was very rude and argumentative. I asked her why she was arguing with me as her staff told me to cancel the appointment, she then called me the next day telling me she felt uncomfortable treating my dog. I, mistakenly, apologized to her for any miscommunication and she agreed to continue to see my dog. We then called to get a refill for his prescription, which was available the same day stocked in their office the first time, and she told me it needed to be special ordered and that it is a high risk to have him off the medication for any length of time but there was nothing she could do as it was my fault I didn’t call in advance for the prescription! I told her last time she gave it to me the same day. Her staff told me not to worry if they place orders by 4pm they usually receive the next business day. It has been almost two weeks and the $100 medication I paid for has still not been delivered and every time I call her office they tell me they have no way of tracking the medication and refuse to call the delivery vendor to provide an update. Finally Meg (a technician and the only friendly competent person in this office) told me she called and it has not even been sent for delivery yet, so it turns out they did have a way of contacting the delivery vendor all along and just refused to provide an update on the medication Dr. Wiener said was critical for him and a high risk to take him off even for a day. Finally, in a panic, I called another vet who specializes in internal medicine after a friend of mine who is a vet said he should be seeing in the first place and this office refused to send a referral to see the internal medicine doctor! Nearly two weeks later I am still awaiting his prescription and a referral to the specialist as he has a chronic kidney problem and my phone calls and emails go unreturned. I received the chart from this office and her assistant Jessica wrote completely inaccurate notes saying I was aggressive and threatening as I suggested I come to the office to see the doctor in person and get to the bottom of where his medication is that he can’t be off of according to Dr. Wiener and to understand why they will not submit a referral nor return my calls. Unbelievable! I fully intend on reporting this office to the veterinary society and state OPD as this office should not be able to practice medicine on animals as it is clear they do not care about the health of their patients. Absolutely crazy this office is still in business. I have read other reviews and see other customers have had similar experiences with Dr. Wiener. I suggest they do the same and file a complaint with NY state OPD. This vet should have their licenses revoked by the way they treat their customers especially when their behavior is detrimental to the well-being of pets. Absolutely DO NOT bring your pet to Dr. Wiener or her staff.

Karen Eisenberg

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my (now) 9 year old Coton de Tulear Dino to Island Veterinary Group for several years and Dino tells me how much he loves Dr Martin and Dr Wiener. He said he’s never afraid when he goes for his check-ups or when he’s not feeling well because they always take such good care of him! Island Vet also offers house calls in their mobile pet van by appointment which we have used several times and how great is that when you cannot get to the vet and they can come to you! The front office staff and the vet techs are a true asset to the practice and we appreciate how hard everybody works to make sure our visits go smooth. I can with great confidence recommend Island Vet to anyone who wants their pets cared for with love. And treats too!

Michelle Reynolds

3 years ago

Island Veterinary Group has been caring for my dogs, since 2015.They are extremely professional, responsive, personable, caring and, most importantly (to me), pragmatic and supportive. They provide you with all of the necessary information and options, to make an informed decision for your beloved pet, whatever the need may be. After being associated with other vets on LI who do not follow this protocol, it is still so refreshing to know Island Vet Group will take the best care of my pets, when needed. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

John S.

3 years ago

Always a pleasure to deal with the staff and Doctors! They treat you well and take very good care of your pet!

Katy DiMenna

3 years ago

Great vet! All of the vet techs are so friendly and their policies during COVID have been really easy to navigate. They call you once your pet is inside to discuss with vet and then email you how much your bill would be with all needed services before charging. Highly recommend!

Cheryl Nobile

3 years ago

Wish I could have meet the doctor in person. Damn Covid!

Neftali Ortiz

3 years ago

I cant say enough about Island Veterinary Group. The staff is extremely friendly and supportive and compassionate. Veterinary technician Angelina is the best! The hospital is always sparkling clean and up to date with everything. Highly recommend

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