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Joyce Pinto

2 years ago

Well I feel terrible. Gave their name to a friend who's daughter took her sick bird to..she was charged $900 dollars for treatments Then took the biird back which was doing better only to get another injection of antibiotics on a Friday and was told bird was fine.After $200 more to pay The bird died on Monday.The vet obviously does not know what she was doing. I am devastated for telling her to go there. I will never recommend this place again. By rights they should reimburse this poor girl for the service that was not given properly. The 2nd shot took the poor birds life.this is so unprofessional and maybe I can help with legal rights

Elaina Vassel

2 years ago

All I have to say is this place is my vet for now on I had brought in my chicken today for a 1230 appointment I was taken within 1015 minutes I was very worried about my pet Isa and came down to it and I had to put her down I was very upset very very nervous they let me come inside hold her say goodbye to her doctor Davis is the sweetest doctor I think I’ve ever met in my life for pets she was very professional very considerate she was very caring she was very sweet and very knowledgeable she knew exactly what was wrong with her in a half hour of being there called me right back and told me what she thought and I listen to her and we did put her down she was suffering I took her to other hospitals and they just gave her antibiotics and said she had problems Dr. Davis knew within 30 minutes I definitely refer them to anyone that loves their pets

Mara DiGrazia

2 years ago

Super caring and very knowledgeable about all exotic species. I drive 45 minutes just to come here. Highly recommend.

sabrina cristodero

2 years ago

Would never go here again, service was terrible and the doctor had no clue what she was doing, we waited for over 3 hours in the parking lot it was waste of time and money. We ended up loosing our pet due to poor help and unknowledgeable people as well as incompetent.

Susan Burgos

2 years ago

I worked as a vet tech for 15 years and I was more qualified at reading the X-ray more then the Dr on staff. Wasted valuable time and money by going there. Would’ve been happier throwing my $350 outta the window then giving it to them. I would not recommend We are currently dealing with Long Island birds and exotics located in Great Neck and couldn’t be happier.

Sarah Mayr

2 years ago

I brought my ferret here for suspected adrenal disease. She received an implant from Dr. Hoefer. I am thrilled with my experience. I had this procedure done with two other ferrets at a different clinic in Nassau County which charged me 3x more the amount for the same implant. I feel silly for having paid so much at this other clinic, but we live and learn! Do not let other exotic vets take advantage of your wallet. Trust Exotic Veterinary Care for your ferret needs. Amazingly attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff. Their honest and reasonable price tag is an added bonus! I will be switching all three ferrets to EVC for their adrenal implants and physicals. 10/10 experience.

Laura R

2 years ago

Wonderful staff during a difficult time

Erin Zimmermann

2 years ago

I had my rabbit neutered here and the incisions are great! At first, I thought it was a bit expensive, but you're getting your money's worth. Especially since rabbits are small, sensitive creatures: They keep the rabbit for the night after surgery, so they are able to monitor his/her recovery promptly. It's great because a lot of places send the pet home after a few hours, and the owner has to figure out what is normal and not during the first 24 hours. I cannot praise enough about the incisions and how well the job was done. They use stitches that absorb into the skin, so you don't have to go back to have them removed. It also decreases the chance of the rabbit picking at them too! It's definitely worth the money. Plus, there is a free check up post-surgery if you think something is wrong or just want to double check the bunny's healing properly (: I spoke most with the Vet Techs, especially Vet Tech Heather--very polite, wonderful person. Everyone, especially her, really loves rabbits and it shows in the care they gave my bunny. The vet, Dr. Hoefer, was very professional. We spoke briefly on the phone about my bunny's recovery, and she was very polite and straight to the point with explanations. tldr; this is the place to go for Rabbit Neutering/Spaying, in my opinion.

Gina Puma

2 years ago

So far so good I'm so excited to be able to get my baby in here yes they charge 50 bucks upfront that is just to hold the apt but it goes to ur visit ( which mind u is only 89 dollars so u have to have 39 at least! ) as long as u show up and do not cancel last min which is how most doctor offices are they took souch the with me just over the phone they were so sweet I have been waiting to go into and as far as I am concerned if ur that worried about ur animal the 50 bucks shouldn't be an issue Bec if it is you weren't going to be able to pay for the bill anyway! Ugh I hate when people do that and say nasty stuff about a place Bec they weren't able to afford it when honestly I've been to many and there 10 bucks more then the cheapest

Castle in the Heavens

2 years ago

My little chirp Sunny (cockatiel) was acting very lethargic and I didn't know what was wrong with her. Dr. Hoefer and Dr. Davis were immaculate at taking care of her. She had to stay overnight and their staff was there around the clock those couple nights taking care of my bird. Now she is back to her little self and I can't thank them enough. They gave me the medicine and everything explaining what she needed after her visit. Thank you for the care you give. God bless you.

Lisa Suffis

2 years ago

Dr Hoefer is a very caring doctor and very helpful. Would recommend!

Jessica Schmitz

2 years ago

Dr. Hoefer is an ANGEL! I brought my bunny Jojo to her after an exotics vet in the city gave him 'little to no chance' of survival from an acute illness and recommended euthanasia after only 1.5 days of treatment. I knew in my gut he wasn't ready to go, however, and just needed more time and loving care to heal from an acute illness. Dr. Hoefer was there with us every hop of the way, treating GI distress, a UTI, weight and fur loss, and acute kidney failure with kindness, understanding, and medical expertise. Jojo is now COMPLETELY healed from the cluster of issues this nasty bug brought about, and is back to his usual self of jumping, playing, and causing shenanigans :) I can't thank Dr. Hoefer and the Island Exotic team enough. They truly saved my little bunny soul mate and I'll be forever grateful!

Amy Corbacioglu

2 years ago

I just went to ask about spy for my bunny and lady open door. Omg she acted very rude . I can't believe how people take animals this place. Never again here come here. Never

Margie Isernia

2 years ago

I called Island Exotics to set up an appointment for my son’s sick leopard gecko. They wouldn’t set up an appointment without a $50 upfront charge because “too many people don’t show up for their appointments”. I didn’t mind paying the charge as long as it was refundable in the event the lizard got better while we waited a week for the appointment but we were told the charge is not refundable after 24 hours. I then called LI Bird and Exotics in Great Neck which squeezed us in the next day with no upfront charge and A+ service. Go there.

kenny 355

2 years ago

It's truly the best on the island

Diana Schirmuhly

2 years ago

I just took my rabbit Misty in to get spayed this past thursday. Let me just say the care this clinic takes for their patients goes beyond my expectations. Not only did they successfully perform the surgery on my rabbit whilst making her as comfortable as possible, they even kept her overnight to monitor her recovery before i took her home. Dr. Davis and the staff kept me updated the entire time while my Misty was in their care. They sent her home with personalized and specific care instructions for the rest of her recovery which truly made me feel at ease. The prices were also extremely fair for the excellent care they provided. Only 4 days after her procedure, my rabbit is already acting like herself again and i’m so excited for when she is fully recovered. I also work in the exotic pet industry, and I will be recommending Dr. Davis and the rest of the staff at Long Island Exotic Vet Care to all my customers.

Ronnie Denig

3 years ago

Island exotic has been nothing short of amazing. From the secretary Courtney to the vet who operated on our bunnies. 5 stars!! It’s a very warm and welcoming environment. We will be bringing our bunnies here every year for their annual check up.

Dani Malone

3 years ago

The staff is friendly, they listen to your concerns, and will answer any and all questions you have. I have trusted them with my sugar gliders for 10 years.

Kurt Roth

3 years ago

They are so kind and caring to the animals!

Ashley Mazzella

3 years ago

I absolutely love this place and HIGHLY recommend coming here (especially if you are looking for a place that looks at chickens). Dr. Davis was so professional and so very caring with my two chickens. She was absolutely lovely and everyone I spoke to in the office was friendly and just as supportive, too. Thank you all so much!

Steve Pelliccia

3 years ago

Taking great care of my hedgehog.

jamms Bolt

3 years ago

Words can't express how amazing the doctors and staff are. They took great care of my rabbit biscuit.

Davis Orellana

3 years ago

After my pet pigeon was injured for another pigeon on January 7, 2021. Emergency veterinary clinic saw her the day of the incident. They provided her medication for the injuries. I took care of her during a month. During this time, my bird was recovering slowly, and she was eating and drinking water normally. Her skin was slowly healing despite the wounds. I decided to bring back to Emergency Veterinary, but they highly recommended me to bring her to Island Exotic Veterinary Care for an examination. I decided to bring her Island Exotic on February 5, 2021. to examined. This place is horrible. Island Exotic Veterinary Care failed to act with reasonable care and appropriate course of treatment. First, Doctor Davis removed the whole skin of the head of my bird and only put a simple band aid. I asked for pain relief and she said, “It’s not necessary.” When I arrived at home, I noticed that the bird was not well. She did not take food and water as usually did. I thought maybe because of the treatment was exhausted and stressed. I was far away from discovering that my pet was in extremely suffering pain. When I woke up the next day my pet was death due to the extreme pain caused by the negligent, cruel, and inhumane treatment provided by Doctor Davis. I was distraught, unsatisfied, and disappointed because Doctor Davis failed in the scope of her duty to take care of my pet. I decided to call the clinic and she was not there. They said that she will call me on Monday. I was waiting for her call and I did not receive a call back. I decided to call and express may complain. Just an apology is not enough. Doctor Davis just told me “I apologize for the inconvenience”. Not only I lost my dear pet and the amount of money that they charged for killing my pigeon. Dee-Dee was part of my magic show. The kids really enjoined her performance. Moreover, she was part of my family. I want to convey to everyone to be aware of this Clinic, about the poor, cruel, inhumane, and anti- professional care service that Island Exotic Veterinary Care provided to my pet. My Pet died because of YOU Doctor Davis. you failed. I do not understand how my pet was in recovery and the next morning she died. Poor, cruel, inhumane, and anti- professional care service.

Guisseppee Q Schvatzenheimer

3 years ago

We've taken a whole host of our critters, exotic and domestic, to IEVC and are very happy with the vets, vet techs, and front desk. Dr. Hiedi (and my kid) cured yellow fungus on our Beardie, a disease which is nearly always fatal. The one thing I wish they had is a "frequent patient card." I've added up all my invoices since we've been going there and it comes to almost$7,500!!! Note: They DO NOT treat dogs or cats.

Georgia Binns

3 years ago

Very caring staff with excellent care for my rabbit.

Christopher Russell

3 years ago

Wonderful people taking great care of our ferret Tammie

Donald Antos

3 years ago

Knowledgeable, courteous staff that goes above and beyond to make your little loved one's feel safe and get well soon. Dr. Hoefer has always taken care of the dental surgeries on all our Chinchillas, over the past 10ish years.

espomull Espo

3 years ago

We love Dr. Hoeffer and have been coming here for years. She's caring and sincere and I trust her completely with my birds.

Gaspare Luca

3 years ago

Little expensive but honest and professional. Good place for ferrets.

Tiwana Lewis (VIPSexylimodrver)

3 years ago

Spent over 400.00, and my Guinea pig still died! ????

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