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Christy Doty

2 years ago

I did not like that they just leave your pet in crate in hallway when you show up to collect him after being neutered/spayed. I brought a semi feral cat to them another time for an injury they let him out of crate and he banged against walls and windows hurting himself more because they were to afraid to throw a towel on him right away or net him quicker. Went I brought him in he could walk but tipped over when I got him home he couldn’t walk at all and was dragging his hind legs for two weeks till he got back to point of what he was doing when I brought him. I thought he was going to end up paralyzed. Then I adopted a kitten from them they clearly over treated and she died in less than a month. They put 2 different flea treatments on their cats at once a spray and revolution plus and she also was getting a different thing for ringworm all at the same time. She had 2 URI’s in months of each other. When I picked her up she had 2nd URI. I definitely don’t recommend getting cats from here. She was healed of her URI with me but a 7 month old kitten should not be dying out of nowhere when not even sick. It leads me to believe she was over treated with chemicals. Everyone knows you wait 30 days in between using two different flea and tick treatments also.


2 years ago

Great place to bring ur pets for care friendly staff

Marlene Cuene

2 years ago

Not good. Plan to bring everything with you. Need a clean bill of health before they will consider you adopting a pet. Not very helpful.

Anubis Johnson

2 years ago


Linda Ballou

2 years ago

Animal Kind is an awesome place. They rescue cats. They also have Veterinary Services. They also go out into the community and take care of homeless animals giving them Vet services, fix them and provide them with food and shelter. They work with low income people to help with veterinary services affordably. This is the only place I have ever seen, that don't condemn people for not having money but give a pet a good home. I have had pets that I have had to take to the Emergency Veterinarian Services and have been told that they need emergency surgery immediately or they would die do my choices were come up with over $2000.00 or put them down, OR surrender the animal to them and they would do the surgery and they will find them a "good home." Since when, does a good home mean you have to have alot of money? This place helps good people give good homes to good pets. Love does not have to cost you. They do a thorough background check before they place any of their animals, mostly cats. This place is awesome! Check out their website if you are looking for a cat, maybe you could even be fortunate enough to give a donation for all of the great work these people do! Love these people! A little piece of heaven right here on earth!

Martha Ivery

2 years ago

I brought a Siamese cat here that I found about a street away from my house, rolled up in a ball near a telephone pole. She was malnourished, very thin, her ribs showed. I brought her home and kept her in my enclosed front porch with blankets and food, she slept for 2 days. I brought her in the house after about a week and she was very loveable but needed medical help. So I brought her to Animalkind out of several recommendations. They never return my phone calls but one, she is very sick im told, that was 3 weeks ago. I call and call and leave messages and get no answer and no one returns my calls. I'm beginning to think not good things. What is going on? I spent close to $100 on food, toys, flea collar, Sentry drops for fleas, a bed for her, kitty litter like Fresh Start, I mean really, do I have to jump thru hoops?

Greg sue Dockrell

2 years ago

I'm thrilled that they make you jump through hoops and screen thoroughly. These people work their tails off ( no pun intended). It seems like too many cats, but what if it wasn't for them?. People need to adopt more, and make sure your animals are spayed and neutered. I'm proud of this place.

Kristen Demaio

2 years ago

I wish I could say good things about this place, but they made me jump through hoops for an adoption, which I ended up being approved for, however, they failed to give us a cat because they were unresponsive after numerous contacts back and forth. they’re over run with cats, and in the long run many become sick ???? she said she’d let me know, and never got back to me. Glad I got a healthy cat elsewhere, because my cat may have become sick from them

Jackie Engel

2 years ago

Great place if you have to bring your cat or dog to the vet.

Eden Braun

2 years ago

The ONE and ONLY....Animalkind is the place to adopt your best friend ❤ they do important work. Donate!!!

Diane & Chops LaConte

2 years ago

Staff Was Awesome in helping us with our Adoption.... All of the pets are well cared for!!!!

Michael Lawrence

2 years ago

Such a wonderful and giving organization. We went to Animalkind to donate money from our egg sales. We toured Animalkind and realized immediately these cats are well cared for and loved by all staff members. If you are thinking of adopting one of these deserving cats, please do so as your life will be full of joy.

Mary Burntitus

2 years ago

I was not impressed. They are selling animals and forcing people to toe the line in regards to their stringent requirements. All I wanted was a feral cat and it was like jumping through hoops.

linda muro

2 years ago

Love it, great caring people , always willing to accommodate due to Time and day...

Danielle Russomanno

2 years ago

I adopted a kitten in October of 2020. The shelter had a sick cat freely walking around, who was drooling. The staff did not notice until I pointed it out to them. We were told as we were adopting our kitten that we would be fostering her as she was not spayed- which is not what we were told during the phone interview process. Only a few hours later we realized the kitten was covered in fleas. I texted the 24/7 phone number with no reply and even drove back to Hudson in hopes that someone was there. Since no one got back to us we took the kitten to a local animal hospital as she was too small to give Capstar to safely. Two days later when someone returned our call, we were told that we were lying about her having fleas and laughed at by the DIRECTOR. A week later her diarrhea started and she was examined by my other cat's vet- she had a very contagious Protozoa infection which required medical therapy and was underweight. During this time she started sneezing and started with calicivirus. She shared this with my senior asthmatic cat who ended up inpatient at our local animal hospital. No one on staff seemed to be concerned with the welfare of this kitten- only reiterated repeatedly that they would not reimburse for her care as we did not bring her back to their facility for services. Once she was of age and healthy weight we had her spayed by our family vet. That was 6 months ago and I have still not heard from anyone at AnimalKind except to remind me it's time for her to be spayed and for immunizations. Myself, the animal hospital, and vet have all sent them records multiple times. This shelter seems to be taking on too much and lacks organization and communication skills. I assume at this point that she is my fully adopted cat as I have fulfilled my end of our contract. All in all this cost us 5k to get BOTH cats back to health. If you do not have money to spare please consider another shelter. Although they will treat the animals that you adopt from their facility, I did not trust them to not infect this poor kitten with another ailment. She is thriving now.

Sylvia Bradley

2 years ago

The most amazing place. They care so much. So grateful I was told about this place.


2 years ago

They gave me a really hard time to foster to adopt a cat because I am in between jobs right now and do not have 2 references to give. I am a loner so i am being penalized for not knowing enough people well enough. I already have a cat from them and he will be my last from them, he passed the vet reference with flying colors. Avoid this place and go somewhere else to adopt. They are mean!

Roxand Mann

2 years ago

They did very well and I think her name was kerri she assisted us she was a very nice young lady thank you animal kind you are a blessing????❤

john Phillips

2 years ago

my gf cat mia had kennel cough but she brought the cat back a couple of days and they cleared it up its common for cats in spaces like that

Jesse Franklin

2 years ago

Amazing staff! Love this place so much! Clean, well organized...and so Manny cute cats!! They take great care of the the animals Adopt don't shop!!!!! AK iLY

Chris Paige

2 years ago

I will never come back to this place. It's pretty bad when the tech doesn't believe in the work that the doctors is doing or the care he is providing. Hours wasted for nothing. I would never bring any animal to see the Vet here EVER!

Tina Brooks

3 years ago

Staff was Wonderful and Thank You to the Doctor...My Fireball recovered wonderfully.

Marion Miles

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful would go back again !

Madison M

3 years ago

This place was very sketchy to begin with and then to top it off they returned us with the wrong cat. NEVER GOING BACK ????????????????????????

Mark Lovely

3 years ago

Were getting an adult cat

Matthew Conway

3 years ago

My interactions with the people there were positive and they treated me respectfully when I decided to surrender a sick kitten I had adopted from a very shady agency (Save-a-kitty Athens... never use them!).

Gaurapriya Tester

3 years ago

Dedicated and very helpful staff

Jessica Juarez

3 years ago

They literally killed my cat.

Kas DelGrande

3 years ago

The most amazing nonprofit that REALLY cares about animals. They now help dogs too, not just cats. I brought both my dogs to them, one was so sick and suffering i made the choice to put my baby boy to sleep, the staff was so comforting and there for me with reassuring words and hugs. My other dog wasn't as sick as he was so they gave me antibiotics so hopefully she can pull through on her own. I was able to have him cremated and picked out a beautiful photo urn for a discounted price. The staff is amazing, the vet is one of a kind, and you feel welcome and comfortable there.

Desiree Neu

3 years ago

I personally wouldn't give any stars but it's making me .????Always some kind of inconvenience.. the old man that's the vet has such bedside manners..????

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