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KPG Doxi Ma

2 years ago

Not sure what happened to this practice. After Dr. Knapp left it become less of your friendly vet around the block and more of a cash cow making machine. After getting talked down to by some tech and a tongue lashing for being late, when in fact I was 10 minutes early, I saw the writing on the wall. Free advice to the owner, be prepared to lose more and more customers with those antics and rude behavior. Sorry but not really sorry

Mandy Kaur

2 years ago

They are wonderful with my dog who is extremely skittish and scared of people. They handle with care each time

Alice Gregory

2 years ago

The only problem now is that we can not go in with Elvis and it is difficult to get an appointment with the doctor bc of Covid19. I need the paper work from his blood work. When the time comes, I want to be with Elvis when he is put to sleep. He will need me with him. I don't want a technician to do it. I know this time is very difficult and we appreciate the fact that the office is being very careful about spreading the Covid.

Frank Anfuso

2 years ago

Always have treated me and my boy walter well

Sentinal 107

2 years ago

I have been going to them for many years. Have had many good experiences with them, they quick to accommodate you if are having a problem your animal or their service.

Jay S

2 years ago

We have been a client for over 25 years, Ever since this new company took over they could care less about your animal, its all about the money, We called with a emergency situation and was told its a week out to be seen, this was a emergency, not a checkup, what the hell good is a animal hospital if they can't make a few minutes for a emergency? They would rather let your pet die !! Then they blamed it on COVID, they said we have un vaccinated employees and had to close for a week due to possible exposure... Well maybe your employees should be vaccinated since your in a essential emergency business, or maybe find another job !! Dr. McCord ran a great ship, its terrible to see how poorly it has become. Will NEVER GO BACK OR RECOMMEND !

Lenore Perez

2 years ago

This place has new owners they have no empathy for these animals. There bedside manner is horrible. You call to get your dog in because he isn't feeling well, they tell me they can't see my dog for two days. If i wanted to bring him in that day he would have to stay in a cage untill my dog could be seen. That business won't last. Although i have been bringing my dog here for 15yrs and this place is up the road from me very convenient I rather go to Newburgh 30 minutes away. The prior doctors were wonderful and caring, they will be missed. I will never bring my dog to this vet ever again.

Leah Baginski

2 years ago

I had been going to Dr. LaVacca and Dr. Knapp for years. They were the most compassionate and loving vets that I had ever been to. My dog Lola was so well taken care of by them. But as I understand it, they were bought by a corporation. The new owners, vets and vet techs are not compassionate and truly didn’t care about Lola the way Dr. LaVacca and Dr. Knapp cared for her. Long story short, I had to make an emergency appointment because Lola had an ear infection. Lola has always had ear infections but they couldn’t get me in on the regular schedule a month prior, so I had to make an emergency visit. They put a medication in her ears and sent her back out to me with the medication dripping down the sides of her face. I asked them if they could clean her up a bit but they REFUSED. So I asked if I could buy a bonnet (which Lola has worn previously for hematoma surgeries). I wanted a bonnet just to get her home so the medicine didn’t all come out. But they refused to give me a bonnet and told me that they could give me a towel to wrap around her head for the ride home. Lola did not feel well because of the ear infection and they made us stand outside in the parking lot in the pouring rain. I was so upset and hysterical crying. Needless to say, I never went back. I have a new vet now and I couldn’t be happier. This new corporation that bought East Fishkill Animal Hospital, should be SHUT DOWN. They have no interest in taking care of our animals the way that they should be taken care of. As for the old staff, the way that they were let go from their career, was beyond unprofessional. They send out mass emails to people that had been working there for 25 years or longer to tell them they were no longer needed. All I can say is, DO NOT bring your animals to this facility if you want to be treated with respect and most of all, to have your pets taken care of the way they deserve. If I could give them less than one star, I would.

Ernest Rutherford

3 years ago

Be advised, this practice has completely changed. Dr. McCord, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Knapp, Dr. D’Agnese, and all the original veterinarians are no longer there. I brought in my beloved pet to be treated for a very grave condition and the vet did not address his obvious issues and only subjected the poor animal to a host of unnecessary tests, medications and special food. All I wanted was to save my pet and instead I tortured the poor thing. I would suggest one other veterinary hospital but if I do Google maps will block this review.

May-Rita Condon

3 years ago

Dr. Schultz is great with my pet.

Therese Reynolds

3 years ago

All the doctors and staff are lovely. They keep our vaccine-sensitive pooch happy and healthy!

Mary Cooper

3 years ago

Always the best . polite clean and are so good with the animals.

Jacqueline Vere Ruiz

3 years ago

I called to have my parents dog looked at in order to obtain a certificate to fly. The lady who answered was very courteous and at first said she’s not sure if they are taking in appointments but will check, she did and was able to fit me in for an appointment right away. Very friendly. My reasoning for 4 stars, I called a second time for cost and the lady who answered was a bit obnoxious and not too friendly. She wasn’t allowing me to speak and she was just speaking over me, I felt like she didn’t want to help. She put me on hold, came back on the line and gave me my answer. She then apologized for her way of speaking to me.

Al Tc

3 years ago

After this place was sold it became a impersonal place new faces old vets gone plus high prices They did not do a minor procedure properly .I asked for an appointment as I waited for weeks and felt they should handle it. I was told to wait again and was treated rudely by the administrator who refused to give me a timely appointment. I said I would leave for another veterinarian practice after decades there, administrator could care less. Found another veterinarian got an appointment and am happy to be gone.

Barbara Ismail

3 years ago

Caring, and have paramount intest in you and your pet.

crystal ayala

3 years ago

I just love this place! It feels like family when you come here with your animal. The women in the front desk, the vets, and techs are so compassionate. They take great care of our dog here. They are not after your money and truly just care. I definitely recommend this place. ❤️ Thank you all for your hard work. Thank you doctors Knapp and Lavacca, you both have been wonderful to our little baby Snow White. Grateful from our hearts.

Gabrielle LizottePerez

3 years ago

During this crazy time of social distancing, I called to get my dogs heart worm and flea and tic medicine refilled. The staff was very helpful and figured out the cost so I could pay via credit card and just pick up the meds once the order is ready. I am so glad I found this practice when I moved to Hopewell. They are very caring and go above and beyond to help their customers and care for our pets.

Janet J

3 years ago

Always great pet care and friendly staff.

Janette Murray

3 years ago

Some of the nicest most caring people I know! ♥️

Jean Chiantella

3 years ago

Great friendly... Dont overcharge....the best

Jen O.

3 years ago

So thankful for this office, got me in quick, took care of the issue and very fair pricing. Thank you. ????

Lisa M

3 years ago

We've been bringing our pets here since 2012 and I really hate writing this review, but EFAH is nothing like it used to be. After being sold, you now have to wait weeks, sometimes months, for appointments no matter how urgent it is and the prices have more than doubled (my dog's surgery 1 1/2 years ago there was approx. $800...the same surgery now was quoted to me at $1400+...had his surgery done at another vet's office -that I'm so happy that I found-2 weeks ago and it was $765 and they saw my dog right away). Almost all of the employees that worked there before (for years) are gone and they no longer have the kennel (and I knew that our pets were well-taken care of at the kennel...never had any worries). The only reason that I didn't give it fewer stars is because Dr. K. is still there and she's an excellent vet.

Marc Hetling

3 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Mark Zvonkovic

3 years ago

They love their patients! A good place.


3 years ago

Great vets and staff. They always help us out.

ray renzo

3 years ago

I use to love this place under Dr. Mccord who made you feel welcome and take care of your pet. Since he retired this year the place has gone down hill. I called last week because my dog had a major health issue going on and i knew she was dying. I call the hospital and receptionist tells me i need an appointment and next one was 10 am two hours later. So i call up other hospitals and no one is around. East fishkill then tells me to drive out to Brewster emergency clinic when we call back which is 45 mins away. My wife then gets a vet on phone about an hour later who tells us to come in while hearing receptionist tell vet that she told her that she told her she needed appointment. So ultimately my dog passed away and get bill for almost $700 and kicker is 125 of it is for cpr. Thanks for nothing but delayed care.


3 years ago

I've been here a couple of times for my cat and the staff is really good and friendly

Anthony Lalli

4 years ago

my experience there...well first time there was a sad one it was to say a final goodbye to my dog that had past away a little over an hour prior. I had left work and rushed home to be with my family. The hospital staff was telling my family they were leaving due to bad weather but when I arrived amazingly a couple staff members were still there. So after pleading for a couple minutes to let me in to see my dog they brought me in and was able to have a few minutes to say my final goodbyes to my beloved pet. My mother has brought our pet to them over the last couple years and she has said they are great there. Sorry for putting a sad review on here but as for me they made me (in a sense feel better) by allowing me to have final moments to say goodbye. Based on that experience I would recommend using this hospital.

Dan Kontopodias

4 years ago

The best there is gret people who really care about your pet and reasonably priced

Sandra Dykeman

4 years ago

Can’t say enough about this place very nice staff and always feel welcomed here! Keep up the good work guys.

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