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2 years ago

Place is under investigation by the Attorney General and will be shut down - more than half the dogs from here get sick and/or die. Don't support this place - go to a breeder directly. They don't walk the dogs, they are just kept in the …

Fun Havin

2 years ago

Purchased a Golden doodle last night from them. Although I agree the prices are rather high (that is driven by the breeder and quite frankly the owners who are willing to pay). All of the people were very kind and helpful. No pressure, and …

Daquan Fletcher

2 years ago

I wanted to purchase a dog today went in and was told you had to make a appointment. There was no customers in there I’m like ok I walked out to book a appointment and was told by the same girl who told to make a appointment I can just walk in. FYI if people are going to spend money with you it should be bit more organized due to fact you already taxing people double the amount of the dog cost anyway. I felt like you just don’t want to do your job and rushed me out when nobody clearly is in the dog area. Horrible customer service.

Christopher Oetting

2 years ago

"Bedell claims that after the recent exams, at least 43 dogs variously tested positive for the flu, coronavirus, Bordetella, herpes, bronchitis and other bacterial infections." They're selling puppies with covid. What a terrible practice. Shame on them.

Destiny Williams

2 years ago

This place needs to be shut down! Selling sick puppies and putting the animals in pain and agony for some money. Horrible greedy people. What place sells sick animals and just doesn’t care for the animals well being??? Horrible people!

Emma Boland

2 years ago

These stores support horrendous puppy mills. The AG has been investigating with no cooperation from SAP. Do not give them your business. Adopt don’t shop.

Joshua Moon

2 years ago

If you want a sick puppy that will need a lot of help and a ton of money to get healthy again by all means purchase your puppy from this dump. They sell sick puppies. The staff is just horrible to deal with.

Bible Time

2 years ago

PUPPY MILL! No reputable breeder would EVERRRRR sell to a Pet Store. This is a fact. They are being investigated finally. Took long enough.

chrissy katsenios

2 years ago

Horrible place. Often sells sick puppies and they are all from puppy mills. Glad they won't be selling puppies anymore. Wouldn't by any animal from there

Tiffany Martos

2 years ago

This company is being SUED for paying off veterinarians to say that the puppies being sold were healthy when they were sick and dying as well as PURPOSELY LYING about multiple dogs’ health when being brought back to the vets. No family deserves to mourn the loss of their newborn puppy. Save yourself the heartbreak. Do NOT purchase your puppy from this company!

Sabrina G

2 years ago

My family got a dog here before we knew how horrible these breeding practices are. He died when he was only 4.. vets said his heart gave out. Adopt, don’t shop. If we go to shelters we can change a dogs life instead of creating more demand for these sick puppies that horrible people are just trying to make money off of.

matt alongi

2 years ago

Shake a paw needs to be shut down. The attorney general is investigating these locations. 54% of their puppies get sick and die. Nice job lying through your teeth about buying puppies from reputable breeders. Looking at the owner responses just paints them as psychopathic, money hungry, lying, and manipulating. please don’t go here for ANY animals. They buy their dogs from puppy mills that get sick and say they are from good breeders. There are links directly to this store from puppy mills and they cannot deny this now. Do not risk the heartache and money you will spend. They try to state that $6,000 is a normal price for a dog. NO DOG COSTS THAT MUCH. “BuT tHe PaNdEmIc!” Will be their excuse for the crazy insulting prices. Stay away and I hope the owners lose everything and the stores get closed for good. Too many stories I hear of dogs dying. Neglectful dirtbags own these stores.

Lisa Ruggiero

2 years ago

Purchased my baby toy poodle from this store in July 2020, she is an amazing dog. Never had a single issue with her, Im so grateful to have found her and take her home, she is my angel girl. I would absolutely come here again. Thank you!

Deanna Ceparano

2 years ago

Have purchased multiple dogs from this place. Depending on the sales person you work with you will decide your own experience. Overall great section, great dogs and good service.

Dana Rizzuto

2 years ago

PUPPY MILL. This place needs to be shut down. Poor puppies are literally dying and not being cared for properly. How dare you treat innocent animals this way.

Angela Scarpinito

2 years ago

If I could give a star less than one, I would. DON'T BUY A DOG FROM THIS STORE!!!!!!!LOOK UP yelp reviews ONLINE. THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE DID A SUPRiSE VISIT WITH THE NASSAU COUNTY POLICE for trying to BUY PUPPY MILL DOGS. If you look at yelp, they have so many bad reviews and the owner has never responded to me when I had a problem with a dog they sold me (chihuahua) with kennel cough. They insisted I used their vet. That was a conflict of interest for me. The salesman with the dark hair was very rude and unless you were at the store to buy a dog from them, they wanted you out of the store ASAP. He cursed at us because we made comments about how sick all the dogs looked. They lie and tell you their dogs are less than the age they actually are. I called the cops on them due to the condition of the animals.

Monique Farnum

2 years ago

My daughter and myself had an allergic reaction to a “hypoallergenic“ puppy we purchased. I called for some assistance and they blew me off. no offer for exchange or return. They told us to wash the dog 10 times. If you must purchase, use a shake a paw if NJ. They were helpful and understanding.

Rohitbir Singh

2 years ago

First time here overall it was clean setup but there prices were probably the Most Outrageous I’ve heard of. So far they have been the most expensive I’ve seen and offer no discount if any crazy or any kind of price negotiations. 5700 for a puppy which all the other local shops had for 4200. Definitely would not buy anything from here but they had a huge inventory I’m guessing cause there asking for a arm and a leg for them.

Angela Quiles

2 years ago

I had such a wonderful experience with one of the workers named Sebastian he was able to recommend a great food plan for our puppy that we didn't get from them and was still very attentive in spite of that. That was 2 years ago we have since added 2 fur babies from Shake a paw because of Sebastian making sure we were treated like family.

Deepa Bhatt

2 years ago

Shake a Paw Is a very clean and friendly environment for families and pets. They have a great selection of pets to choose from based on your needs. Ricky was was very warm and welcoming from the minute I walked in the store. He listened to what I was looking for in a new 4 legged family member. To this day he checks in to make sure the are doing well. He made sure to provide us with his contact at the store in case of any emergencies. Amazing place to go and I highly recommend going to bring your new 4 legged family member from Ricky at shake a paw. Ricky you are phenomenal at your job!

kamini lucknauth

2 years ago

I am beyond thankful towards Shake A Paw. Over the course of 11 years and 6+ puppies later, Shake A Paw still amazes us; from their clean store, variety of pet essentials and the CUTEST dog selections ! Ricky has been phenomenal through the years, in assisting us with all our pet needs. He is knowledgeable and will take him time with you, making sure you find everything you were hoping for . Ricky and Matt has created such a friendly, helpful and welcoming environment within Shake A Paw, which only adds to the momentum when looking for the perfect addition to your family !!!


2 years ago

Shake A Paw is a great and organized place to shop for a pet. I went in search for a dog and met with Sebastian. I found the dog I wanted and he gave all the info on nutrition, care and training and items I would need. He's a very knowledgeable dedicated salesperson and I would recommend anyone to visit and you will leave happy.

Alexsa Quizhpi

2 years ago

I bought a bunny from their and bunny is in good condition very healthy and I had it for 3 months !

Reeves Chiru

2 years ago

This is an amazing store with a lot of options of pets specially dogs and dietary supplements and amazing dog goddies and food . Afreen is an amazing person in the store ,very helpful and informative has a very go getter attitude and a very welcoming smile. Recognised me when I came to buy my second kitten from her and gave me the best deal on it , I would highly recommend this store and The person I would personally recommend is Afreen who works in that store .

Nadira Lucknauth

2 years ago

I’ve gotten all of my pups from Shake a Paw within the past 11 years. Not only did we receive great service from Ricky, the prices were amazing! Ricky was so helpful, in the sense that we were given all the necessities and even a vet recommendation, one that all of them see to this day. I’ve recommended Shake a Paw to a coworker who bought a Shih Tzu. My cousin even got her two pups from Ricky. Great service and even cuter pups!

Rahil Salim

2 years ago

I went to shake a paw a month ago and they didnt have the breed of puppy I wanted but they were helpful and placed a special order for my puppy and called me when it was available. I got to see the puppy first hand and I fell in love with it. I really appreciate them going out of their way so I could get my perfect little dog

Rajiv Sharma

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and more than willing to answer any questions about animals. I did not feel a connection with any dogs but I will be back to see if something clicks. Fingers crossed I'll have a fur baby!

Soham Sp

2 years ago

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to write one for this place because it is that amazing. I love this place. I went in half minded and on an impulse if I should buy a dog or not, but the service was super helpful. They told me all the information I need if I choose to buy and also showed me the difficulties one can expect while taking care of them. All their animals are up to date with their vaccinations and you even get the records of all their vaccinations. The place is very hygienic and they even teach you how to train your puppies. All the animals look healthy and if you are considering buying a pet I strongly advice you to get one from here. The staff are very friendly and will help you solve any doubts or issues you have.

Rizwan Bajwa

2 years ago

Nice place with huge variety of pets. Staff is supportive and especially the girl Afreen is very competent and helpful. Had a good knowledge of what she is selling with a thorough information

Yugvf Meow

2 years ago

Very horrible place! Puppy mill and only reason they didn’t get legally closed was because they sell dog food! 80% of their puppies get parvo, pneumonia, or something else! Please avoid this place! Very very expensive and if they die or get sick you have to drive stupid far to THEIR vet and someone else I met online got a puppy that attacked their child and then also was extremely ill! Very very bad place

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