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Stephanie Easter

2 years ago

The staff is so kind. I was unable to be with my Chippy for his last visit, my brother and niece took him. The doctor and staff explained everything to me via telephone as I requested.

Diane Rodriguez

2 years ago

Dr Hess and her staff are excellent,they are so compassionate and dedicated. Our Cat needed help and they helped him. We are go grateful for Dr. Hess who saved our Sweetpea. God Bless

Mat Elder

2 years ago

When I came to give my review for this vet clinic, I was truly shocked by the high rating given my experience. I am going to continue with my review but am hopeful that my experience was the exception and not the rule. My new 3mo kitten was brought in for her vaccine, and though the clinic knew this and called to make her chart prior to the apt, failed to ask about her prior vaccine history. After a 30 min commute and $80 charge, we were told that she was there too early and rescheduled during the visit. A week later she developed ring worm-- unsure if it was from this clinic or from the shelter though we had her for 3 weeks at this point--, which involved another visit to the clinic. The vet gave us a "meh" response to quarantining her from our other cat, gave us a prescription, then sent us on our way with another vet expense. The next week our other cat gets it (thanks, vet) and we realize that the vet gave our kitten the wrong prescription... After getting them both on the right prescription, our kitten is then dosed incorrectly and given DOUBLE what she is suppose to be taking, which is poisonous. Though all this is awful, the reason I am writing this review is due to the clinic's inability to accept blame for mistreatment. Each step was justified and at points my partner and I had to literally read off from other vets and instructions for dosing stating the treatment plan given by Glendale was negligent and harmful. This blind commitment to mistreatment and the justification of missteps is unethical and incredibly dangerous to pets. Again, I'm hoping this was a one off issue though I have a feeling this kind of misguided treatment is happening without pet owners knowing. If you go here, be mindful and attentive to instructions given and the care of your pet.

Sparky Ny

2 years ago

Used this place years ago for my dogs, they were wonderful.

sholi johanan

2 years ago

Great value for your money. Clean, very friendly staff, and knowledgeable doctors . Highly recommended

Barbara L.

2 years ago

Dr. Hess wanted to perform an unnecessary surgery on my elderly dog. She also billed my credit card a higher amount for a test than what she quoted me just a couple of days earlier. Also, when I picked up my dog she had her assistant give me prescription pills ($58 for an open prescription bottle). There was no explanation and Michal Hess had already left and supposedly couldn’t be contacted. When I spoke to her about the surgery and said I was told by a doctor, who worked there previously, it should not be done, Hess said I can do another blood test. Apparently this second blood test, another few hundred dollars, determined the surgery might not be needed. It’s not just the money, obviously. If you love your pet find another vet and always research what you’re told.

Dayana Cantillo

2 years ago

I can't thank everyone in this practice for the empathy and professionalism they had with us. We took our sick westie to Dr. Anne as a 2nd opinion and she nailed the diagnosis and we were able to get our milo the help he needed. Thank you again Dr Anne & Dr Hess for your attention and professionalism. Milo appreciates the 2nd chance. Thank you and Thank you !!!!

Luly Vinueza

2 years ago

Everybody nice in the Clinic, we are happy with the service we have and see our pet after surgery was a relief he was good.

Chuck Smith

2 years ago

Before I start, the staff and service were great, they were not pushy, were pretty friendly, and not like most vets who are just trying to get your money. However, my issue is that my dog got mites and an infection after her visit to Glendale. I did notice that the lobby and exam room didnt seem very sanitary during my visit but i didnt make any issue. This might be an isolated incident, but i don't see any other possible explanation for my dog's sudden issues. A few weeks later i went to another vet and they confirmed these diagnosis.

Rosie Z

2 years ago

Wonderful doctors and staff! Professional, friendly and they truly care about your pet. I recently called for an appointment when my dog hurt her hind leg and even though they were booked solid they managed to make time to examine her. If you're looking for vet this is the place.

E. Salaway

2 years ago

Dr Hess has been my vet fro the past 13 years, starting when she was working in East Hampton, When she moved to Queens I kept bringing my pets to her even though it’s a 3 hours drive. The staff is amazing too. Highly recommended

Desiree Nieves

2 years ago

I took my dog here a week ago ! They gave me meds for an infection in her gums she is doing so much better.I recommend this place

adrianna zaretsky

2 years ago

Front desk and assisting nurse were incredibly kind. The Dr was condescending and did not listen nor absorb a single thing I was saying to her about my prior extensive experience with the breed of my dog nor my current dogs history. She was illiterate to the brand name of vaccines of which the nurse had to explain to her, and to top it off… acted as if she couldn’t read a vaccination date that was written on the paperwork bc it was written the globally correct way of the month second. They seem to be knowledgeable but I’m used to being discriminated against so I’ll just take my business back to my previous bulldog vet in park slope.

Billy Tait

2 years ago

they truly care about the health and well being of my puppy

Jenny Arredondo

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog, Brooklyn, to this clinic for the past 5 years and I absolutely love how they treat her and how caring the staff is.

Zenki Sama

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog here since I moved to NY, based on reviews. I am so glad I did. The environment is so genuine, they truly care, and are always booked and busy as a result! Appointment settings are never difficult and they are very communicative about everything. Very pleased and feel very cared for each time I come. My fur babies love them too!

Breanna Bradley

2 years ago

Dr Hess is the best she’s upfront about what your pet needs without adding on any unnecessary things! The vet techs are also so sweet and LOVE the animals

Kimberley Toovey

2 years ago

The ladies at this clinic are amazing! We chose them for our new pup after visiting once with our cat and having a great experience. They had infinite love to give to my nervous boy Duke. He had some accidents but they were patient with him and made him comfortable. Tammi and Dr Hirschegger answered all my questions and gave excellent advice/recommendations.

Molly McCarthy

2 years ago

They always treat my dog so well. They clearly love animals. Front desk crew is always swarmed with people and calls and they're always on top of everything. Clean and safe during covid.

Rachel Schatten Malka

2 years ago

Dr. Hess and staff are wonderful. She is so patient and kind. The staff is really great too. Highly recommend!

Tina Marie

2 years ago

They give the best care for my Nino. Everybody is friendly and patient. Very compassionate and yet so professional. I’m so sad that I moved so far away this year. I hope to continue using Glendale Veterinary because they’re the best in Queens and probably all of NYC!!!! Thank you for all the years of care you’ve given to Nino ❤️???? ???? ????

Kiddu Irene

2 years ago

I have been taken my two cats to this vet for two years now. I just found out that my oldest cat is diabetic and I am still trying to get used to the idea that I have to give him two shots of insulin a day. Dr Hess seemed a little “flat”/“rough” at the beginning, (so I needed to remind myself that I am the emotional one here, not her)but she definitely is not! She took the time to talk to me on the phone about the condition and to even see my baby when we came back the next day. Thank you for your support and the clear diagnosis! The nurse that always took care of Jinx? Amazing. So patient, so sweet, so helpful! Helped us with everything we needed to know, gave tons of advice and tips ! I had to call them today to make sure that I can get the dietary food needed ( Chewy needed approval) and again, they were on top of it. They close early, and they are closed tomorrow too, but 10 minutes before their close time the lady at the front desk ( which I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know her name ) called me to let me know that they approved the food so I can get it hopefully on Monday. I love her! She’s so attentive and sweet and her voice is soothing and she’s been always helpful and asking the right questions pre and after visits! Thank you so much team ????????????for understanding how new and hard it is to have a sick baby and for being so professional! I think that all of this is thanks to my baby tho, he always had a way with the ladies ????

Julia Garguilo

2 years ago

I have been taking my senior cat, Lily, here for at least 5 or 6 years (or more). Dr. Hess and her team in the office are always professional and attentive and answer all of my questions and concerns that come up as Lily gets older. They always work with me to make Lily (a feisty calico) as comfortable as possible during her visit and are always so kind to her through all the growls and hisses. To top it all off, I find them to be priced extremely reasonably and focused on being affordable while providing exceptional care for my fur baby ❤ Thank you so much Glendale Vet Clinic!

JOEY G.Q. (Joe the Plumber)

2 years ago

Its next door to nail salon.. best salon in Glendale

Esmayler Requets

2 years ago

I like that they are very transparent, with their prices.

Angela Lo

2 years ago

Such a wonderful team of people who work here! Everyone here is so friendly and warm. They are booked out, but once you are an established patient, they are always super accommodating for any emergencies that may arise. Thank you for always taking care of our doggies, Snorkel and Tater Tot!

Martha Santos

2 years ago

My doggie had major surgery and they really took good care of him.. Excellent Dr's and staff.

Michelle Martinez

2 years ago

My cat is 22 years old. She has kidney disease. The vet prescribed her food for this. Any other food makes her sick and she violently pukes after eating. She’s been fine on her prescription food for about year. Out of no where and with out warning this vet cut off the prescription for her food and refused to approve her order from chewy until a check up appointment was made. My cat is completely out of her prescription food and I have to work for the next five days, 10 hours a day and am not able to drop everything to take my cat (who is perfectly fine) to this shake down of a check up for them to let me cat have food to eat until the 20th. They denied my request for the food twice even after I called an made the pointless appointment for a check up. My cat is extremely old and doesn’t like the vet. I try to avoid putting stress on my cat (unnecessary appointments) as well as starving my cat or feeding my cat food that will make them sick. Unfortunately I’ve found zero support via this vet and would warn anyone against using this clinic. My cat now has no prescription food for the last two days and I’m honestly worried I will come home to find my cat deceased. They don’t warn you when they take away the prescription food. One would think they would call and prompt you to make an appointment and at the same time let you know the prescription runs out. Unprofessional, unresponsive and poor quality of service is what you will find at Glendale Vet.

Rosanna Pavia

3 years ago

Absolutely awesome! Ladies in the front desk are attentive and helpful. The vet assistants are caring and respectful. The veterinarians are professional and thorough. First time we took our little Mittens there for a check up, and we couldn't be more satisfied and happy. Highly recommend this Veterinary clinic!

Richie Ramierz

3 years ago

It good place to take your pet for check up. And Knowledgeable.

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