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Ashley Alvarez

2 years ago

Great for the community. Great for the animals who get to find homes through them ????

Dashae Eason

2 years ago

Will never go here again. The woman with blonde hair was disgusting and rude!!! Extremely misleading. I came to adopt a dog, filled out the application. Tried to walk the dog (1st red flag was that they were basically dragging him really hard with the leash when he obviously didn’t want to be walked). When it came down to purchasing, I was told that I only had to buy supplies from them which totaled out to $600 excluding the dog. I offered for them to do an apartment check beforehand and I can get the supplies elsewhere which they refused. They’re money hungry and I honestly believe they don’t care about those animals

Donna Romano

2 years ago

Find another shelter! They let you see a dog, fill out an application, bring your family, tell you the dog is on hold until your home visit and then they continue to show the animal and give it away without even a call or question. Its easier to adopt a child. Horrible communication and very unprofessional.. Sad to say this experience after having two dogs in our family, each for over 16 years, has truly discouraged us from adopting vs buying going forward

Marlene Glazer

2 years ago

caring place to adopt an animal

Jonathan Rivera

2 years ago

I called Bobbi to try to bring in a very friendly neighborhood cat that is already socialized. She said they’re full, which I understand. I asked if she knew any other resources and was told “Google it. Goodbye.” Maybe try to help. I don’t want this cat getting euthanized and it’s definitely a house cat because of how socialized it is. If the namesake of the organization isn’t interested in the mission, I have to call that out.


2 years ago

I wanted to write this review to share my thoughts on Bobbi and her organization. Bobbi is such an amazing person who is doing amazing things. I had a personal situation that I was dealing with and went into one of her rescue shelters and saw first hand how well her rescues are taken care of. It was such a clean place and it even felt calming. If anyone needing to adopt a pet in my opinion should check out Bobbi and the stays. She’s thorough with the adoption process, but for good reason. She genuinely cares for the well being of these rescues and after speaking with her I realize how real and truthful she is. In fact everyone there was so nice and helpful caring for those beautiful animals. My daughter which is 9 was also so impressed by Bobbi and her team that she now wants to volunteer at her shelter, when she gets a bit older that is. Bobbi, you make me a believer that there are good people in this world and the work that you do is invaluable Thank you!!!


2 years ago

Doing a great service helping God's angels.

Kourtni Neblett

2 years ago

This place never has dogs available. I’ve contacted them numerous times about a few dogs over the past two years and it’s always “the dog isn’t available” or “there’s several applications ahead of you” I always check their website and try to beat this said “crowd” but it never works out. Don’t adopt from this place.

Lex Stolen

2 years ago

Amazing person this Bobby and her love for pets and humans are the same. ???????? ???? ????

Bri DiCamillo

2 years ago

Thank you to Bobbi and Louise for uniting us with our new family member. We love our little girl so much, she’s the sweetest dog ever. This organization is so caring. Bobbi and her team work tirelessly to make sure these beautiful animals all get a good home, the work that they do is so admirable. Louise is also so lovely, she answered our every question and was the one who introduced us to our little poodle. I cannot sing enough praises for Bobbi, Louise and the entire Bobbi and the Strays team. Wonderful wonderful organization!!

Mary Meneses

2 years ago

I can not say enough positive things about Bobby and the Strays. We were able to meet Benjamin on Sunday. All the staff and volunteers were very knowledgeable and helpful. They are very compassionate and caring people who take such loving care of all their rescue animals! The shelter is spotless ! Thank you for everything you guys do every single day to help and care for these beautiful animals! I only wish I could take them all home!

Elizabeth Montalvo

3 years ago

Lost my cat very nice people very sympathetic

Atamai T

3 years ago

Let me preface this review by saying that my rating is indicative of the adoption process, not the organization itself. I fully support the mission of this shelter, and I’m happy that they are doing good work to make sure stray animals are taken off the street and cared for. That being said, the experience with the adoption process was terrible. After applying for a cat, scheduling a meet time, commuting several hours to the shelter in Queens, meeting with the cat, doing a virtual home tour, and purchasing / prepping everything for the expected adoption of the cat, the shelter representatives rescinded their approval of the adoption and gave the cat to another applicant. They stated they had concerns with the safety of the apartment, even after discussing the accommodations that would be made to ensure their safety concerns were addressed and preparing for the transport of the cat. Not only was it unprofessional to inform of the decision change last minute, it felt discriminatory- and their suggestion to “look elsewhere, it will be easier” was disheartening after so much time was spent preparing for the expected cat adoption. It’s ultimately great that the cat found an adopter, but given the time spent working with the shelter reps and preparing for the cat, their decision to rescind the approval seemed unjustified.

Rachelle Rivera

3 years ago

Called them to donate cat litter. Bobby was very friendly and eventhough they're still close to the public, i was able to drop off the cat litter.


3 years ago

I called and talked to Bobbi, told her that I was disabled and my situation why I had to give up my dog and she told me to sleep in the streets so I would not have to give my dog up. SMFH!!!! If anyone can say that to another human being that's not a place that I would want my dog!!!!!

Yammy A

3 years ago

Excellent shelter to find and adopt a forever companion in need of a GOOD, LOVING home. Better attention to the individual, posible adopter.

Kim Allen

3 years ago

One of the hardest, most emotional things I've ever had to do, was surrender my pet. My heart was breaking, but my and my family's life circumstances gave us no choice. Bobbi & the Strays was the only organization that I even considered. Bobbi is a fierce advocate and lover of dogs and cats alike. She cares for them as if they are her own children! She has devoted her life to making sure these babies find good, loving homes. The facility is clean, and the staff is unbelievably competent, patient and friendly. Our Shelly Bean was adopted into a very loving home, giving my family the peace of mind that we needed so much. There are wonderful cats and dogs just waiting for someone to love and take care of them. Why purchase when you can adopt from Bobbi and receive from your new four-legged little family member unconditional love and gratitude. A big thanks also to Tivoli Jewelers who sponsored Shelly Bean's cage. I can't say enough about this worthwhile organization!

Ramy Selim

3 years ago

I really like Bobbi. God bless you.

Ralf Schrader

3 years ago

I tried to come to the Queens location to volunteer and drop off forms to become a regular donor/sponsor. The lady who greeted me — not the owner, maybe the manager — wasn’t the friendliest, made me feel as though my volunteerism wasn’t so important, and rejected my forms to become a sponsor saying “we don’t do that” even though it was clearly listed as an option on the website; I printed out the forms from their website. Having said that, maybe their business (non-profit) is doing well enough that they can reject free money when it walks through the door; it seemed decent enough in there, and if I had to adopt an animal — all of this nonsense aside — I could see myself going there to adopt one. I was just very disappointed that I wasn’t able to volunteer and that no one ever followed up with me about my application. I work in the medical field, and — without trying to sound pretentious — do well for myself. I went there genuinely trying to find an opportunity to do good work — if even menial — for its own sake. Literally for no other reason but to feel like I was doing work for no other purpose than to do a good job without any strings attached, ego included, or as if I was trying to create some sort of bigger-picture opportunity for myself; I just wanted to clean dog s*** for its own sake — but it seems that even in this field, the human soul taints any sense of simple-minded do-goodedness by, perhaps out of some sort of weird insecurity complex, pushing someone without an agenda out the door. Oh well. I guess I’ll sell my soul for overtime instead at the hospital.

P Civale

3 years ago

I had been looking for an adult cat for awhile. I found this one cat named Zorro at this location and spoke with Bobbi. The location is great and I adopted the cat.Bobbi is a character and truly cares about her animals. Some people may not respond to her but iIfelt she was an advocate and was doing what she felt is best for the animals at all times. I look forward to possibly donating my time in the future to help her as well. Thanks for everything Bobbi..

Nickolas Pisano

3 years ago

Employees are kind and respectful. Location and environment is comforting and clean.

Lisa Baldassare

3 years ago

I am sorry that I have taken so long to write this review for this wonderful shelter. Awhile ago(before the pandemic) my dog and I saw a lost dog in my Forest Hills neighborhood, but was unfortunately not able to help him at the time. He was on my mind. As luck would have it, my dog found this elderly dog hiding in bushes of a house a week later. This dog was hungry, shivering and scared. I didn’t know who to call and no one(not even 311) could help. I got the idea to call Bobbi and the Strays because my friend had adopted a dog from them. Bobbi was closing and her employee was on his way home. Yet, she made it happen! Bobbi sent an employee right away to save this dog. I am forever grateful to them!❤️

Linda Meyer

3 years ago

great place she really love animals

KM King

3 years ago

Bobbi and Kim were extremely diligent in making sure a rescued male Yorkie was safe. This beautiful and sweet little guy followed my husband to our front door Friday afternoon. We leashed him, took pictures and put up fliers. We even walked him through the neighborhood hoping to find his family. No one recognized this well taken care of intelligent sweetheart. We took him home and got him feed and bathed. Unfortunately, my husband didn't care to keep him in case no one claimed him. He didn't grow up with animals, whereas my parents never saw an animal they didn't love. At times in my childhood, we would shelter up to 4 dogs, and we lived in a brownstone. Unable to change my husband's mind, I searched for a no kill rescue shelter. I found Bobbi, after reading her reviews and speaking with her on the phone, I was convinced they would make sure this sweet guy would go to a good family. Bobbi was willing to come that evening for him but my husband and I decided to allow another 24 hours for someone to claim this adorable guy. We never imagined we'd fall in love with him overnight. By morning we sprang out of bed to go and play with him. Begrudgingly, I made the call to Bobbi to make arrangements to drop him off. After hanging up the phone literally, barely 10 minutes had passed and our doorbell rang. You guessed it, a Mr. Marvin with the flyer in hand coming to retrieve Lincoln. By the way, the Yorkie had no collar so my husband and I named him DeDe. Mr. Marvin told us his name was Lincoln and when we called the little guy, his ears perked and he came a running. As we said our goodbyes to Lincoln, I asked Mr. Marvin how did he lose Lincoln, to which he responded, "oh he runs out of the house every time we open the door, this isn't the first time he's run off". I was mortified. Now I"m thinking how can I rescue this poor guy. The owner was willing to relinquish ownership. I dropped Lincoln off with Kim the groomer and happily ever after. The only exception, my husband and I now have an empty place in our hearts, for we miss Lincoln so much it hurts. We take solace in knowing that Bobbi and Kim are tenacious and they ensure that ALL our their pets go to good homes. These ladies may be seem tough, but they have to be the voice for our furry friends and family who are voiceless and often maligned. Go Ladies and more power to You!!! I am posting two photos of Lincoln Before and after we gave him to Bobbie and the Strays. Don't you just love that face!!!

Emily Pasquale

3 years ago

This is a lovely organization that took in a lost dog that we found and couldn't keep. Bobbi was so sweet and promised it's a no kill shelter. Her staff is lovely and I am very grateful for her assistance in rescuing this adorable dog. ????

Istiuq Latif

3 years ago

My wife has been feeding some street kittens for 3 months. She has been literally fighting to get them a place where those 6 kittens can stay some warm place other than being outside. After calling many places, Bobbi & the Strays agreed to take all of them for $600 ($100 each). She took a Friday off from her job to get them to Bobbi.. She tried whole day to catch the kittens, but could not. From the very beginning, the staff over the phone was very rude with my wife. They were taking advantage of my wife's sympathetic corner to those stray kittens that she wanted to save and rescue. .. My wife sought my help to get cages from Bobbi & Stary. They gave us a wrong address (80-36 Cooper Ave). When we reached there, the lady over the phone acted very angry and gave us a different address to Freeport (2 Rider Pl). We did not go there and my wife somehow managed a cage from a lady nearby. On 10/2/20 around 4 pm, we reached the Freeport place with 6 kittens and a cat. As soon as a staff saw those kittens, she was complaining "they are 9 months old, you said they are 5 months old" . We waited for a while. The lady at the counter asked my wife's id to make a copy. Actually, they thought we might leave the kittens there, so they took her id to make a copy.. then they said they tested those cats, they had some rain worm. So they cant take them. They will take them in future after we take them away with us and make them healthy. My question is : "How can we make the street cats healthy? Is not it their job to rescue them and treat them so that they become healthy?" was just the beginning of my surprise..They asked for money because they did the test for rain worm.. Please note they were not able to give us any documented test results in writing. They charged $35 per cat and my wife paid it by credit card. Important thing to note, they asked my wife to come with cash ($600 for taking those cats) saying that they dont accept credit card. Now, they have credit card option! One staff was threating my wife that they will call cops if we leave these kittens there. My question is: "Is not it my wife doing there job and helping them by rescuing those stray cats? How can they threat her?"..Then the staff brought those kittens and put it in the street near my car. The other had a small sore in his ear. The staff was complaining about that also. Not only that, she kind of threw his cage in front of me and saying me sometihing ..It was beyond my imagination that these people can do this to an innocent animal...When I was driving back home, I looked at those cats inside the cage. I feel something in my heart, they were not treated the way they should be, and I promised myself to get them a place better that Bobbi & the Strays.. My wife sent them videos of those kittens with high resolution photos before.. Those kittens were couple of months older than they anticipated. I believe these people wont be able to profitably sell these kittens. Therefore, they did not take them. The testing was an excuse for not to take them. I dont think they did a test at all. The lady over the phone told my wife, when my wife said she took off from her job to rescue the kittens, "I don't care about your job, I only care about the kittens. I dont want the kittens to be outside, I only care about the kittens." Really??? Then, how could you let us go from your shelter without taking them??? My message to Bobbi & the Stray : "If you are ...the Stary, then how come my wife is struggling and fighting for those Stray cats? Since she is doing your job, then talk to her politely. How can you charge money for some test? People like my wife are much better that you. They dont do business with helpless animals for hefty donation, tax credits and tax exemptions. They just want to help those helpless animals sincerely."

Hisham S. Abdul-Aziz

3 years ago

They care❤ about the pets!!????????????????

Ewatomi Nyenni

3 years ago

I got my best friend from Bobbi and the Strays in Glendale. She is a beautiful little kitten. Her name is Star. I was so impressed with the service I received, that I’m going to get another little kitten from their Freeport location. Thank You so much.

Ernie Searle

3 years ago

This location was closed at the beginning of the Pandemic and suffered some damages since, however they can be contacted on-line and are still working hard at finding Forever-Homes for Animals-in-Need. They are an excellent organization and a "No-Kill" shelter.

Bonchy Hinnaoui

3 years ago

I love the way I seen them love and take care of their animals.

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