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Gigi M

2 years ago

I had a last minute travel and unfortunately this was the only place available for boarding around me. My dog got home limping and was under medication for an inflammation for a few days. I don't know what they did to my dog while he was there but I would never leave my dog here again.

Richard Hounsell

2 years ago

I will be, or should I say, my cat will be ecstatic when their full line of Friskies 5.5 oz cans are available. It would be appropriate for PetSmart to Post a sign at the empty shelves where this food should be. Just tell the truth and people will not be happy, But we will understand why the delay. Even the employees say they don't know why. I believe the products are still on container ships, but that's just my opinion. Otherwise, this store is phenomenal in so many ways and I love how they encourage people to adopt a kitty! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings.

Shana Breiter

2 years ago

I was so nervous before I left for vacation because one of my pups was on a lot of medication and I couldn’t imagine anyone else caring for her. Kathryn Barbato, Rafe Klopotowski and Kayla Bethea took such wonderful care of both my dogs. I was not worried from the moment I dropped them off because they were on top of it, especially a big medication schedule. I just picked them up and they are picture perfect and happy. What a great staff with so much knowledge and love. Tysm, Shana Breirer

Karen Munoz

2 years ago

They always have what I am doing for! My fav local pet store.

Deirdre Kane

2 years ago

The day camp is outstanding, the groomers are terrific, and all the employees are super friendly. Love this place.

Steven Perry

2 years ago

Convenient location when going to Stew Leonard's. Good selection, many services.

Amir Khan

2 years ago

They make the best Eggplant Hero sandwich and Eggplant panini

George Kolitsopoulos

2 years ago

Very kind staff. Usually stocked properly too ???? Banfield in the back

Magdy Nabil

2 years ago

This is the place where you find everything you need for your pets and thier health and grooming????????

Samantha Schaefer

2 years ago

PetHotel is way overpriced… dogs didn’t get to socialize and play since the play rooms were booked so they stayed in their cages all day and night with a short 1 hour ‘play time’ for $65 per night, that doesn’t even include a bath — they smelled so bad there beds were practically soiled in urine. An absolute rip off. I was shocked when we got the bill.

Chad Hofsiss

2 years ago

This PetSmart is conveniently located in the shopping center with plenty of parking. Its clean and the employees are very friendly and helpful. I have purchased fish from here and had no issues and thier selection is decent. We also adopted a beautiful kitten and the process was easy and quick. Its also very nice to know they have thier own vet clinic in the store.

Christopher McCoy

2 years ago

They had everything I needed for flee control for my puppy.

Deborah Kelly

2 years ago

Friendly staff, very helpful and informative. The store was clean and well stocked.

Jose Luis Flores

2 years ago

Get all my supplies for my bunny and kitten great price

andrew petti

2 years ago

Grooming department is the best. ***** my dog loves Liz and Sue.

Ameet Jayawant

2 years ago

My pet was so well cared for. He remember the folks there and is happy to see them every time. He looks very happy when we pick him up. I have no complaints. These folks look like they really do care about the animals in their care.

Mel Sabel

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Large quantity and variety of merchandise. Reasonable prices.

Meryl Kent

2 years ago

Four months ago I wrote this …..Helpful and knowledgeable employees, ease of locating items, clean store. Today I have a change of heart… The store was out of stock on many items, in all areas, cats, dogs, aquarium, and employees had no idea when they would be restocked

carla murphy

2 years ago

They have no business boarding dogs there. No room for the dogs to do anything. Counted 13 big dogs in one small room. No outside area..

Vickie Arocho

2 years ago

Went to pay for my dogs bill..

William Miller

2 years ago

Clean store, very nicely run, good selection of pet items.

Matt Beriloff

2 years ago

All things pet, nice friendly staff...

JuJu Mommy

2 years ago

I went to petsmart today in farmingdale to pick up my dog’s medicine. Since I was already there I decided to double check on a reservation for the pet hotel I made for this Monday but to also make sure they had my dogs medications noted in their system. I dealt with a girl named Shannon who first of all didn’t know what she was doing. I told her about my reservation and about the medications and she had trouble typing the medications into the computer system. She says to me sorry I can’t spell. I said ok no big deal. Then she tells me wait we are booked for Monday. There are no rooms available. I said what? What’s going on? So then she decided to call her manager Alyssa. Once Shannon said the names of my dogs Alyssa says no don’t accept them. So then Shannon tells me her manager said that the last time my dogs were there they had trouble walking one. Then she says something about they also had trouble putting the lead around his neck. I said to her my dogs are 16 years old. How much trouble could they have been? So then she says I don’t know I’ll have the manager call you tomorrow to confirm if we will accept your dogs or not. I said what? Wait what’s going on? Are you going to reserve my dogs or not? I need to know now cause if you guys can’t I have to make other arrangements. She said I don’t know I’ll have the manager call you tomorrow. I asked if I could speak to Alyssa the manager right then and there as Shannon was on the phone with her and Shannon ignores me and says she’ll call you tomorrow. Which btw she never called me. Then Shannon proceeds to tell me that it’s noted in the computer system that they were trouble to take care of. Which I found out later by corporate that they lied and nothing of that sort was noted in the computer. The rep at corporate told me the note section was blank. But while I was talking to corporate the very sweet rep says oh funny they just typed in the note section not to accept your dogs. Are you serious? Also while they were boarded there the first time I called everyday and asked if my dogs were ok and if there are any problems and they told me no. No issues at all. And then they proceeded to tell me they used the bathroom, ate and we’re good. Also when I picked them up i spoke to you Alyssa (I note every customer rep I talk to when I call somewhere and when I speak to someone in person and sure enough Alyssa you were in my notes for the person I spoke to when I dropped off my dogs for their stay and when I picked them up.) and I asked you how were they? Were there any problems? And you said no they were fine. No problems at all. So now today you deny it was you that said that and you try to tell me, through Shannon, well I don’t know who told you that…IT WAS YOU ALYSSA THAT DID! Anyways corporate fixed my reservations but for a different petsmart and promised to “investigate” the situation. Either way just disgusting. When I brought them there for the first boarding you guys acted like you were so accommodating and friendly even offering to put up a sign on there kennel saying “senior dogs please handle with extra care” and now you’re complaining you couldn’t walk my dog? It was so difficult to walk him the couple of steps from his kennel to your concrete room? I told you he was 16 and has osteoarthritis. DO YOUR JOB! My husband, as they know, is a first responder (got the first responders discount) a New York City paramedic to be exact and do you know what happens when my husband doesn’t do his job? PEOPLE DIE!!! So Alyssa cry me a freakin river that you had trouble walking my 12 pound yorkie. Just do your job and if you’re so miserable at this job then get a new job cause clearly you are not a people person nor an animal person!

Jeffery Vitkun

2 years ago

This is a great store for all your pet needs. If you're also looking to adopt kittens or cats this is a great place to adopt from. We adopted a total of six cats over time and every cat that we adopted was very healthy and never had a problem with any of them. The people that work in the store are very helpful and really do care about animals which is nice to see.

crabby chef

2 years ago

It's ok, that's it. Didn't have refrigerated food I was looking for, I subbed. Spent 20 minutes shopping stress and flea preventers. Not approached for any assistance.

TheresaM CA

2 years ago

Great place to feel safe to bring your pet. My dog is a vet and loves his day camp. They are thorough making sure from his health history to personality. Sometimes a report card. But lately they havent been consistent in giving out report cards????. But u can call to find out how your pet is doing. Call ahead of time for reservations bc youll wait quite awhile on line.

Maddi Stone

2 years ago

Always fun!! My Abigayle loved coming here.... They always have what she wants... ????????❤️

Michelle Karbe

2 years ago

This petsmart is always friendly, clean and well staffed. The hotel employees take care of that area really well and the banfield in there is amazing. The salon is great too but sometimes busy.

E Daniels

2 years ago

I purchased to infant dog feeding formulas from pet smart it wasn’t until two days later that i realized that the both was expired i returned to the same petsmart with the unused portion and wanted a refund for them and was treated and talked to harshly by the manager on duty patrisha because i asked for a cash refund

Patricia Callaghan

2 years ago

This Petsmart has it all. Pet hotel, grooming, training.and huge stock of pet needs. A little farther from home but worth It!

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